Lily and rev gets their pussy widen by a dudes big cock

Lily and rev gets their pussy widen by a dudes big cock
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Characters are fictitious, any resemblance to actual people is coincidence. Thanks for reading. Collin Waters had missed quite a bit of school during the semester, traveling in Europe with this parents and brother, so he was having to make up classes in summer to get the right amount of credits. The school had allowed it, but then he was having to make stuff up in the summer.

He had not gotten to graduate with his class two weeks earlier, as he should have, and had turned eighteen in May. He was standing in the hallway waiting to go into an English Lit class in June. The teacher was not from Unionville, but had come from further south, maybe East Alton or Roxana, at least that's what he had heard. The teacher in question was Pamela Range, who been teaching in the East Alton district but was looking for summer work.

She looked young, so young that for a few seconds, Collin wondered if she might be a student, but then he could see that she was the teacher as she sat behind the teacher's desk. She looked at a role sheet for a minute or two then got up and walked to the door and looked out in the hallway.

"Hey you," she said to Collin, "are you in the English class?" "Yes Ma'am." "Well sit down then." Collin got a better look at her as he walked by, she wasn't as young as he originally thought, but 35 or so, naturally blond, and pretty, so pretty that he didn't look away as fast as he should have. She looked back at him as he walked in, she had a bitchy look that came close to giving him an erection.

He was a tall kid, around six one with dark wavy long hair, and handsome. Hel lo," she said. "Hi." The kid had a soft voice that wasn't very loud, that the teacher noticed when he spoke. The class was very small, there were only four other students in it, three of whom Collin knew. The teacher introduced herself, Pam Range was her name.

She looked something like Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars, and had the same wide faced smile that the dancer had. 2. On the second day of class, Ms. Range had done small one on one sessions with the students in the class and Collin had explained that he had missed graduating and why, and that he needed this class and two others that he was taking in summer school. He had been able somewhat to get over his initial feelings about the sexy teacher and concentrate.

At the end of day four, Pam picked up her stuff and walked out of the classroom, walking down the mostly empty corridor she noticed Collin standing in front of his locker. She had experienced a hot blast of desire and was attracted on that first day. Her heart jumped a little. Now's my chance she thought. The hall was almost empty except for Collin, her mind was made up very quickly. "Hey gorgeous," she said and then laughed.

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Collin looked around, the teacher Miss Range was standing right behind him. He turned around, "Hey Ms. Range," he said. "Getting ready to go huh," she said. "Yeah," he replied. "I'd like to talk to you a minute about your situation and everything," she said. "Okay sure," Collin replied. "You're talking this class in summer and needing it to graduate and all," she said.

"Yeah?" "Lets go out to my car," she said, "we can talk out there." Collin noticed that her blouse was unbuttoned much lower than it had been in class a few minutes earlier, and she was smiling in an inviting way that usually didn't come from teachers.

When he hesitated she took his arm and said, "Come on, it's okay." The pretty sexy teacher was making his balls tingle, he didn't want to get a hard on now, she was just being helpful, he thought.

"The high school I went to was bigger than this," she said, "but this is a nice building." "Yeah," Collin replied, "it's not that old, maybe five years." They got out to her car, which looked like a blue Prius, she electronically unlocked it and got in. "Come on," she said, "get in, it's not too hot in here." It had not been a warm day at all, only in the sixties, and the car likely wasn't too hot. Collin went over to the passenger side and got in.

"Hey," Pam said, smiling at him again. "Hi." She said,"What I was thinking about was a type of extra credit that you could work on, or rather we could work on together." "Yeah," he asked, "what do you mean?" She looked up at the ceiling of the inside of the car, and said, "What I had in mind was sextra credit." "What?" Collin asked startled.

"Sextra credit," she said. Pam put her hand on his thigh and caressed it. She said, "You could come over to my place in Bethalto, nobody from around here will see us, nobody from here will know, how about this Thursday." "I don't know," he replied, "you being a teacher and all." She reached into her purse and brought out two marijuana cigarettes. "How about some smoke?" she said. "I don't smoke pot," Collin said. "A couple of good blasts of smoke always loosens you up," Pam said.

She put her arms up and rested them on his shoulders, "It will be our secret, nobody has to know." "I feel uncomfortable," Collin said.

Collin was turned on by the hot aggressive teacher, but he was afraid of what might happen if he got involved with her, he'd heard about things like this, but had never seen it, and didn't figure it would happen to him. "Alright," she said, "screw it." Collin could see that she was obviously getting ticked off.

"Does this mean I'm not gonna be able get through this class," he asked.

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"I'll grade you fairly," Pamela replied coldly, "apparently that's all you care about." "Ahhh," he said. "I'll have to change my opinion of cute young studs," she said. "You blew it honey," she said dramatically.

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She tossed her head around angrily, and incredibly, if anything she was even sexier mad than she had been before. Then she said, "You better go." "Are you going to flunk me?" Collin asked anxiously. He got out of her car and came over to the driver's window, she said, "I'm not going to flunk you, but you won't get the extra credit I was talking about either." Collin shook his head. "I don't know what to say," Collin said in a frustrated voice.

"There is more to life than some bullshit class," she retorted, "men, real men know that honey." Collin looked at her, the light was making glints in her hair, she looked great, he didn't know what to do, he felt he was really being manipulated by somebody who was really out of line, on the other hand, he really wanted to fuck her. "What if I change my mind," he said.

"Are you?" she asked, "because this is the last chance you're going to get." "Yes." "Are you coming over or not," Pam asked. "Can I get back in the car?" he said.

"That depends," she said in a somewhat more friendly tone. "I just want to talk a little more," he said. "Okay," she replied pouting a little less. Collin got back in the car, trying to hide his erection. He looked over at her again, the longer he was around the bitchy sexy Pamela, the more turned on he was getting. "I don't know what I was thinking," he said hastily, "of course I'd like to come over to your house." "Are you in or out, I don't want my chain yanked, I don't need this crap," Pamela retorted.

"When I first saw you, I thought you were so awesome," Collin said. "Well it took you long enough to say so," she replied. "I'd love to come over," he said, "I was just nervous." "You're so hot!" he said, "totally." Pam was pissed but this was doing a damn good job of melting her. "Are you sure now?" she asked. "Yes absolutely," Collin replied. He pulled her over for a long awaited kiss.

The nice hot kiss made her go over being mad at all. "Are you mad at me?" Collin asked. "Oh I'm fine," she said, "I was just mad when I thought you didn't like me." "I like you a lot," he said, "you're completely hot." "Really, well it's about time you said so!" she replied.


"You're so awesome,"Collin said. The kid's talking to her like this put another hot flash of sex through her. I better go she thought, I'm gonna wind up banging him here in the school parking lot! Pam's heart raced now, she had propositioned eighteen year olds before, and the more passes that she had completed, the smoother she was getting at it, and the more brazen she was becoming.

What she expected was a good male reaction, and she was getting it, finally! She touched and squeezed the hard on that she had caused.

Collin got a killer smile from Pam, she said, "I've got to go take care of some stuff, I'll take care of you Thursday." He got out of the car and looked back at her. She got out a notepad and wrote an address on it, "this is where I live in Bethalto," she said. He take the note from her.

"Extra credit," Collin said. "Sextra credit," she said and laughed. "Bye sweetie," she said rolling the window up.

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3. Pam had walked him through her house to the living room after he'd gotten there for their date. It was a small neat house, with a large evergreen tree to the south side of it.

He sat on the couch and expected her to sit down next to him. Instead she handed him a joint and stood in front of him with a lit lighter. "I don't like pot," Collin said. Pamela replied, "Take a good toke, it'll make you feel a lot better." When he didn't light up right away, she sighed, and seemed exasperated.

"You want to be my friend don't you?" she asked pointedly. "Sure absolutely," Collin replied. She inhaled some of the pot smoke from her own reefer, then said, "Look, drugs are a part of my life, pot rocks and so does coke." Collin quickly put the marijuana smoke back in his mouth and let her light it.

This was much too good a piece of ass to let get away. "Now," she said, "take a good puff and hold it in." He managed to hold it in without coughing and then blew it out. "Great," she said, "now, do it again." Again he inhaled as much weed as possible and held it before exhaling.

She did the same. He took another toke and held in the smoke. "Alright," she said, "are you feeling it yet?" "Yeah," as a sort of pleasant feeling was coming over him. "You're getting a buzz, cool!" Presently Collin began to smoke more regularly without her mentioning it. Pam laughed then said, "I thought you didn't like pot!" "Before it was with a bunch of dumb asses," Collin replied.

"Yes I understand," she said, "I've smoked with people I didn't like, it's big turn off." She took another hit and blew three expert smoke rings, she was really starting to feel good, the high was beginning. Collin moved closer to her on the couch until his thighs were touching hers. She moved the ashtray on the table in front of the couch, then stood up and sat back down on his lap, scrunching and squirming her ass on his crotch.

Collin put his arms around her middle and she instinctively put her head back on his shoulder, as she usually did with boyfriends. She giggled when she felt his erection against her ass. "Now that you've taught literature, what's your favorite book?" Collin asked.

"The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe," she said, "I've loved the Narnia Chronicles since I first read them." "What about the Lord of the Rings?" he asked.

"I like it but not as much," Pamela replied. "I read Narnia the first time in junior high school," she said. Pam continued to smoke, trying to increase the high she was feeling, and so did Collin. "What about you?" she said. "Farewell, My Lovely," he said. "What, Raymond Chandler?" she said. "Yeah, I read it for the first time two years ago, Chandler wrote like the thing he was talking about had never been described before," Collin said.

"Yes, he had a gift for language," she admitted, "I just don't like the sordid quality of those books," she said. Collin began kissing the back and Pam's neck and she laughed again, softly. After about two minutes she stood up and looked down, "Are you ready for your assignment?" she said. Collin stood up next to her, "Yeah." "Well lets go," she said grabbing his hand. She walked in front of him leading towards what he assumed was the bedroom.

He pinched the nice leggy ass that was right in front of him. She laughed again, then the girl turned around and said, "I think you have the right idea." She walked through an open door and began unbuttoning a blouse that was barely on in the first place. He helped her do it, touching on of the pretty jugs. Collin reached in and got a good hot kiss. "Ohhh!


You have exactly the right idea," she said after the fourth kiss. Then Pam turned around, stuck her ass out and ground it into the erection she knew was waiting just for her. The girl leered at him, "As you can see, your assignment is going to involve a certain amount of hands on work." "I can see that," he said, his pulse was really pumping, and his cock was on it's way to peak erection.

He pulled her panties down, and she stepped out of them and he threw them on the bed with some of her other clothes. She quickly pulled the sheets and blanket back, laid down and spread her thighs wide, an open invitation. "You like this," she asked.

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"Yeah!" he said. "I thought you would." His pants were still on, although Pam could see the nice big cock bulging in them. "Get your pants off," she said, "come baby lets go." He pulled his trousers down and took his underwear off and threw it into a chair.

Collin laid down on top of her and she guided him to where she wanted him to go. "Why me?" Collin asked with an odd voice. "Are you kidding," she breathed. "No." "Didn't you feel it, that first day you walked in," Pam said. "Uh yeah!" Collin exclaimed. Pam said, "Wow! I know I did. Here I am, and I'm supposed to teach this stupid class and I'm in a daze." "Yeah," Collin replied. "And every time I look up, you're looking at me!" Pam giggled. "I was not!" Collin protested.

"You liar," Pam said between kisses, "you couldn't take your eyes off me." She jammed her tongue in his mouth as far as it would go. "If I hadn't asked you, you would have asked me in a little bit, it wouldn't have taken very long," Pam said. "I don't think I would have asked a teacher out," Collin said. "Bullshit! You liked what you saw honey," Pam said, "you were thinking about us hooking up right then, I know I was." Pam rolled over on top of him, "Now, I'm going to teach you a lesson for coming on to me." "Really," Collin said.

She got up on top of him and squeezed her hips down hard, riding him and his erection. His cock got further into her sending waves of desire through her body. She kissed him again, "You better not do this again, honey, I may have to punish you.

"Right, I understand." Collin hadn't had the girl on top much, and Pam was giving him a load of affectionate sex that was getting to him big time. He ran his hand through her hair and was able to smell shampoo or something. "What is it I'm not supposed to do again Pam?" Collin asked. "Stare at your teacher and give her those looks," she said. She kissed the side of his neck, then stopped at his ear, then kissed it several times, "Do you see what I mean?" Collin said, "Yes, of course." Collin caressed her back and shoulders, she had nice skin.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed after yet another hot kiss. Collin pulled the hair away from her ear and kissed that. Their necking was going hand in hand with the same rhythm that their fucking had. Collin held her tight in his arms, she felt great. Then she ground away on him again and again, waiting for the hot shot that would soon be hers. "I think I'm gonna go," he said breathing hard. "Yes! Yes, come on," she said loudly.

"Yeah honey, shoot it," she looked down at him. Pam thrust again and felt him shoot wads of cum inside her, a hot flash came over her and she tingled, breathing harder and harder.

She kissed him again, in what seemed like some sort of thank you for the love making sex and he came a bit more. They laid there for a bit, tired by the exertions.

Then: "Was there an actual written extra credit assignment that I'm supposed to do?" Collin asked standing up. Pam stood up too and sighed, her glistening wet pussy a satisfying mix of juice and a mass of cum, a cream pie. She looked at his cock again, it was going down now, spent after shooting so much hot cum into her, he had done good. "You just did the extra credit assignment honey," she replied.

"There's nothing else for me to do?" "I don't care if you hand in anything," Pam said, "extra or otherwise." She came over and took his chin and kissed him, "That was nice." "Yeah, that was great," he said smiling at Pam. "I do want you to keep your mouth shut," she said, "I want to keep my job in East Alton, I could get fired for sleeping with a student, I don't want you bragging to your friends." "Right," he said, "they're all assholes anyway." Pam began putting her clothes back on, beginning with her panties.

Pam said, "I've done this before, and it works, but the key is to be quiet about it." "What do you mean?" Pam laughed, "Fucking a student!

What do you think I mean." Collin said, "I won't tell anybody." "I'm pretty sure that a repeat performance is gonna be in order," Pam said.

"Okay?" she asked. "Sure, that was awesome," Collin said. Pam said, "Sextra credit." "Yeah sextra credit!" Collin replied.