Ambisexual anal enjoyment in superb threesome xxx games

Ambisexual anal enjoyment in superb threesome xxx games
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Deneuralized Pussy Both girls looked up at him in surprise. "A hundred bucks each? What's the catch?" The girls were pretty and young, both roughly 5'6 inches tall with sandy brown hair and dark brown eyes, and wearing identical bikini bathing suits patterned after the rebel flag. "A friend of mine dared me to get wild on my vacation, bet me a grand I couldn't do it, so I intend to win that bet any way I can." One sister looked at the other before responding.

"Are you for real? She asked, hands migrating up to her shapely hips. "Two hundred bucks each and you got a deal." Her twin countered with a wicked grin. "You win your bet and get your ego boost, we get our money." "One fifty and you got a deal." He returned fire, trying to look disinterested.

He glanced down the beach as though looking for someone more reasonable. "Two hundred and we show our tits and our pussies." "Deal." He didn't wait for them to change their minds.

"Okay, where do we do this?" One of the brunettes asked, looking around at the beach and crowd of sunbathers. "Not a lot of good hiding places in Orange Beach." "Yea, and I ain't showing my bits to just anyone." Her sister added.

"How about up there?" He pointed toward a blue condo not far away. "We're not going anywhere with you alone." The more cautious of the two responded quickly, crossing her arms and shaking her head. He noticed a tiny scar on one girls knee and knew it would help to distinguish them later if the need arose. "I checked it out earlier, there is a nice big open air parking garage under it and plenty of room for a quick pic in the shade by the fence." "What do you think?" He let himself admire their matching anatomy while they talked it over.

"He doesn't seem dangerous, and I don't think he's hiding a weapon." The more adventurous gestured toward his tight swim trunks.


"Besides there's two of us and one of him." "And the beach is right here." Her sister nodded slowly in agreement, her breasts jiggling slightly without her knowledge. He wondered just what each of those large breasts weighted, and if one set were larger than the other.

"Okay, we'll do it, but you do anything weird and we're gone." "Right, and no pictures until we see the money." He was glad to get out of the sun. He stepped off the hot sand and onto the cooler rubber mat in the shade of the pavilion that lay just this side of the parking area. Turning to the girls he motioned toward a massive concrete column that supported the three story building and then at the fence that bordered it.

"I'll keep a lookout, but I don't think anyone will see us over there." The girls followed his lead, walking over to the spot and looking around to confirm his theory. "Okay, let's see the money." He reached into a tiny netting pocket just inside his trunks and produced four wrinkled hundred dollar bills, holding them up for the girls to see.

"Half now, half after I take the pictures." The girls exchanged a glance and nodded, each taking a large denomination bill from his outstretched hand. He motioned for them to step closer together before nodding in satisfaction and reaching into his fanny pack for his 'camera'.

"You aren't from around here, are you?" The more cautious girl asked, suddenly concerned. "He already said he wasn't, will you stop worrying. It isn't like he's going to post these on the internet." "What if he does?" "Like someone you know can dial out to the internet, and surfs porn?" Her sister rolled her eyes and dismissed her siblings concerns with a wave of her hand.

"All right, yankee, take your pictures." "Any time you're ready.

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Or should I say y'all?" He asked, earning a dirty look from each of the girls. He lowered his sunglasses onto his nose and snuggled them into place before raising the long, thin camera. "Is that one of those new digital cameras?" One girl asked, reaching up to pull her top down. Her sister bared both breasts with one hand and tugged the front of her bikini bottoms aside with the other.

He didn't fail to notice that she had no tan lines, top or bottom. "Something like that. Say pussy." He clicked the button on the back, blinding both girls instantly with the brilliant flash of light. Both stood there staring at him blank faced as he looked around to be sure no one had spotted them or his prized toy.

What a vacation this has been, he thought as he walked toward his latest acquisitions. "You girls both adore me and will do anything I ask of you. Now, cover yourselves up and follow me quietly to the room, you girls are going to show me a good time this afternoon." The twin brunettes recovered from their stupor, smiling at each other knowingly.

Both followed him closely, still rearranging their bathing suits as he led the way to the elevator. He opened the door to his condo quickly, stepping in and motioning for the girls to follow.

Both did so, staring at him in awestruck fascination. "Head over to the couch and take off your clothes." He instructed, closing and locking the door behind him. His inhibition-less guests did as they were told, shedding both bikini top and bottom dispassionately, letting their garments fall to the floor with total disregard. He felt his erection harden instantly at the sight of the identical twin sisters standing in his rented living room, entirely nude and at his every beck and call.

"Turn around slowly for me, I want to get a look at you." Both did so, and his mouth dropped open as they made a full circle. He tried to decide if their breasts were larger than a D cup, but his mind was almost as numb as theirs, albeit for different reasons. "What can we do for you, sugar?" One of them asked finally, running her hands down her sides as though smoothing a dress. "Yea, darlin', we'll do any O'le thing you ask." He took a moment to recover somewhat before responding.

"What's your name?" He asked, pointing to the girl with the small scar on her knee. "Jo."?" "Jo?" "Joanna, most people call me Jo for short. You can call me Jo if you want." "And you?" "Billi." "Billi? I like that. Billi, why don't you come over here and sit down next to me on the couch. You too, Jo, on this side." He walked to sit down, shucking his swim trunks, which was made more difficult by the size of his erection.

Both girls joined him, leaning close and making eyes at him like infatuated school girls. He thought a moment longer before saying anything else, giving them time to begin rubbing his arm and running their fingers through his hair.

Both seemed delighted with the size of his penis, exchanging suggestive glances as they sidled up to him. "Either one of you girls ever masturbate?" He asked.

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"Sure," Jo shrugged, "Not as much fun as sex but it'll get you through a night in an empty bed." "Yea," Billi added, "I can't suck my own tits, you wanna see?" "As a matter of fact, I do. Matter of fact, why don't the two of you masturbate for me, right now." He had only to ask. Billi leaned back, eyes closed and lifted her left breast to her lips, holding it there with her left hand while she sucked the nipple deeply into her mouth. Her other hand found its way to her vagina and she began stroking herself slowly.

Jo immediately grasped her nipples and began twisting them the way you would a radio dial that was far off station. Both girls began making small sounds of pleasure, leaving him to admire first one and then the other of them.

"Either one of you girls ever give head before?" He inquired, earning distracted nods from the pair. "Billi, go ahead and give yourself an orgasm, Jo, why don't you show me how you southern girls suck a cock?" Billi leaned back further into the couch, legs spread, both hands working her pussy into a wet frenzy, one hands venturing up to her breasts on occasion.

Jo leaned over and threw herself wholeheartedly into the blow job, moaning as she sucked on the large head of his penis and worked a reddened, stiff nipple at the same time. He closed his eyes, leaning back against the back of the couch as his southern delight massaged his member with her tongue and jaws with a practiced hand.

"Okay, Billi it's your turn to do a little snake charming." Jo pulled away with a dark look on her face causing him to add, "And Jo, keep working on your orgasm." If anything what Billi lacked for skill she made up for in enthusiasm, squeezing his shaft and working his balls between her fingers almost painfully.

"Trade off." The tag team blow job went on for a couple more minutes before he decided he had better back them off if he was going to stand a chance of shooting his load in a pussy, instead of a mouth. "All right girls, now Billi I want you to lie down on your back, and Jo I want you on top of her, like lovers missionary style." The twins complied without question, giving him an excellent view of their warmed pussies, their neatly trimmed air soaked with their arousal. He let out a relaxing breath, knowing he would have to pace himself in order to make it to his goal.

"Now kiss, and rub each others nipples. Give each other an orgasm the way you would give yourself one." Jo began to kiss Billi passionately, her tongue reaching into her sisters mouth to tease even while her fingers tugged at the large breasts beneath her.

Billi took a nipple in each hand, one hers, one her twins and began working them in tandem. Jo reached up and began pulling her other nipple, then pinched it and began rubbing it against her sisters unoccupied breast.

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Both girls were moaning and trembling as they carried out his wishes, moving steadily toward powerful orgasms of their own.

He straddled Billi's quivering legs, steadying Jo's bobbing ass long enough to touch the head of his swollen penis to her saturated labia.

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Jo pushed back against his member immediately, bathing his shaft in the warm folds of skin that instantly accommodated his erection. He pulled back, smiling at her reaction as her trembling pelvis tried to follow.

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He slapped her ass hard, causing her to stop kissing her sister just long enough to cry out in pain. "Shut up," He ordered, "Fuck your sister. Harder." He plunged his penis into her vagina hard, bottoming out in her petite pussy. Grabbing hold of her rapidly retreating ass he jerked her toward him, repeating his thrust harder, and then harder still.

She cried out again, but didn't slow her torrent of kisses on her sibling. Pulling out he pushed her down onto her sister bodily so that the two were lying directly on top of each other. Pushing Billi's legs apart he shoved Jo's ass just far enough out of the way to get his penis into her sisters pussy. Billi gasped at the welcome intrusion, legs parting even farther. Jo doubled her efforts at the encouraging sound and suddenly Billi was jerking with a powerful orgasm at the bottom of the pile.

He waited until she was moaning in afterglow before pulling out and thrusting back into Jo. Jo reacted immediately, bouncing her hips against the front of his pelvis in elated retaliation, very near orgasm herself. He reached down, grabbing both of her breasts and jerking on her very hard nipples as hard as he could.


"That hurts." She gasped, back arching, toes curling up as her desire hit critical mass. "Shut up, you know you are loving every minute of it you fucking hoe." He replied through clenched teeth, feeling her hips begin to quiver uncontrollably. Not holding back anymore he let his own orgasm come, pulling her to him as he ejaculated a full load into her welcoming insides. They both relaxed, rolling off of the softly moaning Billi, coming to rest alongside her on the carpet.

He closed his eyes in ecstasy induced delirium, pulling out only when his erection had completely relaxed. Both girls moaned and giggled back and forth and he listened in satisfaction to their comments. "Okay, pussies, time to get your little cunts cleaned up. Go take a shower together, shave your pussies clean and come back and see me after my nap, I have more festivities planned for you two sluts." "Yes, sir." Billi breathed, already on her knees, using the coffee table to help her up.

"Yes, master, cunt." He corrected, enjoying his latest following. "Yes, master." Both girls replied in unison.