Licking ass by pool perfect as a reward he let her jism promptly after slurping all his

Licking ass by pool perfect as a reward he let her jism promptly after slurping all his
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Graduation Day. Finally after 2 years in Middle School, I was done and ready for summer. I lived with my Father who is never home though to his work with the government.

This normally bothered me but with my horny teenage mind this couldn't have work better. I am Kevin at 5'4 with black medium size hair and dark brown eyes which gives the feeling up limitless when people stare at me.

My plans involved partying, sex and drinking. Unfortunately my dad had to drop a bomb shell that he was traveling to DC for some important matters and that I was going to be staying at a caretaker house. Pretty much at this point Iwas pissed and left the house for several hours doing shit. I got home at around 10:45pm before curfew to see my dad cab and my neighbor Mom in the house. I go home to find out that I'm staying at Katie and Alex's house seeing as they have an extra room and aren't going anywhere their mom gladly took me in.

I was fucking happy but just acted pissed to not raise any suspesions. "I'm about to go son, behave with Melissa while I'm gone. Go pack your things" I was overjoyed! Alex and Katie were twins at 5'5 and both were teases (well just to me) and leaving with them was the best thing to ever happen to me.

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They were both blondes with a nice ass and small perky b cup boobs. In about 25 minutes I has quickly pack my clothes, and other stuff I needed. The house was going to be locked down. At the bottom of the stairs I see Melissa standing in hallway with my dad waiting for me.

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"Ready to go?" She asked putting up a the best smile ever. "yeah pretty much. Thanks for taking me in." "No problem" My dad hugged me and kiss me and when on his way to the airport as I went blocks down Melissa house and packed my things away in the guest bedroom. Apparently Alex and Katoe were sleeping over a friends house and wouldn't be back till tomorrow.Melissathen should me the rest of the house and where the towels were if I wanted to take a shower.

Meanwhile I was just staring at her great ass. Damn Melissa was the hottest mom ever with Dirty Blond Hair and green eyes with a nice rack and ass. "You okay Hun?" she asked as I space out. "huh oh yeah thanks" I said blushing. "theirs a hottub in the main bathroom if you would like to use it" I will bring some towels for you.

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I went back into my room preparing to take a bath in a nice hottub. By the time soap was everywhere and I was almost done. Melissa knocks on the door with towels for me. "Oh too turn on the hottub and heat press here as she lean over giving my a nice view of her cleavage as she press the bottom. Thank god for the bubbles. Her shirt had become transparent as she had bent over giving me a huge boner.

"uh oh" as she undid her shirt and threw in the hamper. "Do you mind if I take a bath? I'm exhausted and a nice hot message would be nice" "sure but I don't having anything on" I responded. "Its okay I will stay in my bra and underware" as she un dress and joined my on the other side of the tub. Melissa undressed while i try to look from the sides of my eyes.

Her tits were amazing she was shaven.

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As she step into the water her nipples were sticking out like saying look at me! We kept talking about me and what I like to do. Aruptly she asked my pass her a soothing cream behind me and put it on her back as she turned around.

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I grabbed the bottle and poured it on her and rubbed her back as I tried not to poke her with my boner. After 5 minutes I had dropped the bottle and reach down to get it and in pass her pussy making Melissa moan and pushing back into my cock.

After another two minutes I dropped the bottle again and rub her pussy as she reach around and grab my cock stroking it.


By my newfound courage I turned her around and squeze her tits as she continue rubbing my cock. I then undress her bra and panties and continues to suck and play with them.

"Oh Kevin you have such a nice cock" I then sat down on the ledge as she pushed me down and took my cock in her mouth.

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It was so hot as she moved and down flickin with her tongue. She then went Ahead and took my whole cock until it reach her throat and gag reflex. It felt so nice that I knew I was going to blow my soon. As she sucks and liked I played with her tits and I starting fuckin her mouth with such force that I had cum in her mouth and had her swallowed it all and clean my cock.

She then went ahead to and told me to lay on my back as she stood over me wih her pussy lips spread to take my hard cock into her hot tight pussy. She lowered herself on me as she pushed herself onto my manhood. We starting getting a rhythm going. "ah your such a hot mom" "Oh fuck me!

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Harder!" she moan climaxing again. We did this several times until she orgasmed twice. Wanting to try something else I asked her get on her back and I pushed my cock along her pussy ramming her all the way.


I then play with her tits. Our orgasm was coming fast as I pulled out to cum over her body the sudden movement also made her cum.

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We washed each other off and then dried ourselves to go to sleep. "I think were gonna enjoy having you with us Kevin" she said I went to bed reflecting about what just happen. This was going to be the best summer ever.