Step mom spy in teen son

Step mom spy in teen son
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Part 3 Computer Man revised I have been fucking Jayne in the morning and Rosanna in the afternoon for a few weeks now and it was a brilliant arrangement, they both could not get enough cock and I was happy to supply them both.

Jayne had pressured her mother into putting her on the pill and it was easy to drive Rosanna down to the local clinic and get her on the pill. No way did I want to get them pregnant. On this particular morning, I was checking my tapes when I realised that Kylie who had been on a sleepover at Janet's house had not left when I was due to arrive.

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I replayed the tapes until it came to me that they must have cooked something up between them. This could get interesting. I knocked on Jayne's kitchen door as usual, and she let me in. She always wore her robe down to greet me, today was no exception for some reason she always wanted me to first fuck her in the kitchen and then move upstairs to her bedroom, but today she reached into my shorts grabbed my dick and led me from the room.

I was only too happy to follow her lead. She lead me to her bedroom, where she threw off her robe, jumped up onto the bed, spreading her legs wide open and said "Toby lick my pussy for me, I have been burning up inside waiting for you to come and play with me" Never one to refuse a lady I was only to pleased to play with her pussy.

I pushed her legs up high from behind her knees, raising her bum off the bed. She had such a wonderful arse I started licking her outer lips, not wanting to rush I was content to tease her; she had obviously started with out me as she was sopping wet already. She comes so quickly when you touch her clit, I wanted to tease her for a while longer.

Parting her lips I pushed my tongue inside her, lapping like a dog and each time I grew close to her clit I moved away. I started longer and longer licks from her arse to her pussy; she was leaking fluid which I could not get enough of. I just kept lapping at her. "Toby please I can't stand it any more fuck me, get your fat prick inside me please.

I need it now, I'm about to come and I want you inside me, when I do". I shrugged out of my clothes and lay down on the bed "Why don't you climb on and ride me my lady" I said holding my very erect cock for her. She wasted no time and slid down my cock to my balls, she started rocking backward and forward, my cock was buried to the hilt. I was playing with her nipples and she was now rubbing furiously at her clit, when she came she started screaming "Oh God Toby, fill me with your spunk, fill me up" I saw movement from behind Jayne.

What was that, looking closer? I saw the wardrobe door open a little. That's where Kylie had been hiding, watching all that went on. "Kylie why don't you come out and join us" popped out of my mouth before I had digested what was happening. I hoped that neither girl realised that I knew she was there all along. The door flew open and Kylie was standing staring at us both.

I was buried to my balls in her best friend who was still rocking on my cock. "Don't be shy come on climb on the bed next to us" I patted the bed next to me.

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She walked across the room as if in a trance, almost in slow motion. Her eyes as big as dinner plates. "Jayne said "I hope you're not cross with us" "Cross why would I be cross, it's only natural that Kylie would be curios about what went on between us.

I expected that you would tell your best friend". My cock if possible was even harder; Tracie was still slowly rocking backward and forward, but now she had a huge smile on her face. I patted the bed beside me "Why don't you come and lay down next to me" She scrambled up onto the bed.

She was wearing a very thin, very short yellow robe, with teddy bears on the front. When she was settled next to me I pulled the tie in the front open, she made no attempt to stop me.

I pushed the robe away exposing her small body. She must be only 5" tall if that. Her breasts can best be described as small buds, not breasts at all yet. I moved my hand down her stomach, she had very sparse pubic hair, fuzz best describes it. Continuing down her body I moved my hand to between her legs. She must have been fingering herself inside the closet, she was sopping wet.

I have always like red heads, I don't know why and Kylie was definitely a red head, even her light fuzz of hair was very red. She also had the tell tale face full of freckles, that almost all red heads have, being cursed with red hair and freckles, but she had an almost elfin face, the only thing missing was the pointed ears. "Kylie I have an idea, why don't you take Jayne's place on top of me.

You can feel my cock, but I won't put it inside you. It will give you the most wonderful feeling. Jayne climbed off me, quickly replaced by Kylie. I lay my cock flat on my stomach. I helped Kylie to straddle me, placing her pussy on top of my prick. I could see her fat puffy lips part, either side of my cock. I told her to slide herself up and down on my cock.

She had leaked so much pussy juice that combined with Jayne's come had made my cock very slippery. I took hold of her hips and pulled and pushed her cunt hard onto my cock. She started to gasp and call my name "Oh God Toby this is heaven" we continued this pushing and pulling motion for a good few minutes, but each time I pulled her right to the tip of my helmet.

It was inevitable that at some point my helmet would slip inside her, she lifted slightly and with her tiny hand grasped my cock and held it to her pussy lips. "I have got to have you inside my cunt Toby" She said as she thrust herself down hard onto me.

I felt the resistance, but only briefly. God she was tight, the tightest cunt that I have ever been in, even with all the juices she had pumping out .She shrieked and pushed down to my balls. I grasped both her budding breasts and held her tight. We stayed in this position for only a few seconds before she started rocking on my cock.

She was gasping for breath, calling my name and shouting. "Fuck me Toby, make me your slut. OH God this is heavenly, fuck me Toby" She was so small and light I took hold of her tiny waist and was pushing and pulling her hard onto my cock. I could hold back no longer.

I held her hips hard and thrust into her with all my might, spewing load after load into her waiting womb. "OH God Toby I have come so many times, that was wonderful" She had a look of rapture on her face. I looked across at Jayne who was frigging herself to climax, watching us both.

I said to no one in particular "This is just heaven for me too, having two sixteen year old girl's to teach, and our friendship is going to be just fantastic." Kylie looked down at me and said "I am not sixteen Toby I am only fourteen" She was still on my cock, her vice like pussy had a strangle hold on my cock, she was just so tight. Eventually her legs started to cramp and she climbed off. My cock slipping from her pussy brought a flood of juices running down onto my stomach. Fourteen was running through my mind, it had never occurred to me that she might be younger than Jayne, her still developing body should have given me all the clues I needed, but blind lust, is just that blind.

I have never envisaged me with any one so young, well what is done is done and there was no intent on my part to mislead a minor.

Jayne grabbed my cock as soon as it was free and started licking and sucking the juices away "We always clean Toby's cock after a good fucking Jayne said between slurps. Kylie leant over and started licking and slurping as well. Having two small hands holding your cock and two mouths sucking you deep into their mouths was keeping me hard.

Jayne spread her legs and lowered her cunt to my face. I parted her lips and flicked my tongue across her clit.

She started making a purring sound, which vibrated down my cock. I pushed two fingers deep into her pussy; pulling her towards me I started tonguing her arse not a lot at first, but gently. I remember the first time that I licked her arse she pushed me away, now she just lapped it up, before too long I was going to fuck that tight little arse for all it was worth, but not today. My cock was now hard again. "Who wants to feel my fat cock buried deep inside their tight little cunt" I said "I am just a little sore, so I will have to sit this one out, do you think that you could eat my pussy, like your doing to Jayne" Kylie piped up.

"Of course I can baby, why don't we have a little shuffle around, Kylie you can come and sit on my face and I am sure Jayne won't take long to push my cock deep into her cunt" As I was saying these words, Jayne had already started to lower her gaping cunt onto my cock.

Kylie took a few seconds more to lower that tight little pussy onto my mouth, I could taste her come mixed with my come as I set to work cleaning her pussy of juices.

She had a sweet taste, I just new that I am the first person to eat her pussy, just wait till I start on her clit. Jayne liked rocking on my cock, rather than bouncing up and down, she enjoyed being filled; she also liked to play with her clit, rubbing it and occasionally slapping it.

I moved to Kylie's clit now, she started to convulse on my face a sure sign that she was coming, she pushed down onto me so hard, my nose was buried in her arse, then she started to slide backwards and forwards, using a combination of my chin, lips and nose to bring herself off again.

This girl loved oral. They somehow had gotten into a rhythm, they most be hugging each other, pressing their breasts against each other in a tight embrace. I wondered if they were kissing each other. The Oh's and Ah's coming from them both was so erotic in itself, they had more stamina than I ever had. My prick had started to feel like it had been in a mincer (and I don't mean a gay). Now Jayne started to bounce, both together they were bouncing up and down.

Jayne was pulling back to my helmet and driving herself down, while Kylie was lifting herself off my face then driving her clit onto my chin hard. "I am so close to coming and coming" Jayne said "I just keep coming and coming I have never felt so much pleasure" was Kylie's response. I had a picture in my head of them both wearing school uniform while I fucked them both, it was all I needed, I shot what come I had left deep into Jayne.

"Stop, stop girls I cannot take any more of this, your going to wear me down to nothing" We all lay sprawled over Jayne's bed, I was exhausted, all I really wanted to do was sleep. When Jayne lifted herself off me a whole load of juices ran out of her. The girls got to work, licking and sucking it all away.

I must have fallen asleep, as it was some hours later that I woke. Jayne and Kylie were nowhere to be seen. I scrambled out of bed, dressed and headed for the kitchen.

On arrival in the kitchen, the girls had made scrambled egg, bacon and toast for me. I was a little angry that they had let me sleep. I explained that what would have happened if Jayne's Mother or Father had come home early.

I would have been for the high jump. They both promised that it would not happen again. They also informed me that the school holidays would be over soon and that I could not fuck them in the morning; it would have to be after school. I decide to start fucking them in the afternoon the very next day. I would have to just fuck Rosanna in the morning from now on.

I told the girls to sit on the kitchen table, both had on what look like their school uniforms a white t-shirt with a motif over a breast, the shortest navy blue pleated skirts, the skirt stopped just at their but cheeks they must have rolled the waist band up to make them even shorter a pair of long white socks and black shoes.

I just loved the look of them so innocent. "We thought that you might like to see us in our school uniforms" They piped up together.

Like it, I loved it, I have so many memories of being horny as a school boy, looking at just that type of uniform, just seeing them like that was getting me hard all over again. I needed to go, but before I went I just wanted to taste their sweet tight little pussies.

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They hopped across the room and were soon, sitting on the table facing me. I lifted first Jane's skirt to find that she had on a tiny white thong, with a bunny rabbit on the front; the string was pulled tight between her legs and disappeared into her sex. I put my hands either side of her little bottom and pulled her towards me, she gave off a little squeal of pleasure and spread her legs wide.

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I started by kissing my way up and down her thighs, from her knees to her pussy, then licking the front of her thong, until the tiny patch of material was so wet it was see through.

"Toby you have got to suck on my clit please, please" Her hand had now pulled her thong aside exposing that wonderful little cunt; I sucked one lip into my mouth, then the other. She tasted so sweet. I could not get enough of this girl. "I don't care how sore I am Toby I have just got to have your fat cock inside me again, treat me like your whore, please Toby I will just die if you don't shove your cock into my dripping cunt now" Looking up Kylie had raised her skirt and was furiously fingering herself.

I loved hearing those words from such an innocent mouth; a few hours ago she was a virgin, now she wanted to be my fuck whore. "Kylie come and bend over in front of the table, Jayne move back just a little" I moved them into a position that I could fuck one and eat the other. Kylie jumped down and it gave me such a perverse thrill to see this tiny little girl, in her tiny little skirt that just covered her arse.

When she bent over I lifted the back of the skirt, what a thrill that was.


Something so simple could excite me to the point that all I wanted to do was impale her on my cock. I pushed two fingers inside her and boy was she wet. I gripped her arse and her little hand came back to guide me into her, my helmet slipped in and again she was so tight, it was a struggle to get all my cock in. But she wanted me inside her in a hurry, as soon as my helmet passed her lips she shoved back violently, so violently in fact, while I was wondering at how tight she was, and would I get my entire prick in, I was buried to my balls.

"Oh God Toby, that's exactly what I needed, you cock fills me completely I never want you to take it out" Kylie now had one hand playing with her clit, as I took up a steady pace, sliding in and almost out of her and slamming back in to my balls.

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I and not forgotten Jayne, I was now able to continue sucking on her clit, I knew that she would not take long to come, as soon as I had her clit to play with. I curled my tongue into a u shape and sucked her clit into it. Drawing a lung full of cold air over her exposed clit did the trick, she came and grabbed the back of my head and thrust my face into her cunt.

She was actually squirting into my mouth. Jayne was thrashing about, almost hopping off the table, she had wrapped her legs about my head, and it felt like she was trying very hard to push my whole head into her cunt. It was a delightful experience her come spread all over my face, my nose pushed into her and me having to breathe through my mouth. Kylie was working at a pace all of her own, she was gripping the legs of the table, bent over at an almost impossible angle, her legs spread wide humping herself on my cock.

I pushed my thumb against her little bud of an arsehole; she did not push me away, so I pushed a little harder.


My thumb was working deeper and deeper into her. Her legs started to wobble at the knee, she was either about to come or her legs were about to give out. I was approaching my own climax and wanted us to come together. I pushed my thumb into her arse, as far as it would go and was rewarded with a scream of climax, that sound was enough to trigger my own, ejaculation at least three cords of come came out splashing to the back of her womb.

Kylie collapsed onto her knees, pulling my cock out of her, Jayne climbed off the table and was soon sucking my helmet into her mouth, I was plenty sore myself. I had to push her away, the pleasure was a mixture of pleasure and pain and the pain was starting to take over. I thought I am a lucky bastard. Today I would have to forgo fucking Rosanna; these two little girls had worn my prick to a frazzle.

I would make it up to her in the morning when I surprised her with a morning visit.