The Webcam Turnover Adria Rae And Cara Stone

The Webcam Turnover Adria Rae And Cara Stone
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(Recommend reading the first parts to get the whole story) There is no other way to explain the last visit to Garys house than to say thathe rocked my world! That night is still memorable! After that night we met a few times, but not as often as we both became busy.

We chatted and talked here and there but could not make the time to meet! Frustration started to build you could tell between us both. I would say I started putting more pressure on him :) because I wanted to pay him another visit, but our schedules were just to crazy.

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One day I let him know I would more than likely be by his place the next day. He advised me to call him and see what his schedule was like. I made it a point to get to this area early, knowing he was gonna be working from home.

When I got to the area, I called and he answered. I was a little busy but he definitely sounded busy.


He told me he was waiting for a conference call, but that I could go over! When I got there, He answered the door, in some shorts and a muscle shirt.

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Looked like he was just relaxing at home. He invited me in and we hugged. We briefly chatted and he apologized for not being able to match the schedules, I told him I understood and sat down.


I had been working for a little that day, so I asked him if I could clean up. He said sure, then his phone rang. He said it was his conference call and told me "you know where everything is, go ahead and clean up in my room!" His room was just one big room, no door or anything for his shower.

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Only door was the main door into the room, and toilet room, everything else was in the open! I decided to leave the main room door open and jumped into the shower!! As I showered, I got that someone is watching me feeling!

After a little bit, I took a peak towards the door way, and there was gary on his phone but just watching me through the shower glass! He noticed that I noticed him, so he tried to act like he wasnt looking, but I quickly acted like I didnt notice him and continued with my shower! This time I purposely tried to make it more exciting! I bent over more than I should ofand when I soaped up my cock and ass, I made sure I stroked the area nicely so he could see! The whole time he stood at the door way!

Then I shut off the water, and I noticed him walk away from the doorway. I grabbed my towel and jumped out. He had a nice big restroom area, all carpeted! I dried off in front of his mirror. Checking myself out offcourse, was completely nude and very hard!! As I was finishing up drying off, Gary walked in from behind me!! He stood behind and reached around with both hands.made me drop the towel and went straight for my cock with both hands! He whispered in my ear "So you been wanting this huh?" .

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I whispered back "YES". He roughly took one hand back and squeezed my ass hard. Then he quickly began to pull off his shorts and pulled off his muscle shirt.

As he was pulling his shirt over his head.i gently pushed him up against the wall and dropped down to my knees and took his cock right into my mouth and began sucking on his dick like I had been doing this for a long time!


He gasped and moaned and grunted "oh yeah". He didnt let me suck his dick for too long. Within a few minutes he pulled me up and bent me over the sink, again a little roughly! There was no teasing, no prepping, no lube.he used my saliva on his cock as the lube.and quickly aimed and pushed hard into my male pussy hole!

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He gripped onto me hard, I grunted in pain as he shoved his cock as deep as he could and held it there!!! I think he noticed I was in pain, so he just gripped me until I finally relaxed!! My fast breathing and painful moaning slowly went away!!! He held me bent over his sink.and slowly started to work my ass!!! Then he started to speed up!!! Then my moaning began!! At this time, Gary now knew that I was now liking the feeling!!

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"Is this what you wanted" Gary gasped out as he began to push harder into me!! "Yes" I replied how I could. Once I gathered myself, and got comfortable, I seen the beautiful view!! Gary had a big mirror in his restroom, and the view I had was a side view.Of me being bent over his sink and this older white handsome well fit male behind me thrusting his hips into me!!

The sound of slapping got louder! The view of my ass cheeks bouncing and being pushed into me and being smashed at the same time of feeling and seeing his cock penetrating me.Words can not explain that moment!

Was just HOT!!! I did all I could to make sure I looked as hot and as sexy as possible by using the mirror!! I think he noticed, because he started digging as deep as he could!! I knew, because I could feel it! Then the connection, through the mirror we made eye contact, and kept it!

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As he pushed me down into the sink, I was looking back at him through the mirror as he looked down to me!! Just looking into each others eyes!! Then I realized . Gary never put on a condom!

He was fucking me bareback!!! He rocked me on the sink for awhile, Then he pulled me back and walked me to his bed.I laid down in the middle and he quickly mounted me missionary style and continued to fuck me!

The no condom thing had me nervous, but it was already to late! "Is this what you wanted" again me moaned. The fucking he was giving me was hard, rough and good.then he pushed as far as he could and let out a huge moan!!! He was cumming inside me.I laid there he pulled out!

I felt his cum begin to run out of me!!! I just laid there and let it run out.then Gary grabbed a towel and cleaned me up! As I stood there laying on his bed, I thought.

After the previous big night we had, and this time.He had made me his!!!!!! I got up, washed up again.then got dressed! We chatted briefly, because of his work, and he told me we will talk soon.and walked me out!!! Then, I headed back to work!! (Part 6 coming soon)