Getting fucked by a gay escort tumblr Preston Andrews is reading up

Getting fucked by a gay escort tumblr Preston Andrews is reading up
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My name is Matt, I am 18 years old. I'm just your ordinary boy with blonde hair and glasses. Some may call me a nerd but I disagree. I just finished my training in the gym and quickly went to the changing rooms to fresh up. As soon as the shower turned on I heard a loud stumble followed by a scream. I put on some pants and went to the source of the sound.

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It appeared to come from the Women's changing room. "Is someone in there?" "Yes, please help me" When I walked in I was shocked to see my longtime friend and gym partner Romy compactly bare on the ground. She is your typical sporty teen with dark blond hair and a muscled body. "I slipped while showering, I think I maybe have broken something" "Are you still able to walk or stand up?" "No, I really can't" "Is it okay if I lift you onto the bench?

That way we can put you some clothes on. After that we'll call an ambulance" "Well… It seems I don't have much choice. Just try not to look!" I helped Romy put some clothes on and called an ambulance and her parents to tell them the bad news. After yesterday events I went to visit her at the hospital. "Hey Romy how is it going with your leg? It looked really bad yesterday" "Hey Matt I'm doing pretty good but the doctors said I broke my lower leg so I have to rehabilitate for 6 weeks" "Really?

That means we won't see each other for a few weeks. I hoped we could practice more together" "We could still spend more time together outside the gym if you like" She then surprised me with a quick kiss on the cheek.

That's for helping me yesterday, I might have been in a worse spot if you weren't there to help I've always looked at you as a friend but after yesterday's events I feel we should take our relationship a step further. I always had feelings about Romy but I didn't know she felt the same way about me. I leaned in and surprised her with a kiss, at first she hesitated but then returned the favor.

We continue kissing for a while until we hear a nurse coming which ruins the moment. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After a few days Romy was able to leave the hospital and go back to her home. As soon as I heard the news I came to visit her. I rang the bell and her mother opened up. I've known her parents for a while and they were always open-hearted and friendly.

"Hey Matt, how is it going?" "I'm doing pretty good, a bit sore from my training last night.

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More importantly how is Romy doing?" "She is doing alright but doesn't like sitting here all day. I also wanted to thank you for helping her and even visiting her in the hospital. She might not show it but it really helps her." I walked upstairs to see Romy in her room reading a book. As soon as she noticed me she tried to stand up and hug me but fell downwards on her bed.

I noticed she was wearing her tight yoga pants and a pink T-shirt which both hugged her curves. "Hey Romy how is it going with you? I heard from your mother that you're fed up with sitting here all day" "Well… the doctor says I have to wear this cast for 6 weeks and then I'll be able to walk again.

I did do some lifting yesterday which got me all sore" "That's unfortunate. Say. I might be able to help you get rid of the soreness. I recently followed a short course at my college on how to relieve the tenseness in your muscles. But I haven't been able to practice it decently" "I don't know… it does sound nice" "Just let me try, I promise I'll make it up to you" "Well there isn't much to hide anymore might as well try it out" she said while pulling her pink T-shirt over her head.

I wasn't able to get a good look when I helped her get up and clothes but now I was stunned by her beauty. She had a flat muscled stomach with perky tits. I guessed they were cup B. "Matt? Are you okay?" "Yes, yes I'm fine.


Just lie down and relax" I started to massage her neck and shoulders for a while. Then I started on her back carefully avoiding touching her bra. "This is heavenly, how did you ever learn this? Could you also massage my legs my legs?" I instantly took the chance and started working on the lower part of her leg (The other was still in a cast) slowly moving upwards. Romy was slightly moaning from the pleasure. "Could you move higher up?

I'm still sore up there" I started massaging her upper thighs and continued to her buttocks. The moans became increasily louder. She suddenly pulled of her yoga-pants so I could better massage her.

She wore white panties from which her butt clearly stood out. After she pulled them off I noticed a wet spot so slowly started to move inwards. I eventually reached her pussy and started to slowly massage it. She instantly gasped and froze but then gave me a sign to continue. I started to speed up and eventually the moans became screams of pleasure.

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"Yes Matt, yes, doesn't stop! AAAAH" She had a huge orgasm which she had to recover from. After a while she sat up and nodded me to stand next to her. She then unbuckled me pants. She immediately noticed the large bulge in my underpants which filled her eyes with lust. She hastily pulled me boxers off and started rubbing my dick.

She then started sucking my dick. I placed my hands on her head and forced her to deepthroat me. She then untied her bra which revealed her perky tits to me. I massaged them for a bit while she continued her pace. "Augh Romy I'm getting close" She didn't say a word but instead started to take it deeper into her mouth.

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I noticed Romy rubbing her pussy through her panties which instantly drove me over the edge. "Here it comes!" as my dick instantly shot a huge load of cum on her face and tits. 'Mmhmm I love it' while she licked her lips. She then shoved me downwards to her pussy, I was pulling her panties down. This revealed her clean shaven pussy with a small straight strip of hair. I vigorously started licking her pussy and massaging her clit.

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Romy started playing with her tits and pushed my head even deeper into her pussy. Her screams were getting so loud I was sure her parents could hear us. I didn't care, all I wanted was to pleasure Romy. "Matt I want you to fuck me.


I want you to fuck me so hard I can't even move tomorrow" My dick instantly sprung into action. While she laid there on her back it was a sight I never expected to see. I could see her perky tits with her erect nipples, her wide hips and her beautiful face still plastered with cum.

I then started rubbing her entrance. "Stop teasing and fuck me!" I slowly pushed inwards and was almost engulfed in her pussy. I started to thrust into her while her perky tits bounced up and down. After a while we switched positions so she laid there on her knees and arms.

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I started trusting as hard and fast as possible into her. To continue this I grabbed her ponytail and forced her head backwards.

Romy soon reached her orgasm while I continued pounding.


This was followed by another mini-orgasm. I was getting close so I ordered her to sit upright and suck me off. She did this with even more skill as last time which soon drove me over the edge. I showered her with thick blasts of cum on her face and tits. We then kissed and hugged for a while eventually falling asleep. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Next morning I woke up lying next to the most beautiful girl I know.

Shortly after Romy woke up too and we took a quick shower together. Afterwards we got dressed and continued downstairs for breakfast. Her parents were already in the dining room when they noticed us. "Romy I think you should properly introduce Matt as your boyfriend" Romy got fiery red like a tomato and was really embarrassed. We all had a laugh about it and got to our breakfast. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you enjoyed this story.

It is my first story written so feel free to leave feedback on what I should and could do better. I will probably continue the story but make it more of a series where Romy introduces Matt to her friends.