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The first week of living together went great, Zac and I were madly in love with each other, and our love continued to grow with each passing day. Since I finished school and moved in with Zac I had gotten a job at a nearby restaurant, as a waiter, as did Zac, we picked up many hour's and were making a lot of money, at times Darren and Sarah would come and eat at the restaurant, just too make fun of me, but to also eat. After about five month's of saving, both Zac and I had saved over five thousand dollars together, and we were so excited, we had spoken about what to do with the money, but never really got to a conclusion on any of our suggestions, one night after both Zac and I had finished a split shift we came home and had a serious talk about what we wanted to do with the money, "How about a new car" Zac suggested.

"Nahh, there's not much point, everywhere we need to go is within walking distance" I told him. We sat on the couch for a little while longer batting around ideas', but nothing was worth the money, "You know what I've always wanted to do?" He asked, snickering.

"No, what's that babe?" I asked, intrigued. "I've always wanted to go stay in one of those huge castle's, on the shores of France, where we could just lay down on the balcony looking up at a full moon, drinking champagne, and just hold each other all night lo-" I stopped him with a kiss before he could finish, what he was saying was so romantic, and was turning me on, I began massaging his tongue with mine and rubbing up his thigh gently with my hand, I reached his pants and began to unbutton them, when he grabbed me and pulled me up and dragged me too the room as he grinned.

We got into our room and shut the door, I unbuttoned the rest of his pants and his shirt, I then took off my shirt and pants so we were both in just our briefs, I layed there next to him kissing his soft neck, I moved up to his ear and began sucking on his ear lobe, I quietly whispered into his ear "I want you too fuck me, now", he immediately complied, he went down to my briefs and quickly slid them off, he began sucking my semi hard cock, to get me even hornier, he licked up and down my shaft and then completely engulfed my entire cock, it hit the back of his throat and I could feel him gag, "I want it now, go" I told him.

"Okay" he said as he flipped me over and began rimming me, he darted his tongue in and out of my asshole as I screamed with pleasure, he grabbed a condom and put it on as he spat in my asshole, he lined his cock up with my ass and pushed in slowly, the feeling was unbelievable, I was in heaven, he pushed in all the way and my pleasure grew and grew even more when he began to thrust, "Faster, faster" I screamed in pleasure to him, he began thrusting even harder and the feeling was making me go over the top, I knew I was about to reach climax, yet he continued and with the next thrust he went deep inside me as I began to unload all over our sheets, rope after rope came out and I screamed in ecstasy, my cock had hardly been touched and I was unloading everywhere, it was the most intense feeling I had ever had, as soon as I finished unloading, Zac screamed from behind me, "Ahhhh, ohhh, Ben .

I'm about to cum, ahhh". "Do it, inside me" I screamed. Zac pulled out of my ass and took off the condom and threw it, he pushed his cock back inside me and the feeling was even better then before, he began to thrust again, even harder, he began to quiver and with one last thrust deep inside of me he began to unload, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine ropes of his cum went deep inside me and I could feel it, it was warm and some what sticky, it was amazing, I loved it, he pulled out of me and began licking me asshole again as I felt his sweet, sweet cum oooze out of me, he licked up all of his own cum until I was completely clean, I turned over and looked at him, he was smiling, "My turn" I told him with a smug look.

"Mmmmm, yeah baby" He said as my cock grew hard again, he moved over so that he was straddling my chest and began kissing my neck, he got up and began sucking my cock, getting it all lubricated, he stopped sucking and moved back up to stradle me, he got up and slowly lowered himself on to me, then in one huge motion slammed onto my cock as we both screamed "Ahhhhhhh", at the same time.

"Mmmmm, god that feels good" I moaned to him. "Ohhhh, fuck yeah . Fuck me, Ben" He screamed. I began to thrust slowly inside him, it was pure pleasure, he began to jack his own cock as I thrusted deep inside him, "Oh baby, god dam .

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Harder, fuck me harder" He screamed. I slammed inside him harder as he jacked himself harder, he screamed louder and louder, and I knew he was reaching climax, he jacked his cock one more time and blew all over me, on my face, then my chest all the way down to my stomach and then the rest trickled down his cock, and with that I was sent over the edge, I blew my load all the way up his ass, he collapsed on top of me and then rolled over, I kissed him passionately on the lips and said, "You are just too perfect", he smiled at me and kissed me on the forehead.

"So, have we agreed on France" He asked me as he snicked. "Mmmm, yep ." I said as I rubbed his chest. The next morning rose, and I was so happy, I just couldn't stop smiling. Zac and I had finally decided on what to do with the money, we told everyone what we had planned and we began packing immediately, Zac had ordered our tickets online, so we could save some more money, I had planned basically the whole trip, what we were doing and where we were staying, I found the most beautiful place to stay, and it was almost exactly the one Zac had explained to me, we were planning on leaving the next morning, it was kind of soon, but the trip was spontaneous, Zac and I went over everything several times, making sure we had everything, making sure we knew where to go and I even tried to learn a little french, in case we got lost.

We had everything planned, and now all we had to do was wait, and count down those hours until we were in France together. We had asked Darren to drive us to the airport, so we could save money on a taxi and so we didn't have to leave our car at the airport.

We arrived at the airport and Darren took us in, our plane was about to depart in about twenty minutes of us arriving, we quickly ran to the terminal and waved Darren goodbye as we were entering, "Have a good trip guys" Darren yelled from behind the rope. "Thanks mate, we'll see you soon, okay" I yelled back to him, he waved to us again. Zac and I boarded the plane and quickly found our seats and sat down, we were ready for our very long trip, Zac and I were seated in the back in a two seater, hardly anyone was there, I sat there looking out the window at the people bellow when Zac asked, "Are you okay, baby".

"Yeah, I'm fine" I replied, wiping my hands on my jeans. "Okay, good, I thought you were having second thoughts about the trip" He said, whiling grabbing my hand.


"No, no, no, no, I want this more than anything" I reassured him. "Good, I'm glad" He said whilst rubbing my thigh. I began to get a little hard when he was rubbing me, and Zac soon saw it, the plane had began to take off and we were in the air, the seatbelt sign had turned off and Zac undid his, he was still rubbing my thigh and my cock grew ever harder, "Hey, I have to go to the bathroom" Zac said as he winked at me.

"Urmm, okay" I replied, looking all confused. "I might be a little while" He told me in an unfamiliar tone. "Okay, is there something wrong babe" I asked confused by his tones and gestures. "God babe, you really don't get it, do you?" He told me sarcastically. "Get what?" I asked him, really confused now. "I can see whats' in your pants, lets go take care of that, together".

I had suddenly clicked at what he was hinting at, "Ohhh, god . Urm, on a plane, really? . Do you want to" I asked, now knowing what he had been talking about this entire time, "Well, I noticed it, and I really don't want to let a good hard on to go to waste babe, so lets go do it, in the bathroom" He laughed. "Urmm, okay, quick lets go" I told him as I undid my seatbelt and rushed with him to the bathroom.

Zac and I quickly rushed towards the bathroom, we got in without anyone seeing us and we quickly locked the door, I took of his shirt and grabbed his ass tight as I pulled him towards me, I rubbed my hands all of his back and chest as I was beginning to kiss his neck, he rolled his head back and let out a soft moan, my hands began to wonder down to his belt and rub his now throbbing cock, when he grabbed them and pulled them up to his face, "Don't forget why were here" He exclaimed.

"Urmm, to have sex babe" I told him now confused. "Yeah babe, but to take care of your hard on first" He said as he began to laugh. "Your to perfect Zac, how did I ever get a guy like you, I love you" I told him, now more horny then ever. "Awww, babe, I'm the lucky one, to have a sweet, loving, gentle and gorgeous boyfriend like you, I love you too" He said as he moved in for a long kiss, he reached my lips and pressed against them hard, his lips were so perfect and soft, with the right amount of moisture, his tongue went into mine and began massaging it, the kiss went on for what felt like ages and every second was pure heavenly pleasure, he finally broke the kiss, "Aww, I was enjoying that" I whimpered to him.

"But I want to take care of something else" He said as he looked down at my hard on, that looked like it was about to explode out of my pants. I just smiled at him, he took off my shirt and undid my belt and began to unbutton my pants, he started to kiss down my chest and down to my nipples, he nibbled on each one gently, because he knew that's what turned me on, I let out a soft moan and exhaled as he worked his way down my chest until he reached my pants, he slid them down and nibbled on the outside of my briefs, his hot breath was sending me over the edge, I felt like I was about to explode right then and there, he slid down my briefs and my throbbing cock was finally released, it felt so good, he grabbed the base of my cock and began to jack to it, I moaned over and over again, it felt so good, he moved up and engulfed my entire cock with ease, he had my cock deep down inside his throat, I moaned louder and louder as my pleasure grew, but I knew I had to keep my moans down as there were people right outside, he continued to suck my cock for what felt like twenty minutes before I felt a tingling senseation in my balls, I knew what was about to happen, and I screamed it to him, "Ahhhhh, I'm gonna cum, now", soft moans was all that could escape his mouth, and with out doubt I blew, I could feel every rope of cum hit the back of his throat, he swallowed it completly, and sucked the rest right out of my cock, he pulled back up my briefs and did my clothes back up, and we made sure each other looked okay before we left the bathroom.

We soon arrived in the heart of Paris, we got a taxi and instructed him on where to take us, it was quite a whiles drive but the place where we were staying was well worth it, we soon arrived at the hotel, I stepped out of the car and it was more beautiful then the pictures, Zac walked up behind me and put his arm around me, "It's amazing, and so are you" He said sweetly. "Awwwww, thank-you baby" I replied. "Shall we go in babe" He asked as he grabbed my hand softly.

"Yeah, let's" I replied as I gave him a quick peck on the cheek. We walked into a grand hall and stood there stunned, the inside of the castle was better then the outside, we went and checked in and got our room key, and I began to walk to the the elevator, when I noticed that Zac was still at the front desk, speaking with what looked to be the manager, he quickly raced up to me when he saw me looking back at him, "What was that about" I asked cautiously.

"Oh, nothing, just cheecking with him about something" He replied, raising more questions then answers. "And what might that be" I asked. "Nothing babe, it doesnt matter" He said, reassuring me. "Okay what ever" I sneered back at him as we reached our room. I unlocked the door and opened it, and stood there in complete shock, rose petals lining the floor and the bed, candles lit, all over the room, and the sweet smell of strawberries and chocolate covered the room, "Oh my god" The only words that I could russle up.

"Do you like it" Zac replied, as he walked in smiling. "I absolutly love it, this is perfect" I told him, so moved by his romantic actions.

"Good, I was hoping you would, just a little thank-you" He told me with a little wink. "Thank-you for what babe" I asked him. "For being the best boyfriend in the entire world" He told me as he moved in for a kiss. I was so touched by what he had done, I put down my bags and moved towards the bed, I turned around and winked as Zac, and he knew what I wanted, he immediatly dropped his bags and rushed over to the bed, I layed there on the bed of rose petals gently rubbing my cock as it became fully erect, he took of all of his clothing until he was standing there in his briefs, I motioned him to come over onto the bed and he complied, I turned over and reached the strawberries, I dipped one in chocolate and moved it to his mouth, he ate it as some chocolate dribbled down his face, I moved over and licked the little bit of chocolate off of his lips and then he moved closer and we began to make out furiously, when there was a knock at the door and I jumped slightly, "Don't worry about it babe, I just ordered some champagne" He told me as I calmed down a bit.

"Oh, okay, your so sweet" I told him as I pulled him in for a kiss and then motioned to get the door. "Thank-you, why don't you get undressed babe" He winked to me. "Oookay" I told him as I took off my pants. Zac answered the door and to my surprize it was a very young and attractive guy, he was about 6 ft., had short blond hair, sky blue eyes, and what looked to be a very smooth face, and from what I could see, he also had a very defined six pack, he stood there staring at me over on the bed and then averted his gaze to Zac, "Oh, I'm sorry, it's just ." He began to tell in fluient english, but studdered to find words.

"It's okay, we get it quite a bit" Zac laughed.

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"Oh, your champagne" He said, snapping back to attention. "Thank-you" Zac told him, whilst slipping him a tip. The young man just stood there for a while before leaving, Zac closed the door and walked over to the bed snickering, "Mmm, now where were we" He asked with a grin.

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"Urmmmmm, just about her-" I was interupted by the knocking of the door again, I motioned Zac to the door again and he complied, it was the young man again, "Oh, hi, was there something wrong" Zac asked confused. "No, urmm, I just wanted to, urmm, apologize properly, for just before" He told us, looking back and forth between us. "It's okay, really, we get it a lot, Ben and I really arnt bothered by it anymore" Zac told him as I nodded. "Oh, good . It was just, you two are both really attractive, and it was just stupid of me to stand there and stare" He said, getting kind of worked up.

"Oh, thank-you" Zac told him as he looked back at me and raised his eyebrows, I knew exactly what he wanted, and I simply winked and smiled. "Would you like to come in for a quick drink, you look really flustured" Zac smiled to him. "Ahhh, sure . Thank's" He replied. He moved into the room and Zac moved back over to me, and motioned the young man to come sit between us, "My names' Zac, and this is my boyfriend, Ben" He introduced as I smiled.

"Hi, I'm Andjre" He smiled, "Soooo, what were you guys doing before I interupted" He continued smiling. "Well .

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Ben was just getting ready to suck me off" Zac laughed, me just sitting there glaring at him, and he thought he would be in trouble. "Excuse me, screw that, your doing me first this time" I joked back to lighten the mood.

Andjre looked down at his pants as did Zac and I, he was becoming hard, "Sorry, sorry, sorry" He pleaded as he reached down th cover it up. "It's fine, really" Zac told him, grabbing his hand before it reached his cock. "Yeah, don't worry about it" I smiled while squezzing his thigh gently.

Andjre smiled back, at the both of us, as Zac and I leaned in to kiss each other, Andjre was becoming more comfortable now, both Zac and I stood up and began to undress Andjre, he didn't attempt to stop us, we were all now just in our briefs', as I slowly slipped mine off and moved over to Andjre and moved in to kiss him, his lips were soft, and he sure knew how to kiss, his tongue was beginning to make me more horny, I looked over and saw Zac standing there, completly naked, and slowly playing with himself, he moved in and began to slowly run his finger down Andjre's body, until he reached his briefs, where he slid them off, to reaveal his 7.5 inch, hard cock, Zac moved down to it slowly whilst I resumed kissing Andjre as he rubbed my cock, Zac licked the top of Andjre dick, as pre cum oozed out, he moaned softly, Zac had engulfed his cock fully and was attacking it with his tongue, hard, I slipped of my briefs' and asked Andjre, "Do you want to fuck me".

"Hell yeah" He said as he kissed me again, Zac moved off of Andjre and I positioned myself on the bed, to recieve Andjre's big, juicy cock, he lined his cock up to my ass and probed it around my hole for a while, before starting to push it in, I moaned loudly into the pillow as Zac climbed onto the bed and layed right infront of me, with his hard cock pointing up to me, I moved down and began taking most of his cock in my mouth, I was in heaven, I had a hot guy fucking my tight ass, and my hot boyfriends' giant cock in my mouth, Andjre began to thrust faster and faster, and I screamed, louder and louder, though my screams were muffled as I gaged on Zac's cock, I moved down to his balls and took both in my mouth, as I licked and sucked them hard, Zac was moaning loudly, as was Andjre, my body felt like it was pure pleasure it's self, and it was just to much for me to handle, I stuck my head up and screamed as I unloaded all over the sheets, I had never seen my load that huge before, that must have done it for Andjre, with one last thrust he unloaded in my ass, his hot sweet cum lining the insides of my ass hole, it was becoming a chain reaction when Zac erupted, he unloaded eight spurts of cum, each one covering my face, until it was completely covered, Andjre collapsed on me, and I collapsed on Zac, we all layed there, panting hard, myself completly covered in cum, in and outside, I could feel Andjre's cum oozee out of my ass, as Zac's trickled down my face, "God dam it, now I have to go take a long shower, care too join me, you two" I winked to them.

"Nahh, I better not, I better get back to work, they must be wondering where I am by now" Andjre told us. "Awwwww, that's to bad" Zac said, as there was a knock at the door, once again, both Andjre and I moved around the corner, still naked, as Zac put on his brief's and answered, "Excuse me, so sorry to bother you, but I was just looking for a member of my staff, Andjre, he was last regesterd as delevering champagne to your room" The duty manager asked.

"Ohh, urmmmm, right, yes, we recieved the champagne but, then he left" Zac lied to him. "Oh I see, so sorry to disturb you, thank-you" He said. "Yeah, no problem" Zac said, closing the door. "I told you" Andjre snickered, "I really should go now" He said, whilst picking up his clothes.

"Alright, thanks for the great time" I winked to him. "Yeah, come back any time" Zac told him as he lightly slapped his ass. Our days in Paris began to dwindle in number, the days must have been going quicker with all the excitment Zac and I were having, visiting the sites, shopping, and just your general tourist stuff, it wasn't until the last night, before we had to go home that the sparks really flew, we were both back in our hotel room, just laying around in our brief's, "Soo, quiet night in the hotel, before we have to go back" I questioned Zac.

"Mmmm, nope, were going to go out" He replied. "Oh, and where exactly might we be going" I asked, intrigued. "I don't know yet, but were going out" He answered. "Okay, so what kind of clothes should I wear?" I asked. "Something nice, very nice" He told me, now raising my questions of where were going even higher. I had done what I was told, and was wearing "very nice" clothes, as Zac put it, I fix up my hair, and raced downstairs where Zac was waiting out the front, I exited the door, and was blown away, there, at the end of the red carpet was Zac, wearing a tuxedo, with a one red rose in his hand, and was standing infront of a a limozine, he looked so gorgeous, which made me look some what crappy compared to him, I moved towards him, and was about to ask where we are going, but he stopped me, he pressed his finger against my lips, and handed me the rose as he said "Let's just go".

We sat in silence for most of the ride, not wanting to spoil the moment, we had arrived, yet I still did not know where we were, I stepped out and finially realized where we were, "The Eifell tower, we've already been here babe" I laughed.

"Yeah, we have, but just come with me" He said as he pulled my hand to come with him. We were coming near the center of the bottom of the Eiffell tower, as I saw candles lit, and began to hear the sweet, soft sounds of a violinist playing, I began to smile as he looked back at me, it was beautiful, just as romantic as what he had done our first day here, it was a candle lit dinner, for two, roses on the table and a bottle of champagne, he pulled out my chair and was about to seat himself, when I pulled him back, and our lips meet, his were so soft and got softer as the kiss went on, long and passionate, our kiss was, "I love you" I told him.

"I love you too" He told me back.


We sat down and the waiter had come, Zac had prepared everything, and it was simply perfect, no minor imperfections, nothing was wrong, and nothing could ever go wrong, we began to eat, and we spoke, about everything, the night felt like it could go on for ever, and it felt like it did, we sat speaking long into the night and feeding each other our desserts, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night.

We had finally finished our dinner, it was late, but I wanted this night to go on forever, I took his hand and slowly began to walk, "Where are we going, babe" He asked. "You'll see" I told him as I smirked. I dragged him back to the limozine and opened the door, "Hop in" I told him, and he complied, I jumped in after him, and grabbed him by the collar, "God, I love you" I told him as I pulled him in for another long kiss, we sat there kissing, for a while before I began to unbutton his shirt, all the while not wanting to break our kiss, I took off his shirt and moved to his belt and pants, I quickly removed them until he was just wearing his briefs, I finally broke our kiss and began kissing down his neck, he threw back his head and let out a soft moan of pleasure, I moved my way slowly to his nipples and nibbled on each one lightly before licking my way down to his briefs, I kneeled there for a while, just nibbling on the out side of his briefs, sending shivers up his spine, I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted his cock so bad, I ripped off his briefs, and took his ever growing cock in my hand, I began to slowly jack him off, slightly licking the head of his cock as precum trickled out, I took half of his cock in my mouth, as I played with his balls gently, I licked my way up and down his shaft, getting every bit wet with my saliva, I wanted him to be ready for what was coming next, he was now completly wet, I moved up on him, kissing my way back up, I unbuttoned my shirt and took off my pants and briefs, and was completly naked as well, I got on top of him and moved in for another kiss, as I slowly lowered myself onto him, I started to go slow, and then in one big motion, slammed myself right down to the base of his shaft as we both screamed in pleasure, "Oh god, Ben, ahhhh, that feels sooo good" He screamed, he began to thrust up, as I pushed myself down on him, with each thrust going deeper and deeper inside me, making my body go numb from pleasure, he grabbed my rock hard cock which was jabbing him in the chest and began jacking it, faster and faster, in rythm with his thrust, my body was now completely numb as he continued thrusting inside me, my body began shiver all over in excitment, the feeling was becoming intense and my cock began to twitch as he was still jacking it, "God Zac, I'm gonna cum" I screamed to him as he continued thrusting, filling my ass with his huge cock, and with the next thrust I erupted, sending rope after rope of my cum onto him, hitting his face, his chest, his stomach and the last few spurts oozing onto his hand, and continued thrusting in me as he lifted his hand and wiped up all my cum and ate it, I grabbed a hold of his body and just felt him as he kept thrusting, I had a hold of his waist as I felt his entire twitch and quiver, he grabbed a hold of my ass cheeks and squezzed them tight, and with out warning began to unload his massive load in my ass, spurt after spurt filling my ass, it was warm and sticky, it felt amazing, I collasped on his chest, exguasted, "I love you so much Ben" He told me as we lay there together, panting for breath.

"I . Love . You . Too . Zac" I told him as I continued panting for breath. It was truly the perfect ending, to the perfect trip, when we woke up the next morning we were already ready to leave, as we packed the night before, I really didn't want to leave, as this trip was the best one I had ever had, but all things must come to an end, we were all set to leave, we had everything and were on our way, we caught a taxi back to the airport and boarded, we were ready for another long exguasting trip, this trip, unlike the last was not full of sex, both Zac and I were still pretty exguasted from what had happened the night before, so we decided not to.

The trip was long and exguasting, but we had finally made it home, Darren had picked us up as he said he would, he was waiting behind the velvet rope, but hoped over the moment he saw us, and Darren and I moved in for a long hug, as if we hadn't seen each other for years, "Whoooooa, forget whose boyfriend he is" Zac joked to Darren.

"Yeah, sorry mate" Darren replied as he moved in for a smaller hug with Zac. "So how was the trip you guys" Darren asked. "Freaking awesome" I replied as I gave Zac a peck on the cheek.

"Yeah, it was preety sweet" Zac added. "Good, good" Darren replied. We drove home preety much in silence, Darren the one not saying much though, we almost home, about twenty miniutes away, when Darren just began crying, "Darren, man, what's wrong?" I asked, really concerned. "Nothing, I'm sorry" He replied. "No, no . There is defenitly something wrong, what is it" I said as I place my hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, you will see when we get home" He replied. We finally had arrived home, there was a moving truck out the from, and men taking Sarah's things into it, both Zac and I sat there, in complete astonishment, "What happened Darren? . Why is Sarah moving out?" I questioned.

"Her ex came back, and told her that he still loved her, and she said, that she realised that she loves him too" Darren told us, as he began to cry heavier, Zac and I both walked over to Sarah to see what she had to say about this, "Hey guys, sorry about this, I was gonna try and be out of here before you guys came home" Sarah told us. "Ahhhhh, these must be the two faggots you live with, babe" An unfamiliar voice said behind us, Zac's head had quickly spun around, as he really hated that word and became furious really fast, it was Sarah's ex boyfriend, coming out of our house.

"What the fuck were you doing in there" Zac snapped at him. "Just checking out ya fag pad" He smirked back. "Shut up" Zac barked at him, as he stepped closer toward him, ready to hit him.

"Go on faggot, hit me, see what happens" Sarah's ex taunted. Zac clenched his fist and grabbed Sarah's ex by the collar. "Zac, no, he isnt worth it, leave it" I yelled as I stepped closer to them, holding Zac's hand and pulling it down, as I lowered Zac's hand for him he began to calm down, with that I saw something move in the corner of my eye, as I turned back I was struck, Sarah's ex had swung, and insted of hiting Zac he had hit me, I fell to the ground, my cheek bone hurting like hell, I turned back around to see Darren standing beside me, helping me up, and Zac now with his hand around Sarah's ex's throat, "You fucking hit my boyfriend" Zac shouted, "Now your really gonna feel it", and with that Zac clenched his fist and pulled back his arm, and before I could say anything, he had swung, hitting him right in the centre of the face, causing him to fall, Zac ran over to my aid, helping Darren pick me up, the slowly walked me inside as I looked back to see Sarah next to him, trying to wake him up, Zac got me some ice and I quickly put it on, "Are you okay babe, let me take a proper look at it" Zac asked as I slowly lowered my hand and the ice.

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"Wow man, does it hurt" Darren asked me. "Geeeee, urrmmmmm, guess" I said sarcastically. "Okay, okay, I was just asking" He told me. "Are they gone yet?" I asked, Darren went over to the window and peered out. "Yeah, their leaving now" He told us. "Good, son of a bitch . Hope you didn't kill him though Zac" I joked, to make it look as if I were okay. I woke up the next morning with my face still hurting pretty bad, I went to bed early to see if the pain would go away, but obviously it hadn't, all of mine and Zac's stuff were already put away, he must have done it while we slept, I went out into the lounge room and just sat for a while until Zac had come out, already dressed, he said he had some errunds to run today, and that he should be back later on tonight, I spent the whole day practically on the couch with a sore face.

It was late at night when Zac had come home, I was laying in bed watching t.v when he walked in, "Hey babe" I said, and he simply grunted, "Can you sit down, I really need to talk to you" I asked him. "Okay, what over" He questioned.

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"Yesterday I saw a side of you I didn't like, you don't usually have one but when you get upset or angry you have a real bad temper" I told him catiously.

"WHAT, I do not" He shouted at me. "That guy yesterday, he hit you, and I was just giving him what he deserved". "Seeing you hit him hurt me even more then actions ever could" I told him, trying to keep from getting angry myself, Zac stood up and began to get real worked up. "I was simply defending you, fine, next time I wont help you" He began to shout.

"You didn't have to hit him in order to defend me" I shouted back. "Are you fucking kidding me" He screamed as he grabbed my arm tight and pulled me up with me. "Owwww, Zac, stop it, your hurting me" I pleaded with him. "Oh, are we going to have to have a fucking talk about this as well" Zac asked as he threw my arm back, hitting the glass that was behind me, it shattered as I hit it, several pieces becoming stuck in my arm, cause it to bleed uncontrollably, I feel to the floor, glass pieces covering my arm, at that point the door swung open, I turned back to see Darren as tears began to roll down my face, "Ben, are you okay, what did you do Zac" Darren shouted to him.

"Nothing, it was an accedent, it was his own fucking fault" Zac shouted back, Zac grabbed his keys and walked out the front door, slamming it on his way out, Darren took me to the bathroom and got a first aid kit, he took out all the pieces of glass, then cleaned it and badged my arm, Zac had come back home an hour later, Darren was in bed, as I was laying down in bed, but not asleep, the door opened and I rolled over, "What are you doing back here" I questioned as Zac walked in.

"I just came back to get a few things, then I'll fucking leave again" He told me, I quickly jumped out of bed. "No, this can't be it, it's not ending like this" I pleaded with him. "Well how is it suppose to end Ben, we both knew it had to come crashing down sometime" He told me as he put his some things in a bag. "I'll be back to get the rest of my things later, I'm sorry" He said as he threw his bag on the ground. "No, I don't want it to end like this, it can't, noo" I whimpered to him.

"Well what is suppose to happen Ben, after tonight, this is exactly what happened with my ex" He began to raise his voice. "Well I'm not your ex, am I" I shouted back to him. "No, your not, but this is exactly what happened last time, and I'm sorry Ben, but I just can't do this again" He now began to cry. "It just got complecated, and we had a small argumment about my temper, and things just got a little out of hand, like it did tonight, I'm sorry Ben, but I just can't do this again, bye" Zac left the room, he went out the front door, and shut it behind him, I collapsed on the wall and sank down to the ground slowly, as I began to cry uncontrollably, Darren had obviously heard me and he rushed in, "Ben, what is it, what's wrong?" He asked.

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"It finally crashed, it all came crashing down" I told him, trying to stop crying. "It's over between Zac and me, he just ended it" I continued crying into Darren's shoulder, "Zac was the one person I had ever truly loved, the person I thought I would spend the rest of my life with, but it hadn't been" I continued crying into Darren's shoulder, I cried long into the night, with Darren there beside me, holding me in his arms, rocking me back and forth as I continued crying, I guessed he was the only one I could truly trust that would be there for me when I needed someone and to be there for me when I needed help, through thick and thin, and he would never dream of ever leaving me .