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Pt 4 V.W.O.M. I woke up to Ann shaking me and saying I better get up I had work that needed to get done. I thought maybe I had been dreaming until I realized how sore I was. I had a piss proud and standing at the foot of the couch stood Fran and Debbie.

Debbie didn't say a word but shoved Fran toward the couch. Fran came over and climbed on me then reached down and guided my cock into herself. She started bouncing up and down on me and when I looked into her face i could tell she was enjoying it.

It wasn't long before I came in her and she stopped bouncing and just ground her hips into me and I could feel her cumin and heard her moaning. She didn't get off of me but leaned down and kissed me very deeply and wispered I love you. The feeling was mutual but I didn't have time to express it to her. Debbie said get off as she pulled her off by grabbing her tit. As she got off cum dripped down on my legs. Debbie seeing it smiled and shoved Fran's face in it and said lick it off him then suck his cock til I tell you different.

I said hey I gotta piss. Debbie said fine piss then get your ass back here you got more fucking to do.

I went in the bathroom and started to piss Blood came out and it hurt like hell. I finished half bent over and knew I had to put a stop to this plan of Debbie's or things would only get worse. I returned to the couch and told Debbie I was pissing blood and something was wrong.

She simply said 'AND WHAT?" i can't go on I need to stop. "Fine stop then but if you do I must be convinced you are really hurting. If you aren't then I will use what I have to really fuck you is that clear?" Yes was all I could say.

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I sat on the couch and cried from the burning in my cock. debbie came back later and told me to piss in the jar she had brought me. I did and there was blood in it. She said fine we have all week so you better get better fast. Then she walked out and told Fran to get a cold wash cloth for me. The cold cloth felt good but Fran's hand felt even better.

I laid on the couch and would doze off and wake up again. This went on all Saturday night. Sunday morning Debbie again produced the jar so I could piss in it. As I pissed she said I guess I gave you to many pills and they caused the bleeding. Sorry bout that. Then she left again. What pills was she talking about? I had felt funny every since Friday but thought it was because of what was going on.

That and I am 55 years old and trying to keep it up for a bunch of young girls. About 12:00 Ann came in and asked how I was doing. She looked like she hadn't slept for days. I wispered to her asking if she knew what pills Debbie had given me.

she only shook her head and left. A Moment later Debbie came in and looked at me like she was going to kill me. "YOU FUCKING COCK I SAID IF YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING ASK ME!

DIDN'T I?" Then she said you can rest till later by then you should be ok to fuck some more. I went back to sleep and around 4:00 I was awakened by some one pulling on my cock enough that it hurt.

As I opened my eyes Debbie was standing there with my cock in her hand. Looks like you are up and ready she said. Then she yelled for Fran to come in. When she arrived Debbie said you better get busy your mom will be here in about an hour to pick you up.

Fran climbed on top of me took my cock and guided it into herself. She raised up until my cock head was the only part still in her. Then she slammed back down on me and sat still for a moment. She then slowly started rising and lowering herself on my cock. Soon I was thrusting up to meet her coming down and it wasn't long before she was moaning and then yelling "OHHHHHHH YEA I'M CUMINNNNNNNNNN.

GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOOOD!" When I felt her contracting her pussy muscles it put me over the edge and I started shooting my load once again deep into her. She collapsed on me and we caught our breath for the next couple minutes.

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I was amazed my cock was still half hard and as she started moving back and forth on top of me it was soon rock hard again. I told her to get on the floor on her hands and knees then I entered her from behind. I pounded her as hard as I could and she seemed to love it. She was thrusting back to meet me and then she screamed "OH FUCK! FASTER---------GOD PLEASE HARDER!

I'M CUMINNNNN AGAIN!" and so was I cumin I thrust forward while grabbing her hips and pulling her to me as tight as I could. I shot stream after stream of my hot cum in her until I was totally spent and fell on top of her. Fran left and so had the other girls so I thought maybe I could get some answers from Debbie.

As we ate supper I took the opportunity to ask the questions or at least try. Can I ask I started out and was cut off by Debbie. "Ok let me tell you what you think you want to know." She seem to be thinking then she starting. Look Mom has her tubes tied and I am not pregnant either but the little bitches think so. Up until this weekend I really didn't have jack shit on you or mom other then a few pictures which looked real but were only part real.

Amazing what can be done with a computer. But now I have film of you fucking each of them and of mom eating their pussies. What I said about them is true I have something on each one of the dumb cunts. There are 4 more of them that I have plans for also and as soon as I get something on the last hot shit little bitch they will be here for their turn on your cock.

Like what kind of stuff? I asked. I got a dirty look from Debbie then she said oh let me show you. She ran out of the room and a couple minutes later she returned with a envelope. She threw it across the table and said see for yourself. One was a copy of a diary page where the girl wrote that the female teacher really was hot and she wished she would teach her about sex. Then there was a picture of one girl holding a boy's dick in her hand.

Of course I knew that Joan wrote the diary entry and it was Tina holding the boy's cock. Next there was a picture of Judy with a boy's hand in her pants and her with her hand rubbing the front of his pants. Next was a letter written to some boy saying if she had the chance she would let him do what he wanted to her. It was signed by Dee. The next picture was the one that shocked me the most. It was a picture of Fran and Jennie with the mother playing with her daughter's tits which had been removed from her swim suit.

There was three pictures left one was a very tall redhead playing with herself on what looked like our guest bed. I held it up and Debbie laughed and said that's T.J.

Teresa James 10, she will be here on Wednesday night. As I pulled the next one out it was a blonde with a nice set of tits sucking a cock. That's Susan Thompson she's 12, I had to convince her mom she would be safe spending the night here so I could help her with her homework and Mom would make sure she got on the bus Wednesday morning. The last picture was fuzzy but you could make out a dark haired girl with her hand up another girl's dress.

That's Brenda Lewis almost 10, looks cute doesn't she. That messed up picture cost me $5.00 to get. Can you tell who the other girl is dad? No I couldn't it was to fuzzy. Who is it? Do I know her? Debbie laughed Yea you know her that's Joan the little dike.

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As she laughed she said one well fucked dike now. Brenda will be here Thursday to spend the night. By Friday I will also have something on Rene Walker 11, who is spending the night on Friday.

What does she look like I heard myself asking. It was right then that I realized my cock was rock hard (very sore) but still rock hard. I was hard from looking at pictures of little girls. Shit I had become a pervert getting turned on by these innocent little girls and the thought of sticking my cock into their virgin cunts. HUh? Debbie had said something but I wasn't listening. I said sorry I didn't hear you Debbie what did you say. I said she is a natural blonde but dyes her hair black because her parents let her do any fucking thing she wants.

That bitch is worse then that fucking Fran. She went around telling all her friends that I had lice and to stay away from me if they didn't want to get them. I didn't have them but everyone thought I did and even ones I thought were friends would avoid me.

I know she is stealing shit from other students but so far I haven't caught her but I will before Friday. Nothing else was said and we all went to bed around 11:00 but I lay there thinking about the young girls I had violated this past weekend.

I could picture them in my mind. Dee was small chested almost flat and short brown hair which came to about the middle of her neck.


She weighed about 90 pounds and had no figure to speak of. Tina wasn't any bigger but her tits were starting to develop and were about the size of half a lemon. The red hair was just starting to grow on her pussy.Joan had pear shaped tits with real dark nipples that matched her black hair. Her body was starting to get the curves of a woman but at about 100 pounds had more to fill out.Judy was almost a copy of Joan with brown hair and brown pussy hair or fuzz I guess.

Her nipples were a little larger then Joan's but not as stiff when hard. Then there was Francine Jeanette, Fran as Debbie and the other girls called her and Jennie as her mother called her.

She was the tallest and best formed of the girls. She already had the curves that would duplicate her mother and nice tits about the size of a navel orange with huge nipples for a girl her age. (I guess mom sucking them had a lot to do with that) her long blonde hair accented the tits as it hung halfway down her back. Then Debbie popped into my mind and I shuddered, while she was cute as hell in her own right standing about 5' 6" like the other girls with pert pear size tits and red hair I knew the bitch she could be.

I finally fell asleep and woke up the next morning around 6:30 packed my truck and left for work on the addition. As I drove I started thinking about what I would do if Fran was home. When I arrived there didn't seem to be anyone home. I unpacked the truck and got to work, about ten minutes after starting the back door opened and there stood Fran. She surprised me causing me to smack my thumb with the hammer.

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She motioned for me to come into the house which I did. as I stepped into the kitchen she grabbed me around the neck and kissed me forcing her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back and then realized someone else had to be home with her so I pushed her away and asked where her parents were.

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They had to leave late last night to go to grandma's because she is sick. Aunt Katie is asleep upstairs, she won't get up for hours yet.

Want some coffee? she asked and smiled then asked if I wanted anything else this morning? I said just the coffee thank you. I felt like grabbing her and making love to her again right there in the kitchen but was afraid her aunt would come down and catch us. I drank my coffee while she ate her cereal and then she asked if she could show me something outside.

She lead me by the hand to a building way out back away from the house. She opened the door and pulled me inside. I want to make love to you again before school she said while pushing me on the bed in the corner of the building. Don't worry this is my private area and no one ever comes out here. If they want me they call me on the phone.She unbuckled my pants and pulled them far enough down to free my already hard cock. She climbed on top and lowered herself on me. she sighed and started riding me hard.

It only took a few minutes for me to cum deep inside her but kept thrusting into her until I could tell she had climaxed also. she got up went to a sink and cleaned herself up.

Then we went outside and she said I know Debbie made you do me but you did it on your own just now does that mean you really do like me?

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I hugged her and said yes I did care and very much enjoyed making love to her. I told her I was sorry for the weekend and she said she knew it wasn't my fault what happened. I walked her around to the driveway and was standing by the truck talking to her about school and Debbie and the other girls when her aunt stuck her head out the door and yelled for her to quit bothering the man and let him get his work done.

we both laughed and I said it was my fault I was asking her about her parents. Oh ok said her aunt then added well watch for the bus Jeannie. Damn I hate that name. Why can't she call me Fran like everyone else does? She looked to make sure no one could see and gave me a quick kiss and said I better get up by the road. I finished the day and went home. When I got there Debbie greeted me at the door. There has been a change of plans dad.

Fran's are out of town so she will be staying here till they get back on Thursday. Hope you are well rested after this morning's fuck with her? How did she know? I stood there looking like a dear in the headlights when she said Fran let it slip when she told her parents were out of town til Thursday.

Better get some supper and shower dad it's going to be a fun week. Then she said oh I want to show you this. She handed me a picture. It was a dark haired girl with a makeup case in her hands putting it in her pocketbook. You could tell she was at a makeup counter and the girl working there had her back to her. I got the bitch this afternoon after school. She was so stupid to tell Judy she was going to the mall to "pick up a few things" I followed her and took that along with a couple others.

She will be here Friday for sure for the sleep over. I showered and ate supper then sat down to watch the evening news. I hadn't seen Debbie or Fran all evening and Ann kept disappearing from time to time. About 11:30 Ann came in and said it's time for bed so Debbie said for you to strip and go to bed, someone is waiting there for you. I did as told and when I got to the bedroom ther sat Debbie, Fran and the girl whose picture I had been told was Susan was setting on the bed.

Some times the mouth goes on over load and speaks without letting the mind think first. I thought she wasn't going to be here until Tuesday evening? Debbie said does it look like Tuesday to you? She is here and you are going to fuck her all night long.

Every time you cum Fran is going to help get you hard again so you can pound her pussy all night. Now get busy you are wasting time. I moved toward the bed and Susan turned away and rolled to the far side of the bed.

"HEY BITCH GET YOUR ASS BACK OVER WHERE I SAID AND LET HIM FUCK YOU UNLESS YOU WANT THOSE PICTURES ALL OVER SCHOOL! NOW MOVE BITCH AND QUIT BAWLING LIKE A SPOILED BRAT!" Susan rolled back over and I took her in my arms and told her everything would be ok. I kissed her neck and then started to rub her breast and kissed my way from her neck to her breast. I cupped her breast in my hand and massaged it ever so gentle I kissed my way back up to her lips.

As I kissed her I forced my tongue into her mouth and she started to relax a little. Debbie sat in a chair and watched as I seduced this little girl that was shorter then any of the others at 4' 9" and seemed so scared.

I kissed my way down to her blonde, almost bald pussy and licked it from the bottom to the top time and time again until her body responded and she started moaning then she started to go stiff and shake all over. My cock was rock hard as I slid it into her inch by inch. After getting about half way in I felt her virginity.

I hesitated and then a sudden push from behind and I was all the way in to the hilt. Susan's 75 pound jerked at the taking of her cherry and I looked back to see Debbie pushing on my ass checks and smiling. " NOW FUCK HER DAD!" I slowly withdrew and felt her relax until I rammed back in to her violated body. I took it slow and slowly her body relaxed and excepted the invasion of my cock in her body.

In just a few short minutes I came and just lay there on Susan who was no longer crying but just wimpering. Debbie didn't say a word but Fran said roll off her and as soon as I did she grabbed my cock and started sucking it.

I was soon hard again and Debbie said Susan needs more cock so she can get use to it. I climbed back on Susan and eased my cock back into her. I leaned down and kissed her neck and wispered sorry I have to do this. She just noded her head and excepted my cock sliding into her for the second time.

As I started moving in and out she started to respond and soon she was matching my thrust and moaning with delight. Then Debbie yelled "GO AHEAD POUND HER FUCKING CUNT!! SHE'S LOVING IT!" I did as told and yes Susan was loving it she screamed "OHHHHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSS!" and then she came Screaming "OH FUCK I'M CUMINNNNNNNNNN!

OH FUCK YEA!" then she started bucking like a bronco. I matched her move for move then came for the second time in a half hour deep inside her then fell on her and rolled off. Can he make love to me now Fran asked? If you can get him back up we will see. I did get hard again and Fran climbed on top of me and rode me until she and I came together. When she rolled off I lay there gasping for air.

I rolled my head to the side where I could see Debbie and she had her legs propped up with her finger in her pussy with her head rolled back and eyes closed.

I took this opportunity to get up to go piss. I left the room and upon returning Debbie's face was burried deep in Susan's pussy and Fran was eating her. Susan had her fingers stuck in Fran. All three seemed like they couldn't care less if I was there or not. I sat in the chair and watched and fell asleep from being so exhausted. When I woke up Ann was standing over me and said Debbie said for me to go to sleep.

She would get me when I was needed again. I climbed into bed and immediately was asleep. I woke the next morning at 6:00 and went to piss and shower.


As I passed Debbie's room the three girls were all tangled together asleep. After showering I was on my way back to my room to dress when Debbie said come here and wake Susan with that big cock of your's. I slid onto the bed and entered Susan from behind and started humping her. She raised her leg slightly and moaned in her sleep. I came in her and got up and went and got dressed. As I left the house I heard Debbie say Ok you two bitches need to get up and get ready for school.

Part 5 coming soon V.W.O.M. Busted?