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Uncircumcised twinks piss and gay teen boys kinky sex first time
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This tells of the horrific things that happened to me as a kid. If you do not want to read about rape, abuse and the turning of a boy then please leave.

There were many happy times, but I remember, for some reason, mainly the bad ones. Is it me? Part 2 "Rude Betrayal" That November, just after Bonfire Night, 2 things happened which led to even bigger changes in my young life.

We had had home made toffee, a rare treat back in the early 60's, and my "Uncle Erich" came into my life. "Uncle" Erich was not my real Uncle, though he was one of my God Parents, and had lived close to us once before, but my dads work had led us to move away.

Erich had found a job in Aldershot with the Royal Army Dental corps, and we were not too far away. The home made toffee was, as I remember it, tasty, sticky and absolute death to the teeth. I had sneaked some from my mums hiding place and taken it to school. Whilst chewing it at lunch break time (recess) I broke one of my teeth, and screamed… the pain was unbelievable. Back then, as I mentioned before, not everyone had a car or even a telephone, and mobiles (cell phones) were still science fiction.

The school rang my mum, as dad had a phone because of his work. She then had to get on her bicycle and ride the 7 miles to my school. Before setting off she had called the dentist who, despite it being Wednesday, his afternoon off, agreed to see me, but he warned Mum that he would be alone, with no nurse as she was already gone. Mum picked me up and as I was in too much pain to ride my own bike she decided to fit me into the child seat that she still had on the back of her bike. I was a strapping 7 year old, the seat meant for up to 4 or 5 at best!

The ride was agony, every bump in the road brought on more screams of agony as it jarred my tooth even more. By the time we arrived at the dentist Mum was just about at her wits end with me, and I think she was glad that the dentist said that there was no point in hanging around, he was going to have to use Gas to knock me out and then remove the tooth and suture the gum, it was going to take a while.

Mum set off back to be home when my brother returned from his school. What happened next will be etched in my memory for all eternity.

The dentist had me sit in his chair, and strapped my hands and legs in, he said it was to stop me hitting him while I was asleep. He then gave me an injection of a thick pink liquid and placed the rubber gas mask over my face.

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The mask stank, a mix of disinfectant, vomit and rubber. I think I tried to resist, but with the injection relaxing my muscles and the gas sending me off to cuckoo land I had no chance to even test the strength of the restraints.

I can remember bright lights and pain, unbelievable pain, then I was slowly coming too, it must be a dream, the dentist is naked, making strange grunting noises, like he is an animal! My head is restrained now too, and my legs seem to be spread out and much higher.

I tried to move, nothing, I tried to talk, just a gargling noise, then I heard the dentist say "Oh shit, the little cunt has woken up" There was a strange feeling as if I was taking a poop and then a cold empty feeling in my bum hole. The mask was roughly pushed hissing onto my face, and I passed out again.

When I awoke again, the pain in my bum was unbelievable, I could feel something running out of it.


I was now strapped to a table rather than the chair and the still naked dentist was standing next to me rubbing both my and his willies. I had very mixed feelings, on one hand I was shocked, hurt embarrassed and frightened and on the other a new sensation, I was turned on by all of this, though I did not know how to quantify my feelings until much later in life.

"Ah, awake now are we?" he asked a little kindly. I nodded, and found that even that hurt. He grabbed hold of my willie and balls roughly and hissed "you should not have woken up half way through, If you ever tell anyone what I was doing I will make sure that every dentist in the land knows about you, and they can do nasty things that will hurt for ever!" His warning had the desired effect, in fact I never told anyone about it until well past my 50th birthday, I was so scared, right into adulthood.

He took some gauze and wiped my sore bum hole, and I saw blood, poo and wetness on the wipe. With me still strapped to the table he took some pictures of me, including some close ups of my bum, and then set the camera on a tripod and took some with a self timer as he pushed his willie back in there. Then he phoned my mum, advising her that it would be better for me not to ride home on her bike as I seemed to have damaged my anus, something he had noticed when he tried to clean me up after I evacuated my bowel because of the anaesthetic.

I didn't understand a word he said, but it sounded important. Mum said that she would arrange a lift with a neighbour, but that it would be at least an hour before the neighbour was home from work. I remember his evil grin as he told my mum "Don't worry about that, I will take him to my living quarters, bath him and give him a warm cocoa. Perhaps you could bring his pyjamas as his soiled clothes are not ideal for someone with a new wound to his mouth, and damage to his anus.!" After he had hung up the call he came over to me and with his face very close to mine he hissed his warning again, "never ever tell anyone, or you will be sorry" "I won't sir, never!" a promise I kept long after I had realised how wrong it was.

"What did you mean with what you said to my mum?" I asked him, and he smiled, "I told her that you hurt your bottom on the childs seat on her bike and the sleeping gas I gave you made you poo in your pants" "Oh" was all I could think of replying.

"Come on now, let's go to my house" he said whilst unstrapping me from the table. He placed all my clothes into a brown paper bag and led me through a side door across a lawn and into his house. The cold November air bit into my open wounds, both in my mouth and around my poor bruised hole, and I suddenly felt the need to pee, "Sir, please may I go to the toilet?" I asked "What do you need to do?" he asked kindly "I need to pee" I said, hopping from one foot to the other.

He seemed to stop and think for a moment, "Ah my toilet is blocked and I was going to sort it out before your Mum phoned me, we'll have to get rid of it another way!" He grinned "you'll love it I know" We were in the kitchen by then and he stopped me, lifted me onto the kitchen table and opened his mouth, pulling me towards him!


He took my willie into his mouth and said, round his mouthful of willie, "OK pee away I'll catch it in my mouth!" he told me. I was shocked, but as I had seen Alans pet dog licking up pee I did wonder what it would be like.

At this thought I got hard, and knew that it was going to be a fun thing to do, so I pee'd away. He wrapped his lips tightly round my willie and sucked, he sucked until I had to stop him, as it started to hurt. Wow that made up for the nasty things that had happened, and I catalogued it away for future games.

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"OK" he said, "we need to get into the bath before your mother phones" and he lead me up to the biggest bathroom I had ever seen, you could have got at least 6 people in that bath, though I have since seen the same tub again more recently and it is probably only big enough for 2, or 3 at a squeeze!

He turned on a shower head and started to wash me, "I can wash myself" I protested, but he said "Oh no, I need to make sure all the dirt is off, and that nothing is bleeding" the he did something that was unthinkable to me, he stripped off his clothes and got in with me.

His willie seemed huge, and as hard as a rock as he started to get very excited. He slapped me in the face with his rock hard willie and said "you like my cock don't you slut boy?" I must have looked confused as I told him that I did not understand him. He proceeded to give me a break down of the names he used for various parts of my body, and his, and explained that whenever we were alone like this he would call me slut boy, and I was to call him Sir or master.

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Much of it still meant nothing to me but cock was one that I quickly learnt. The walls of the bathroom were made of mirrors and I could see, if I angled myself right everything he was doing to me, while he was 'inspecting my bum' I could see that he pushed first one then 2 then more fingers inside me, and each time it hurt for a moment then my senses went into over ride!

Soon he started to rub something into my bum, and all over his cock, as he called it. He then sat down, and pulled me onto him, impaling me on that slippery spike that he called a cock. There was a short moment of pain and then again flashing lights and brass bands playing!

I sort of enjoyed the second rape, for rape it was, but he had to cut it short as the phone was ringing.


He stood and went to his bedroom and I heard just parts of his conversation, but I gathered that my mum would be there in about 30 mins. In the mean time I was standing where he left me rubbing my cock for all I was worth, and he came back in to see me fall to my knees as I dry orgasmed. He pulled me to my feet and shoved his dirty cock into my mouth saying "If you take pleasures on your own the least you can do is clean me up!" I was still floating somewhere away in the clouds and simply sucked and licked his cock as he told me to.

He dressed and then dried me, paying special attention to my cock and my bum and led me back to the kitchen, where he quickly made a mug of cocoa, which he poured some brown liquid into. When I drank it I was instantly warm all over and, so my mum told me later, was babbling like an idiot when she arrived. The dentist went on to explain to my mum that I had been lucky to have the bad reaction to the anaesthetic, as that had led to him finding, and treating the damage caused by the childs bike seat.

He told her that he had given me a little whiskey in my cocoa, to help me sleep, but that with the alcohol and the anaesthetic I might be talking rubbish for a while, I had woken after the treatment screaming and was a little confused. I was allowed to stay home from school for the next 2 days, but Alan was allowed to come and play at the weekend, we extended the games that we knew, and had a great time.

One thing disturbed me though, Alan asked me if the dentist had done anything to my bum while I was there, remembering the dark warning I had been given I denied it, but Alan grinned knowingly! Mum told me that as I had made such a fuss during the first treatment I was to go back on the following Wednesday, to have the stitches removed.

The reason I had to go on a Wednesday again was so I didn't frighten any other patients if I "started screaming" again!

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Wednesday came, and I was taken by Taxi for the first time in my life to the dentist. Mum was then taken home, and the dentist promised to send me home in a "free taxi" after the treatment. As soon as mum was gone he stripped me, secured me to the chair and wedged my mouth open with a device that stopped me closing my mouth, and stopped me from being able to bite. After removing the stitches he proceeded to rape me again, ignoring my attempts to ask him to stop.

Each time I tried to speak he would laugh at me and say "Sorry I can't understand a word you are saying" Once he had ejaculated he withdrew his cock and forced it into my mouth, telling me to suck it clean.

All of this was having mixed effects on me, on one hand I was revolted buy it, and was in some serious pain, on the other side part of me enjoyed it, at least I think I did, I certainly enjoy that sort of treatment now, maybe it's just conditioning? There was a knock at the door, and I started to panic, what if someone comes in and sees me like this?

The dentist called out "Who is it?" "Special taxi" came the reply and the dentist called back "come right in" I panicked, but the restraints stopped me for covering myself. In walked an evil looking man, who in later years I came to realise, was quite short, greasy haired and vile.

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He quite literally licked his lips and grinned, displaying as bad a set of un cared for teeth as I have ever seen in my life. He spat on his fingers and quite brutally shoved his hand into my bum hole.

I screamed.

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Then I screamed again, loud and long. He laughed, twisting his hand while pinching my nipples with the other one.

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The dentist then told me that this man was also a dentist, and he was going to show me what would happen if I ever told anyone about all of this. The newcomer then took hold of the dentists drill and firstly ran it around my cock and balls, bringing back my erection, and leaving my cock throbbing tight up against my belly.

I was scared out of my wits, but my cock was dying for release. This soon changed as he put the drill into my mouth and very roughly drilled into a perfectly health tooth, without any anaesthetic. The more I screamed the more he laughed.

The real dentist stopped him, and tidied up the hole and filled it. They then unstrapped me and pulled me, still naked across the lawn into the house. All the time the taxi driver was making lewd comments and slapping my bum. Once in the house an argument developed between the 2 of them, and if my memory serves me right the taxi driver wanted to seriously abuse me but the dentist wanted to be more cautious.

Luckily the dentist won, and though my torture continued looking back I think the taxi driver might have even killed me, had he been given the chance! The taxi driver wanted to rape me, but his cock was so small that he could not penetrate, so he then slapped me a little, though the dentist stopped him from hitting my face, then he held his cock to my mouth, and told me to suck.

The smell was vile, and I was almost gagging as he made me lick the cheese from around his foreskin, then without warning he started to piss in my mouth. As we were in the dentists lounge and the piss was going all over the floor, the dentist shouted at the drive, who blamed me for not swallowing.

At this point I added to the mess by throwing up, all over the floor, and hitting the drive on the groin and the legs.

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The dentist then lost his temper and told the driver to leave. The dentist was clearly upset and helped me upstairs to the bathroom where he cleaned me up, with almost no sexual interference at all! He then called for a taxi, a real one this time, and sent me home. As I was about to leave his manner had changed and he almost begged me not to tell anyone, he was clearly shaken by the extremes that the other man was prepared to go to.

I never went to that dentist again, and many years later, as I was coming to terms with my abuse I did some research to try and find him. It turned out he was accused by a young girl of interfering with her sexually and though he was not charged he decided to leave the country. He took up a post at a Paediatric Dental and Maxilo Facial hospital in Africa. He was publicly acclaimed as a great man, devoting his life to helping poor African children, even establishing an "in patient" unit for children who had too far to travel to reach the hospital and return home in one day!

He was so dedicated that most nights he personally oversaw the care of the children overnight! The last I heard of him was when his hospital was attacked during a rebel uprising. He was never identified but the bodies of several missionary staff were found decapitated and with mutilated genitals were found&hellip. In the next chapter I will deal with my "Uncle" and his friends, and meet a man who influenced my sexuality right up into late adulthood, and who showed me that there could be my sort of sexuality without fear and abuse.

Please feel free to comment and rate my story. It is all true, though names, places and times may have been changed to protect both innocent and guilty!