Sexy wives vs big black cock

Sexy wives vs big black cock
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Just for clarification, Connor is Caucasian and Jade is Caribbean. A few weeks had gone by since my first encounter with Connor. Since then we had fucked many times and still do without getting caught. Sometimes he'd fuck me good up against wall in the shower or on the kitchen table when nobody was home.

I'll admit though it was hard not to grin and smirk at each other when everyone was gathered around the table. This weekend we had slept over at Chris's house because mum thought taking us out to an art exhibit would help us all bond. It had just gone 9 in the morning and I was starting to wake up when I heard someone clumping up the stairs. Suddenly they were pulling the duvet off of me.

The hairs on my body began to prick up. "Get up, we have that art exhibit, remember?" It was my mum. I put on my best sick face and gave her a look. "I've got such a bad stomach, I'm going to have to miss the one out." "Christ, there's always something wrong with you.

Suit yourself then, there's no food by the way so make some yourself." Mum left the room, closing the door behind her. It was 12:40 and I had imagined that I'd be home alone for pretty much the whole day. I was curled up on the sofa watching cringe worthy programs when I heard the sound of keys fumbling in the lock. I panicked. I thought everyone was gone.

I got up and walked to the door and as I did, Connor stepped through. I felt a wave of relief flood through my body and smiled at him, leaning against the wall. "I thought you had gone with everyone else?" "Nah, I had to work today. They called me in at the last minute," he said, walking over to me and giving me a kiss.

He wrapped his arms around me, his tongue wandering in my mouth, his hands moving down my back and caressing my arse. I put my arms around his neck and held on tightly. As he pushed his tongue further into my mouth, I moaned ever so slightly. Breaking away I said, "well, there's no food.

I was about to cook but I got lazy so." He flashed me his sexy signature smile, looking me up and down, "it's all good, you've got something else I'm hungry for anyways." I gently bit my lip while giggling.

Connor went upstairs to have a shower and I went back into the living room, drew the curtains and turned on a lamp. I waited patiently on the sofa for Connor to return and when he did, he was still a bit wet and topless. My heart started to race as he came closer towards me. I was now practically lying on the sofa and he was on top me, his arms both sides of me.

He started to kiss my neck softly, sucking at the skin occasionally. His hand started groping my breast and then rubbed my hard nipple with his finger.

My pussy was getting wetter by the second. His hands trailed down my stomach and then two fingers hovered above my clit in my panties.

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"I hope you're still hungry," I whispered to him. He bit my lip and said, "you know I'm always hungry for you." He rubbed my clit up and down, slowly, but with the right amount of force.

He got back up briefly to undo his jeans, which revealed a visibly hard cock through his boxers.

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He re-positioned himself back on top of me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he began to slowly grind his hard cock against my pussy. By now we were both moaning, breathing heavily and so turned on, that everything else became irrelevant. That's why neither of us heard the door. "What's this then?" Connor stopped abruptly and looked behind him. My heart must have skipped at least 10 beats when I saw Ryan by the door with a smirk on his face.

Connor jumped off the sofa and ran for Ryan pinning him up against the door by his shirt. I scrambled on the sofa and clutched my knees to my chest in shame. "Mate, what the fuck? How long have you been there?" "About 5 minutes. Don't get me wrong that was hot, but imagine what dad would say.

He'd probably flip." "What do you want?" "Hmm. I want in on some of that." Ryan replied, suggestively looking at me. Suddenly my shame turned to cringe at the sound of 'that'.

Was he actually being serious? I always knew Ryan was a bit of a fucking creep but Jesus, this was something new. Connor let go of Ryan and raised an eyebrow. "Seriously? Isn't your girlfriend enough-" "I'm sure dad would love to know what goes on when no ones home. Your mum too, Jade." Connor sighed heavily, "fine, but this is a one-off.

And keep your mouth shut about it." "Ava wants in too. Ava!" Ryan called for Ava. A white girl about the same height as me with short brown hair came in. She was wearing a skater skirt and a crop-top. "You up for some fun, babe?" Grinned Ryan. Ava looked back and forth at all 3 of us, obviously confused. Since no one knew was to do, my sexual desire took over.

I got off the sofa and walked over to where Ava was. As I was doing so I passed Connor on my way and flashed him a smirk. She was about to say something when I stopped her in her tracks, moved in and gave her a long kiss.

Initially she tried to fight back, but I wasn't letting go and she gave in. Her tongue fought with mine as she tried to get inside of my mouth but I caught her off guard by giving her arse cheek a squeeze, making her moan and letting me inside.

Her mouth was so warm and wet. It was an amazing kiss. Damn Ryan's girlfriend is freaky and I bet he didn't even know, I thought to myself.

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Ava pulled out of the kiss and said, "I only came to get my coat but I'll take this." She kissed me back, nibbling and sucking on my lip whilst running her fingers through my hair.

I ran my hands down her the sides of her torso resting them on her hips. "Fuck. That's hot." Ryan said. I could see him in the corner of my eye openly rubbing and groping his bulge as he watched us intensely.

Ava let her hand wander up my tank top, squeezing each breast in turn. I pulled away from her for a moment, stroking her hair and looked over at the two brothers who were watching with complete shock.

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Shocked, but definitely turned on. "Come on then, don't let us have all the fun." I took Ava by the hand, lead her over to the sofa and sat her down. Her skirt made it easier for me to slide my hands up her thighs and pull down her blank panties.

Connor had moved so he was behind me, pulled down my shorts to my knees and traced his fingers over the entrance of my pussy. I took Ava's thong off completely before moving her legs apart, pushing up her skirt, exposing a clean, shaven pussy.

I leaned in, licking and sucking on her clit. Her pink pussy felt very wet and had a distinct taste to it. I found it to be a sweet taste. This was the first time I'd ever done anything like this and I was enjoying it more than I had anticipated. I started to lick closer to the opening, poking my tongue inside and exploring. I could feel her tighten up every time.

I didn't know what it was but the feeling of being pleasured and pleasuring someone drove me insane. "Ryan, come here, you look like you need your cock sucked." Said Ava, beckoning her boyfriend over.

Ryan undid his jeans, pulled them completely down with his boxers, removing them. He removed his top and was completely naked. He had a well sculptured body, and was clearly well endowed. He had a considerable amount of muscle as opposed to his brother. He then climbed onto the sofa, and put his cock in front of Ava's face. She grabbed his cock with her hand and began to pump it slowly. Ryan felt the pleasure take over and fucked her hand, moaning with every thrust. Ava opened her mouth slightly, licking her lips and Ryan took his cock in his hand, tracing her wet lips with the head and slowly pushing it into her warm mouth.

Whilst he was fucking her mouth, Connor was fingering me hard, making me moan while I was tongue deep in Ava's sweet, tight pussy. I took my finger and sucked on it, coating it with enough saliva before slipping a finger inside.

Ava's pussy was very tight around my finger, and even more so as I added another.

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Her legs began to quiver and she moaned with Ryan's cock embedded deep in her mouth. I fingered her for just a while longer before tasting her juices. I turned around so I could have some of my own fun with Connor's rock hard cock. He got up and removed the rest of his clothing then got back down on his knees, and I was on all fours. His length stood perfectly erect right in front of my face. I looked up at him seductively as I slowly took his cock in my mouth, deep into my throat.

I loved the taste of his cock in my mouth, it was good as always. He grabbed a hold of my hair, thrusting himself deep inside my mouth, moaning softly. I alternated between using my hand to just my mouth while using my tongue at times to lick up and down his shaft. At one point I felt his cock twitch inside my mouth ever so slightly, followed by a bit pre-cum that went straight down my throat.


After a few minutes of intense sucking, he pulled himself out and went to join his brother on the sofa. He sat down and said, "I think it's about time the girls did a bit of work, don't you, bro?" "Yeah I think you're right." Ryan stopped mouth fucking Ava and sat down besides his brother. Connor looked at me and patted his knee. I went over to him and straddled him with my knees on the sofa.

Ava followed suit, removing the rest of her clothes before getting on top of Ryan. I wrapped my arms around Connor's neck and held on tightly. He had both hands on my arse, pushing me each time I rubbed my pussy against his cock. "This time, you're taking it in the arse." He smiled, as he positioned his cock near my untouched hole. Every time I felt the head of his cock slide inside I tightened.

"God, you're tight," he moaned. It felt uncomfortable at first as he slid half his length in, but when he finally managed to get it all in, I gradually began to feel the pleasure. He spread my cheeks and fucked me with full force. Ava meanwhile was having the time of her life, moaning as Ryan gave her a good pussy pounding.


She had one hang rubbing her clit and the other groping her breast. Since both guys were sitting right next to each other, I was able to reach over and kiss her while we were both being fucked hard, both of us moaning into the kiss.

We swapped partners, and position, Ava and I on the sofa in doggy, Ryan behind me and Connor giving her anal. Ryan had a slight smaller cock than his brother but goddamn he knew how to fuck.

He also knew how to tease. He kept pulling out after thrusting in, leaving my pussy gaping for more. He leaned over, kissing my neck and fondling my breasts. I began to moan his name over and over as I was getting close.

"Ryan. I could cum right now." I breathed. I felt like I could squirt any minute and hard too. As I rubbed my clit with my finger, I could feel an amazing sensation as I felt my the inside of my pussy tighten up, sending small but powerful spasm in my legs. He moaned in my ear, pulling my hair, "I'm going to cover both of your faces in my cum, and you're going to swallow all of my load." Ryan had put me onto my back, and began fucking me so hard that I could hear and feel his balls slapping against my arse.

He pulled out his now wet cock and ordered Ava and I to get off the sofa and kneel on the floor. "Face each other." I did as I was told and faced Ava moving up closer to her. We started to kiss long and hard, fondling each other's breasts. Both Connor and Ryan were watching us and rubbing their cocks hard. "Fuck, I'm about to cum!" Exclaimed Ryan as he started to breathe hard. His cock distributed a thick stream of warm cum onto our faces and tits.

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Connor also gave us a good dousing of cum all over. I started to lick the boys' cum off of Ava's tits, savoring and swallowing their salty load in the process. She did the same for me, licking my cheek and tits clean and shared a cum-filled kiss.

Ryan sighed, "well that was something, so when's the next meet up?" "Ryan, go to hell." Said Connor. I leaned over to Ava and whispered in her ear, "I think we should go clean up properly, shower maybe?" "Sounds good, I'll see you up there." She smirked at me, gathered her clothes and headed for the upstairs. I did the same.

I was planning to finish my orgasm in the shower and have a totally different sexual experience. "Whoa, where are you going?" Asked Ryan. "Mind your own business!" "Well damn." As Ryan was about to leave the room Connor stopped him. "Not a word, remember?" Ryan threw his hands up, "I got it."