Prince Yahshuas perfect black cock pleasures Riley Nixons slutty holes

Prince Yahshuas perfect black cock pleasures Riley Nixons slutty holes
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Loving Neighbors Jack and his wife Sara moved in next door to us about two years ago. They had a thirteen year old daughter named Ashley who was a smaller image of her mother. Jack is a large, husky looking man at just under 6 feet and weighing in at 195 pounds, while Sara is a petite blond cutie who is 5 feet 2 inches and 125 pounds.

She has a very cute, prominent round butt with luscious breasts that are perfectly proportioned for her frame. Ashley is a younger version of her mother and was beginning to develop into the same body type. My wife, Carol, is almost completely opposite of Sara. Carol is a tall 5 feet 8 inches, with long auburn red hair and weighs only 130 pounds. She is willowy with a supple figure, a slender waist, nice firm breasts and long legs.

Our daughter, Britney also takes after her mother, and is a smaller version who was also thirteen when they moved in next door. Perhaps I should explain that I am 6 foot 3 inches tall and weigh 190 pounds, and while not as bulky as Jack, I have every bit as much muscle and strength, but I'm just shaped differently. My wife and I have always had an extremely active sex life, and have tried just about every position and activity in the book. We enjoy erotic movies and books and have even visited a couple of sex clubs, but found the clientele and public displays were not our cup of tea.

We are in our early thirties, and Britney was born two years after we were married. She has always been a well behaved girl, and she and Ashley seemed to hit it off right from the beginning. We also were attracted to Jack and Sara, and found we had a great deal in common.

We enjoyed movies together, cookouts and meals and found we spent a lot of time together. There was also an undertone of sexual attraction between us, but it never got beyond the flirting stage… just the occasional hint, and once, I kissed Sara and we swapped tongues.

I learned that Jack had done the same with Carol, but it just made for a hot night of fucking each other, with the fantasy of our neighbors as partners. I imagine Jack and Sara had the same result. This friendship continued for about the first six months or so of them living next door.

Then, for some reason, Britney began to act up, as teenagers will sometimes do, and she became a bit rebellious and disrespectful. I had never struck my daughter and we normally grounded her or restricted her in some other way if punishment was ever needed, but for some reason, this wasn't working.

I happened to mention this problem to Jack one day, and he laughed and said they had experienced the same problem with Ashley, but he had found "the cure". I asked him what it was, and he invited me into his house and gave me a beer, before leading me downstairs into the basement. There, he showed me a contraption that looked something like one of the old stocks that used to be used during revolutionary times, with a kneeling pad and a bar with three holes in it, all of which were padded.

The bar seemed to be adjustable up and down, and Jack explained that it was, in fact, adjustable. "So, what do you use it for?" I asked him.

He grinned and said "For punishment, of course. If either Sara or Ashley get out of line, they get to visit my little toy here, and I use one of those." he said, pointing to several items hanging from a rack beside the stock. There was a small whip or quirt like those used by jockeys on horses; there was a wide leather belt and there was also a wooden paddle about three inches wide and a quarter of an inch thick.

It looked to be made of bamboo, which I know to be very strong, and it would sting like hell if it were used on bare skin. "You mean you actually spank them with those…?" I stammered. I was a bit shocked, I'll admit, but also a bit intrigued. "Yep. It actually started as a little sexual play for Sara and me, but when Ashley started to act up a few months back, I decided to try it for real, and lo and behold, it worked like a charm. I actually think she likes it, and even misbehaves from time to time to get to be "punished" down here.

In fact, it's been a couple of weeks now, and I wouldn't be surprised if she does something soon to get another visit. When she does, I'll have you over, and you can see for yourself." he grinned at me.

We finished our beers and returned upstairs, but continued our conversation. I probably should have been repulsed, but the truth is that I was somewhat intrigued by knowing this "secret" about my neighbors, and Carol and I had played around with a little bondage and even spanking and I knew she enjoyed some of these fantasies, but I wasn't sure I could bring myself to involve my daughter or to actually spank her.

Jack told me that Sara got really turned on when she was put in the stock nude, and "spanked" on her naked bottom. He said that when he first did this to Ashley, she was mortified, humiliated and angry, but he discovered that not only did the punishment teach her a lesson, but that she became extremely sexually aroused, to the point that her fluids were running down her thighs and her vaginal lips were swollen and puffy.

He said he touched her there, just to see if these were, in fact, vaginal fluids and that she had surprised him by having an incredible climax. This was now a part of the "punishment" he administered, from time to time.

I was almost embarrassed by the fact that his story gave me a raging erection but I knew I wanted to know more. I left that night, but three days later, Jack called me on the phone to advise that Ashley had been a "bad girl" and he was going to punish her, shortly, and he invited me over to "observe".

When I rang their doorbell, Sara answered the door, and with an embarrassed smile, she showed me to the basement door and indicated I should just go on down. She was blushing when she turned away, but I thought I saw her glance at my crotch, where…yes, I had started to grow an erection.

I made my way down the stairs, and I found Jack sitting in an old chair off to the side of the stock, speaking softly to Ashley, who was already in the stock, with her head and hands secured, and the headboard raised to a level just above her hips. She was naked, and her cute little breasts swung below her and her round buttocks showed a perfectly formed ass. I could see the little puffed lips of her vagina between her thighs, and they appeared to be on a wisp of pubic hair.

Jack greeted me, and I heard Ashley squeal with embarrassment when she learned I was in the room. "Oh, daddy…please don't let him see…" she cried. Jack just laughed, and told her I was there to watch and learn, and if she didn't be quiet, he might just stop after the "stick" and not give her the "carrot". She seemed to quiet down after that, but she still was whimpering. Jack moved to the stock and loosened two large wingnuts on either side of the crosspiece and slowly lowered it until Ashley's head and shoulders were below her hips, and her ass was up in the air even more.

She had to spread her knees to be more stable, and this opened her crack to the point I could see her pink slit and the little nub of her clit protruding from the folds. My hard on was in full mode, and I would have given almost anything to fuck that little pussy, but I knew that was out of the question.

Jack turned to me and explained that he was going to start with the paddle, and that Ashley had been rude to a teacher at school and they had called to report her. He was going to "spank" her and that he would do so until she understood the error of her ways. With that, he proceeded to whack her on her left buttock with the bamboo paddle and a resounding smack could filled the room, along with a cry from Ashley.

Her left asscheek grew red and Jack just took a swig of his beer and waited about a minute before he drew the paddle back and "SMACK!" he struck the right buttock and a louder howl came from Ashley. I could see both cheeks turning red, but I also noticed a dribble of moisture leaking down the inside of Ashley's thighs and noted her clit appeared to be even larger than before.

Jack turned to me and handed me the paddle.


"Here…you need to feel what it feels like, so you can decide if you want to use this with Britney" he said to me. I took the paddle, but was too embarrassed to hit his daughter. "Go ahead" he encouraged me, with a grin, and finally, I drew the paddle back and swung it reasonably hard and caught her left cheek again and heard the loud smack and listened to Ashley squeal and felt my cock jump.

Almost without realizing it, I swung again, this time catching her across both cheeks with an even harder blow, and her young ass actually rose up with the blow, and Jack quietly took the paddle from my grip while Ashley screamed and cried from pain and humiliation. Jack leaned close to her ear and whispered to her. I didn't quite hear what he said, but I heard her answer thorough the sobs "Yes, sir…I promise". With that, he took a bottle of lotion from a nearby shelf and applied it to the inflamed buttocks, and as he rubbed, his fingers worked their way into the young pink slit of his daughter and I watched as her spasms began and then saw her entire body quiver and convulse with a powerful climax and liquid gushed down her inner thighs.

I thought I was going to cum in my pants just watching this. Jack took his daughter in his arms, whispering into her ear, then straightened and quickly released the stock that was holding her.

He again took her in his arms, and she hugged him and seemed to be laughing and crying at the same time. He pulled a robe over and put it around her shoulders, then whispered in her ear again. She looked at me and said "I'm sorry for being such a bad girl, but thank you for teaching me" and then she gave me a shy smile, and ran off up the stairs.

Jack looked at me and just smiled. "Well, what do you think?" he asked me. "I'm not sure. I don't know if this is right for Britney, but Ashley seems…" I wasn't sure just what to say to him. I was till so turned on by the experience, I wasn't sure I could talk. "Look" Jack said, "these young girls are just growing up, just like you and I and their mothers did.

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They need guidance and direction from us. I stumbled onto this idea of spanking as a means of punishment, but found the 'reward' part of it by accident. Ashley isn't a bad kid, but she's sexually curious and I'm sure she masturbates from time to time. This outlet today is both a 'control' by the parent and an outlet for her sexuality. She has been a model daughter since we started this, and like I told you, she almost has to intentionally misbehave to have one of these sessions. If you decide you want to try it with Britney, let me know, and I'll fix you a rig like mine." I thanked him, and headed for home, barely able to walk with my boner in my pants.

When I got home, Carol was fixing dinner, but I pulled her into the bedroom, and almost without any foreplay, pulled her pants down and bent her over the bed and took her from the rear; all the time imagining the young virginal ass of Ashley in front of me and pounding my cock as deep into it as I could get it. Normally, I bring Carol to climax before I cum, but I couldn't wait, and for the first time in our marriage, I literally raped my own wife. As I shot my load deep into her cunt, I couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to see Britney's naked ass up in the air… After, when I had caught my breath, Carol asked me what that was all about.

She wasn't upset, surprisingly; just curious what had gotten into me. I told her the whole story and expected her to be highly pissed, but she was quiet and thoughtful for awhile. "You know…I'm a little reluctant to expose Britney to adult sexuality at this stage of her life, but I suspect she is already more sexual than we know. It might even be that she knows about Ashley's 'punishment' and is trying to start the same thing" she told me.

It seems that Britney has been getting worse and worse in her behavior, and Carol agreed that something had to be done. We got dressed and Carol returned to fixing dinner while I called Jack and arranged to "borrow" his equipment at this earliest convenience. Jack assured me he wouldn't need it for another couple of weeks and I could borrow it to see if his approach might help.

If it did, he could build another set. After dinner, we moved the equipment to my basement, without the girls even knowing. The following day, Carol called me at work to report that Britney had been sent home from school and the school was about to suspend her.

When I got home, I was already angry and not in the least bit sexually aroused. When we confronted Britney with her behavior, she just became defiant, and I told her that was the last straw, and ordered her to the basement.

At first, she was reluctant and started to sass me…something she had never done before. Once in the basement, she saw the stock, and I suspect she had seen it at Ashley's house before. "What's that doing here" she asked, with a slight whimper. "We are going to start a new disciplinary program around here.

It seems that you no longer respond to scolding and being grounded, so from now on, if you don't behave, you are going to have a spanking session…just like your friend Ashley" I told her.

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Carol had come down to the basement with us, but stood by silently, while I dealt with Britney. "Take off your clothes and get into the stock" I ordered her. She looked at her mother, but Carol just said "do as your father tells you". Slowly, Britney began to undress. Finally, she was down to panties and bra, and started to stop, but I instructed her "All of it" and she removed her bra and panties. I hadn't seen my daughter completely naked since she was about seven, and I was surprised at the ripe young breasts with dark areolas and the upturn to her nipples; as I said, almost a smaller copy of her mother.

Her young pussy had a strip of dark red hair just above her opening but the rest was bare; either she shaved or had a Brazilian wax job. I would have to ask her mother. I instructed her to kneel in the stock, and she did so, almost as if she had been there before. I fastened the padded bar over her neck and wrists and adjusted the height so her head and shoulders were lower than her hips. Just like Ashley, this caused her to have to spread her legs slightly to be more comfortable, and from the rear, I could see her pink opening and the tip of her clit protruding.

Ashley's had been a small round button, but Britney's was more of a little finger sticking out. I noted her vaginal lips were glistening with moisture. I chose the bamboo paddle, and even before it was in my hand, I realized I had a raging hard on. I looked at my daughter's naked ass, and swung the paddle with a resounding smack on her left buttock. She screamed and her body jerked, and as her buttock began to redden, I noted a tiny trickle of moisture dribble down her inner thigh.

I waited a minute or so, then hit her on her right buttock with even more force, and again, she screamed and her body jerked and she began trembling, but even more moisture flowed. I could see the little nub of her clit and it was twitching.

I glanced at Carol, who had her hand over her mouth, but was staring in fascination at her young daughter as she was punished. I swung a third time, this time harder than before, and made certain the paddle caught both cheeks. Britney' whole body jumped and shook, and she cried, but I wasn't quite through.

One last smack across both cheeks, and I stopped and waited for her to quiet down. When she was only sobbing softly, I leaned over and whispered "Britney, I love you, but I want you to know that we won't put up with your behavior any longer.

Do I make myself clear?" "Yes…s…s sir" she whispered. And at that, I took the bottle of lotion and began to rub it into her red ass cheeks. As I did so, I let my fingers slide up her slit, and was not surprised to find it slick with her juices. I let my hand stroke her ass, then slipped a finger into her opening and then found her young clit, and almost at the first contact, her body reacted as she arched and bucked and began to spasm into a tremendous orgasm.

I kept going as long as her body needed the stimulation, then put my arm around her and whispered I loved her. I released Britney from the stock, and her mother brought her robe over and covered her and then led her upstairs and I just sat and tried to get my emotions under control. I was extremely aroused, but also a bit ashamed because I had just brought my daughter to a sexual orgasm. And I knew it wouldn't be the last time.

Later that night, Carol and I made love over and over. She came four or five times and I came twice, something that hadn't happened for a long time. We weren't sure just what to make of this, but would see what the next few weeks would bring.

The next day, Jack saw me come home and sauntered over with a grin and said "So…how'd it do?" "Just fine. We'll have to wait and see the results over time, but it seemed to…make an impression." I told him.

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"Well, I think you're going to find that things will become a whole lot more peaceful around your house; not to mention a lot more…pleasant" he grinned at me. "Be sure to let me know how it works, and if you need an observer, I'm available" and he walked back home. Over the next two weeks, Britney was on her best behavior.

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The misunderstanding at school was cleared up and the threat of suspension was lifted. She began helping her mother around the house, and all was peaceful. I was almost disappointed, I'm ashamed to say.

Britney and Ashley became almost inseparable, but after about two weeks, Britney started to act up and back-talked her mother. Just as I was about to direct her to the basement, the phone rang, and it was Jack. He needed the equipment back, because Ashley was "acting up".

I told him "What a coincidence. Britney is doing the same thing." He suggested that he bring Ashley over, and we would deal with each of the girls, one after the other.

I agreed, and they appeared a few minutes later. Sara came with them, and Jack and I retreated to the den to decide how we would handle this. We decided to flip a coin, and he won. He elected to have Britney, my daughter, punished first. I ordered Britney to the basement, and instructed her to strip and got her secured into the stock.

Then I summoned Jack downstairs, and Britney began to put up a fuss because a strange man could see her naked. I told her she should have thought of that before she sassed her mother, and I took the quirt from the rack, and struck her across the buttocks.

She screamed, and her body jerked. I knew that the quirt would hurt more than the paddle, and I had to be careful not to hit her too hard, because it might tear her skin.

I looked at Jack, and noted he had a glazed look on his face as he looked at my young daughter's naked ass. Her pussy lips were protruding and it was easy to see her clit throbbing in its little nest. I saw him lick his lips. My cock was swollen and throbbing and I was certain his was, as well. I handed him the quirt, and he hesitated just a moment, then POP!.he smacked her across the ass, but other than a bright red line, the skin was undamaged. Britney sobbed, and I saw a little drizzle of pee leak from her pussy, and form a small yellow puddle between her knees.

I thought that was enough, and leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Had enough?" "Yes. I'm sorry" she answered. I hugged her and reached for the cream, but Jack already had it, and looked at me. I nodded, and he began to apply it, and I saw him stroke her opening with his fingers, and then she began to cum on his hand, and he kept my daughter going…cumming over and over until she almost collapsed from exhaustion.

I released her from the stock, and wrapped her in a robe, and led her upstairs. While I turned Britney over to her mother, Jack was leading Ashley downstairs, and she was already positioned in the stock by the time I got there.

Jack had the quirt in his hand, and looked at me with a strange look. I could see the bulge in the front of his pants and felt my own erection straining at my pants. SMACK! The first blow of the quirt startled me, and Ashley's scream made me jump.

Jack had really hit her, and I was worried he was going to damage the tender flesh. I was almost mesmerized by the light skin and fine blond hair of Ashley's pussy as compared to the bare look of my daughter's pussy that had been before us just minutes before. The rounder breasts and ass cheeks, the pink anus ring, the little bud of her clitoris; all so different from Britney's yet so much the same.

Jack handed me the quirt. I swung it so as to catch her right cheek with the tip, and as she screamed and her body jerked, I saw her discharge a squirt of clear fluid down her inner thigh. I leaned close to her ear and whispered "Did you tell Britney about this?" She was quiet for a minute, and I struck her again…harder this time.

"Did you tell Britney about this" I yelled at her. "YES!" she shouted back at me, sobbing the whole time. I looked up and Jack was holding out the lotion.

I took it and began to spread it on the welts. My fingers found her opening, and it was wet and slick, and I slid first one, then two fingers into this young pussy.

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I began to stroke her clit, and she exploded in climax in less that thirty seconds. I kept her going until she couldn't cum any more. Then, Jack released her and put her robe on and led her upstairs. We sent the girls to their rooms, and the four of us sat down and I poured us all a drink.

I had a hard on and the front of my pants were soaked with semen. Jack was in the same condition. The ladies were quiet, but I could tell that Carol was turned on and I was certain Sara was, as well. "Have you ever been to a swinger's club" Jack asked. "We've been to an adult sex club a couple of times, but it wasn't very appealing" I answered. "Was it because the people were unattractive and…not up to your standards?" he asked.

"I suppose you could say that. I think most of the people were…desperate. Not quite in our class. Wouldn't you say so, Carol?" I asked my wife.

She had a kind of dazed look on her face.


"Yes…s…s" she stammered. I know my wife pretty well, and I knew she was totally aroused. "We've had the same experience. We might be willing to…experiment…with the right partners, but only if both sides found the other attractive." He was looking at Carol as he said this.

I looked over at Sara and she was staring at me, her mouth open slightly. She licked her lips as she saw me look at her. "We…" I looked down at Carol, "might be willing to experiment, as well…with the right partners" I responded. I put my hand on Carol's shoulder. She looked up at me, and gently nodded. I looked at Sara, and she, too, gently nodded. When I looked at Jack, he smiled, and said "So, I think we have an agreement". We all raised our glasses in a toast, and I leaned over and kissed Carol, and then nudged her gently and she rose and walked over to Jack.

At the same time, Sara got up and came over to me, and I kissed her, my tongue probing her mouth. I could see Carol and Jack out of my peripheral vision, also kissing, but as I gently squeezed Sara's breast, I could only marvel at the fact that it was fuller and larger than my wife's. My hand slipped up her thigh, beneath her skirt, and not surprisingly, I discovered she was not wearing panties.

My finger slid into her opening, which was slick and soaking wet, and her breath was hot and wet on my neck. "I think we should all go to our rooms. Sara and I will stay here, and you and Carol should go to your place" I managed to gasp to Jack and Carol.

I saw his hand between my wife's legs and her hand on his crotch. I was almost jealous, except that the vision of my wife fondling and being fondled by another man almost made me shoot my load. Jack looked over at me in a daze and mumbled something, and then he and Carol got up and left the room for his house. I'm not sure how, but shortly, Sara and I were in my bedroom, and I was between her thighs, licking her pussy and her clit. She had a slightly different taste than Carol, but not at all unpleasant.

As she began to climax on my tongue for the first time, I tickled her anus with my fingertip, and just like Carol, it sent her over the edge. I lay back on the pillows, and Sara, climbed on top of me and settled down on my cock.

She told me that I was longer than Jack, and I hit bottom before I was all the way in. She told me that Jack was much thicker, but not as long, and I could tell that she was not quite as tight as Carol, but I could not get all the way in without hurting her. Nevertheless, she began to ride me, and as she did, she gently bit my neck and asked me to "hurt" her…I wasn't sure what she meant by that, but I took her nipple and twisted and pinched it, and it seemed to excite her all the more.

As I thought she might be approaching a climax, I whispered in her ear about what it was like to whip her naked daughter's ass, and how I would like to whip her naked ass.

As I suspected, this put her over the top and her orgasm was so powerful that her pussy squeezed me completely out of her. As soon as she was recovered enough, I rolled her over on her hands and knees and mounted her from the rear. I love fucking Carol doggy fashion, and Sara was just as appealing in this position, if not more so. Sara's round little cheeks were so inviting…I wanted to fuck her in the ass.

I pushed my finger into her pucker hole, and I felt her pussy contract around my cock. I took that as a positive sign, and I kept working my finger in deeper and stretching her sphincter muscle. Finally, I withdrew my cock from her pussy…it was wet from her juices, and put the head to her other opening. I began to push, and rather than object, she pushed back against me and before long, the head of my cock popped past her sphincter and I was in. "OH, MY GOD" she groaned, as I pushed deeper into her anal channel.

"I've wanted Jack to do this for so long…" she gasped. "But…he's too big around". I began to pump even more deeply into her ass. I couldn't do this with Carol. She was too uncomfortable, though she liked me to play with her anus. I reached around Carol's waist and grabbed her tit. It was firm and the nipple was standing straight out and hard.

I felt her nails rake across my balls and my jism began to rise. I rammed my cock as far into her ass as I could as my load began to squirt. Sara pushed back against me and I thought she had another climax as I was cumming. We finally collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath. We spent the rest of the night exploring each other's bodies; both new, yet familiar.

I would learn the next day that Jack and Carol had had much the same experience. Jack's cock is thicker than mine, and Carol said he "filled her up" even though he couldn't reach bottom. He had licked her pussy until she climaxed and made her deep throat him until she almost choked, which was something she didn't like to do with me. She would suck me off, but she didn't like to take it deep.

Jack had made her…and I didn't mind. Just talking about it made both of us so hot, we fucked and fucked again, until my cock was so sore, I couldn't touch it, and Carol walked almost bowlegged.

I later learned that Jack and Sara had gone through much the same thing. All of our sex lives were greatly enhanced by this exchange. About a week after the first exchange, Jack called me and said he need to see me a minute. I went over to his place, and found him in the garage.

He had built a new stock for me, and had the accompanying "equipment" to go along with it. He helped me carry it back to my basement and now we both had our own private little dungeons. Jack told me that Sara had really enjoyed her time with me and I told him Carol felt the same. We decided that we wanted to exchange wives again the coming weekend, assuming the ladies were receptive.

Jack confided to me that Sara wanted to be "punished" by me on the stock, which was the real reason he had hurried to finish it. I could hardly wait. I was pretty certain the ladies would agree.