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Reality dad gay sex pix and naked twink boys from vietnam Twink Boy
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The Slaver Gets His Wish 15 Judy kept her eyes properly downcast as we sat at my kitchen table drinking coffee. Rachel and Reese were both at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Joey had chauffeured them. Judy had a collar around her neck, high heeled boots on, and a three inch diameter butt plug lodged firmly in her rectum. "I'm not sure how I feel about this, Judy," I said. "I'm a little confused about it, too.

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But knowing what Tory did to hurt my girls, I just don't want to be responsible anymore. I feel like I betrayed them." "But submitting to Rachel as her slave; are you sure that's how you want to make reparations?" I asked.

"It's not just that. When Rachel told me how you initiated her…I just couldn't get those images out of my mind. I should have realized that Tory was getting it somewhere. He hadn't touched me in the last seven years." Tears welled up in her blue eyes. sprite wandered into the kitchen. She had on even less apparel than Judy. she had been living with us ever since Lorne had sold me out to Tory. My lawyers were in the process of procuring his estate, now that he was dead and buried somewhere in the Canadian wilderness.

sprite hugged Judy. "I just don't want responsibility any more." Judy lamented. "Judy, I promised Rachel that I'd marry her," I said. "I know. She really loves you, you know that?" I smiled and sipped at my coffee. Just then, Joey and the girls returned. Reese was in her Goth drab, with heavy black eyeliner and spiked hair. Rachel was wearing a simple green sarong and a Green Day t-shirt.

They had picked up a couple of pizzas for lunch. "Joey, I want to talk to you," I said as I kissed Rachel lightly on her lips, eliciting that legendary smile that never failed to warm my heart. "Sure," Joey said, handing off his pizza to Reese. I took him downstairs to the new dungeon. We had made some embellishments, seeing as how we now had a whole leather family, and it wasn't going to be just one on one training any longer.

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"Rachel says you want to train Reese." Joey played with a paddle. "Yeah…" "And Rach is to train her Mother…" I stated the obvious.

He nodded. "How do we fit sprite into this dynamic?" I enquired. Joey shrugged his shoulders.


"I guess we consider her a shared commodity?" he said. "Actually, I have a buyer for her," I said.


"Loreena's former owner is looking for a new slave." "Have you asked her?" Joey questioned, knowing full well that with Lorne out of the picture, sprite was now technically free. "Go get her," I said. sprite looked nervous as she came down into the dungeon; she had a bit of pizza sauce on her bottom lip. I reached out, wiped it with my thumb, and licked it away. "Master J," she said, assuming the position. "sprite; there is someone interested in buying you," I announced.

"This lowly slave will do whatever you say, Master," she said. "That's the problem, sprite. Your Master is dead. Technically, you're free." I informed her. she teared up. "i don't want to be free." she barely whispered.

"Okay, then, but I guess you should get to choose who owns you," I told her. She looked from me, to Joey. "i want to stay here," she said, again whisperingbut I also noticed that she shuffled closer to Joey.

"How about it, Joey, you use sprite to help train Reese, and I'll keep training Rachel and Judy. Abdul will just have to cool his jets for awhile." "That sounds like a plan," Joey said.

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sprite looked pleased. We headed upstairs to eat. Three weeks passed. I still hadn't taken Rachel's virginity, and Joey was saving his niece's virginity as well. We planned a garden party wedding that would culminate in Rachel getting deflowered in front of an audience. Joey and I took the girls to Oscar and Son to get them outfitted for the upcoming festivities. Oscar's son Oliver had caught the flu, so there was no pubescent fucking during that trip.

Reese chose a very naughty black lace dress that was kind of see through with the right lighting. Of course, since we would be outside for the wedding, everyone was going to get a pretty good look at her nicely shaped breasts, pretty pussy, and cute ass.

Rachel decided that Judy could wear leather boots, a belt and collar, but nothing else. sprite would also be attired minimally for the party. Rachel, on the other hand, chose a six thousand dollar designer wedding dress.

It looked like a corset with a frilly train, and it was off the shoulder. She looked simply elegant. Of course, I already had an evening suit, so I didn't need to procure a tuxedo, but Joey did.

We stopped by the caterers on the way home, choosing a ten thousand dollar menu that ran the gamut of gourmet. By the time we got home, everyone was pretty exhausted. Judy and sprite made a simple dinner and served it in the nude.

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Joey had stopped renting his apartment and had moved in with me. We had decided to sell Judy's house and put the money away for Judy and Reese's retirements, since they would never be auctioned off.

The day of the wedding arrived and it was everything we had hoped for.

The sun was shining, the caterers arrived early, and the orchestra was in place. Of course, everyone we had hired had been briefed about the nature of our relationship.

About fifty friends of mine, all involved in the Master/slave world, arrived, and there was more flesh to ogle than Hugh Hefner could have offered. We had hired a Justice of the Peace, I'm pretty sure that even the most progressive preacher wouldn't want to witness his recently hitched couple copulating there in front of the congregation.

Champagne flowed, music played, and all was right with the world. Blood rushed in my head, and I hardly heard the Justice perform the ceremony.

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I had not only bought Rachel a ten thousand dollar diamond platinum ring, but also a diamond studded collar. The ring went on first, and then I solemnly locked her collar in place.

The Justice then said; "You may kiss the bride." I leaned in, and locked eyes with the love of my life. Rachel opened her mouth to my probing tongue as we passionately embraced one another.

Then, as we had arranged earlier, Judy stepped up and helped Rachel remove her dress. She wore no underwear, and she left on her high heels. Everyone applauded her gorgeous body. She blushed as she knelt down in front of me and fished my cock out of my trousers. Then she began lovingly lick the shaft of my dick until I was hard as a rock. While she did that, I removed my jacket and shirt.

We had arranged a short altar there, and I took her hand and helped her onto it. Gently, carefully, I put the head of my cock against her virginal vagina.

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Her hymen made her pussy tight. She bit her lower lip, closed her eyes, and nodded, taking my hands in hers. I gently pushed forward until I was deep inside her. I looked down to see a trickle of blood on the white cloth of the altar. She rocked against me and we fell into a gentle rhythm. It seemed as though every sound in my garden had died. It was just Rachel and me and the wonderful heat between the two of us. I leaned over, pressing my body to hers, and we kissed deeply.

Rachel's thrusts became more insistent.

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She wouldn't let my cock slip more than halfway out of her before she pulled me back in., over and over. "Cum inside me," she whispered urgently. With this, I began to thrust into her harder and harder. She moaned, cried out, and just as my orgasm reached a crescendo, she screamed&hellip."Fill me with your CUMMMM!!!!" And so I did.

We held each other for a few minutes, coming down from our simultaneous orgasms. Suddenly, the congregation erupted in applause. As we separated, I leaned over and kissed her clitoris lightly. "I love you," she whispered, still lost in her bliss. "I love you, too," I whispered back. Judy was there with a warm washcloth to dab at her daughter's recently torn hymen.

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I smiled at my beautiful bride, my talented slave. Then I helped her up from the altar, and Judy helped her back into her wedding dress. "Thank you, Master," she said. "You're welcome, banshee." I said, and I was rewarded with that patented smile. I get to see that smile everyday, now.


And it never fails to fill me with sense of being so lucky; after all, it's not every day that a Slaver gets his wish. THE END