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Sexy milf mercedes carrera loves hardcore sex in the couch
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This is pretty much a fantasy installment. I'm not happy with it.but if I don't include it, there are holes in the story.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Amy and I made our way back into the light of the fair.

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"I've gotta pee." Amy told me. Not knowing the grounds, Amy led me to the restroom. Amy walked in and I sat on a bench outside.

By chance, Steph came walking by.

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"Steph!" I called out. Steph walked over to me.

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"Hey, I think I'm gonna head back." I said. "Aw. Not having fun?" She asked. "I've had a great time." I said. "I'm just tired." "Alright. I'll find Steve and we'll head that way." She said. Steph walked away. Out came Amy. "Let's go." I said. Amy grabbed my hand and we walked back to my truck. I got in and got back out. "Whats wrong?" Amy asked. I walked around to the other side and scanned the ground. Found 'em.

I scooped Amys panties off the ground and got back in. "Oh. Good thing we didn't leave those. Haha." Amy said. I offered them to her. "Keep 'em." She said. "I don't think I'll be needing them." Amy and I pulled out onto the path and left the grounds. I decided to strike up a conversation, because I really didn't know anything about this girl. I found out that Amy was 17. That didn't bother me.

She told me she was never into sex, but she thought I had something special. Amy grabbed my hand and we hit the road. "That really was amazing, Bret." Amy said. "Thanks. I'm just glad you trust me." I said. "So how do you know Steve and Stephanie?" She asked. This was about to get awkward. "Well, we're cousins. I'm just up here for the week." I said. "Oh. I saw you two together and thought you might be something else." She said.

If she only knew. "God. When we get there, I'm gonna fuck you so good." Amy said. What had gotten into this girl that Steve swore was an uptight bitch? "What are you gonna do?" I asked. "I'm gonna take off all my clothes, crawl into bed with you, suck you like a popsicle, and let you ride my pussy as hard as you want." She said. She was talking dirty. My cock began to grow in my jeans. "Oh man. I can't wait." I said, smiling. "Then we won't." She said. She ran her hand over the bulge in my crotch.

She unzipped my pants and fumbled my cock out. "Someones ready." She said. I felt her hand around my shaft. I looked down as her mouth was slipping around my purple head.

Amys head bobbed up and down as we headed down the road doing 55. What a lovely bunch of friends Steph had. Amy took her mouth from my cock and licked my balls. It sent a tingly sensation throughout my body. Suddenly, my whole testicle was inside her mouth being sucked. Good thing I had to concentrate so hard on driving, or I'd have blown it then.

I found my turn onto the county road and took off like a bolt. I made my way down and turned into the drive way. "Let's go." I said. Amy lifted her head and we headed to the house.


I led Amy downstairs to Steves room. We turned the light on and started kissing. I ran my hands down to the hem of her blouse. Amy began undoing buttons. Soon enough, the shirt was off.

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Without a bra, Amys bare tits swayed in front of me. She had perfect nipples. Amy helped me lift my shirt and removed my jeans. I was sitting on the bed naked before my boxers hit the floor. Amy stood in front of me and I pulled her skirt down over her hips. Her slit looked even better in all the light. I reached around and grabbed Amys waist, pulling her on top of me.

I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I began to maneuver myself into position for penetration.


"Wait! I have to pee again!" Amy said. Amy got off of me and headed for the bathroom. She shut the door. I laid on the bed, stroking myself. Caught up in the moment, I never heard anyone come downstairs. "Good news." I heard someone say from the doorway. "Steve just dropped me off. He's going with Jimmy." It was Steph. On her walk down, Steph had removed her tank top, bra, and white shorts. She walked over and climbed into bed with me. "Uh, Steph. I gotta tell you something." I stammered.

"Just wait, Bret. I need you." She said. She climbed over me and straddled my face. She bent down and started to suck me. "Steph, there's something you need to know." I tried again. "Jesus Christ, Bret, just shut up." she instructed. Just then, the bathroom door opened. Out walked naked Amy. Stephs eyes shifted. Her head came up slow, my cock slipping from her mouth. "Amy?" Steph said, shocked. "What are you doing here?" "What are you doing?" Amy asked.

"I thought you two were cousins!" I hid my face behind Stephs snatch. "What are you doing here?" Steph asked again. "I'm here to fuck Bret." Amy said. "Well, that's what I'm doing." Steph said. "Come on." Amy hesitated. She didn't know what was going on. "Just come on." Steph persuaded. Slowly, Amy came closer. I ran my hands over the blue fabric covering Stephs ass. I leaned up and kissed where I knew Stephs snatch to be. Steph got off of me and stood at the side of the bed.

Amy came closer to her. "I just." Amy muttered.

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With that, Steph locked lips with her friend. Amy seemed to protest at first, but then went with it. Steph slid her hands down and tugged her panties down. This was pretty damn hott. I watched the girls tongues dance together.

The broke their kiss and looked at me. Steph whispered something to Amy. "Alright." Amy agreed. Steph came onto the bed and straddle my crotch. She sat down. Like a glove. Amy came to my head and straddled my face. I closed my eyes. My cock in a nice pussy, my face buried in a new one. Steph rocked herself around on my shaft.

I let my tongue loose and got another taste of Amys pussy. I brought my hands up and grabbed her hips bones. I pulled her down onto my face more and more.

My tongue swiped around her outer lips a few strokes, up and down the length of her slit, in and out. I loved it.


From the motion I was in, I could tell Steph was fucking me hard. My cock pulsed from the excitement. My tongue ran across a small nub. Bingo. I sucked it and sucked it. "Oh Christ." Amy heaved. Amy ran her hands down and grabbed my hair. I kept my lashing on her clit. Sooner than I'd hoped, Amy let out a long moan.

Hot juices slid into my mouth and down the sides of my cheeks. Amy was panting, but kept grinding her pussy into my face. "Here." I heard Steph say. Amy lifted off of me, as did Steph. Steph came up to me and kissed me, covered with Amys juices. Steph then came up and planted her slit on my face, looking toward my cock, which was now firmly inside of a recovering Amy. Just coming off of her orgasm, Amy moved around very carefully. I shot my tongue out and was off again. I knew Stephs pussy pretty well.

I knew what to do here. I searched for her clit. Got it. I sucked on it gently. Steph really did need me. "Ah. Lick my ass, Bret." Steph sighed. Why not? I was so damn horny. I ran my tongue up and licked her asshole.

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My cock had already been here twice. Why be shy? After a few passes, I brought myself back down to her pussy. Amy got off of me and laid at my side, fingering herself. I pushed Steph into the proper position.

On her back. Steph raised her legs and I threw my cock deep inside of her. I pumped with all my pent up lust. I felt the muscles contract on my cock. Here it comes. I was wrong.

Actually, I was the one set for blast off. I pumped a few more times and coated the inside of Steph. I brought myself up and straddled her stomach. I pushed her tits together and slid my cock in.

I ran in and out of her chest, emptying my balls of it's last few shots. Amy moved in. Stephs pussy was dripping with my cum. Amy lowered her head and shot her tongue into Steph.

Steph started bucking her hips.

She made it. I collapsed into the middle of the bed.I was exhausted.