Ai Wakana has an asian blow job for three friends

Ai Wakana has an asian blow job for three friends
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Aunt Pat seemed child like for a moment almost like she was one of us. The way she begged him & rubbed her body on him to gain the favor.

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He obliged. She jumped onto the bed lying on her back & wiggled herself under the powder. She opened her legs & said that she wanted to be sprinkled "down there" we all giggled. He said we should all get sprinkled down there. Pat said it was ok & told us to open up & he sprinkled us. Then she pulled him to her, whispered something to him & they kissed.

She wrestled him onto his back & undressed him & said to us it was his turn to be a "powder angel". We laughed & were excited at what was happening. When she got him undressed his dick was hard…we said nothing! Aunt Pat stood up on the bed, covered in powder, sprinkling powder down on Tony all over his body & hard dick. He pulled us to him as if tickling us while Pat cheered us all on.


It was naughty; it was nice. I remember his breathing as he put me on his chest & belly making me lie on my back, running his hands over my body; I remember the feel of the powder & his touch. It felt good. He never touched my pussy but he grabbed my thighs pulling them up to my chest spread them wide while telling Aunt Pat to sprinkle me "down there". He took turns doing that to us all even their daughter Tanya. There was that sneaky flirty look in both their eyes.

I don't remember if he cummed or not. That was the start of us 3 cousins experimenting with each other sexually when we can get away with it. Tanya & I in adulthood had a couple of sessions, even a threesome with one of her boyfriends. One Sunday morning Aunt had to do our hair for church & so she sat on the couch with her housecoat on & one by one we had our turn sitting on the floor in front of her in between her legs. When it was my turn I sat down with my back to her while watching TV.

I could smell her pussy it was doing something to me; I wanted to reach in & touch it. I snuck a couple of peeks as at it. We left for church. You would've never known looking at us in public, in church that any of those things were taking place. After church we had dinner, our bath & settled in the living room for a rented movie.

Tanya had fallen asleep & was in her bed across the room. Tony was on one end of the couch & I was sitting in his lap.

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Aunt Pat was sitting next to him her head on his shoulder & her legs on the couch. Tiff was on the floor in front of the TV. The only light in the room was coming from the TV & I could see Tony playing with Pat's tits, her head was on one of his thighs now.

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His breathing was changing & sounded familiar. He stroked my legs with one hand while he played with her with his other.


His dick was hard under my ass. He told me to get off & join Tiff on the floor. I knew they wanted the couch to themselves.

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Tiff was really into the movie & oblivious to what was going on, I on the other hand wanted to see what they were up to. Pat went into her room & came out with a blanket & covered herself with it. Tony was now sitting with his back to the armrest with his legs sprawled on the couch & Pat laying between them.

I kept peeking & saw her head moving between his legs. After a while Pat was sitting up between his leg both of them covered but could see that they both were moving. Then they stopped. I remember nothing else but being woken up for school in the morning.

I never understood Tony's reluctance to touch our pussies. At times I wanted him to touch mine. When I think about him now in my fantasies during masturbation it's his breathing I think of the most. I think about Aunt Pat too, the frenzied look in her eyes when we'd have our sessions.

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We had wrestling & tickle fights with Tony. We would have horsy hump rides with them both.

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One day it was just they & I. Aunt Pat was in her nightie with no panty on, he was buck naked & I was with my nightie with my panty on. He says to Pat that he wants to play horsy & lays on her back & begins to hump on her ass she starts to moan.

He then turns to me picks me up, makes me straddle her ass & tell me to hump the horsy. I do. He then turns me around lays me on my back on Pat's raises my legs up & start to tell me how nice I am & how much of a good girl I am, all while looking at my crotch.

He bends down & kisses me on my pussy, softly over & over & over again, Aunt Pat's body begins shiver. He pulls me off her, stands me up & removes my panty. He sits me back on her ass with his hands around my hips he guides my movements making me rub my bare pussy on her ass. I hump her like I hump my cousins when we play. Aunt Pat starts whimpering & her body shaking.

Her head buried in the pillow. It was feeling good I didn't it to end. I wanted to live with them.

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My pussy felt good & hurt at the same time. Aunt Pat's body shaking scared me but not enough to stop, her cries his breathing his sweat all of it was filling my head. Pat turn slowly & I rolled off. She says "Fuck me now Tony!".He starts to kiss her body &.