Sanny leyon sex story 2019

Sanny leyon sex story 2019
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It had been a hard shift. Two structures and four vehicle accidents in a 24 hour period was unusual for our house.

I drug myself to my truck and drove straight home. Once at home, I started undressing time I got into the house, and by the time I made it to the bedroom, I was down to my boxers. I went to the bed and pulled the covers back and was out by the time my head hit the pillow.

Being a firefighter had its perks. I worked 24 hour on and 48 hours off. Most nights, I am able to get my eight, but the action the night before had me exhausted. On a normal day after getting off shift, I would leave the fire house and go to the gym, then run some errands for the wife and usually make it home shortly after lunch, so for me to head home and go to bed was not something I did a lot.

Most of the guys at the fire house had second jobs on their off days. I was fortunate, being an officer and having a successful realtor for a wife, it was not necessary for me to have a second job. My wife ran the house, with my support. She paid the bills, sat up appointments for me and our kids, and never gave me grief for not being the conventional husband.

I believe that my schedule is probably what has allowed us to stay together so long. As I slumbered, I heard a noise down stairs. I rubbed my face and rose up from the pillow to pay closer attention. I thought I may have been dreaming, but as I listened, I heard it again.

I slowly slipped from the bed and reached into my night stand and pulled out my Glock. With out taking the time to slip on some pants, I slipped out of the bedroom, down the hall to the top of the stairs. The noise continued. So step by step, I slowly eased my way down the stairs. Once at the bottom, I looked around. The clothes that I had left on my way to bed were gone. I raised my head, with the pistol by my side, and scanned the living room and into the kitchen.

Again, I heard a noise and it definitely came from the laundry room that was located on the other side of the kitchen. I stayed close to the wall, as much as I could, and made it to the kitchen door. Slowly, I stuck my head inside and looked around.

I was convinced that the burglar was in the laundry room working to get the washer and dryer, so I tip-toed closer. When I made it to half way the kitchen, the laundry room door opened. I froze and raised the pistol. First I saw the laundry basket, then to my surprise, a tall blonde carrying it. The woman saw me, screamed, and dropped the basket as she raised her hands above her head.

"Who are you?" I said, gritting my teeth. "Please, don't shoot! I am Ivana; I am with the cleaning service." The woman answered with a trembling voice. I slowly lowered the pistol and asked for ID. Ivana, with her arms still in the air, walked slowly over to her purse and with out taking her eyes off of me, reached in and pulled out her company issued ID and handed it to me. I scanned the information and everything looked legit. I handed her the ID back and apologized. I then realized in the excitement, that I was standing in the middle of my kitchen in my boxers.

I politely and apologetically excused myself and went back to the bedroom. I slipped on a t-shirt and sweats and went back to try to convince this lady that I was not monster. By the time I returned, she was in the living room and had continued with her duties. Now that I had calmed down, I began to notice the woman bent over in front of my coffee table.

Ivana was tall for a woman, I would say 5'9, and looked to weigh about 160-170 pounds, but with her height, she carried the weight very well. She was dressed in loose pants and a matching shirt, I assumed her uniform, but even with the loose pants, her bubbly butt was noticeable.

As she bent over, the pants tightened around her ass. As I looked, I did not see any sign of a panty line. The thought of her wearing a thong, or no panties at all, began to make my cock swell. Ivana was in deep concentration with her work and did not realize I was there until she had worked her way around the coffee table so that she was facing me.

Before she noticed, I was able to look down her loose fitting shirt. Her breasts were not very big, but the firm looking mounds were confined in a pink lacy bra. As her hand wiped around the table, they barely moved. When she rose back to a standing position, she saw me looking at her. She blushed as our eyes made contact. The color coming to her face highlighted the softness of her cheeks.

"Sorry about earlier, my wife didn't tell me you were coming." I said apologetically. "Its ok Mr. J, you are never here, so I did not think to announce my arrival." She replied, adding a pretty smile to let me know I was off the hook. She continued to clean, and ask me questions about my family, my job and just anything she could think about. I figured that she had a lot of time by herself, so the company was welcomed.

After a while, I found myself assisting her, while we talked. All the time, I was taking in her almost flawless beauty and body. There was something different about this woman, but I could not figure it out. As we worked together, I found out that she was single and working to save money for fulfill her life long dream, but did not reveal to me what the dream was. Not being one to pry in others business, we changed the subject.

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She was telling me about all her adventures that she had while working with the cleaning service. She literally had me crying as she would always put a comical swing to each of her stories.

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We worked our way up the stairs, to the bath room and my kid's rooms. The more she talked, the faster she cleaned. The more she clean, the more open she became, and the more I was getting turned on by watching the way she carried herself. I had never been so turned on by any other woman, other than my wife. When she would kneel and look up at me, I would image my rigid cock parting her full red lips.

I know I should have left her to complete her duties, but I was intrigued and didn't want to let her out of my sight. By the time we made it to the master bedroom, I had worked up quite and erection. When I caught Ivana not looking, I turned and adjusted myself, by placing my hard cock head between the elastic of my sweats and my stomach. While Ivana went into the bathroom to clean, I worked on straightening the books and stuff on the dressers and night stands.

Every so often, she would stick her head out the door, to get eye contact during the conversation. Each time she looked out she was smiling, which in turn made me smile.

She announced, from the bathroom that she was finished. I had my back to her adjusting the clothes in the closet. When I turned, I noticed that she had gotten her shirt wet while cleaning the shower, and her erect nipples were protruding.

Even though the shirt was loose, the wetness made it clean to her ample breast. "Mr. J, are you OK?" Her voice broke my trance and I realized I had been staring at her breast.

This time it was me that was blushing. "Oh, yeah, I am sorry." I replied. "Oh it's OK, I kind of like the attention." All I could do was smile and lower my head. I could not believe that I had been so stupid. I decided that I had stayed too long and it was time to make an exit, before things went any further. As I walked towards the door, she caught my hand. "All I have left is the bed.

Would you like to help me with it?" When I turned to respond, she stepped to me, and she pulled me by the hand to her. Our lips met. At first I was reluctant, but when my lips touched her ultra soft lips, I could not pull away. My hands wrapped around her waist, and hers went around my neck.


Our innocent kiss quickly became more passionate as her tongue grazed my lips. I opened my mouth enough and her tongue invaded it. Our tongues rubbed over and over each others as she pulled me closer.

My hands slipped under her shirt, and up her smooth back. I felt her hands rub down my face and neck. They continued down my chest and stomach. She hooked her fingers into the waist band of my sweats and pushed them down. My cock bounced free of its restraints. Her fingers quickly wrapped around my throbbing cock. I leaned down and took the hem of her shirt.

She released my cock just long enough to raise her arms so it could be discarded. She gripped the base of my cock as her tongue licked around its head.

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With a quick snap, I unbuckled her bra, letting her gorgeous breast loose. My hands cupped her breast as she engulfed my cock. Her mouth was warm and wet and the sensation of her tongue cupping my shaft made me stumble.

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I back into the bed, and sat. She quickly raised up to get the angle to take me deeper into her mouth. Sucking noises escaped her lips as she masterfully sucked. My hands were on the back of her head and I was thrusting my hips.

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It had been so long since I had my cock sucked, I had forgotten how wonderful it felt. I knew at the pace she was going, that I would blow my load soon.

I reached down and pulled her up to me. As she was moving up, something strange rubbed against my cock as we kissed passionately.

My hands went to her pants and slipped in the back and I squeezed her bubbly ass. It was then that she surprised me, and broke our kiss and sat up on the side of the bed, with her face in her hands and her elbows on her knees. "Ivana, did I do something wrong?" I asked as I sat up and tried to pull her to me. She struggled against my embrace, and I could tell she had started to cry. Again I tried to console her by pulling her to me and received the same reaction.

"This was a mistake Mr. J." she said almost sobbing. "Its ok, Ivana, we can stop if you want to. I don't want you loosing your job, and if me being married is a problem, I understand." I replied, with a hint of disappointment.

"No, it isn't either. Unless you tell, no one would know. If we go any farther, I am afraid of what you may do." "Look, I am sorry about earlier, I am not a violent man, and you don't have to worry about me saying anything to anyone." "Mr. J, you know when I told you that I was saving my money to fulfill my life long dream?" She asked as she raised her head.

The tears flowing from her eyes making her mascara run. "Yes Ivana, I remember you saying that." She took a deep breath, "My life long dream is to be a woman." I guess my shock of her statement was revealed by the expression on my face.

She went on to tell me how she had been born a male, but had never been into men stuff. She refused to consider herself a homosexual, but a female trapped inside a male's body. In school, she never wanted to play sports and was teased a lot by the kids calling her sissy. When she was in High School, he father had passed away, and her mother allowed her to start dressing as a woman. She had taken the money her parents had intended for her college and had some surgeries to make her a woman.

She only had one procedure left. With that she stood and pulled her pants down and revealed a small, erect penis. "See even my penis is evidence that I should be a woman," she said, trying to laugh. I was stunned. The first emotion that hit me while she was telling me her life story was that I had just let a man suck my cock. As she continued her story, my emotions changed to shame, and disgust for the way she had been treated.

I looked at her as she stood in front of me, naked. I looked at her beautiful face, which was definitely the face of a woman. My eyes lowered to her perky breast, the light pink areolas, and the hard nipples. I had never seen tits like that on a man. Then down to her penis. Her penis was uncut, but only two or three inches long and very thin. In reality, I believe my pinky finger was bigger than it was. I had a choice to make. So I stood and stepped closer to her.

My cock rubbed against hers as I pulled her into an embrace. My hands rubbed down her back and I cupped her bubbly butt. I raised my hand and lifted her face with my fingers. I lowered my head, and we kissed. It didn't take long for our kiss to hit the passionate stage or even more passionate than before. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and she stroked it as we kissed. When our kiss broke, I looked into her ocean blue eyes and smiled. She gave me the biggest and prettiest smile that I have ever seen.

Then she stepped back and released my cock. She held up a finger, signaling for me to give her a minute. Still naked, she left the bedroom.

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As I waited, and hoped for her return I laid back on the bed. In all of this, my cock had not lost its hardness. It stood proud as I lay on the bed, with my hands under my head.


Soon, Ivana reappeared. She climbed on the bed, her smile just as big as before. She knelt on her knees between my legs and brought her hands up. In her hand she had a condom. She pulled the tab on the package and pulled it out. She masterfully unrolled the latex over my throbbing cock.

Then she reached back and picked up a tube of lube she had brought. She smeared the lube on the condom. She applied a dollop of lube on her hand and reached past her penis between her legs. She wiped the excess lube from her fingers onto her shirt that was on the bed. She lifted my cock and positioned herself above me. Her eyes rolled back into her head as the head of my cock penetrated her sphincter ring.

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She slowly allowed her tight anus to accept the full length of my cock. We then began to move slowly, together. Her ass was so tight and she expertly shifted her hips allowing it to begin milking my cock. One of her hands was on the bed bracing her while the other pulled and tugged on her hard nipple. With each inward thrust she gave a soft, pleasurable moan. We fucked slow and easy for some time. I was surprised that I could hold back.

The thought of her in general should have pushed me over the edge, plus the fact her ass was so tight, and my love of and lack of anal sex. Her thrust became more forceful and soon she was bouncing on my cock. Her breasts were bouncing as she rode me. To my surprise, she quickly lifted off my cock and got on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed. "Fuck me, Mr. J," She said as she looked back over her shoulder at me. I quickly got to my knees and assumed the position. I pointed my lubed cock at her now gaping ass.

I rammed it as hard as I could.

She screamed loud as I sunk deep inside her ass. I gripped her fleshy ass cheeks as I pounded her ass hard and fast. On every other stroke or so, I would slap her ass and watch it flutter. I could not last much longer as my fucking became almost animalistic. With one last thrust, I filled the condom with an over sized load of cum.

I fell onto the bed, completely out of breath and in pure ecstasy. She crawled to me slowly and seductively. She slowly rolled the condom off my spent cock and lowered her lips to clean me. She laid the leaking condom on her shirt and lay beside me.

We lay there until we both regained enough strength to move. We both got up. She discarded the condom in the toilet as I redressed. While I was dressing, I noticed a wet spot in the middle of the bed. When I ran my finger through it and found it was sticky.

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"Sorry about that, I guess I had better change the sheets," she said as she walked out of the bathroom. Together we stripped the bed and replaced the soiled sheets with new ones. She made the bed and began to gather her materials. Before she left, she walked to me and gave me a big kiss. "Maybe you can come home early again next week?" She asked with a smile. "I am sure I can arrange that," I said as I lowered my head and gave her one last kiss.

I watched her bubbly ass as she walked to her car. She blew me a kiss as she backed out of my drive and pulled away. I shut the door and went on with the rest of my day, hoping that the next week went by quickly.