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This is the first sex story I ever wrote and I posted it a little over a year ago in the forum. I was reading over it again and decided to try it on a wider audience. ___________________________________________________________________________________ When she was very little, she liked to strip off all of her clothes and run naked outside.

She loved to feel the air tickle her tiny body. She loved the feel of the soft grass against her skin.


Mommy saw her and told her that only naughty little girls showed their private places to the world. Then mommy took her inside and beat her with a belt until her little legs and bottom were bruised. When she was very little, she liked to put her hands down the front of her panties and rub her little cunny at night.

It relaxed her and the nice feelings helped her drift off to sleep. Mommy caught her one night and told her only nasty little girls touched themselves "down there" unless they had to wash, and then it should be done quickly.


For two weeks mommy made her sleep with her little hands tied over her head. When she was very little, she liked to sit on Daddy's lap and cover him with kisses. She loved to bounce on his knee. She especially loved to scoot her little bottom around in his lap and would giggle when she felt the hard lump that grew under her.

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Mommy saw this one day and yanked her off of her Daddy by her hair and slapped her repeatedly until she almost passed out. Mommy told her that only dirty little girls liked to tease men with their bodies and force them to get hard. She was thrown into her room and mommy locked the door. After a month the little girl was allowed out, but she was never left alone with her Daddy.

As the years went by the little girl learned to be a very good girl. She always did what mommy said and never disobeyed. Mommy was still not very happy, but slowly the punishments stopped. Shortly after the little girl turned 11 mommy got very sick and had to be put in the hospital. She was a devoted daughter and hardly ever left mommy's side during those 3 weeks. The day came when mommy knew that she would die soon.

She made the little girl promise to be very obedient and always good. She reminded her daughter that naughty little girls got punished harshly. The little girl nodded her head adamantly and swore an oath crossing her heart. With that, her mommy gave a last shuddering breath and sank into her pillows.

In death her mommy's pinched and angry face finally relaxed into something almost resembling peaceful slumber.


Weeks and months passed and the little girl remembered all that her mommy had taught her. She was very obedient at school and at home.

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She took very good care of her Daddy by cooking and cleaning. The two hardly spoke to each other, but some nights she felt her Daddy's eyes following her.

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If she glanced in his direction, she saw a hungry, yearning look in his eyes. She was more then a little frightened by that look, but also just a teeny bit excited by it. But knowing that kind of excitement was very naughty, she always looked away and shut it out of her mind. She knew what happened to naughty little girls. One night, six months after the death of her mommy, she was cleaning up after dinner.

All that night Daddy's hungry eyes had been boring into her. While she cooked, during the entire meal, and as she cleaned, Daddy's eyes had been following her, giving her those uncomfortable feelings. When she had dried the last dish and put it in the cupboard, her Daddy called to her and told her to come sit on his lap like she used to. Her little heart started beating furiously in her chest as she turned towards her Daddy. She was terrified, but she was raised to do as adults told her.

It never occurred to her that she should run away or refuse. She gingerly perched herself on the edge of his knee. Daddy had different ideas and grabbed her barely developing hips, pulling her right into the middle of his lap.

She felt that same hard lump that she'd felt when she was younger pressing against her little bottom. Daddy groaned and held her there, lightly bouncing her on his lap.

"No Daddy!", she cried, " I'm a good little girl!" Daddy whispered into her ear, "If you're such a good little girl, then why did you give Daddy a hard on?" Suddenly she felt ashamed, for she knew then that she was very bad indeed. Hadn't mommy told her that if she made a man hard, she was nasty and dirty? She knew then that punishment was inevitable. Daddy told her to stand up and accept her punishment like a dirty little girl must.

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She was a small girl and wore loose clothes to cover her newly developing body. She stood up and faced her still seated Daddy, her eyes glued to the floor. Daddy ordered her to strip off her clothes. She struggled inside as her mind screamed "NO!" and guilt filled her.

She haltingly unzipped her jeans and let them fall to the floor. Then she shook as her fingers slowly unbuttoned her blouse and opened it, letting it drift to the floor behind her. She now stood before her Daddy in her white cotton panties and her training bra, shivering in the warm kitchen from shame,fear, and that tiny tingle of excitement.

Daddy told her to wait and made her look at him as her roamed her young body with his eyes. He drank in the sight of her young budding breasts straining against the material of her too small bra. Looking lower he saw her flat little tummy and her panties, which were also too tight, and so worn he could almost see her little pussy through them. Her Daddy reached up and removed her bra with shaking hands.

She burned with shame as her Daddy covered her small breasts with his big hands and lightly pinched and rubbed her pink little nipples with his fingers, causing them to harden instantly. Her Daddy leaned forward and she gasped when she felt his mouth against her nipple as he sucked the little peak into his warm mouth teasing it with his tongue. She felt a surge of wetness between her legs and was even more humiliated by the mess she had made in her panties. Daddy continued licking and sucking her hard little nipples as his hands moved slowly down her tiny little body.

She felt one big hand snake between her legs and gave a little jump at the shock that went through her.

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Daddy felt her wet panties and leered knowingly into her frightened eyes. "Why I believe my naughty little girl is enjoying her punishment.", he gloated and leaned back, hooking his thumbs into the edge of her panties and yanking down.

His eyes clouded with pure lust as he gazed at his little girl's hairless little cunny for the first time. She heard his breathing become more ragged as he pulled her legs apart and placed his hand against her bare little pussy. He moaned softly as he wiggled a finger between her sweet little pussy lips and felt how wet she really was.

His thumb found her hard little nubbin and he gently rubbed it in circles causing waves of pleasure to ripple through her.

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He picked her up then, and laid her on the kitchen table spreading her little legs as far apart as they would go and scooting her bottom to the edge. The little girl didn't understand all of these strange new feelings rushing through her. She was mortified to be spread before her Daddy in such a revealing and naughty way, but she also wondered what he would do next, and a little thrill rushed through her. She found out soon enough when her Daddy leaned down and started lapping between her legs He spread her lips with his hands and licked her wet little slit from top to bottom over and over again, groaning the whole time.

His tongue found her hard little clit and when he licked it and then sucked it into his mouth she was the one to start softly moaning. Soon she felt something building inside of her that scared her and thrilled her all at one. "What's happening Daddy?"she whispered. And then it happened, her first orgasm ever crashed through her body like a tsunami, washing away every thought and taking her over, as she shook on the hard table soaking her Daddy's face with her little girl cum.

Daddy continued lapping away at her little hole drinking up his daughter's juices like a starving man. Then he lifted his head and smiled saying, "I think my little girl liked that too much for it to be a real punishment." Then He stood and she heard his zipper going down.

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Her Daddy lifted her off of the table and forced her onto her knees in front of him. "See what being such a naughty little girl has done to your Daddy?" The little girl looked and saw her Daddy's huge cock throbbing and dripping in front of her. "You're the one who made Daddy this way" he leered, " So now you get to fix it. Be a good little girl and open your sweet little mouth for Daddy." She immediately complied parting her lips.

Her Daddy shoved his dick past them, grasped her dark curly hair and slowly pumped the head in and out of her warm little mouth. She tasted his salty pre cum on her tongue and tears came to her eyes as he pressed more and more of his Daddy meat into her mouth until she gagged.

"That's right baby girl, suck your Daddy's big cock, you know you love it." he cooed as he fucked her little face. After what felt to her like an eternity, her Daddy tensed up and yelled., "Here it comes baby girl!

I'm going to shoot into your mouth!" and she felt hot sticky stuff shooting down her throat, gagging her even more. She did her best to swallow it all, but some dribbled out and down the sides of her little chin. Her Daddy pulled out and she was relieved, hoping her punishment was finally over. She shakily started to stand preparing to leave, when Daddy grabbed her arm. "Oh no baby girl, I'm not done yet. That was just Daddy's reward, now the real punishment begins!" She couldn't imagine what else he might have in store for her.

She felt the fear slowly rising in her stomach ,wondering what her Daddy might do next. He lifted her to the table again and spread her open as he had before. She felt his fingers working on her little clit causing new wetness between her legs. With his other hand Daddy began to work a finger into her tight little virgin pussy.

She felt a searing pain as his searching finger found and broke her hymen. Then he shoved a second and third finger up inside of her and soon instead of hurting it felt good. She wantonly humped her little hole up towards her Daddy's hand arching her back and panting. Daddy removed his hand and stood between her parted legs, rubbing his pulsating cock up and down her wet little slit.

Her eyes grew wide as she realized that he was going to shove that giant cock into her tiny hole. "No Daddy! Please!" she cried, "I promise I'll be good!" "Now baby girl, you know Daddy has to do this. Your mommy always said ,spare the rod and spoil the child. I promised her I would take good care of you and I have a rod right here to use on you." Then he grabbed her little hip with one hand, and guiding his cock with the other, he slammed his huge cock to the hilt into her hot little pussy.

She screamed then, but that only made him grab both hips and piston in and out of her tight, tiny fuckhole furiously. He grunted like an animal then, completely lost in the feeling of his little girl's tight warm cunt wrapped around his throbbing dick.

The little girl felt nothing but sharp hot pain at first, but slowly the pain dissipated and it felt good. Softly at first, but then with more urgency she lifted her little hips and ground her hot little cunt into her Daddy's dick.

"That's good baby girl, fuck your Daddy." he grunted. Hearing that made her hump back even harder as she yelled out."Oh Daddy, fuck me Daddy, fuck your dirty little girl!" Her Daddy started rubbing her hard little bud and moaned out, "C'mon baby girl, cum for Daddy. Cum on Daddy's big dick." She felt her orgasm rising again and her little body convulsed as her Daddy continued to pummel her little pussy.

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Feeling his daughter's already tight little hole pulsate and grip his cock like a vice was too much for the little girl's Daddy and he yelled out too as he shot his seed deep into his baby girl's cunny.

He picked up his little girl and sat down in the chair placing her gently on his lap. He smoothed back her hair and kissed her forehead saying "Daddy's sorry he had to punish you so harshly baby, but that's my job." The little girl looked up into her Daddy's loving eyes and whispered in her little girl voice. "I know Daddy, but I am a very naughty little girl, and I can tell You're going to have to punish me often."as a tiny smile lit up her face.