Videos of severe gay physical discipline Today was one busy day for

Videos of severe gay physical discipline Today was one busy day for
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Many years ago my wife and I were separated and she had some interesting, to say the least wild sexual experiences. We have discussed them thru out our reuniting mainly because she knows I am excited every time I hear them and she gets a good fucking afterwards. First of all let me describe my wife. She is 5'4", weighted about 140lbs, long auburn hair, 36C's with ¾" hard nipples, wide dark aureoles, flat stomach, lips that made you want to shove your tongue and then your cock thru and the softest skin I have ever felt.

One experience she had was during a summer party which she attended while we were apart. A guy friend of hers from work invited her to a "social" at his home one Saturday night.


He told her it would be casual and just some friends. She dressed in a pair of skimpy yellow panties, yellow sundress and sandals, no bra. When she arrived there were cars in the drive and very few lights on in the house. She rang the bell and was greeted by her friend and she said he did look great with shorts, tee shirt and sandals.

He greeted her and walked her downstairs where music was playing and the lights dim. There were about 6 couples and 7 guys without dates. Everyone was either drinking, talking or dancing. The mood was relaxed and fun. The evening progressed, she danced with a lot of different men, met others, intermingled with couples as the night wore on.


Everyone was getting pretty well intoxicated as she was also. The couples left as the night got late and she was alone with the 7 men.

By this time she was pretty well drunk and was loosened up due to the alcohol. The men kept dancing with her and by now their hands would wander over her ass and up to cup her breasts. Each one would do this and a couple would nibble her earlobes which drives her nuts, a few kissed her deep and long and she found herself responding also. It seemed wicked yet fun at the same time. Her host friend was then dancing with her and he was sort of grinding into her pussy which she could tell was aroused and wet.

His hard cock was very obvious to her and she responded to his grinding back and all of a sudden he grabbed the top of her sundress and lowered the front exposing her breasts and hard nipples to all. She reached to pull it up but he held her hands and she said "Whoa this is getting out of hand I should leave".

Her host just kissed her, shoving his tongue between her teeth and explored her mouth. She reacted and not thinking she responded to his kiss. He went from her lips to her breasts and sucked in a hard nipple and gently sucked and chewed on it. Her legs automatically weakened and her head went backwards with a groan Someone came up behind her and pulled the sundress down to her ankles, she stepped out of it and was in front of the men clad in only her panties.

The man behind her reached around and into the front of her panties and caressed her hard clit, the moisture was flowing down her pussy and onto her thighs. She was involuntarily moaning and pushing on the finger caressing her clit. Two men got her arms and laid her back onto the floor. She looked up and saw all 7 men disrobing, white, black, short, average and a long dark cock stood over her as she was unable to move.

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Her host grinned and said "You have suddenly became our entertainment tonight, you will only have pleasure and fulfillment ok?"…&hellip.She could only nod. Her host got on his knees and spread her legs wide to expose her wet pussy for all to see, he then stroked her pussy making her twitch in excitement.

Her mind was going in circles not understanding why she was allowing this to happen. He said to all "I want to taste this pussy before all you guys fill it with cum" They all laughed and he got between her legs and as his tongue touched her pussy lips she moaned and pushed to his face. Her moans and groans filled the air as she was being eaten and licked, his tongue driving deep inside her pussy. The guys stood and watched, voicing their approval. She instinctively reached upwards for a cock, One man said "let the games begin" Her host stopped eating her and she pushed for his tongue but she was lifted and carried into an adjoining room which only had a bed and soft lights.

She was laid on the bed and all the men got around her. Her host kneeled on the side of the bed and just said "suck my cock", her mouth opened and he placed the head of his cock onto her lips and pushed it inside. She instantly began sucking his cock, swirling her tongue around it as it went in and out of her mouth, another cock was placed in her hand and she began masturbating it.

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Her host said out loud, "I believe our lady is really into this." The men just laughed and she knew she was into a long night. Her mind was thinking "I need to stop and leave, then this is soooo wild and it feels good, what will they think of me afterwards, but why not, it is a fantasy come true." All these thoughts were cast out when someone again began eating her pussy to no avail, he was devouring her and she was responding eagerly.

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Her host stopped his mouth assault and another cock took his place, she again sucked like never before. She felt she was a "slut in training" and the cocks would fuck her mouth, stop and another take its place. Her gang sucking continued until the last one twitched and flooded her mouth with his warm cum, she eagerly responded by swallowing the salty liquid to the applause of the men.

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The man eating her brought her to the climax she desperately needed and she screamed it out when the flood of passion enveloped her body. She collapsed on the bed but her night was just beginning. The man who ate her to climax lifted her legs high and her pussy and ass was exposed. Two men held her legs high as he stroked her asshole. The first touch brought another climax and one man said "I know what she likes".

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His finger stoked the entrance to her asshole and the puckered entrance was wet from her pussy. He slowly let his finger enter her ass to the 1st knuckle. She gasped from this feeling and pushed downwards onto his finger. She looked at him and he smiled as he pushed the rest of his finger inside. She was withering on the bed, 2 men holding her legs apart and high, a finger in her ass, her hands reaching for a cock which she found for each hand.

Her hands were pulling the cocks to her mouth and the men changed positions and as they got closer she would suck one cock then the other.

The asshole invader had already went from one finger to three and was finger fucking her ass to no avail. He suddenly stopped his fingering and got between her legs and placed his cock at her asshole and pushed it easily inside.

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She was in a void of passion by now and was sucking cocks and taking one in her ass. The man was pounding his cock into her ass and she was not losing a motion to it.

He tensed and she felt the eruption of cum in her bowels making her cum again, one man got so into it he erupted in her mouth also. She had cum flowing from her mouth and asshole at the same time. The other man she was sucking exploded onto her face and her tongue was searching for the cum to swallow.

The men were going nuts with the show and passion in the room.

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One man yelled "Never before has this been as good as tonight". She was laying on the mattress, legs spread, cum dripping from her and surrounded by hard cocks.

A black man she hadn't noticed stood over her, his cock was huge, pre-cum was on the end of it and he smiled down and said, "Hi sweetie, are you ready for a black cock?".

She hadn't ever seen a black man's cock except in photos and was amazed by the length, width, dark texture of it. She could only nod to his question. He told her to "get on your knees" She did so wobbling from the previous fucking. He stood before her and told her to "take it in deep and suck hard". She grabbed the shaft and not caring if all the men watched she took the head of his cock and began to take it in her mouth sucking as she did.

She tried but couldn't get the entire length in her mouth and down her throat and gagged as she tried. He grabbed her head and began to face fuck her mouth, she was gagging but still caressing his balls as she took the onslaught from this black cock.

She felt someone slide under her and a cock at the entrance to her pussy and it drove into her hard, she yelped around the cock in her mouth and uttered a "UUUUUUMMMMMM, but pushed down onto the cock below her. She then felt as another hard cock touch her sore asshole and push in with little problem. Here she was sucking a cock and fucking two more while 4 men watched, they would pull on her nipples, caress her breasts as she fucked them like a whore. Her mind was playing an image "a fucking slut being dominated and used by men she didn't know, sucking fucking, being used as a fuck tool." Each man reached his climax and each spurted their cum in her respective holes.

She was exhausted but knew it wasn't over yet.


The evening concluded early in the am, each man had fucked her pussy, her ass, her mouth and she was just a rag being passed around until they finished. Her host let her rest a bit and then drove her home and to her door. He asked if she was okay with the night and she responded "I think so". He said "fine ,what about next weekend?&hellip.I have some business people coming in". She told him she needed rest before answering, he said "okay but I would like a piece of that ass again before I go".

She just fell face down on the couch pulled her sundress up, her panties were missing and he took her ass again. Sore, used and abused she felt bad but also wonderful. What would her co-workers think of her now?

Now what about next week?