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Dirty talk deutsch tube
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The night surrounds me, drenching my body in shadows and cold sweat as my feverish mind clutches at the hope that my lover will once again find me.

Not just any lover. No! This lover is like no other. A spectral desire that possesses me. Infusing me with such lust that it coarses through my veins like liquid fire, draining me of a reality that now seems so distant and unimportant. A familiar creeping awareness grips my mind, and my breath remains caught in my chest. Night after empty night I wait for my demon lover, that entity that my darkest deepest desires have spawned in the deepest darkest labrynth of my mind.

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Many nights have I called her in my dreams, begging for her presence, her touch, her gift of arcane pleasure. Many nights she has answered my prayers and granted me Limitless desire.This entity that some would call a succubus and others might even deem an angel. I know not who or where she comes from but I gladly and wholly welcome her with a craving that knows no bounds nor do I fear her.

I lie on my back and my eyes roam around the bedroom, empty but for the pine cupboard that houses my clothes and the old poster bed that I now lie on, eager and hopeful that she will pick me once more. The window lies open and the curtains dance seductively with the gentle soft breeze that eases through the open window into the confines of my room, lingering enticingly over my wet skin. My demon lover comes.

A myriad of shadows dance on the walls and the air seems to grow thicker.


Sweat beads roll down my temple like a caress and I hear a soft voice in my ear whispering my name. a voice that lays me still and renders me powerless to do anything but sink deep into the submissive desire that slowly begins to consume me. I feel a touch on the hollow of my neck, then what could only be fingers make a soft sensual trail down my chest then linger over my stomach.


Wherever she touches sparks of electricity shoot through my skin to erogenous zones that once never existed. Weakly I move my head to the side yearning for a glimpse of her.

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At first nothing, just the feeling of her fingers on my skin letting me know where she was.then. Slowly an apparition appears before me, Lying along side of me. Her eyes delve into mine draining me of any resistance. As her features take on a more solid resemblance I remember how beautiful she is.

Long dark Hair flows down her shoulders and spills on to the bed. her body is beautiful, curvy, perfect in every detail. As if gods own hand sculpted an image of perfect beauty. My eyes fall on her full lips as I crave there touch. Soft lips smile back at me before leaning in to touch my own, to brand me her own. I can feel her breast spill on to my chest, soft, supple. and her fingers languidly travel lower. Torturous in their descent until I can feel the button of my jeans release and all the fastenings give way to what lies inside.

Her lips move to my chin, planting fiery kisses that linger on and stain my soul. Her tongue flickers out tasting my sweat and I slip deeper into euphoria. My arms try to move, to reach for her but as always I'm unable to move, just a puppet of torrential desire. Her lips move lower to my chest, her tongue flicking at my nipples, teeth gently tugging.


A familiar light headedness envelopes me then moves through my body as I feel myself lifting off the cool sheets of my bed till I'm floating inches above it. A soft and expectant sigh escapes from my lips as I feel the fabric of my clothing begin to loosen all over my body.

I try to open my eyes but something unseen holds them shut as I feel my shirt become formless before slipping from my skin to land with a soft rustle on the floor below. The cool night air flows over my newly bared skin as my jeans travel slowly down my legs like a snake shedding its skin.

Another quiet rustle from somewhere below lets me know I am free of all my clothing. Prone and naked I hover in the air.

Forcing my eyes open I can barely move my head to watch as her kisses make there way over my stomach and stop just before my hard member which throbs and twitches in painful anticipation.

My half lidded eyes burst open in shock as her lips close over the head, enveloping me with an uncanny warmth that spreads down my shaft and flourishes into my stomach. A gasp escapes me as I feel a hand sliding under and around my back, pulling me deeper into her mouth. More ghostly hands seem to appear everywhere on my body, more hands than she could possibly have until my entire body seems swamped in her touch.

Ghostly fingers titillate, probe, tease, driving me half crazed with longing. My head lulls back as I give in to the seemingly impossible. Waves of pleasure wash over me and it feels like my whole being is drawn out of that one spot that is held captive by her mouth.

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Her lips reach the bottom of my shaft and I feel her tongue wrap around me, clutching at my length as her lips slide up and down, milking me.

I let out a yell as her celestial teeth graze at my skin, only adding to the sensation. My jaw shudders involuntarily as I feel myself slip from her lips and I hear a wet smacking sound as my member slaps down on the skin of my stomach, quivering with the sudden shock of losing the wet warmth of her mouth.

I sigh in absolute delight as the hands conquer what is so rightfully hers. The entirety of my being. I feel my legs being slowly pulled wide apart. The feeling of being so exposed and vulnerable is exquisite and I indulge in the sensation of her lips and tongue exploring the most intimate parts of my now feverish skin.

Once again my body goes into shock as her lips retreat and all hands seem to vanish. Then suddenly she is above me, her face before my own, her eyes the color of blue Icey fire meet mine and know what it is to love.

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I feel her legs lock around my hips and she leans forward so her breasts move hypnotically in front of my face. Dark nipples trace my lips as I reach hungrily to taste them and the moan that slips from her own mouth sets my body shaking.

Hands grab my member once more, slowly stroking me, manipulating me, pulling me towards. I feel her wetness, her wanton as I slowly slip into her inch by inch, guided by her own hand. My eyes roll back into my head as her sex swallows me, all of me. A passion not of this world sears my thoughts and body as she moves on me in a rhythm that cant be explained.can only be experienced.

Still holding my gaze steadily she leans down to kiss me, her whole body snaking around mine, clinging, till I feel I'm being drawn into her very being.

Long moments pass as I move deeper into desire, no longer aware of anything but the feel and kiss of the succubus.

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The feel of her hips moving against me as i struggle to match her rythem drives me to euphoria. Bright lights and uninhibited visions beat mercilessly upon my eyelids as I feel the world slip away into a waking fantasy. Her grip on me hardens as she begins to move faster. Like a raging river I am swept along, just a tool for her own machinations. For but a second I hover above, out of my body, watching this spectacle. Her sleek body clings to mine, her unearthly beauty drinking from my very soul as she brings me closer to brink of insanity.

Then I'm sucked back into the whirlpool of pleasure as I release myself deep inside her. Her muscles seem to massage me, milking me as shudders wrack my body endlessly till I'm spent and I feel the cool sheets once more on my back.

My eyes unable to open I lay there, euphoric, spent. A lingering soft kiss then her breath on my lips becomes the cool night air that flows through the window.

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My eyes open and I breath a long shaky sigh. curtains still flap gently in the breeze, the room seems empty once more, but my lover is gone.