Teasing MILF helps guy to jerk off till jizz

Teasing MILF helps guy to jerk off till jizz
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(Gangbang, BDSM, WS, Bisex, Humiliation, WomenDonkey, Slutwife). Well after my holiday with my mum and aunty to the Greek islands in September, my husband had been fucking me day and night. He loved me telling him about the night at the restaurant and how it had turned into a night of me being gangfucked legless. He liked to hear how I had begged for more cock, how the women had used bottles to fuck me, how they had whipped and pissed over my naked body, and lastly how the men had said they should have had me fucking a donkey.

Since my mum had told him about it, he had mentioned it several times and how about arranging it if I was still game. He said my mum and aunty had asked when he was going to arrange another gang bang for me as they were keen to see me being fucked by a lot of men again, and had mentioned about me taking on a donkeys or horses cock.

I told Chas that I had been fantasizing about what it would be like to be held under one, naked, legs apart, it's huge cock sliding in and out of my cunt. You're a dirty slut he told me, and said he would arrange something special soon, even more than my holiday night.

My cunt was so wet as he told me, so I said if he could arrange it I was up for it and to fuck me hard now on the table as I was dieing for it. A week or so had passed and no more had been said about it, when one night my mum came over for a chat and during this Chas had said why didn't we go for a meal out tomorrow.

I said, "yes, a good idea," mum agreed, so it was arranged. The following evening my mum and aunty arrived early. Don't mind if I bring Susan along do you, she asked. Chas said no and neither did I. We set off for our meal. Chas said he had been told about this pub that served good food.

We arrived after about three quarters of an hour drive, parked up and went inside. We had a drink at the bar first then we were shown to our table. The meal was very good like Chas had heard. After the meal we went back to the bar for a couple more drinks, as it was still early. I noticed there were four young men dressed in jeans and leather jackets playing pool in there. They were rough looking but well muscled.

They saw me looking and made an obscene gesture to me. I just smiled and looked away. A short while after, one of them came over to us and asked Chas if he wanted a game of pool. Not really, he replied. "Not good enough for you," the man said angrily. The other three came over. Chas looked at them and said, "Ok then" and went across. We all followed. Chas of course lost, as he cannot play pool very well. Well you better pay up your bet then as you lost, they said.

"What bet was that then?" Chas said. Hundred quid, they replied. "I don't think so," said Chas. "Not backing out on a bet are you, we wouldn't like that," the man replied. "I haven't got that sort of money on me anyway," Chas said.

They looked at each other. "I think we ought to take them to the club house," one of them said, "yea lets do it" the others joined in. "Come with us" they said. "Fuck you" Chas said. "Look prick, you either come with us, or we take you and the women outside and mess you up pretty good, and you wouldn't want that" he said, as he pulled out a knife.

"No we wouldn't," Chas said as all the others crowed around. "Good, now fucking come with us," We all went outside, three of them got into a beat up old van, and the other in our car. They made me go with them in the van as to make sure we went with them. We drove for about twenty minuets and during that time I was subjected to a lot of verbal and physical abuse.

The two in the back with me kept telling me how they were going to have some fun with me at the clubhouse, how they were all going to fuck my cunt and ass hole.

I was being told this as I was held, the top of my dress undone as they groped and mauled my tits, and had my dress up around my waist, and their hands down my tiny thong fingering my smooth hairless cunt. We arrived at the clubhouse; it was a run down old pub.

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There were a lot of motorbikes and old vans and cars parked outside and a lot of noise coming from with in. We parked up and they took us all inside. The inside wasn't much better, full of smoke, dirty beer and food covered tables, and the bare floorboards covered with spilt drinks, food, bottles, fag ends, and god knows what other substances.

It was full of at least 30 or more rough looking men and about a dozen women, the men aged between eighteen and late fifty's and the women about seventeen to thirty. All heads turned to look at us. "This prick wouldn't pay up a bet," one of the men shouted. This big guy walked over to Chas and said "well we will have to find some other way for him to pay." He came over to me and said, "it looks like you will have to pay his debts bitch," "what do you mean," I said, he grinned, "what do I mean," he said to a laughing crowd, "fucking strip you cunt," he shouted.

"Fuck you," I said. He grabbed hold of my dress and tore down ripping off most of the buttons, "fucking strip or we will mess you up," he repeated. I undone the rest of the buttons not wanting to piss them off any more and removed my dress, then unclipped my bra and removed that allowing my tits to bounce free.

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I now only had on my tiny black thong. "And the fucking panties" he said. I pulled them down and threw them at him. He grinned, sniffed them and put them in his pocket. I now had only my high heel shoes left on. My tits, ass, and shaven cunt on view to all the leering crowd. "That's better, now we can all really have some fun," he said. He walked over and pulled my head back by my hair and thrust his fingers up my cunt, I groaned. "Big cunt your wife's got, must of had a lot of cock up there boring it out," he said to Chas.

"Have you had a lot of cock up that big cunt of yours slag," he said to me as he wanked me to an orgasm. "Yes, loads of hard cocks," I replied. He grinned, "and I bet you've sucked on most of them as well, swallowed a lot of cum," he sniggered. I was facing the crowd, my ass pressed into his groin for all to see as he continued to frig me with all his fingers going deep into my cunt. Even though I was a bit scared I was soon getting those feelings again, and was soon grinding my hips down onto his hand, panting heavily untill I cum noisily.

"Yea, you will pay with interest," he sniggered. Through half closed eyes I noticed a few of the men had started filming my humilliation, and what I guess was about to be a mamouth gangbang. "You and the two old bitches can watch the action," he said to Chas, and with that pulled his fingers from my wet cunt and pushed me into the crowd where I was tossed from man to man, all the time hands were mauling my naked flesh, probing my intimate parts, until he dragged me through the crowd to a dirty beer covered table where he pushed me down on to it on my back.

"Spread the cunts legs apart," he shouted to the crowd. Two other men grabbed hold of my legs and roughly pulled them apart opening up my smooth wet cunt for all to see.

"I going to get my tongue round your bald cunt before it gets to messed up and messy," he said, and got down between my legs and went to work on me. My body squirmed as his tongue probed into my pussy, and he nibbled on my clit until I cum, grinding my cunt on to his face for relief. "Fuck me please, get a cock in me, fuck my cunt now," I pleaded. "Can't wait then cunt," he said as he pulled down his jeans reveling his large cock and rammed it up me in one thrust to the hilt.

All I could now think of was being fucked by this lovely cock. Nothing else mattered, and I grunted like an animal as he ploughed into me. Several of the crowd where mauling and pinching my tits, pulling on my nipples hard making them red and large.

The women were laughing and calling me a slut and a slag. As he was fucking me he was telling me how they were all going to make use of me that night, even the women. How they were going to fuck all of my holes, piss and wank all over my slut body,and degrade and humiliate me, and it would all be filmed to show at the club, and copies made to sell.

"Yes, yes, do it then, fuck me, come on then, all you bastards fuck me," I shouted. Chas, my mum, and aunty had been brought up close to the table so that they would have a ring side view of me being used and my naked body violated by all these people in front of an audience.

All the rest crowed around and formed a queue ready for their turn to abuse me. "She'll be no good to her old man for a couple of weeks, she'll be walking around bandy after we've all finished with her," I heard one of the men say in the queue. Soon the first man had filled my cunt with his cum and another cock had taken its place. A voice to the side of me shouted to suck on this slag, as a hand grabbed a handful of my hair and a cock was pushed into my mouth.

I began to suck, and gagged as he was forcing my head on to his cock so his balls were slapping my chin, fucking my mouth furiously until he filled my mouth with his warm thick cum, withdrawing only to empty another load over my lips and cheek then spreading it around my face with his cock. "Suck me clean, then lick my ass hole bitch," he shouted. I did so, licking him of every drop of cum, then along to his ass and poking my tongue as far up as I could.


That was not the last time by a long way I was to have my tongue up some man or womens ass hole that night. I next felt my legs being pulled up to my tits and some fingers shoved in to my cum filled cunt. "Pull your ass cheeks apart, I'm going to be the first tonight to fuck your ass slut, another voice said.

I reached around and pulled them apart, and he wiped a handful of cum over my ass hole, then in one go pushed his cock deep into my tight ass hole. I cried out loud as he forced his cock in, but I was soon telling him to fuck my ass hard. "Fucking nice tight ass hole shes got," he said. "Not for long though," somebody else replied to a round of laughter. One of the women slapped me across the face and bent down and shouted in my face that it wouldn't be tight for long as there were a lot of cocks and dildoes going to find their way up it tonight.

She then slapped me again and spat in my face, the white frothy spit mixing with all the cum. This caused a lot of cheers from the men. A young girl had found a black permanent marker pen and had written slag and whore above each tit, and I am a gangbang slut toy, fuck me, under my tits and down my stomach to my cunt, and fuck my ass hard, on my back above my asshole. I had to agree I was just what it said, a slut fuck toy, and use me they did as I had another two cocks fed into my ass and mouth, while other cocks were placed in my hands to wank off and shoot their loads over my naked ravished body.

One after another the men played with me, trying every thing they could think of. Fucking all my holes at once, or trying to get two cocks at a time in my cunt or up my ass. Sucking two off at a time, both cumming at the same time filling my mouth faster than I could swallow and dribbling out of my mouth. Once, I even had a cock in my cunt, one up my ass, two in my mouth, each hand was full, and one wanking between my tits as I lay on my back across the table.

I was drenched in their cum when they all came in and over my hot body. I was in heaven, cumming over and over again, begging for more cock, shouting to them to abuse me more, use me as their fuck slave.

All the while the video cameras were filming from all angles so as to show up close all the deviant sexual pleasures that they were unleashing on my naked used body. Even my mum and aunty had now joined in urging the men on to fuck me, to get another cock in my ass or other orifices. Shouting "come on, get more cocks in the slag, fuck my slut daughter senseless". "That's all she's good for, the dirty cunt".

Chas was grinning and rubbing his hard cock, enjoying watching all these rough men pleasuring his naked wife, all the cocks being fed into her willing wanton body. "Come on guys, more of you get in there, fuck the shit out of my whore of a wife, use her as a cum bucket," I heard him say. "Thats right, do as he said, fuck the shit out of his slut whore wife," I shouted back. The women had now joined in as well, taking pleasure in humiliating me, spitting over my face and body, using large strap on dildoes, bottles, or any other objects they could use to fuck me with, shoving them deep into my holes.

Several of them liked to sit astride my face and have me lick and suck on their musty cunts, grinding them down on to my face. I was pushing my tongue as far up their holes as I could and nibbling their clits, and licking along the lips up to and in their ass holes.

Others were fucking me the other end with dildoes, bottles, or fisting me, pushing their fists in past their wrists. They also enjoyed pinching and twisting my nipples causing me to scream, or slapping me around my face and spitting over my body.

"You like that," one said, as she slapped my face a couple of times, "and this," as she forced all her fist into my cunt, then out then back in. I arched my back as I cum again. "Oh yes, do what you like, you fucking lesbian bitch," I said, she laughed, "I intend to, we all intend to," she said, twisting my nipples and slapping my face and fisting me again.

About four hours had passed, my body ached and I was exhausted. At least three quarters of the people there had fucked one or more of my holes, and my body was covered with cum, bite, pinch, and scratch marks. All I could do was lie there moaning as another cock was fed in to me. Chas had been given one of the video cameras and had been told to help film it all, which he was enjoying doing.

"Still plenty of cocks and filming to do yet," one of them said to me. It was then that I heard a woman's voice say, "lets slap the dirty slag around a bit. I was dragged off the table and tied spread-eagled between a doorframe and then my ass was beaten with some table tennis bats.

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They made loud slaps as they came in to contact with my bare ass, that mingling with my cries of pain and from cumming caused lots of laughter and comments from the audience. These young girls were loving thrashing my ass. One of the men pulled my mum over and told her to take over. She took one of the bats and whacked me hard across the ass.

"You deserve this, for being such a slut," she said, and whacked me again. "This daughter of mine is nothing more than a slag, a whore who needs this more often," she went on as she beat my ass cheeks, the crowd shouting, "come on mum, punish your slapper of a daughter".

She said to the crowd that she should of given me more of this when I was young, as I was a slut even when I went to school letting the boys strip me and fuck me on the playing fields and in the locker rooms. Two other young girls of about seventeen then came up with leather multi thronged whips in their hands, and while one whipped my ass the other went to work on my front. "God It's fun whipping a filthy old slut like you," one of them said close to my face then spat in it and shoved the whip handle up my cunt.

They whipped my ass, cunt, and tits over and over again to the cheers from the audience. My back was arching and my body squirmed and contorted to each crack of the whips, my naked ravaged body now all marked and stinging from their whipping. My aunty then asked to use the whip on my body after a while.

My body arched and contorted and I cried out as the leather throngs stung my ass, and tits, causing my nipples to stand out even larger. Then across my thighs and between my legs, curling around my cuntlips and flicking my clit. The pain was making me orgasm again and again, but also made me piss myself from the abuse my cunt was receiving, it pouring out in front of me and down my legs making a pool on the floor.

I was now well and truly humiliated, and the audience was entertained and enjoying seeing me so. Then, Chas took over, whipping every part of me, until I hung limp and moaning from the ropes tieing my wrists. Telling me what a whore and a slut I was, how I should have this more often, telling me he was going to string me up in the garden naked and whip me the fuck me in front of his mates, then let them use me, so they could see what a dirty nympho slut he had for a wife, and how we were going to have lots more partys where I would be naked all the time, used as the entertainment to service the guests as and when and for what ever they wanted.

Through my moaning and screams, I said "Oh yes please, I want that soon." After the show of me being thrashed, I was cut down where I slumped into the puddle of piss I had made, and then dragged back to a table again where the rest of the men and women who had not fucked me took their turn in doing so.

All the while I was being fucked others were continuing to whip me, laying the whip across my back and ass as I was sat astride men, or across my tits as I was taken on my back across the table. Now all the people in the room had shagged me, my hair was matted with dried cum, it was all over my face and lips, my tits were sore from the continual biting and pinching, and I was covered with whip and bite marks and cum all over me.

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I just lay there, legs apart, panting and moaning, smearing the sticky mess into my body, rubbing and fingering my well-fucked dripping cunt and ass hole. As I lay there, cum running out of my gapping cunt and enlarged ass hole, a hard looking bitch came over and said she was getting me ready for the final entertainment. My eyes widened as I saw her strap on this large dildoe. It must have been at least fourteen inches long and six inches thick. I was held down as she stretched my cunt with it, ignoring my screams.

It was stretching me but the pleasure was intense. "You will be ready after this," she sneered, as she fucked me ferociously with this giant artificial cock. She continued for about ten minuets, plunging it in to the hilt.

When she pulled out.

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I was left lying there groaning, my cunt gapping wide. "Now your ready for the final fuck," she said, a wide grin across her face. I was again dragged off the table and across the floor, my ass and tits scraping on the rough floor through all the beer and filth that was on it and outside. My naked limp body then being dragged through the mud by my hair into a field where I saw them leading a couple of horses to a bench.

I began to struggle as I saw it. "That's right slag, you're going to be fucked by them horses for our audience, and they've both got big cocks," growled one of the women then laughed as she spat in my face.

Some of the women were kicking me up the ass or in my cunt, others spat over my filthy body as I was dragged along. "Get a fucking move on whore, there waiting for their fuck," they shouted. I was dragged up on to the bench on my back, and my arms and legs tied to each corner leg of the bench wide apart with my ass slightly over hanging the edge and my cunt open wide.

The first horse was led over and he got scent of my musky cum covered cunt. It climbed up putting his front feet either side of my body standing on its back legs between mine. I could see its mammoth cock protruding from its sheath underneath it. I struggled against the ropes, "no good struggling," one of the men said, "we're going to enjoy watching you perform for us all, that big cock fucking you".

"We're taking bets on how much you can take, I bet that a fucking whore like you could take the lot up that big well used cunt of yours, don't let me down," he said, and laughed. "Your on a winner," I said, "get it's cock in me and lets get going".

I looked to the side and could see all the crowd waiting. Chas, mum, and my aunty, pushed to the front to watch me being degraded. I was thinking what I must look like, a fortytwo year old married women lying here bound and naked, legs wide apart, covered in cum and spit, and just about to be fucked by a couple of horses in front of a large audience of men and young women, not to mention my mum, aunty, and husband.

I did have long to think about it as I saw a man take hold of the horse's huge cock and guide it into my cunt. It grunted and pushed part of its cock into me. I gasped. It pulled out then lunged back in again, half its length disappearing into me, I screamed out, the audience cheered. I was straining against my bonds; my legs were parted wide, my cunt was stretched to its limit. Animal sounds were coming from my mouth as it began humping me, its hindquarters pumping in and out, fucking me with its giant cock, and I cried out as its cock went in a bit further with every thrust.


I had now relaxed and was enjoying being impaled by this mammoth member, my cunt filled to the max as most of it's cock dissapeared up my now very enlarged cunt hole. I was grunting and moaning aloud as it continued to fuck me,my naked body writhing and thrashing about on the table. I was shouting out I was cumming, as I did time and time again.

The audience were cheering every lunge and shouting out that it looked like the fucking dirty cunt likes being fucked by horses. She will probably make it a regular session, and look, it's got most of its cock up her big cunt all ready, to rounds of laughter. The men, who had been filming all the fucking, beating etc earlier, were now filming this. Making sure it was covered from all angles. Close up underneath so they could see its shaft burying into my cunt, further and further in, boring it out wide.

Filming my sluttish naked body writhing and contorting, and capturing the sounds of my moans of pleasure as this animal fucked my willing body. Look at it streching the sluts cunt now, god it's cock is really boring into her, fucking hell it's really shagging her, lifting her ass of the table as it rams in, they were saying to each other among other comments.

Finely, with a last thrust it cums, ramming its cock all the way in, then shooting a huge amount of cum in to me and all over my stomach and tits. I screamed out and cum again as it did. Finaly a woman walked over to me lying there and rams her hand up my loose cunt scooping a load of cum out then rubbed it all over my face, and then makes me lick her fingers clean.

"Next time you come here we're going to have you fucked by two Horses," she sneered. The Horse is led away while I lay slumped on the table exhausted, my cunt sore and aching.

The other horse is led over by a grinning man. "Here's your next partner," he sneered. "Fuck you, bring him on then, I can't wait to have another decent cock in me after all you limp bastards," I shouted back at him. The horse climbed up and lunged forward stright away, impaling me fully on it's huge cock. I gasped out loud, but it was not as bad now I had been reamed out by the first horse. The man slapped it hard on the rump making it push in more. I cried out which caused a cheer from the crowd.

I now had it's full length boreing me out. I was cumming over and over again. Crying out with each lunge. My arms and legs straining on the ropes that held them apart, my pleasure racked body being lifted off the table with each thrust untill with one last hard thrust it filled my cunt to over flowing, and showered my stomach and tits with a large quantity of its warm sticky cum, leaving me lying there panting hard from the effort.

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The crowd comes over, " Fucking hell look at the size of the slags cunt hole now" a man said, as one of the men untied my bonds. I slump down onto the ground in the dirt. The crowd looking down at me lying there, rubbing the horses cum all over my body and it running out of my mangled cunt.

"Look at the state of the slag, lets wash the slut clean" a male voice shouted, as I felt a splash of warm fluid on me, then another. They had all got their cocks out and were pissing over me. It rained down all over me, in my hair, over my face and in to my mouth, filling it to over flowing.

"Fucking open your mouth wider and swallow whore," somebody shouted. As I did several streams of piss were aimed at it. They pissed over my tits, down my stomach and into my cunt. When they had all emptied their bladders over me they went back inside leaving me laying there writhing in the mess on the ground. Some of the women stayed behind and rolled me on to my front with their feet, then trod on my back and ass pushing my groin and tits then my face into the muddy pool that had been made by all the piss.

"Grovel in the dirt where you belong slag" they shouted. I did, while they kept treading on me until they left. Then I rolled back over on to my back. My cunt ached and was numb from the use it had received. Even now they were still filming my degradedness.

I lay there until some of the men came and took me into the yard where they hosed me down cleaning the mess off me. They went back into the bar while I dried off as best I could with a piece of dirty old rag I found on the floor then went back into the bar myself. They all cheered as I walked in still naked, I laughed and shouted, "I hope all you bastards enjoyed the show".

They all replied they had. "How's your cunt slag," somebody shouted. "It'll be no good to my husband for a while, he'll be able to put his fist up there without touching the sides for a while. "She's right," one of them said, as he put his hand between my legs and pushed all his hand into my cunt.

I laughed, but fuck I enjoyed it, what a cock those horses had, I'm going to have to have more of that," I shouted back to a round of laughter.

The man who had tied me to the table said he had won his bet as I had taken all the cock. I said I had told him he was on a winner. I looked around for Chas and could see him talking and laughing with some of the men. Bloody hell, I wondered. I bet he had arranged this.

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I walked over, and said, "I bet you arranged all this, you bastard," I've been set up, haven't I". He grinned, and said "yes, I told you I would arrange a mega gangfuck for you," he said.

Mum and my aunty said they had known about it as well, and I had surpassed myself. I had wondered at the time how those women just happened to have those whips. "Hope you enjoyed your surprise," Chas added. I had to admit I had, but said I wouldn't be able to walk with my legs together for a couple of weeks.

The man said Chas had met him a week ago in a park used by bikers and got talking. Said his slut wife liked to be gangfucked, well and truly used, and was into S&M, and if he could arrange it to be fucked by a horse, two had been a bonus.

He had told Chas it could be arranged if they could film it all. Chas had agreed. "I should think you'll make a fair bit selling the videos, great, you get to fuck and whip the ass off me, and make money from it," I said. "You're the whore darling," he replied.

"I suppose I am, but they get paid," I laughed. "I'll give you a copy of the video to show your friends", he said, and laughed. One of the men then said that Chas was the only man not to have fucked me that night, so he ought to rectify that now. I bent over a chair and told him to fuck my ass as my cunt was probably too stretched from the horses fucking.

Chas did so, pulling my head back hard by my hair, calling me a dirty whore and giving my ass cheeks a good hard slapping, and my tits a rough mauling as he did so, while they all cheered him on. One of the older members said I should become a member then I could be fucked on a regular basis, Chas could be a member as well so he could join in. He was soon signed up, and after some persueding I was as well. I thought about what the women had said about two horses next time, and wondered if I could take two on, what the fuck, I could try.

The women asked if I minded Chas fucking them. I said not at all, as long as they still wanted to fuck me. "Oh yes, we loved fucking and whipping you, and next time your going to get fucked by two horses and some dogs. And you can be sure of getting used even more by us next time," one of them said as she kissed me full on the lips, stuck her tongue in my mouth and stroked and fingered my well used cunt and asshole.

"Ummm I think I'm going to like this," I said. After I had put my dress back on and fastened the only couple of buttons that were left on it, (they kept my bra and thong as souvenirs, they said they would pin them up behind they bar with a series of photos) and was about to leave, they said to come back in a week or so and we could all watch my entire performance on screen.

I said, make it a few weeks to give my holes a chance to shrink back to normal, as I was sure they would want a live show after the film again. Too right, they all shouted. "I also suppose your all keen to see me fucked by two horses again, as well next time," I shouted to the crowd.

"Yea, and a few dogs, we'll invite one of the other clubs round to watch and join in for a fee," they said. "If I'm going to put on a show and have all you filthy bastards, as well as horses and dogs fucking me, I want a cut in the fee as well," I said.


They agreed to this. "Hell, what a fucking slag I've got for a wife," Chas said to the crowd. "You love it though," I said.

As we left they all raised their drinks, here's to Kathy, the worlds dirtiest slut, they shouted. Thank you for the fuck and the comment, and to our next gang fuck. I replied. On the way home mum asked what it was like being fucked by the horses and had I really enjoyed it.

I told her, I had never cum so much in my life during a fucking and she should try it some time. No I don't think so, I'll stick to watching you perform with it. Are you really going on a regular basis, mum asked. "Hell yea, miss out on all that fucking," I said.

We all laughed. When we were about 3 or 4 hundred yards from our house, Chas stopped and told me to take my dress off. Might as well finish the night off giving the neighbours a good show. Mum pulled my dress off and they pushed me out of the car then drove off laughing.For my final humilliation I was to walk the rest of the way home naked.

A couple of guys who were looking out of their windows saw me and came out. "Bloody hell Kathy, you look like you've had a good time," they said looking at my naked body with all the dried cum, marks and writing over it. "Is that true what it says written you," one of them asked. "what do you fucking think Dave," I replied. "I recon so," he said and came over.

"I've always wanted to fuck the ass off you, ever since I saw you naked in your bedroom window"," he said as he pulled me into his garden. "Nows your chance then," I told him.

Again I was soon being fucked by the two of them around the side of his house. I told them to fuck my ass or mouth as my cunt was loose after all the cock it had taken that evening. They didn't take telling twice." As they were fucking me I was telling them about all the cock I had taken that night, how I had been whipped and pissed on, and how at the end I had been tied to a bench and taken two horses large cocks up me.

"It's right what's written on you, I didn't know you were such a hot slut, I'll have to start bringing some of my mates round to fuck you," Dave said, as he rammed into my ass and mauled my tits. "Guess you will," I said between gasps, "and I'll show you all the video they took of me tonight being gangfucked and being fucked by the horses." "Christ, your a dirty cunt Kathy," Dave said. "Yes I am,and don't you love it" I replied. After, I made my way the rest of the way home, Dave shouted to me to give him a call when I wanted a good shagging again, I shouted back I would soon.

"You've been a long time," Chas said when I got home, "What do you fucking think, when I'm walking around like this," I said. "Dave and a mate of his saw me, then they both fucked the ass off me, you'll never keep them away now they know what I'm like,".

"Yea, I saw them shagging you, and a few more of the neighbours did with all the curtains I saw opening." "Your a dirty cow," my aunty said. "I just can't get enough cock," I replied. They agreed. We are all off again to the club in a couple of weeks for another session, they said they got quite an audience to watch me be fucked by the two horses and some dogs, as well as shag the ass off me themselves. I think I'm going to have to be carried out that night.

I was also told to turn up in just black stockings, suspenders and the highest heels I could find, nothing else, and to have a freshly shaved smooth, hairless cunt and asshole, and walk into the club like that. I agreed, as I guessed I wouldn't be keeping my dress and thong on for long anyway. Also, since that night several of the neighbours pop round quite often now for coffee and a fuck including a few of the women as well.

And Dave, well since I showed him and his mates the video, their always around. Chas gets some beers and a couple of films, so they rotate between watching the films and fucking me on the floor in front of them.We don't get to see much of the films. He brought about eight with him one night, and they all shagged me in every position and hole as we watched the club video of me, and at the end I was dumped in the bath tub and they all pissed over me.

They have now asked if they can see me perform with some horses for real. I told them if they can find a few I'll fuck them for them. I bet they will soon find some. Comments to cumslut Kathy