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Horny Old Man Fuck Hard Lust Student Girl
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Space Succubi Both despised and feared, they were banished from their world to drift endlessly on the cosmic wind. The small, self-sustaining craft provided just enough nutrients to sustain their lives as they drifted in the vacuum of cosmic isolation. Despite their apparently hopelessly bleak future, they waited patiently and silently knowing their accusers had failed to comprehend their longevity.

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After an eternity of endless star sprinkled cycles, a wandering nomad planet streaked past close enough for it's gravity to nudge the spacecraft into an intercept course with a tiny blue planet on the edge of the galaxy. With a tail of brilliant colors generated by the meltdown of the hull, the ship screamed through the atmosphere of it's uncharted destination, spawning fear in the few who witnessed its fiery arrival.

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George slowly wandered through the shade trees adjacent to the retirement center he now called home. The hot dry air of the Sonora desert whistled tirelessly through the mesquite grove as he sat heavily on the semi-hidden bench.


His offspring had all secured well paying jobs and families, with enough to disposable income to purchase the newest toys and a permanent room at the retirement home for him upon the death of his beloved Edith. He opened the bottle of lukewarm water and took a noisy gulp of the tasteless liquid. Tomorrow, the van would take all who desired to the regional library several hours away.

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George always signed up - the opportunity to visit the land of the living was refreshing; and the chance to slip away to the local pub around the corner was the high point of his weekly routine. As George savored the thought of his first delightful dredge of cold draft, she appeared in front of him in fully naked glory. She strolled sensuously to the bench and effortlessly dropped to her knees. Moments later, the front of his trousers were ripped open and the long forgotten ecstasy of fervent oral stimulation overwhelmed him.

Masterfully, she drew the limp organ slowly past her full lips until it was fully engulfed, and brought her tongue into play, circling the slowly engorging trophy with inhuman speed.

Her hands gently caressed the wrinkled ball sack, urging the precious seed from their dormant vestiges through the narrow tubes into his inflating prostrate. His long neglected manhood slowly rose into the magnificent glory of his fertile youth; and his gonads quivered as they released a continual stream of his seed.

Sensing his impending release, she eased her free hand to the painfully engorged vulva, cupping the full moist lips with ardent desire. An explosive release from his over extended prostrate erupted down her throat initiating her primal instinct to feed.

Her two sharp incisors broke through the taut skin surrounding the engorged blood filled chambers and punctured them initiating the bloody cum cocktail she had been craving for countless centuries. Simultaneously, her saliva bathed his genitals with a sperm inducing aphrodisiac sending his already overloaded system into euphoric overdrive.


Her body exploded with a string of ever increasing orgasms as she feasted, drawing his essence and indeed, his very soul through the violently erupting organ filling her mouth. She devoured the mixture hungrily until his gonads were completely drained and his breathing became ragged before she withdrew. Fulfilled and exhausted, she collapsed on her butt with her legs spread obscenely in front of her.

George was beside himself, his crotch filled with a with a nest of thick black hair stimulating his genitals beyond anything he could ever remember. His orgasm came like a thunderbolt, exploding with ball draining ejaculations so powerful they defied description.

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As his life ebbed, memories flashed by in a whirlwind: the MVP trophy for baseball in the ninth grade, the timid fumbling first sexual explorations with Marylou behind the bleachers during the games, college graduation, the first time with Edith in his small 3rd floor apartment, birth of their first child, the house on Sycamore, his retirement celebration, the trip to the Bahamas, and the erotic blowjob from a stranger that drained his consciousness ever closer into the void.

He was found the next morning slumped on the park bench; a frail reminder of the man he once was with his trousers around his ankles and timeless smile. The remainder of his life would be filled with an endless stream of specialists and examinations but the smile never left his face. Jay threw his keys on the counter in frustration as he entered his remote ranch house. The sale of the Westland property had slipped through his fingers moments before signing over remote fears of a potential water rights dispute.

He seriously doubted the 250-acre spread of sagebrush would ever sell, and grabbed a cold Miller before heading into the adjoining den to check his answering machine. She sat in the plush leather chair with a cascade of red curls that tumbled over her pale pert breasts which could easily poke an eye out.

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Sensuously she rose from the chair on a pair of never ending legs and strolled over to him, throwing her arms and legs around him with a death grip. He toppled over backwards, as she held on for the ride. Before he could recover, she had slashed away his Gucci jeans and was eagerly massaging his rapidly growing organ.

The subtle evolutionary differences of her species became apparent as she positioned his manhood at the tooth lined entrance of her vagina. As she eased down the throbbing shaft, tiny scratches appeared on the delicate skin generating rivulets of his life blood.

The bloody dribbles were drawn into a proboscis that originated in her womb and was eagerly probing the head of his penis.


Once the opening was located, the long tube slowly slithered down the sperm sprinkled orifice to his engorged prostate and burrowed through the delicate flesh into the sperm filled vestibule to feast. Her venom quickly numbed the continual irritation as her hips commenced a sensual dance on his groin. Jay's eyes shot open with the unique intrusion, but the persistent thrusts of her hips and delicious chest massage of her firm breasts returned his focus on the delightful sensations emanating from his torso.

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Contrary to her earthling counterparts, her entire vagina was encircled with with erotic nerve endings and the muscle tone was much more highly developed. Jay was loosing the strength to return her thrusts and control his dry release, as his head started swimming in a whirlpool of eroticism.

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They rapidly reached a mind numbing mutual climax; his bellows blending with her unearthly shriek of fulfillment. Despite the lack of ejaculate, the orgasmic spasms continued to shatter his being, becoming weaker and weaker until, drained and exhausted, he lapsed into a euphoric trance that negated his sense of reality.

She quietly extricated herself from the lifeless form and rubbed the satiated folds of her intimate flesh, savoring the fulfillment flowing through her veins. With a contented sigh, she rose unsteadily to her feet and disappeared into the night. The two naked females were strolling quietly down a small side street just outside of town when the noisy muscle car flashed its bright lights several times alerting them of its impending arrival.

They briefly smiled at one another and turned into the scrub covered dunes, gently rubbing their thatch covered genitals with anticipation. The vulnerability of their quarry became apparent when, with a brief penetrating gaze, the two young men lost their will and were completely naked by the time they reached the dune. The two girls devoured their prey eagerly, diving unmercifully onto their groins to coax the bloody seed from its vestiges. With youthful zeal, the boys were soon spurting the sum of their essence into their hosts willing orifices one final desperate time.

Once all but a slim thread of the victim's faltering existence remained, the two predators withdrew, pausing to savor their orgasms briefly before disappearing into the dunes. Deep in the Sonora desert, amidst the dunes and the scurrying nocturnal creatures, eight beautiful creatures stood in a circle around an ancient glowing relic.

Words were not spoken, telepathy was much more efficient. Sharing their collective experiences, they emphatically agreed that despite the primitive environment, the abundance of inhabitants would provide a fertile platform to incubate a new coven. The morning would find them disbursed throughout the continents, gorging themselves on a variety of lifetime experiences and a myriad of strange customs.

Females were rarely converted; although their vulnerability was easy to manipulate, their motives were often in conflict with the growth of the coven. The gradually increasing number of male victims were falsely diagnosed with a variant of Alzheimer's and left to the care of their friends and families. Within a few generations, the social order of the tiny blue planet had been irreversibly altered with the fate of the species dependent on the appetite of the succubi.

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