Fat nailed by black chap

Fat nailed by black chap
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When I was 17, my older sister Nancy was still living at our home in rural eastern Washington. She was very close pals with our cousin Kathy who was the same age as her - 19. They had been best pals since early childhood. Our oldest sister Lynette who was 21 at that time was in college so she was home on breaks and during the summer.

I can recall when we were very young all playing naked together in the wading pool in the backyard. Our house was a split level with my bedroom downstairs along with a 3/4 bath, and the family room. The rest of the bedrooms and the other bath were upstairs. I liked having the downstairs because it was much cooler in the summer and it was kind of "my" area of the house. One day near Christmas, as 17 year old boys without girlfriends often do, I went into the bathroom to jack off.

Nobody else was home at the time, but I thought I had locked the door anyway. I removed my jeans and underwear and sat down on the closed toilet lid to enjoy a nice leisurely wank, pacing it so that I could make it last, not cum too quickly. As I stroked my dick, my mind drifted back to the time about a year and a half earlier when my mother, Aunt Jessie, sister Nancy, and cousin Kathy stumbled on me lying in the sun in the back of my old pickup next to a stock tank where I'd taken a cooling dip after work.

I was naked, asleep, and very erect.

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I had found it momentarily embarrassing, but then, after they left, was very turned on by it and wanked right there in the sun between my truck and the tank. When I jacked, I often thought back to that day. I was sitting there on the toilet lid, eyes closed, head back against the wall, legs stretched out in front of me, in a near euphoric state stroking myself gently, slowly, maintaining my level of arousal just below an orgasm when I heard Nancy's voice say something like "Hut, what are you doing?" immediately followed by Kathy's voice say "Damn, Nancy, it's obvious what he's doing!" My eyes jerked open, I sat up straight, and looked at the doorway in amazement.

The two of them were standing there, Nancy had a package of bath soap bars in her hand - I guess she was bringing them in to place in the cabinet under the sink. I was so quiet in there that they had no idea anyone was in there when they opened the door and barged in on me and my pleasure.

I quickly stood up, my erection fast fading and said "Don't you be telling anyone, please." About that time I heard Lynette's voice say "Don't tell anyone what?" as she appeared outside the door in the hall and peered in at me standing there in my socks, T-shirt, and still partially erect penis. She looked me up and down, grinned, and said "You been playin' with yourself, Hut?" Nancy said "He was jackin' himself real good when we walked in on him." Lynette said "You guys interrupted him?

That's not good for him. He needs to finish what he started or he'll be hurtin'" Nancy said "You want him to keep doing it?" as she began to back out of the bathroom into the hall. Kathy stood motionless, staring at my penis. Lynette said "Yeah, he needs to finish, but maybe we can all watch." I thought "oh damn" and felt my face flush. Lynette continued "No need to be embarrassed, Hut, everybody does it.

Even us girls do." She said, "Let's all go out in the family room where there's more room." She seemed so in control that I just meekly followed her, Nancy, and Kathy out into the family room.

She said "Here Hut, you sit here" as she motioned toward the middle of the couch. Nancy sat down at one end of the couch while Kathy and Lynette each took one of the chairs sitting opposite the couch facing it. Lynette said "There Hut, go ahead and finish what you started." At first, my penis was non-responsive, it just remained semi-erect.

Lynette said "What's the matter, Hut? Oh, don't boys usually look at naked girl pictures or something when they play with themselves? Is that why it's not getting hard?

Where's your magazine, Hut? Did you have one in the bathroom or something?" I told her "Actually, I was daydreaming about last year when Mom, Nancy, Kathy, and Aunt Jessie walked up on me sleeping naked in the back of the truck at the stock tank." Kathy interjected "He was plenty hard that day, Lynnette." Lynette laughed and said "Yeah, Mom and Nancy told me about that.

We all laughed pretty hard." "Damn" I thought as I wondered who else had heard about that. Lynette said "Do you need something here and now to help you, Hut?" and she pulled up her sweater, reached around behind, and undid her bra.

As her fairly large breasts tumbled free of the bra, I heard Nancy gasp and say "Lynette!" Lynette said "Oh don't worry, Nancy, it's not like we're actually doin' anything.

Hut just needs a little visual stimulation to get turned on." As she stood up, leaned over a bit, and dangled her breasts in front of me just out of arms reach, she said "No touching, Hut, but you can look all you want." I heard Kathy giggle and then I looked at her just as she pulled her long sleeve T-shirt off over her head and undid her bra.

She said "Here Hut, do these turn you on?" as she stood up, moved over next to Lynnette, and kind of bounced her body a little bit making her breasts quiver up and down. They were smaller than Lynette's breasts but still large enough that they sagged a little so rather than actually bounce up and down, they just quivered.

Damn, my penis immediately went fully erect and then some. Nancy blurted out "Look, you did turn him on!" as she giggled. She added "Go ahead, Hut, jack it for us." Lynnette asked "How long does it take you, Hut? Can you control how fast you cum or does it just happen?" As I began to stroke my penis, I told her I liked to make it last a while. She said "Then do that.

Show us how you do that." I began to stroke gently, slowly as I felt a gathering feeling rise up through my chest and throat. This really turned me on to be naked in front of these girls, all family members, jacking off with them watching, me looking at two beautiful sets of breasts.

I leaned back on the couch and stared at the breasts on display as I got closer and closer to orgasm. Just prior to crossing over the point of no return I stopped stroking and squeezed my penis just below the glans to make the feeling subside. My penis and hand were now wet with pre-cum as I began to stroke again. As I stared at Lynette's and Kathy's breasts I saw that all three girls were staring intently at my penis and balls, on display there in front of them.

The thought of that made me immediately jump beyond the point of no return and as I stroked faster and faster with my right hand, I pulled my T-shirt up with my left, exposing my stomach and chest. The orgasm burst on me and I spewed my cum up and down my abdomen and chest. The three girls all continued to stare and they each had a small smile on their face as I milked the last of the cum from my now fading erection.

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Lynette got up and left the room, returning a few moments later with a washcloth that she used to wipe the cum off of me. The she gently took my penis in one hand as she wiped it off with the washcloth in her other hand. At her touch, I felt myself begin to engorge again.

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She obviously felt it, too, because she said "Whoa, big boy. That's all for now." Lynette said "I move that we all spend some time in the hot tub tonight. We can continue this fun then if we want." We had an old style cedar hot tub with a wood fired heater. My dad had built a deck around it and we used it often, usually naked since we were very casual about nudity in our family.

Later that evening, after dinner, Lynette said "I'm going out in the hot tup for a while after we clean up from dinner. Anyone want to join me?" Nancy said, "I will, Lynette." I asked "Is it OK if I come out, too?" Lynette said "Sure - you can go get the fire going." I went out into the blustery winter air and got a good fire going in the water heater's firebox and turned on the circulating pump.

By the time I returned to the kitchen, Mom had retired to the living room and Lynette and Nancy were almost done cleaning up the kitchen. Lynette smiled at me as she walked out into the hall and "I'm going to get my bathing suit on." Nancy giggled and said "Me too." I just shook my head at them and headed down to my room to change.

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As I was leaned over, pulling my bathing suit up past my knees, Lynette and Nancy pushed my room door open and Lynette said "Ready?" Their barging in before I was dressed didn't bother me, in fact I liked it. I thought that I'd have to try to "arrange" for that to occur more often. I thought "I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be" but said "Sure." They each had on their heavy terrycloth robes over their bathing suits, a beach towel in their hand, and sandals on their feet.

I stuck my bare feet in my sneakers, grabbed a beach towel from the linen closet outside my bathroom, and said "Let's go." We walked out the back door of the family room and headed across the lawn to where the hot tub sat. The smell of hardwood burning drifted from the heater firebox.

I removed the insulated lid and checked the water and it was fairly hot - the thermometer said 101 degrees.

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Steam rose from the water and Lynette said "Hut, you won't need your bathing suit, will you?" I said "Guess not anymore", kicked off my sneakers, and pulled my bathing suit off, one leg at a time. In the cold air my penis had just about crawled up inside me looking for warmth. The girls watched as I climbed down into the tub. The hot water felt great and I could feel my balls and penis loosen up in response to the heat.

I looked up through the steam at the girls, standing on the opposite side of the deck. They looked at each other, smiled, and removed their robes.

In the dim light from the back porch light and yard light over in front of the shed, I saw that they were both naked under their robes. Nancy's breasts were almost as large as Lynette's - they both take after our mom, I guess.


They climbed down into the tub, sitting on the benches that had them high enough in the water that their breasts were partially visible as they bobbed around in the water.

I said "Too bad Kathy's not here, too." Nancy said "She's coming." I asked "Is she in on the no bathing suit under the robe thing?" Lynette said "Of course, sugar." I heard tires crunch on the gravel drive just before seeing headlights round the house and stop in front of the shed.

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The door opened and closed and Kathy approached the hot tub deck with robe on and towel in hand. She climbed the steps to the deck, kicked off her sneakers, removed her robe, and wiggled her shoulders as she stood facing us making her breasts wobble. "How's that, Hut?" she asked. She was, like Lynette and Nancy, naked under her robe and laughed as the cold air hit her.

Though her breasts were smaller than Lynette's and Nancy's, she had absolutely huge nipples and the cold air made them stand out.

Nancy asked "You drove over here like that?" Kathy said "Yeah, what the heck?" and climbed down in the tub. We all sat there fairly quiet for a while. Then I felt a foot on my leg and Kathy looked at me and said "What have you got for us, Hut?" Lynette said "Mom's gone to bed.

I saw her light go out about ten minutes ago. Hut, you're on." I asked "What do you mean?" like I was stupid or something. Nancy said "We want to see you do it again for us, Hut.

I even left my bathing suit inside just for you" and I felt another foot rubbing my lower leg. Lynette said "Go ahead, Hut, up on the deck." I boosted myself up out of the tub and sat on the side, feet dangling in the water. The warmth of the hot tub had loosened up my penis and balls so that they were hanging down fairly nicely.

I asked "So, what have you got for me?" Lynette boosted herself up out of the tub and sat on the side followed by first by Kathy then by Nancy. As I looked at their wet skin, shimmering in the dim light, I felt myself engorging.


Kathy immediately noticed my penis enlarging and said "Look, it's growing!" Lynette said "Ain't it funny how that works? Boys can think of only ONE thing" and laughed "Isn't that right, Hut?" I said "Yeah, I guess so, but it feels kinda' funny thinking about you all that way" but, of course, in reality it turned me on like crazy. Lynette said "Well, it's not like we're gonna' do anything wrong, now are we?" My penis was fully erect now and I began to stroke it.

The girls stared at me as I stared at them and continued to stroke. Then, one by one, I saw that each of them began to touch themselves and rub their breasts, particularly their nipples, and their pussy. As we all continued masturbating toward orgasms, Nancy said "This is how we do it, Hut." All together we climbed toward orgasm. Kathy came first and I heard her moan as her whole body seemed to shiver. She sat motionless for a moment then just sighed loudly and said "Wow" and slid back down into the hot tub.

Lynette came next in waves of quiet murmering and body spasms. Her hands both stopped moving but stayed in place, one on her pussy and the other on her right nipple. She stayed up on the side of the tub and I noticed steam rising off her naked body in the cold air. Watching Lynette's orgasm, my sister's orgasm right in front of me, and looking at her naked body there across the hot tub from me sent me over the edge.

Shuddering as I came I shot cum onto my chest and then began to milk my penis. Lynette said "Here, let me do that for you" and she stood up in the tub, leaned over me, and milked my penis with what had to have been a previously practiced technique.

As she did that I instinctively reached out and touched her right breast, I so wanted to hold that thing. I cupped my hand on it but she gently pushed my hand away and said "No touchy, Hut." Just then, Nancy came with a muted shuddering moan. She looked at me and smiled. Lynette finished cleaning me up by taking her hand and kind of squeegied the cum off of my chest and slung it away off the deck. She swished her hands in the water then sat back down on the bench.

Nancy and I both slid back down onto the bench. I said "That was really something." Kathy said "I'll say. I've never cum so good." We stayed in the tub for about a half hour longer then got out. Kathy put her robe and sneakers on, walked to her car and left.

I climbed out, put on my sneakers, picked up my bathing suit and walked toward back door of the house naked with my towel over my shoulder. I looked back and while Nancy had put her robe on, Lynette was walking naked toward the house behind me. We entered the back door and Lynette stood up on her tip toes, leaned in, and gave me a little peck on the cheek.

As she did, her bare breasts, in all their glory, pressed up against my left arm and chest and I felt myself engorging again. Nancy came through the door, closed and locked it, then turned toward me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, too, saying "Goodnight, Hut." As she turned away, her hand brushed my hardening penis and she stopped, took it gently in her hand and said "Do you need another jack, little guy?" Lynette laughed and they both headed toward the stairs.

I went in the bathroom, closed the door without locking it, hung up my towel, and brushed my teeth. My erection wouldn't seem to subside, so I sat down naked on the closed toilet lid and began to stroke it.

In a few minutes, the door opened and there stood Nancy, wearing nothing but a T-shirt that extended down below her butt. She said "I figured you'd be in here." I looked at her and she smiled and pulled her T-shirt up, exposing that beautiful body to me asking "How's this?" I said "Beautiful" as I came again, spurting onto my chest and dribbling down the shaft of my penis.


Nancy dropped the tail of her shirt back down and came toward me asking "How many times a day can you do that?" as she took a washcloth and, like she saw Lynette do, wiped off my chest, then carefully wiped off my penis and attempted to milk it, but she didn't quite have the method down. I said "No, like this" and showed her how it was done. She said "Oh." I told her "I don't know how many times."

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