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Best oral stimulation stimulation tube
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"Will, come on man, there ain't any tail here!" Jazz said as he and Will walked through the halls of the Hartford Mall in Bel-Air. The duo had been at the mall for an hour or so trying to score a couple ladies for the evening.

"No doubt, Jazz, this fucking sucks!" Will said as they continued walking towards the food court. "Oooh, wait a minute," Will said grabbing at Jazz's shirt.

"Oh yeah!" Jazz said stopping. The two males gazed over as a young girl walked away from them holding a tray of food. She was wearing a short red plaid skirt with her stockings pulled up to her knee caps. She had on a white polyester shirt that appeared to be tied in the front, but from their view they couldn't tell. She had long dark hair that coincided nicely with her chocolate brown body.

"Let's go get her, Will!" Jazz said, and it was at that moment that she dropped her tray of food right in front of her spilling her food all over the floor. The two men let out a slight chuckle as they began once again walking towards the young lady. Keeping their eyes peeled on the young girl they watched as she bent over to initiate picking up her mess.

Much to their delight she bent over just enough allowing her skirt to ride up just enough to give them both a clear view up her skirt to her white cotton panties.

Will immediately felt himself begin to get hard at the sight. "Oh my god Jazz," he said softly as the approached the beauty.

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"This is heaven," he said as they were just a few feet from the girl. "Scuse me, but would you like some help with that?" Will said flirtatiously. The young girl turned around and Will about lost himself. He fell backwards knocking over the table behind him ending up in an elderly couples lap.

"Sorry," he said patting the old lady's shirt with a napkin as he stood up keeping his eyes peeled on the young girl. "Will!" The girl said. Will couldn't speak. He was shocked at whom this young beauty was. "What the hell are you doing here Ashley?" he said regaining his composure.

"Uhh." She murmured trying to think of something. "You're fucking skipping aren't you?" Will said in a stern voice. Ashley just looked down at the ground as Will unknowingly roamed his eyes over the slight bit of cleavage his young fourteen year old cousin was showing. Will had noticed some developments in the young girl as of late, but he couldn't bring himself to actually check her out as he did today.

Will looked at his watch seeing that it was already 2:20. "Well since you already missed the whole day I'm going to take you home." he said looking down at the defeated girl. "Jazz!" Will shouted out as Jazz was making his way to the snack bar. "I'm taking her home, are you coming?" he asked as Jazz just waved him on. "Fine, let's go," he said as he began walking towards the exit. "Hey." Ashley stuttered out. Will just kept walking. "You're not going to tell my parents are you?" she asked in an earnest voice.

Will thought about his answer for a few seconds, and as the two walked through the automatic doors he spoke. "Your father paid a lot of money for you to go to that school and here you are fucking it up!" Will said again in an angered voice. "I know and I promise that I won't do it again," she pleaded. "I don't know yet," he said unlocking the doors to his car.

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"Just get in." he said opening the door as the two left the mall. As they got home Ashley looked up at Will with her big brown eyes. "I'm not going to say anything yet, but I want to talk to you later," he said firm voice. "Oh thanks, Will!" she said wrapping her petite arms around Will's body. Will pulled his young cousin in closer feeling her immature developing breasts pressing firmly on his hard chest.

Will quickly released the hug as he felt his cock beginning to shift inside his jeans. "Get inside," he said placing his hand on her lower back and assisted her through the door. "Hey Ashley, Will?" Vivian Banks, Will's aunt asked confused. "Did you pick her up from school?" She asked. Will looked up as Ashley was stopped on the staircase. "Nah, I saw her walking Aunt Viv, so I gave her a ride," he said. "Now I have to get some stuff done in my room," he said walking into his room.

"Ok?" Vivian said curiously as she watched Ashley finish running up to her room. Will shuffled through some magazines on his desk until he came to an issue of 'Barely Legal' he had stored away. He began to flip through the pages as he continued thinking back to Ashley's beautiful ass, and her lovely cleavage.

Within moments his mind was filled with thoughts of her beautiful body, as his hand began roaming its way down to his fully erect cock.

He began to stroke his large cock through the outside of his jeans for a few moments before he pulled down the jeans and released the 9 inch rod.

His cock was raging with oozes of his manhood seeping out the tip as he began to gently stroke up and down the long thick shaft. As he turned the pages with his free hand every picture that he saw in the magazine of young girls reminded him of his beautiful young cousin. He began to swiftly stroke at his raging cock the more he thought about the young virgin. He couldn't believe the thoughts that he was having about the girl.

Finally, he finished after blowing his load all over his desk. He swiftly pulled his jeans back up and cleaned off his desk, and placed the magazine back in the hiding spot. Soon after he got everything cleaned up he heard a gentle tap on his door followed by the voice of his aunt. "Hey, Will," She said. "Dinner's ready if you're hungry," she said. "Ok Viv, I'll be out in a minute!" He hollered back. Will freshened himself up, and headed out for dinner. At the dinner table Will was unusually quiet.

He kept catching himself staring over at his young 14 year old cousin, and turning his attention quickly when he noticed that she would catch him.

"So Ash how was school today?" Phillip asked staring over at his mocha colored daughter. The comment caught Ashley off guard causing her to cough up the food that she had just bitten into. Her eyes immediately bolted over to Will who was just staring down at his fillet mignon. "Umm." She said softly. "It was ok I guess," she said again in a soft tone.


The rest of the dinner was just small talk as Will finished up and asked to be excused. He left the table catching one last glance at Ashley before walking to his room. He sat in his room watching television trying to take his attention from his cousin, but like everything else his mind kept drifting back to that moment in the mall. He watched television for the next couple hours before getting up and moving back over to his desk and picking up the latest issue of 'Sports Illustrated.' Soon after he picked up the magazine he heard a soft knock on the door.

"Will?" The soft voice said before slowly entering the room. Will looked up and much to his amazement it was his very own schoolgirl cousin, Ashley. "I just remembered that you said you wanted to talk to me," she said as she lay down on his bed.

Will looked the young girl over in amazement of her beauty. She was lying on her belly with her head rested in her hands as she peered back up at him. Her tight young ass was just barely covered by the threads of the plaid skirt. From where Will was sitting he could see more of her young ample breasts down the front of her white shirt. He felt his cock once again stiffen as he continued checking out this young girl before she spoke. "I wanted to say thanks once again for not telling on me," she said in her cute voice as she smiled up at him shining her pearly white teeth to him.

Will finally regained his composure and placed his magazine down on the desk turning towards her. "Well," he said boldly. "Just because I haven't said anything yet don't think I'm not going to," he said with an unyielding look on his face. Ashley sat up flashing a Will a nice view of her white cotton panties as she crossed her legs underneath her.

"Please, Will," she said pleading with her older cousin. "They will ground me for life!" she begged. "I will do anything for you if you don't tell them, Will," she said as small tears began filling her eyes.

The words rang through Wills head like angels were singing. "Alright!" Will said confidently. "Starting right now you will do what I say without hesitation and no questions asked, or I promise you I will go in and get Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv right now and tell them," he said in a calm but firm voice. Ashley just looked up at him curious to what he could want her to do.

"Understand?" He asked. Ashley shook her head yes. Will was shocked. He would have never guessed his little 14 year old cousin would have gone for his proposition. 'Let's just see how willing she really is,' he thought to himself looking over his desk. "Take this," he said gripping his Polaroid camera. Ashley just looked over the bulky camera. "The first thing you will do is get me a topless picture of your sister Hillary," he said thinking to himself that she would never go for this.

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Much to his surprise she stood up. "Ok," she said looking over at him. "I want you to bring it to me as soon as you get it" he commanded. As he watched his young slave leave his room. Ashley's mind was racing. She had no idea what her older cousin would want from her, but she knew that she had to do whatever he wanted so her dad wouldn't find out about her skipping school. Ashley made her way up the staircase and much to her delight she heard the shower running in one of the upstairs bathrooms.

"Please be, Hillary!" she said to herself as she moved closer to the door. She knocked on the door; "Hello?" she asked awaiting a response.

"Hello! Can't you tell the shower is running?" Hillary said in her cocky rich girl accent.

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Ashley smiled from ear to ear. She placed her hand on the cool golden knob and slowly turned. She pushed gently against the large wooden door as she slowly stepped in. The room was hot and foggy from Hillary's shower almost unbearable for Ashley. She gazed over and plotted out her plan as she heard Hillary turn the water off.

She swiftly grabbed the towel from the rack and threw it on the floor behind her. Hillary pulled the shower curtain back as Ashley raised the large camera to her eye focusing on the shower. Her body was racing with anticipation as she saw Hillary reach around for the towel, and when she couldn't find it she led her long slender leg out of the shower following close behind was her beautiful dark body.

Ashley was awestruck as she had never seen her older sister in the bare before. "What are you doing you little brat!" Hillary blurted out as Ashley quickly snapped the shot before hastily making her exit. "ASHLEY GEY BACK HERE!" Hillary yelled out as Ashley ran down the stairs pulling the picture from the camera careful not to hurt it. She made it back to Will's room, and quickly shut the door behind her.

"Wow," Will said taking the picture from her hand. "That was fast!" he said as he gazed over the picture. As the picture began to slowly focus before his eyes he felt his cock stiffening at the sight of his cousin naked. "This is amazing, Ash. Good work!" he said admiring the picture. Ashley had done one better than just get him a topless picture. In the picture Hillary Banks was completely naked. Ashley smiled from her accomplishment as both their celebrations were cut short when the door slammed open.

"ASHLEY Where is that fucking picture!" Hillary demanded in a demon like state. "This one?" Will said holding up the picture. "Will! Give me that picture!" she demanded holding out her hand. "Don't be in such a rush Miss Banks" he said as he took one last look at the gorgeous photo before putting it in his desk drawer. "I'm not playing!" She said as she put her hands on her hips. "And neither am I," he said looking over the tall beauty. "Come back to my room tomorrow around noon, and we'll negotiate for it!" He said calmly.

"WILL!" She cried out in her snotty voice. "Tomorrow at noon!" He said sternly, "And if you even think about telling Uncle Phil or Aunt Viv, you better believe everyone in your school will have copies of this picture!" He said in a convincing voice. Hillary turned and gave Ashley a snotty look before turning around and leaving the room.

"Oh Will that was great" Ashley said laughing. "I think I'm going to head to bed now then." she said as she began strutting towards the door. "Right or left?" Will asked stopping Ashley in mid step. "Huh?" she asked curiously. "You can have the right side," Will said pointing over to his twin sized bed, "Or the left." Ashley looked over at the bed in disbelief. "You have to be kidding?" she asked skeptically. "No, I really think I would like some company in my bed tonight." Will said.

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"And I think our deal was 'no questions asked'?" he said with a smirk on his face. "Yeah, but this is." Ashley began to say. "Ohh Uncle Phil." Will began saying quietly at first increasing the volume in his tone until Ashley finally butted in. "Fine, Will, you win!" she said as she closed the door and walked back over to his bed. Ashley knew she was defeated as she laid her head down on one of Will's New York Knicks covered pillows.

Will gazed up and down his young cousin once more before turning out the lamp and crawling in bed beside her. "Don't worry about school tomorrow either," he said as he put one of his arms around her petite belly, "We're going to have some real fun tomorrow." He said as he pulled her in close to him spooning with the young girl. It was in that moment that Ashley knew what he was going to want from her as he felt his hand maneuver its way under her shirt to where his hand was on her bare stomach.

She tried to move further away from her dominating cousin, but he just forced her in closer, and it was at this time that she felt his cock as it tried to protrude its way through her skirt into her shapely ass. "Will please." she cried out to know answer.

Will continued to stroke his hand up the young girl's tight stomach moving further and further up. Ashley just closed her eyes pretending that this was not happening until she felt his large hand cup her small bra covered tit. "WILL!" She screeched. Will's cock was now pulsating through his pants trying to probe deeper in her ass as he continued to cup the small mound all the while Ashley tried to move further away, but to no avail.

"I said you will do what I say, and I'm saying be still and go to sleep!" he demanding as he allowed his hand to leave one of her breasts only to make its way to her other. Ashley's eyes filled with tears as she knew she had to take his molestation. This continued well into the night until Will finally fell asleep with his youthful cousin in his arms. The next morning Will awoke to find himself still cuddled with his teenage cousin, and his hand was rested on one of her tender breasts and his other hand had found itself under her skirt resting between her tone athletic legs just inches below her most precious region.

He gently cupped her small breast again as he slid his hand up finding the thin material of her white cotton panties.

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As he slid his hand over her moist pussy she began to awaken, and finally she awoke frantically sitting up. Will sat up against his headboard looking up at the young girl. "Will, I want to go." She said in her innocent voice. "Just like your dad wanted you to go to school yesterday?" Will said sarcastically. "Will, please!" She pleaded out. "I can't go through with this!" she said crossing her arms.

"I'm only fourteen!" she cried out. Will stood up and placed his hands on his young cousin's shoulders. "Look, Ash, you don't have to go through with anything," he said softly. "Really?" she said in disbelief. "Yep, it's just I can't guarantee I will be able to keep this secret much longer. Auuunt Vivv!!" Will began to sing out. Ashley nervously looked around.

"Will be quiet," she said. "I'll do whatever you want!" she said again admitting defeat to herself. "That a girl" Will said running his hands down the youths slender arms. He dropped her arms to her side and placed his hands on each side of the knot that was tied in front of her shirt and swiftly undid the tie. Ashley allowed it as Will began to unbutton her shirt.

It was when he got to the third button up was when she crossed her arms. "Will, you can't do this." she said putting up a fortress with her tiny arms.

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"I believe I'm the one in charge here," he said pulling her arms apart and dropping them once again to her side.

He continued up the white polyester shirt until it was fully unbuttoned. He took each side of the thin shirt and pulled them down exposing two most perfect underdeveloped breasts he had ever seen. They were covered by a small 'A' cup white bra, but the slight cleavage the two mounds were showing was enough to send Will over the edge.

Ashley just stood modestly looking down on the ground as her older cousin gawked at her topless body. He quickly grabbed his Polaroid camera and snapped a picture. He placed the camera down and slid his hands up her smooth mocha colored skin reaching the straps that were on her shoulders. Just as he began sliding the two straps down her slender arms he heard a knock on the door.

"Yeah?" he spoke out in a concerned voice. "It's Hillary let me in!" the voice on the outside said. Will smiled and walked over to the door unlocking it and allowing the chocolate goddess into his lair. Hillary's eyes widened to the size of golf balls when she saw her younger sister standing topless in Will's room.

"Oh my God!" Hillary exclaimed as she stepped into the room. "Will, what the hell is going on in here?" she asked. Will looked over at Hillary, "She's paying me for keeping her secret," he said boldly. "Aint that right Ash?" he asked looking down at the tiny young girl.

Ashley just shook her head yes as she looked up at Hillary in her deep brown eyes. "Ashley put your clothes back on, and Will you better believe daddy will find out about this!" Hillary said as she turned to leave the room. Will swiftly slammed the door in front of her, "I don't think he will," Will said stepping in front of the tall brown beauty. "That is, of course, unless you want me to send this picture to everyone you know?" Will asked rhetorically.

"Will, seriously this is fucked up!" Hillary said. "She's only 14 and your cousin!" she said in a pleading voice. "I'm going to give you the same opportunity I gave her," Will said as he walked over to his desk pulling out the picture.

"You will do whatever I say NO questions asked, and this picture never leaves the confines of my room," he said showing the picture to Hillary, "But if you don't, I will have more copies of this picture than you have shoes!" He said smugly.

"Will please!" Hillary said as Will interrupted. "You can bet your dear brother Carlton will have a copy as well now get over there and stand by your sister if you understand!" Will commanded as he took a seat in his chair. Hillary knew the feelings that Carlton had for her, and she couldn't allow him to get a hold of a picture of her naked let alone the whole school. She decided that she would have to agree to Will's terms. She slowly walked over to Ashley and turned and faced Will.

"That's what I thought," Will said. "Hillary I want you to take off Ashley's bra," he said gawking over the two lovely ladies. "Will." Hillary started to say. "Carlton." Will began holding up the picture.

Hillary just let out a grunt as she turned and faced Ashley. She reached behind the petite girl and undid the clasp from behind her sister before pulling the small bra off exposing two small orange shaped breasts.

She had two dark brown dime shaped nipples that were fully erect from the new attention. Will's cock was raging as he admired the two small breasts. "Very Nice!" Will said as he reached out placing his fingers on the young girl's small belly. "Now why don't you take off her shirt?" He instructed.

Ashley reached down and gripped the bottom seam of her sisters t-shirt and slid it up and over her head through her long frizzy locks of hair. Hillary wasn't wearing her bra and her large 'c' cup breasts were exposed for Will and Ashley's sight. "Ooh Cuz," Will said. "This will make for a nice addition to the portfolio." he said grabbing his camera and snapping another shot of his topless cousins.

Hillary crossed her arms in front of her covering up her two erect large brown nipples. "Oh that's how it's going to be, huh?" Will asked arrogantly. "Well Ashley why don't you just remove her shorts too." Hillary was wearing a pair of low-cut cotton shorts that left very little to the imagination. Ashley without hesitation bent down, and slowly slid the small shorts down Hillary's long dark legs.

When she reached her feet she pulled Hillary's legs up forcing her to step out. Will was in heaven. He was sitting right in front of his two gorgeous cousins. Ashley, fourteen year old virgin, was standing topless in her cute little schoolgirl skirt, and Hillary, nineteen year old bitch, standing defeated in only her skimpy thong panties. "Ashley as cute as it is, you need to lose the skirt." Will said as he stood up camera still in hand.

"Will no." She began pleading. "Hillary, why don't you assist?" He said looking over to his snotty cousin. Hillary gave Will a smug look as she reached for the zipper in the back of Ashley's skirt pulling the small zipper down.

Afterwards, she slowly slid the plaid schoolgirl skirt. As she reached her feet Ashley stepped out of the tiny skirt immediately crossing her arms over her now exposed underwear. Will stood up in front of his two obedient cousins and placed his hands on Ashley's arms pulling them to her sides.

"Let's just keep these here." He said moving his hands to her tight firm abdominal region. He slid his hands all across her stomach getting lower with every stroke. He briefly slid his hand inside her white cotton underwear causing Ashley to back up just a bit before he removed it.

He moved over to Hillary who was standing in her dominate posture although she knew that she had no control over the happenings. He placed his hands on each of her large breasts and began to caress the two mounds of flesh. Hillary was in a state of shock. She was by no means a virgin, but to have her own cousin be caressing her breasts was something that she had never thought of.

As he pinched her large stiff nipples goose bumps began forming over her tall brown body. "Turn around girls," he instructed as he removed his hands from the timid girl. Both girls slowly turned around allowing Will a view of their gorgeous teenage asses. Will placed his hands on each side of Ashley's white cotton's and pulled up forcing the center of the underwear to protrude deep inside her ass exposing her two sweet ass cheeks. His hands immediately retreated from her underwear and he began rubbing his large right hand over Ashley's ass, as he led his left hand over and began squeezing the plump tush that was Hillary's ass.

Both of their dark asses seemed to be chiseled from stone. After just a few minutes of running his hands over each of their beautiful bodies Will led his hands up to their lower backs and escorted them to the bed. "Sit down!" he commanded as he followed sitting in between the two lovely ladies on the bed. "Will," Hillary began, "We've done enough." She added. "Hillary apparently you don't understand." Will stated placing his hand on both girls legs as he began running his way up their tender legs.

"I'm in charge here!" he said sliding his hands to the inside of each girl's thighs. Ashley tried scooting back on the bed, but her attempt was failed. "Now I want you two to kiss!" Will said calmly resting his hand just inches away from each of their pussies. "Will you can't be serious!" Hillary said unwillingly.

"Make it good too!" He said roaming his hands up just a bit more where his fingers were brushed up against their most private regions. Ashley was totally shocked at the proposition. Before she knew it her sister had leaned in and placed her red sultry lips against hers. Within a second the kiss was over, and for the first time in her life Ashley Banks had kissed another girl.

"You can do better than that!" Will said. "Like this!" he said pulling his younger cousin to him and placing his lips onto hers. Ashley's eyes shot open like a full moon.

He removed his hand from Hillary's thigh and began running it up Ashley's tense body reaching her small mounds of flesh.

As he slid his tongue out of his mouth reaching Ashley's lips his hand began clinching her breast inside his palm. Hillary was as well shocked at the behavior of her older cousin. The kissed lasted just a couple minutes, but seemed like an eternity for Ashley.

Finally, Will withdrew from the kiss and looked over at Hillary. "That's what I wanna see!" He said excitedly. Hillary took a deep breath as she stared deeply into Ashley's dark brown eyes. "Here goes!" she said leaning in placing her lips once again on Ashley's lips running her tongue across her younger sister's lips until surprisingly Ashley opened her mouth greeting Hillary's tongue with her own.

The two continued kissing as Will maneuvered his hand inside of Hillary's panties caressing her already moist pussy. Hillary began to moan a bit as she continued to play tag with Ashley's tongue all the while Will continued to tease her tiny slit.

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Will couldn't believe how wet Hillary was getting and decided to see how much fun Ashley was having as well when he moved his free hand into Ashley's panties fighting his way down until he met her wet clit.

The feeling forced Ashley to back away from the kiss leaving Hillary still begging for more. Ashley had never been touched down there by another person let alone her cousin. The feeling for her was incredible, but she had to stop it. She placed her hand on Will's wrist trying to plead with him with her large brown eyes. "I don't remember telling you to stop kissing." Will said as he stroked his fingers over the two girl's pussies.

Ashley continued to try and back away from Will's hand, but he just released his hand from Hillary's crotch and followed Ashley down the bed. "What's the matter Ashley?" Will asked gently grazing his fingers over her moist clit.

"Will this is too much!" Ashley said innocently trying to pry Will's hand out of her panties. "You're right." Will said shocking both Ashley and Hillary. "Really?" Hillary said gazing over at the two. "Yeah, she is wearing too much clothes." Will said smiling towards his youthful cousin. "Go on and take your panties off!" He commanded removing his hand from her. "WILL NO!!" Ashley pleaded. "Hillary take her fucking panties off of her!" He ordered.

Hillary, a little hesitant, decided it was in her best interest to follow the orders. She slowly slid off the bed and sat in front of her young sister. "Don't worry sis," she said calmly. "This has to be over soon." she said gripping the two sides of Ashley's underwear, and she slowly began sliding them down Ashley's already goose bumped covered legs. Within seconds Ashley was completely nude.

"Oh my goodness," Will said gazing over the young beauty. "You look good enough to eat, he said as he once again placed his hands on her lower stomach maneuvering his fingers down to her tiny slit.

Hillary, herself, was quite surprised by the sight before her for she had never seen another woman's pussy up and close like this before.

"Lay back" He said looking over at his beautiful cousin. Ashley slowly scooted back on the bed and placed her head on one of Will's pillows. Hillary began to stand up until Will took his hand and placed it on her shoulder.

"Kiss it!" He said looking into Hillary's green eyes. "Kiss what?" she said knowing what Will wanted she was just trying to buy herself some more time.


"Kiss her clit!" he commanded once again. Hillary rolled her eyes as she slowly moved back up the bed towards her young sister. Ashley just covered her eyes knowing that they had no control of her devilish cousin as she felt the breath from Hillary's mouth enter her most private region. Hillary was just an inch away from her sister's virgin pussy when Will took his hand and slammed her head down into the moist clit.

" Kiss it!" He again bolted out as his other hand continued to vigorously stroke his fourteen year old cousin's cunt. Without knowing, Hillary puckered up her lips and kissed her sister's pussy.

The feeling of Hillary's moist lips on her most sensitive area sent chills throughout Ashley's body. "Let's see some tongue" Will said as he lifted himself from the bed and began to take down his pants. Ashley's eyes were peered on Will's magnificent physic as he stood back up exposing his tent post in his underwear.

Hillary allowed her tongue to escape her mouth and enter Ashley's tiny virgin pussy. Ashley began to let out a slight moan as her older sister continued to give her a tongue lashing on her sweet innocent pussy. Will slowly maneuvered his way behind Hillary as his eyes were gazed on her gorgeous thong covered ass.

He quickly slid his underwear down his legs exposing his rock hard 9 inch cock. Ashley's eyes grew to the size of softballs when she saw his massive rod. She had never seen a cock in her life. She continued to watch as Will put his hands on each side of Hillary's protruding ass while he scooted in closer. Before she knew it Will's cock was pressing against her ass crack trying to penetrate into her thong covered pussy.

Instinctively, Hillary lifted her head from her little sister's crotch to dispute. "Keep going!" Will said in a commanding voice as he took one of his hands and pulled her scandalous thong down to her knees.

Within seconds he led his cock down to her pussy and inserted the massive rod inside her. Hillary let out a slight moan while she continued trying to lick the juices from Ashley. By this time, however, Ashley was completely in a state of ecstasy.

Her hands were roaming all over her young body while her sister inserted her tongue deeper into her virgin slit. Will began to swiftly insert his cock deeper into his cousin's pussy while his hands wandered over her chocolate covered ass. "Use some fingers!" Will said pounding his manhood deeper in. Hillary slowly brought her fingers up to Ashley's pussy and gradually inserted her two long fingers into the moist slit.

Ashley let out a loud screech as Hillary continued to probe her sister's pussy with her two fingers. Will began to fierily dig his cock further into Hillary's cunt jabbing it further and faster with every thrust.

He continued to thrust himself deeper into the beautiful girl all the while she continued to probe her fingers deeper and faster into her sisters cunt. Finally, after a few more minutes Will pulled his cock out of Hillary.

At the same time, she removed herself from Ashley leaving the young girl begging for more as she put her hand over her dripping cunt and began to gently brush her fingers over her two puffy lips. Will stood Hillary up before him as he leaned forward placing his mouth against her moist lips. Instantly his tongue was entangled in hers while he slid his hands up her tight body gripping her firm breasts.

A few seconds past and he released the kiss. He looked into her deep eyes and said, "Very good, you can go!" Hillary smiled as she gathered her things before looking back at her sister smiling. "Have fun!" She said exiting the door. Will's focus was once again on his young cousin who was lying naked on his bed. Ashley nervously lay on Will's bed as his eyes again roamed over her dark auburn body.

She watched anxiously as he slowly began his journey over to her. He placed both his hands on the bed, one on each side of her trembling body, as he slowly made his way on top of her. Within seconds he was straddling the young girl with his hands just grazing over her smooth mocha colored skin.

Ashley felt his large solid cock resting just inches away from her already wet pussy. Will leaned in giving her a passionate kiss causing his stiff rod to press harder against her pussy. As the two entwined their tongues together Will maneuvered himself a bit further down her young sweaty body and gently eased the tip of his cock inside her.

Will finally released the kiss as he slowly led his cock a bit further inside his young cousin. "Will." She said biting her lip as he painfully entered her. "I'm still a virgin!" She said again rolling her eyes in the back of her head as Will proceeded to intrude her most private area.

The words rang through Will's head as though angels were singing. He knew that his little cousin was a virgin, but for her to admit it to him; and for him to know he was taking her most prized possession was enough to send him over the edge. He slid his cock halfway in causing Ashley to screech in a mixture of pain and pleasure as his throbbing rod probed further into her pink slit. Will was overwhelmed with pleasure as he began to retreat his cock from her fortress, only to jab it in quicker and further.

Ashley let out a loud moan when his cock was about all but two inches inside her. Will leaned down and began to softly kiss on her sweet breasts stopping to bite her small perky breasts just a bit. Ashley just laid back running her hands through her long black hair as her older cousin just continued to thrust his cock deeper inside her before taking it out only to thrust it faster and harder.

"Oh God Will!" Ashley cried out between her moans. Will noticed that her moans went from the pain to outright pleasure so he decided to increase the motion. He began to swiftly pound himself inside her causing her to wrap her arms around his muscular back, and steadily began running her sharp nails down his large back.

Will slowed his thrusts making them long and solid trying to savor every second of his experience. He felt the warm juices begin to flow out of his cock, and he knew that he was nearing an orgasm. Ashley had already climaxed twice being the young virgin she was. Will slowly pulled his cock from her body as his cum seeped out of his dick.

As he leaned down giving her yet another passionate kiss he finally exploded causing a whole mess of his semen to wander all over Ashley's tight stomach. Ashley was still in a state of ecstasy from her experience that she didn't even notice. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Will pulled away from his young cousin smiling. "Not anymore!" He said as he slowly slid his way down kissing every inch of her beautiful body. Ashley smiled her pearly white teeth up at him as she just lay roaming her tiny hands over her body.

Will stood up still amazed at the sight before him. "You better get up and get in the shower," He said gazing over at the clock, "Uncle Phil will be home soon." He said as he pulled his underwear back up. Ashley sat up covering herself with Will's sheet.

"So I guess I paid my dues?" She asked innocently as she stood wrapping the sheet around her. Will grabbed her by the waste and slid his hand up and under the sheet finding her pussy once again. "You're ass is mine until I don't want it anymore cuz." He said in a controlling voice.

Will wiggled his large finger inside Ashley's tiny warm cunt as she tried to move away. Will finally released his grip and allowed his cousin to leave.

Ashley looked back at him with a disgusted look on her face before exiting the room. Will sat at his desk fondling the pictures that he took of his accomplishments.

"My Bitches!" He said in a powerful voice.