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"Hey." Scott said, and nodded at Sean who sat on the other side of Corey. Both raised binoculars to their eyes.

Suddenly a cheer went up as the riders came out. "We're in blue." Corey said. "Anthony put his riders in yellow?" Josh asked, with a laugh. "Unbelievable." Angus said. "I take it Kurt is riding?" Jim asked. "Yup." Corey said. "Do they have a kid riding too?" Angus asked looking the team over. It looked like seven grown man and a kid. "Looks like …" Corey said but exchanged a look with Sean. It wasn't' going to take them long to figure out that Jessica was down there. Christ, and then all their gooses would be cooked.

He knew that that they shouldn't have gone along with that. The men looked over the yellow team. Eight grown men. Against seven grown men and a kid. That didn't make any sense. "This isn't right." Jim said suddenly. The riders moved up to the start line. "Something about this isn't right." Jim repeated. At that moment, Paul turned to look at the men. He raised his hand to his forehead and saluted them, smiled, and turned back to the race.

"What the fuck was that?" Angus asked. "Why is Paul saluting us?" Scott asked, equally disturbed by the motion. And then the gunshot went off. All the bikes took off from the start line, except the kid, who turned his bike in a circle, gunning the engines, and then taking off. "Holy shit!" Josh bellowed.

"That's not … it can't be …" Riley stuttered, standing to watch the progress of the bikes. "Give me your binoculars!" Scott said to Corey. "Now!" Corey fumbled with them and handed them over. "Give me yours!" Jim ordered Sean, who also obliged. Zeroing in on the small figure there was no doubt in their minds. They'd recognize that backside anywhere. "That's Jessica!" Scott bellowed. "How'd she get down there?" Jim demanded.

Then he turned to Corey and Sean. "She's supposed to be shopping … " "She agreed to ride for Paul." Corey said, raising his hands in surrender when Scott looked like he was going to slug him. "That's all I know. Jessica asked the girls to get her here … that's it." A collective gasp went up in the crowd and the men stood to look onto the course. They saw one of the blue riders picking themselves up, but it wasn't Jessica. But the track was littered with bodies. Another blue body lay face down and wasn't moving.

A yellow was down and rolling around in pain, another yellow was running away from his motorcycle where flames flickered all around. But Jessica was still in the race, flanked by two blue riders, flying across the moguls.

The third rider was bringing up the rear. And then as if on command, the formation tightened, they all lowered their heads and shot forward. They'd caught up to the back end of the yellows and they moved between them with purpose.

Suddenly one of the yellows shot their leg out and tried to throw Jessica off balance but the blue on her right nudged the back tire of the yellow and he retracted his foot fast. The crowd cheered again as the lone blue rider who had fallen over sped to catch up with his team. And the remaining two blue riders who had been lagging also moved to join the group.

They seemed to be going at an impossible speed but they made it. The blue man at the back of the formation moved over and let the straggler in. Jessica looked over her shoulder, saw the new riders. Looked over her other shoulder, seemed to nod, and then in unison, they all lowered their heads and burst forward, zigging and zagging. Jessica got up behind the lead yellow but he wouldn't let her by.

Every side Jessica tried to go to, the yellow rider blocked her. Finally she looked over each shoulder quickly. There was a huge hill coming up. The blues sped up and came in tight between the lead yellow and the straggling yellows. They were riding in close formation. There was silence in the stadium … everyone watching in disbelief as the riders managed to avoid collision, and when they hit the hill Jessica pulled her bike up hard, and she somersaulted over the lead yellow.

The crowd let out a collective gasp, and then Jessica landed in front of the yellow and took off. The blues zipped past the yellow, and took up positions around her. The mens' hearts were pounding a mile a minute. "They're almost done … "Corey said. It seemed that all the riders realized that at once and the lagging yellows sped up, and promptly knocked the back two blues off their bikes. "No more mister nice guys." Sean whispered, earning scathing looks from the men.

The yellows moved up to the remaining blue guards and began a bike battle that sadly was unrequired because Jessica and the lead yellow were so far ahead of them that nothing they did was of circumstance. Jessica pressed herself down on the bike and went for broke.

The lead yellow did the same and managed to pull up beside her, and bump her with his bike, slamming her left leg. "Boo!" the crowd yelled. "Jess!" the men gasped, but Jessica barely seemed to notice. She pressed down again, switched to yellow's other side, pulled up beside him, less than a hundered feet from the finish line, kicked out her right leg and knocked him off his bike.

He cartwheeled across the track and hit the hay stacks as Jessica zipped across the finish line. The crowd erupted in cheer, and Jessica slowed and circled back on her bike. The blues came across the line and pulled in around her. "Let's get down there." Riley said. "You have one spunky wife there gentlemen." Paul said standing before them… his guards on either side of him, hands resting on their guns. "She was concerned that there might be trouble were you to know that she raced for me.

It seems that you've figured it out. I have no intention of looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life, especially not hiding from my own men.

So that we understand one another, I consider this to be over now. Jessica raced for me and we won. She did it to avoid violence so let's make her efforts worthwhile and call a truce.

I suggest that you forget any thoughts that you may have about coming after me for this. Otherwise she risked her life for nothing. Do we have an understanding?" "Understand this you son of a bitch!" Angus yelled and lunged for Paul.

Scott and Jim grabbed him by his arms and restrained him. Riley, Josh and Paul' body guards pulled their guns at the same time and everyone froze. People in the vicinity pulled their guns too and stood watching the group.

"Everyone calm down." Paul said. "This is not where any of us want to go …" "Speak for yourself." Riley growled. "So this is how you want it to end? Here in the stands … a gun fight? After your wife went out of her way to avoid bloodshed?

She told me that herself you know. That's what she argued to convince me to negotiate with her and not you. It seems that she was right, and that she's much wiser than I gave her credit for at the time." "You're full of shit." Scott said.

He and Jim had let Angus go and all three now had their guns out. "You cornered her somehow and threatened her into riding for you …" "I'm afraid not." Paul said. "Jessica cornered me, so to speak, and insisted that I not raise this with you.

Ask him." Paul nodded at Sean. "One of his girls was present at the meeting." Sean and Corey had their guns out and looked between Paul, his goons, and the men, obviously trying to determine what to do. The men glared at Sean. "It's true." Paul said. "You're lying!" Angus yelled.

"And you're in denial." Paul said. "For the record she drove a hard bargain and if you don't waste her efforts I am going to honor it. You men will no longer go in the field. From now on you do surveillance only. What I didn't tell her, and I hope you will live to pass this message on to her is that I am indebted to her. If she needs anything, she should come to me.

So what will it be? A truce … we agree to put this behind us, or my men kill you now and Jessica wasted her time." The men clutched their guns in frustration. "We have an agreement." Riley said through clenched teeth. "What, no!" Angus said looking at Riley in disbelief. "We can end this now. We have the advantage!" Riley lowered his gun and looked from Angus to the other men. "We're done.

Stand down." There was a tense moment where it looked like the men weren't going to listen to Riley but eventually they lowered their guns but looked furious about it. "Good choice. So I have your word that there will be no retaliation?" "You have my word." Riley said.

"Excellent. My medic has bandaged up her leg and he's giving her a little something for the pain." He said waving his hand toward the track. The men looked down to see Jessica with her arm out of the riding suit, and a man injecting a needle into her arm. "If her leg isn't better in a few days call me. My medic will check it again." "We've agreed to not come after you for making Jessica race but let me be very clear that you are not to go anywhere near Jessica again." Riley said moving forward to scowl at Paul.

"Not you, not your medic, not anyone affiliated with you. Never. Or our agreement becomes void. Is that understood?" Paul nodded. "It's been a pleasure …" Paul said in a sarcastic tone, bowed his head and strode away. Riley looked at the men, who looked still looked furious.

It seemed he'd disappointed them with his decision … even Jim, which was surprising. "Riley. This is wrong. That bastard got to Jessica somehow.

He did it once he can do it again. We need to kill him and get the hell out of here!" Angus thundered, face red, vein in forehead bulging, body vibrating with the sheer intensity of his anger. "He's right." Scott said, looking just as intense as Angus. Riley looked at Josh and Jim. They too were ready to explode. "Use your heads guys.

We're in a stadium full of Paul supporters, and Anthony supporters. We may kill Paul but someone will get us. If they don't now, they will later. And … more importantly, that's not what Jessica wanted." "He's making that shit up." Jim said. "Apparently there are witnesses." Riley said nodding at Sean and Corey who looked panicked when five pairs of angry eyes turned on them. "Not us." Corey said. "And we only heard about this after the fact." "But is what he said true?" Josh asked.

"Did Jessica approach him? Negotiate with him?" "The way I heard it, yeah." Sean said. "Who was it?" Angus demanded and grabbed Corey by his shirt, "Who was there with Jessica? I'll fucking kill them!" "She's leaving." Scott suddenly said. Scott was looking through the binoculars. "What?" Jim demanded. "She's going to the parking lot." Scott said. "Let's go." Angus said. "You two assholes too." He said to Corey and Sean. They pushed their way through the crowds but by the time they made it to the track Jessica was already in the parking lot.

"Jessica!" Angus yelled. But she didn't hear him. "Jessica!" they all took turns yelling while they ran toward the parking lot, but Jessica kept hobbling forward. And then they saw Leah, Amanda, Sara and Justine meet her and high five her. They all looked really impressed. Leah held out her keys and Jessica took them. And then Leah, Amanda, Sara and Justine climbed into a car and drove away.

Jessica got into another car, and drove off in the opposite direction. "No! No!" Jim was yelling. "Jessica, stop!" Scott yelled, but by the time they made it to the parking lot Jessica was out of sight. "Where are they going?" Riley asked Corey and Sean.

"As far as I know they were going to the jam session at your place." "Give me your keys." Jim said, grabbing Corey's collar.

Corey fumbled his keys to him. "Is that you over there?" Jim asked nodding at a dark blue Ford. Corey nodded. "I'm going to check a place she may go." Jim said. "You guys go home in case she goes there … try calling her." "You two shits come with us." Angus said to Corey and Sean in a tone that left them no choice. They headed for their cars. Jessica sat in the parking lot of the bar and rubbed her eyes.

She was jazzed from the race. She still felt the adrenaline coursing through her veins. Her leg had throbbed for the whole drive to the bar but whatever the doctor had given her had kicked in now and she barely felt it. She would limp though. That destroyed any chances of her just heading home. Instead she flipped open her phone and typed a text message to the men. She gave them the address of the bar and asked them to just come in unannounced and observe for the evening. She asked them to let her explain after … and she added a note for Angus …"Big surprise … please let me explain.

I'm sorry." And she sent it before she could change her mind. While still a lie, she could tell the men she'd hurt her leg at the bar. Then she sent a text to Jim telling him where she was.

She went in to the bar. It was early yet, but the bands were there. Surprised to see her on a night she didn't usually come, but glad. Jessica looked at the clock on her phone. Seven o'clock. Time had flown. She turned her phone off and settled into a conversation with Tracy and the guys. "Jessica … God, are you okay?" Beth asked from behind her. "I'm fine Beth, honest." Jessica said turning to face her and Beth threw her arms around her.

"That was amazing … how is your leg?" "Fine …" "Jessica!" Jim bellowed, pushing Beth aside and dropping to his knees in front of Jessica.

"What the hell were you doing? Are you crazy? You could have died!" Jim shook her. "What kind of a fucked up, stupid, dumbass stunt was that?" Jim demanded, shaking Jessica harder, getting louder and angrier. "Stop it Jim you're hurting her!" Beth said trying to pull his hands off of Jessica's arms. "Stop it!" "Jim, what are you doing?" Tracy demanded. Mark and Dave got to their feet. Jessica leaned in to Jim.

"I had to tell them Jim. They'll come and see everything and then we'll deal with it. I couldn't handle hiding it anymore." "What?" Jim asked. "What are you talking about?" "The men.

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I texted them and told them to come here. What are you talking about?" Jessica gasped when Jim looked surprised.

"The motorcycle race." Jim said in a growl and the way he looked at her made Jessica shrink in her seat. "You know about that? How …?" "Jessica we were there. Don't you think we can recognize you from a mile away?" "The others know too?" Jessica squeaked. "You better believe it." "But Jim." Jessica whispered, "The men will try to kill Paul." "That's what you're worried about?" Jim demanded. "They'll get hurt or killed. Oh my God Jim, we have to stop them!" Jim glared at Jessica.

"That's been handled already. But Paul is the least of your worries." "What do you mean?" Jessica asked. Something in his tone, in his demeanor, made a chill run down her spine. "I mean, don't worry about things that you have no business worrying about and concentrate on your own problems. You broke promises Jessica!" Jim thundered when Jessica looked clueless. "But Jim, we always said we'd tell them as soon as we could … if they'd asked me directly about what we do I would have told them ." "Are you still going on about this?" Jim exclaimed extending his arms to indicate the bar and the people in it.

"Forget the fucking bar, forget Beth … fuck! You promised you'd run if you ever saw Kurt again. You promised you wouldn't take any unnecessary risk. You lied!" "There was no other way …" "That was not your decision to make!" Jim yelled. He still had his hands on her forearms and he pulled her out of her seat and shook her. "This is our business, not yours. You had no right meddling in it.

Do you understand? Am I making myself clear?" He asked, shaking Jessica with each question. "Jim, stop!" Beth yelled. "Jim man. Stop it, you're hurting her!" Jessica heard Carl's voice behind her. For the first time Jessica realized that everyone was listening to them. She blinked and looked around. Carl, others from his band, Mark, Dave, Tom, they were all right there and they looked ready to pull Jim off of her.

"You're mad, we get that. Let's go downstairs and chill a little. Before you do something you'll regret." "Jim. You stop now!" Stephan bellowed and Jessica saw him and Lilly moving toward them. Jim leaned closer to Jessica and growled, "This conversation is not over." Pushing her back onto her seat Jim stood up, kicked his chair back and pushed past Carl. "Are you okay?" Beth asked sitting next to her. "What the hell did you do?" Dave asked. "It's just a misunderstanding." Jessica said quietly.

Her heart was pounding. If Jim was this mad the others would be … Jessica closed her eyes. It was what it was. There was nothing that she could do about it now but try and enjoy as much of tonight as she could. Obviously she had miscalculated the seriousness of everything she'd done.

"Does it have to do with your husband?" Tracy asked. Jessica shook her head. "Nothing like that." "I've never seen Jim like that." Mark said. "He was scary. Whatever you did it has to be really bad." "It wasn't what she did." Beth said, "Just how Jim interpreted it. Seems to run in the family…" "Are you okay dear?" Lilly asked wrapping her arms around Jessica's shoulders. "I'm fine." "Stephan went to talk to that young man. That was very inappropriate behavior!" "Oh no, no.

Please stop him. Jim's just upset right now, it will be okay soon, once he calms down." "Stephan will talk to him, and then we'll bring you your favorite meal. Okay?" Lilly kissed Jessica's cheek, patted her shoulder and disappeared toward the kitchen. "Do you want to leave?" Tracy asked. "You can come to my place. Jim can't get you there." Jessica smiled at Tracy and did her best to look unconcerned.

"Thanks Trace but I'm fine really. This looks bad but it's really not that big a deal. I'll talk to him when he calms down." "As long as you're sure." "I am." Jessica said. "Christ …" Beth mumbled under her breath and pulled Jessica against her for a hug. The men sat at a table at the back and stared at Jessica. They'd arrived not even twenty minutes after her text message.

She'd been surrounded by strangers who didn't seem to be strangers to her. They'd been about to go and drag her home but then as if in some kind of waking nightmare, Beth had come in and hugged Jessica.

And then Jim had stormed in. They'd watched him shake Jessica. Overheard the entire argument, just like everyone else in the bar had.

Then Jim had left and everyone seemed settled again. The men slid their eyes over to look at Angus. He was rigid in his seat. They weren't sure he was even breathing. In her text Jessica had asked them to observe until the end of the night and then she'd explain.

They'd observe until they could get her alone and then they'd drag her home and teach her in no uncertain terms that what she'd done was wrong. When the waiter came by they ordered a bottle of whisky. But no one moved to pour it. They just watched Jessica lean against Beth, everyone around her huddled close and talking to her. When it seemed that the others weren't paying much attention, Jessica leaned closer to Beth.

"Beth, the doctor told me that Paul said he was indebted to me. What does that mean?" Beth did a double take and looked at Jessica with surprise that slowly shifted into awe. "That means a lot. It means that whatever you need, Paul will give it to you. He owes you." "Well that's great." Jessica said.

"I already asked him to let the men out of the clan and he said they only leave when they're dead." Beth nodded. "That's how it goes. He can only give you what he's capable of.

Leaving the clan alive is an entirely unattainable goal …" "You've thought about it too?" Jessica asked. Beth nodded. "When everything first happened I thought I wanted to be dead. But then I tried to leave the clan and realized that I only felt like I wanted to be dead." "Well, Beth, I have some news for you that may make you feel that way again. Don't look around okay?

Just act normal. But I texted the men to come to the bar. I'd always intended to tell them about this … you. But just never had the courage. But the guilt is killing me … I can't go on without them knowing the truth." "So you decided to come clean?" Beth whispered.

Jessica nodded. "I'm sorry. But if you leave now, and if they're not here already, they won't even know …" "But … you didn't want to be my friend. If they're here now they'll know we're …" "Good friends?" Jessica ended.

She smiled. "I don't care. I tried Beth. I tried to keep my distance and I just couldn't. You're too nice. And I'm afraid that maybe you'll end up on the worse end of this then me." Beth shuddered. "I'll take my chances." She said. They hugged. "I don't know what you want to do, but I'm not going to look for the men. I just want to enjoy tonight, if they'll let me. And be as natural as I can be." "Right.

Okay. Well, I guess I'll go cuddle with Tom for a while. Who knows if this is the last time I'll see him." "Beth!" Jessica gasped in horror. "Kidding ." Beth said, kissing her forehead, winking and pushing away from the table.

"Jessica!" Stephen and Lilly, the bar owners, said in unison. "Your favorite meal, chili, a bun and bowl of rice." Stephen said, "It'll make you feel better. I had a word with that brother of yours. He'll be much nicer to you now!" Stephen said placing the plates in front of her. "Thank you." Jessica said hoping that Jim was kind to Stephen. Ever since the concert Stephen and Lilly were all over Jessica. Hugging her, joking with her. She hoped that Jim's anger didn't cause him to do or say something he didn't mean.

Lilly wrapped her arms around Jessica and kissed her head. Stephen put his good arm around her shoulder. They were all over her, and she loved it. It was like having parents again. "No Jessica, thank you again, for everything …" Lilli said and began to tear. "Oh Lilli, please, don't cry. It was nothing really …" "Nothing?" Stephan boomed, "Nothing? You and your brother and our fantastic staff … you raised a hundred thousand dollars!

That wasn't nothing!" and he grabbed Jessica's head between his two humungous hands and kissed the top of it. "We love you Jessica. From the bottom of our hearts … we love you." Jessica teared up. This was unexpected and unnerving. "Okay, okay, Lilli. Come on dear." Stephen said, prying his wife off of Jessica. "Let the poor girl eat. She'll need her strength for tonight. Come, come …" and with a final hug, kiss on the Jessica's cheek, and wave, Lilly and Stephen disappeared.

No sooner where they gone then Mark and Dave scooted around the table and sat on either side of Jessica. "Good job not so new girl." Dave said with a smile. "You made those two very happy." "It wasn't just me … " "I know.

But it was your idea. Eat up, half an hour till we go on." Mark said. Jessica began to shovel the food into her mouth while Mark and Dave bantered around her.

"Oh hey." Dave said as Jessica ate her last bite. "Remember how Nick the dumbass bouncer put glue in my shampoo?" "You mean after you put dye in his?" Jessica asked with a laugh. They both worked out at the same gym. "Yeah. Well, this afternoon I put Nair in his shampoo." Dave said with a laugh.

"You didn't …" Mark said. "What's Nair?" "It's a cream that makes your hair fall out. Women use it for their legs instead of razors." Mark said. "Oh no … " Jessica said, "You didn't!" "Dave you asshole!" Nick bellowed and slammed his hands on the table.

Jessica jumped at the sound and then gasped. Nick had no hair on his head. He was as bald as a bowling ball. "I'm going to kill you!" "Done eating?" Dave asked, jumping up from his seat.

Jessica nodded. "Half an hour till we go on. Wanna go get ready?' "K." Jessica said standing. "Let's go!" Dave said, turned Jessica and hoisted her on his shoulder, and then ran for the back stairs. "Don't drag Jessica into this!" Nick yelled as he chased them. The men stood up and watched the man running away with Jessica. "What the fuck?" Angus demanded. He and Scott began to move after them. "Don't worry about that." The waiter said having come to take their order. "That's just Dave horsing around." "I'm going to break his fucking legs." Angus growled.

"Sir?" the waiter asked, blinking at Angus. "Who's he lugging on his shoulder?" Scott asked. "Is that his girlfriend?" Angus groaned and the waiter took a step back, looking at him with concern. "Jessica? God no they're just friends.

Jessica is married." "Fucking right she is." Angus growled. "Her husband must be real pleased about her fucking around with another man. He'll have a thing or two to say I bet." Riley grumbled wondering where the hell Jim had gone to.

"No sir, probably not. But he's off at war. Won't be back for a while. But she's not fucking around. Dave and her are just friends." The waiter said but took another step back when all the men glared at him. "At war?" Angus bellowed. "Then who the hell was that shaking the shit out of her earlier?" "Oh, that.

That had to be a family disagreement. Jim and Jessica usually get along." "Family disagreement?" Josh asked. "Brother and sister spat I guess. I mean, they play on different bands but they usually get along great. Nothing like that's ever happened before." "Brother …" Josh said. "And sister?" Scott added. "Ah, yeah." The waiter said, the stunned expressions on the mens' faces making him even more nervous.

"Can I take your order?" he said indicating his pad and pen. "And they play in bands?" Riley asked. "Yeah. So can I get you anything?" "Not now." Riley said. The waiter nodded and left. "Let's find go find tweedle dee and tweedle dum and get the hell out of here." Scott said.

"I've got some things to say to Jessica." "Say?" Angus boomed. "Say? We're going to fuck her fucking brains out is what we're going to do. Until none of us can walk right. And then … then, we'll fuck her some more!" Suddenly the lights dimmed in the bar, and the men noticed a stage straight ahead but a little to the right. It was dark on the stage but they could see silhouettes of people moving on the stage.

A cheer went up in the bar and people moved in front of the stage. The lights blazed on the stage, music erupted, and Jessica … in considerably revealing clothes launched into a song. She was flanked by two of the men she'd been talking to. One being the man who'd carried her off on her shoulder. There was a male drummer and a woman played piano. And to the left of Jessica, Beth, and two other women sang and danced in well choreographed moves with Jessica and the men.

The men dropped back into their seats and stared at Jessica. The crowd screamed, and a mob of people thrashed around on the dance floor.

Jessica had makeup on and looked right at home on the stage. She worked the crowd and put everything into the song. "Fuck …" Angus grumbled when Jessica and Beth shimmied together. Grabbing the bottle of whiskey he drank directly from it. "She was trying to talk to you about Beth yesterday, wasn't she?" Scott asked. Angus grunted in response. "This is what she kept apologizing about." Josh said. As if from out of nowhere Jim pushed a chair next to Scott and sat down.

"What are we going to do?" Jim asked. "I don't know Jim. To which one of the multitude of issues we have to deal with are you referring?" Riley growled, finally pulling his eyes from Jessica long enough to glare at Jim. "Jesus Christ Jim, are you alright?" Riley asked shocked by Jim's appearance. He was clenching his fists, staring at Jessica and he looked like he was shaking. "No." Jim said. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I just want to go over there, grab her and … " Jim's voice faded.

He stared at Jessica and it took all of his self- control to stay seated. "Own her?" Scott finished for him. "Yeah." Jim agreed, looking at Scott from the corner of his eye. "I've never felt like this before. Except that one time when we water tortured her pu…pussy. I'm going crazy here." "I get the same thing whenever she's done something she wasn't supposed to." Scott said. "Usually she doesn't have to do much to get me going." Angus said. "How can you stand it?" Jim asked as he fought to suppress the urges rolling through him.

"It leads to great sex." Scott said. "Specially now that she's willing." Angus added. "I don't like it." Jim said. "I'm out of control and God knows what I'll do to her when I get my hands on her.

"You're the one who brought her here." Josh said. "You should be okay with this." "This?" Jim asked indicating the bar. "Shit yeah, I have no problem with this. And I can explain all of it …"he added when the men leveled their eyes on him. "Don't say anything." Angus thundered. "I don't want to hear it from you. Jessica can explain it." "This is all me." Jim said. "She wanted to tell you guys right from the start. I convinced her to wait and then Beth showed up and complicated things …" "I want to hear it from Jessica." Angus repeated.

"But Beth …" Jim began. "Shut the fuck up." Angus ordered. "I don't want to hear it." The men paused. Angus was really pissed. "Okay, well, none of this bugs me." Jim glanced around the bar. "What is driving me insane, what's making me feel like Jack the fucking Ripper, is her deal with Paul.

She can never do that again." "I'm fine with this." Riley said, "Other than the brother sister thing. That's just … weird." Riley said, looking at Jim who rolled his eyes. "We've all gone out with Jessica so that's not a problem. And Angus … I'm not even going to go near the Beth thing. That's all yours. I'm with you Jim, what do we do about Jessica going behind our backs and making a deal with Paul." Riley asked.

"You mean what do we do to Jessica?" Josh asked eyeing Angus. Riley nodded. "What she did was just …" "Dangerous." Angus said swinging his eyes back to Jessica's writhing form on the stage. "She saved our asses." Josh said. "You can't tell me that the visit from Paul's men the other day was anything but a tactical move." He added when the men looked ready to argue. "If Jim or Jessica had said no, that phone call they got before leaving would have resulted in bullets in our heads." "She saved our asses," Angus said through gritted teeth, "by risking hers.

Are you okay with that?" "No. But we have to cut her some slack for that. What she did is understandable even if it's wrong." Josh said. "We can agree to that between ourselves Josh." Angus said leveling his eyes on him, "But don't you dare tell her that.

It has to be black and white. No choice." "In her mind that can't ever be an option again." Riley added. "Can you imagine what could have happened?" Scott asked. "She could have just disappeared and we never would've known why or where to find her." The men were silent.

"That could still happen." Josh said. "Now that people in the clan know her. She's at risk." "That's why we're going to fuck her long and hard. We'll fuck her with our dicks, with our hands, fucking machines, dildos, every inanimate object that we can find.

And when we're done you can bet that when she sees Kurt or Paul she's going to run." Angus growled. The men looked at him. "And what are you going to do about Beth?" Riley asked. "I don't give a shit about Beth." "She told Jessica that Kevin raped her." Jim said. Angus' jaw dropped. "Jessica's been worried that you would be mad at her for not telling you sooner. That maybe you'd want to go back to Beth." Angus stared at Jim in utter disbelief.

"So, while you don't give a shit about Beth, Jessica does. And all of her concern seems to be centered on the fact that she didn't tell you about the bar and Beth. The deal with Paul and the race are barely a blip on her radar." Jim added. "Holy shit." Scott said.

"Fuck this. We've gotta get her out of here. Now." Angus said. "She's almost done the set." Jim said. "I'll get Tim," he said nodding his head at the man who'd waited on the men "to ask her to get my guitar picks out of the car. After the scene she and I made earlier it's better that we don't go dragging her out of here in front of everyone.

We'll be okay in the parking lot." There was silence as the men watched Jessica. She was still singing and dancing but she'd jumped into the crowd and was gyrating with the audience. "She's practically having sex with those people." Riley said in a controlled voice. It took all of his control to keep from going over and grabbing her. "You let her do that?" he asked Jim. "That's a style of dancing.

Everyone does it." Jim said. "I repeat, you let her do that?" Riley growled. Jim exhaled. "Yes, I do." "She's really good." Josh said.

"The whole band is. Why wasn't it more obvious when she played with Sean and Corey?" "Different kind of music." Jim said. The song ended and the lady that had been hugging Jessica earlier was on stage with a microphone. "Good evening everyone. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share the great news that Stephan and I received.

As you know, these two bands …" she said indicating the band on stage, "and our wonderful staff created a cd and ran a concert to raise money for our children who need full time assisted living.

They managed to raise one hundred thousand dollars." A cheer and applause filled the bar. "And … and …" she said and waited for everyone to quiet, "an anonymous donor matched that amount." Lilly's voice broke and tears dribbled down her cheek.

She put her arm around Jessica and pulled her to her. "So in celebration I'd like to ask Jessica, who inspired all of this, her band and the staff to sing the single 'Sing' for us. I'd ask your patience as our staff take the next few minutes to come out and join in." The crowd clapped and cheered and the men noticed cooks, bus boys, waitresses, waiters, everyone gathering and looking at the stage. Their waiter stood two feet from them, two other waiters with him.

Jessica played a riff on the guitar and then she and the lead male singer began, and the employees, even the audience joined in. The men recognized the song as one that Jim and Jessica had sung in the bathtub. Jessica put everything into it … like she had in the tub. All the singers did and it made the impression it was intended to.

Even to the men. When the song ended, another cheer went up and then the staff returned to work, and Jessica and her band got off the stage. Carl's band took their place. Jim was glad this wasn't his normal night out. He was in no condition to entertain people. Riley's cell phone rang. "What the …" Riley said looking at the caller id.

"Fucking Daryl." "You already told him we weren't going to be there tomorrow." Scott said. "Daryl's calling you?" Jim asked in surprise. Daryl was another clan head under Paul but the men rarely had anything to do with him. "They have some fucking job lined up tomorrow. Despite the fact that Sean, Corey, and even Paul told him that we wouldn't be there, he keeps insisting we go." "Must be huge if he's calling you directly." Jim said.

"Ignore it." Angus said. "We have more important things to do." He nodded his head at Jessica. Jessica, Beth and their friends started gyrating on the dance floor. "You've gotta be fucking kidding me!" Angus growled and got to his feet.

The men followed his line of sight and got up too. Paul' body guards were making their way up to the dance floor. They were dressed in tight fitting, short sleeved muscle shirts and jeans. They had their hair slicked back and looked like they were dressed to go out for the night. They walked in a formation that made it look like they flanked a young woman who walked just in front of them. They made their way to the dance floor.

"Is that Paul' sister?" Josh asked. "Looks like her." Scott said. Beth moved to stand between Jessica and the trio. "I forgot to mention that Beth is pretty protective of Jessica." Jim said. Angus groaned. The two guards raised their hands, and turned in a slow circle. Jessica had her back turned to the trio and was gyrating with one of the men from the band. Paul' sister said something to Beth who looked surprised, then skeptical.

But the bodyguards spoke to her too and Beth visibly relaxed. She nodded and turned to Jessica. "Jess." Beth said and put her hand on Jessica's arm Jessica turned, saw a small, young pretty blond woman standing behind Beth, smiling at her. And then she saw Abe and the other bodyguard and immediately she looked panicked.

"We're not here on business." Abe said raising his hands palms out. "That's right. Jessica, my name is Stasia. I'm Paul' sister." The blond said and extended her hand. Jessica hesitated and then took it. "You're married to Anthony." Jessica said. "That's right. I'm visiting my brother right now." Stasia said. "And when I visit him I usually go out bar hopping with my pals Abe and Rick." She indicated the bodyguards. "My husband is pretty … protective. So I don't get other opportunities." Jessica nodded.

"I know the feeling." "Anyway, I told the boys that I wanted to meet the girl that saved the day. They mentioned this bar. So we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone … I just want to tell you how thankful I am that this whole territory business was resolved peacefully." "I didn't do very much." Jessica said.

"Are you kidding me?" Abe demanded and Jessica was surprised by the huge smile plastered on his face. "You cut Paul down to size. There's only one other person that I've ever met who can do that." He said sliding his eyes to Stasia and Jessica was surprised to see affection in his eyes.

She glanced at Rick, and he too was watching Stasia with very apparent emotion. "Yes. The boys mentioned how you averted bloodshed amongst Paul's own men." Stasia said. "I am truly grateful." "Oh, well, you're welcome." Jessica said. "It was nothing really compared to the fact that you were able to get Paul and Anthony to agree to a race to solve the problem rather than an all out war." Stasia smiled.

"I knew I'd like you. We seem to think alike. Do you mind if we stay and dance? We can move away a little if you'd like." "Please dance with us." Jessica said studying Stasia more closely. She looked young. Very young. Jessica was fairly certain that her i.d. was phony. "Dave, Tom, Mark, Tracy, this is Stasia, Abe and … Rick?" Jessica asked the other body guard. "Rick, yeah." He said and extended his hand. Introductions done the group expanded to make a larger circle, including Stasia, Abe and Rick and the dancing began again.

Jessica watched the trio in astonishment. They were good. Really good. Jessica had taken the two bodyguards to be muscle bound oafs but they moved with a natural grace and co-ordination that made them look like Chip and Dale dancers.

Abe noticed Jessica watching him and he leaned close to her. "Appearances can be deceiving can't they?" he asked with a chuckle. "I mean, I look at you and I would never guess that you play hard ball with the best of them. I swear to God, it took all I had to keep from laughing out loud when you refused to take Paul' shit.

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I sure as hell hope that I have you in my corner when there's trouble." "So long as you're in the same corner as my husbands'you got it." Jessica said smiling with pride, despite herself. Abe laughed, made a fist and tapped it against Jessica's. "Deal." And they resumed dancing. "Get her out now!" Riley bellowed at Jim.

Jim called Tim over handed him his car keys and told him that he'd be downstairs looking for the picks while Jessica looked in the car. The men watched Tim work his way through the crowd, hand Jessica the keys, and then Jessica moved toward the door. They trailed behind Jessica but not by much.

Jessica for her part wasn't looking around at all. Even with a limp she was skipping and dancing her way to the car. Her nonchalance and obvious lack of survival skills fueled the men's need to squash any future thoughts she may have of taking matters into her own hands. Jessica was about to put the keys into the passenger door of Jim's car when Angus reached out and grabbed her around the waist.

Jessica shrieked. Angus pushed her back against Scott. "That's a good start." He growled, "You'll be screaming a lot tonight." And then pushing himself against her, sandwiching her between him and Scott, he locked her face in his hands, yanked her face upward, and latched his lips onto hers. He stabbed his tongue into her mouth, down her throat. Jessica melted against him and Scott. She tried to kiss him back but his tongue dominated her mouth, she couldn't move. Scott slipped his hands around her waist between her and Angus and probed the v between her legs in the same forceful way that Angus' tongue probed her mouth.

"Jess." She heard Josh say from her right and when Angus shifted back a little, Josh slid his hand up her top and squeezed her right breast.

Riley did the same with her left. Jim was between Riley and Scott, rubbing her butt and sliding his hand down her leg. He'd forgotten that it was her hurt leg and she flinched when he got to the wound. "Sorry …" he said in a strangled voice. Standing he pulled Jessica's mouth off of Angus' and replaced Angus' tongue with his.

Jessica felt her legs being lifted, her back and head pressed harder against Scott. It caused Jim to lose contact with her mouth and she took the opportunity to catch her breath.

God all the proving felt so good. She felt Angus' hands pull at the waist of her pants, his fingers fumbling with the button. She threw her head back over Scott's shoulder, she was so ready for it, but then she noticed the cars. And she heard a car door slam. Panic hit her. They were in the parking lot.

And Angus was working her pants off. She bolted upright and tried to grab Angus' hands but Riley and Josh commandeered her hands and slid their cocks into them. "Aren't we going home?" Jessica panted. She slid her hands off Riley and Josh's cocks and reached for Angus again. He had her pants halfway off. From the corner of her eye she saw Jim moving closer. He slid his fingers into her hair. He was staring at her with an intensity that he'd never had in the bedroom before.

"We should go home …" Jessica said just when Jim's fingers clenched around her hair, jolting her head toward him and his tongue invaded her mouth again.

Angus had pulled her good leg out of her pants and he was now working the other pant leg off with one hand while sliding his other behind the elastic of her underwear.

Another car door slammed. People were going to notice … complete mortification consumed her. She tried to pull her head back from Jim's clutches, she struggled, flailing her arms and legs. "That's it baby." Scott was whispering in her ear. "That's it.

Get ready for a night full of cumming, screaming and twitching. Get her G spot." He said to Angus. Despite her embarrassment Jessica reveled in the pleasure she felt when Angus rammed his fingers into her. For a moment she forgot about the public nature of the sexual act, but then the faces of her band mates flashed in her mind. What if they were watching?

Jessica struggled harder and managed to get her arms up on Jim's chest so she could shove against him as hard as possible. It was good enough to break the contact of his lips on hers. "Jim please!" she managed to mumble around his tongue that seemed to have a permanent fixture in her mouth. "That's master to you." Jim growled, and Jessica screamed, and orgasmed. Riley had worked his way under her shirt with his head and had been sucking, biting and pulling her nipple.

With her screams he came to his senses and realized that they were in the parking lot of a bar and not at home. He pulled his head out from under her shirt just as her screams became slightly muffled. Josh had his hand firmly over her lips but it only buffered the sound a little. Disoriented, Riley blinked and looked around.

He saw three or four people who were about to enter the bar but were now looking in their direction. "Get her in the car." Riley ordered. "How will I get Leah's car home?" Jessica asked. "Fuck it." Angus said. He looked over his shoulder as he shuffled backwards, carrying Jessica's legs, Scott her torso, and the other men maintaining their firm grasps on her breasts and lips.


"We'll get the cars tomorrow." "Can we all fit in one car?" Josh panted. "We can if we get real close &hellip." Angus said. During all of this Angus was continuing to thrust into her with his fingers. Fingers of his bandaged arm.

Jessica absently wondered if that was good for his recovery. "Hold her legs." Angus said to Riley and Josh. They each took a leg and Angus pulled his cock out of his pants, and slid into the back seat of the car.

The men lowered Jessica to the ground. "Get in." Scott said, "Straddle Angus." Jessica followed Angus into the car and found him sitting in the middle of the seat. She crawled onto his lap, facing him, and lowered herself onto his cock. "Ugh." Angus groaned and thrust up into her.

Scott sat on Angus's right, and Jim got in on the other side. They maneuvered each of Jessica's legs onto one of their respective laps and shut the car doors.

Riley got in the behind the wheel, Josh in the passenger side. "Lose the shirt." Angus ordered as Riley peeled out of the parking lot. Josh reached over the back of the seat and took the hem of Jessica's shirt, pulling it over her head. Then he unhooked her bra and Scott pulled it off.

No sooner were her breasts bare than Scott and Jim devoured them. Angus was thrusting up. Scott and Jim directed Jessica's hands to their cocks and she stroked as firmly and steadily as she could. It was a matter of minutes before Angus, Scott and Jim exploded, Jessica two seconds behind them.

Jessica fell against Angus. She kissed his chest, even though he had his shirt on. Angus was alternating between rubbing and gently slapping her legs. Scott and Jim were rubbing her back. For a minute the only sound heard in the car was panting, but then Riley's phone rang.

"Fucking hell." He cursed as he looked at the caller id. "Daryl?" Josh asked. Riley nodded, and ignored the call. Looking in the rear view mirror he watched Jessica resting against Angus. "Rest up Jessica. You have a long night ahead of you." Riley said, wincing a little from the discomfort of his cock pressing against his pants. He couldn't get home fast enough. "And a shitload of consequences coming your way." Jessica looked over her shoulder at Riley's reflection in the rear view mirror.

"I'm sorry Riley." Jessica said. "Sorry for what Jessica?" Jim asked. There was an edge to his voice that made Jessica sit up to look at him in surprise. For the first time she noticed the crazed look in his eye. It confused her. Jim knew about the bar, knew about Beth … she couldn't understand why he was acting so weird.

She slid her eyes over to Angus and Scott and noticed they were looking at her with equally intense stares. "Jess …" Josh prompted her from the front seat. "Um. Well, I'm sorry about not telling you about the bar and the band sooner than this.

And … " Jessica faltered. If the men hadn't come inside the bar they wouldn't know about Beth. How to tell Angus properly? She wanted to explain everything to him so he'd know that she hadn't sought Beth out. And that she had tried to stay at arms-length from Beth. Would he believe that Jessica was on his side, that she hadn't meant to betray him in any way? "And …" Riley prompted. Angus had his eyes locked with hers. Catching her breath, Jessica brought her hands up to rest against each of his cheeks.

She swallowed hard, "Beth came to the bar and now we're friends." Silence hung in the air. Jessica watched Angus with apprehension. Waiting for his face to turn into a mask of anger, hurt or revulsion. She was still sure he'd want nothing to do with her after this. Fear choked her as she considered the possibility of Angus leaving her and going back to Beth once he knew the truth about the abortion.

"I'm so sorry." Jessica finally said when the silence dragged on and she hung her head. "I know." Angus said ducking his head so his eyes wouldn't lose contact with Jessica's. Jessica jerked her head up.

"You came in? You saw her?" Angus nodded. Jessica felt relieved for all of a second and then she realized that she had to tell him that the betrayal he'd felt for all these years was not one carried out by Beth, as he'd thought, but by his friend. "Then I have to tell you something …" she began. Angus watched a variety of emotions play across Jessica's face as she tried to decide how to say what she felt she needed to.

It was clear to him that what Jim had said was true. She was terrified that he'd leave her. Despite how pissed off he was about Jessica being friends with Beth and the motorcycle race, joy ricocheted through him. She loved him. There was no room for doubt. She loved him. Finally she slumped a little, seemed to resign herself to some inevitability, and lowered her eyes. "Beth …" Angus took her chin in his and forced her eyes up to his. "I know." He said but Jessica didn't seem to hear him.

". said that Kevin … " "Jessica, I know." Angus said again, squeezing her chin a little. "You do?" "Yes. Jim told me." "Oh." Jessica said glancing at Jim. "That's good then … " "Jessica, look at me." Angus said.

Jessica seemed hesitant so he took her chin again and stared into her eyes. "It changes nothing between you and me. Nothing. Do you understand?" Jessica nodded and then looked down in surprise. Angus was still in her and his sudden erection caught her off guard. Angus crushed his lips against hers, pressing against them so hard that he pushed her back against the front seat.

He thrust into her while he kissed and in minutes they both came. Jessica threw her arm around Angus and clung to him. "Your mine babe." Angus panted in her ear, clutching her to him hard. "I'm not going anywhere … and neither are you." "I love you." Jessica said. "I love you." Angus said kissing the top of her head and then leaning back panting. Jessica looked between Scott and Jim.

Her eyes focused on their erect cocks. "Masters, can I …" "Not yet." Scott said. "And Josh and Riley are left out." She added. "We'll get ours, don't worry." Josh said with a lazy, sensual, chuckle, sliding his fingers through the hair on the back of her head and rubbing. "Please masters …" Jessica said so provocatively that their cocks literally vibrated with need. "Not yet." Scott said, "We still have things to discuss." "It wouldn't take long." Jessica said, eyes glued to his cock, licking her lips.

"Jesus Christ Jess …" Scott muttered. "Oh my God." Jim said in a breathless voice. Jessica turned her attention to his cock and he thought he was going to cum just from her looking at it. "Jess, concentrate." Josh said tapping her shoulder.

"You're not done apologizing." "I'm not?" "Do you seriously have no clue what Josh is talking about?" Riley asked Jessica in disbelief. Riley's tone got Jessica's attention. She looked between Scott, Angus and Jim.

"No …" she answered cautiously but when she saw Jim shake his head she remembered how upset he'd been earlier that night. "Really?" Scott asked. "There's absolutely nothing else that happened today that you may think might cause us some concern?" "The race?" Jessica asked quietly.

"Let's start before the race, shall we?" Jim asked, "How about the deal you struck with Paul? Why don't we start with that bit of insanity?" Jessica eyed Jim … scanned the others and noticed that their expressions had intensified.

Scott was squeezing her thigh and when Jessica looked behind her she found the same look on Josh's face. "I had no choice." Jessica said. "Fuck!" Riley yelled slamming the steering wheel with his hand, making Jessica jump. "You're absolutely fucking right. You had no choice. You had no option to deal with Paul, you had no option to race. In fact, we specifically told you … and you repeated it for us, that if you saw Kurt again you'd run.

So why is it that you made a choice? Why is it that you chose to do everything we told you not to and more?" "Explain yourself!" Angus growled. Jessica looked at him in surprise. There was an edge to his voice and a look on his face that sent alarm bells off in her head. But she forced herself to stay calm. "You would have fought with Paul and his men. You'd have ended up hurt or dead." "And so you decided to take it upon yourself to solve the problem?" Scott asked.

The men were straining toward her, their bodies rigid, their faces set into a look of determination that Jessica had no idea how to interpret. Even Jim looked determined about something.

Jessica remembered his reaction at the bar. Another chill ran down her spine. "It was the most logical thing to do." Jessica said. Riley laughed, but it wasn't a nice laugh. "Enlighten us then." He said. "Just what was the logic behind your reasoning?" Jessica's mind raced. She got the distinct impression that the men had already made their minds up about her deal with Paul and the race. She was relieved that they were at least willing to give her a chance to explain herself but for the life of her, she couldn't speak.

"Jessica …" Scott prompted. Jessica looked up at him, and her breath caught. She looked at all of them and she felt a charge run through her. But she realized that this charge was all her own. Her own desire for them. Their muscles strained their shirts and jeans as usual, and they strained toward her, which quickened her pulse.

But the way they were looking at her was different. Desire was there … but it was not the most prominent feature of their expression, nor it seemed their purpose.

Jessica looked at them in confusion. "Well. It didn't make much sense to let you guys get into a fight with Paul' men when I could do something to avoid it." "By sacrificing yourself." Jim demanded. "What sacrifice?" Jessica asked. "Motor biking is second nature to me, I knew I'd win." "This wasn't your average ride at the track Jessica." Angus said.

"They were playing dirty and deadly. But never mind that, Paul isn't one for bargaining. He'd have killed you as easily as he'd looked at you. And there'd be no telling what sets him off." "He needed me to ride.

Why would he kill me?" Before Jessica's mind could register it, Angus lunged forward, grabbed her by her arms and lifted her to his eye level. And he was furious. His face was red, vein bulging on his forehead. He shook her. "You don't know Paul!" Angus exploded. "You don't know Paul, you don't know the clan, you don't know anything!

You are not in a position to make these kind of assumptions and decisions! If you ever do something like this again I'll take my fucking belt to you! Do you understand?" Tears rolled down Jessica's cheeks. She knew she was in a precarious position but she just couldn't bring herself to agree.

"No." She whispered. "What?" Riley demanded. Surely he had heard wrong, but the silence from the other men, the look on Angus' face when Riley looked in the rearview mirror confirmed that he'd heard correctly.

"What did you say?" They were minutes from their house. He was tired of looking at the back of her head. He had to get out of the car and get his hands on Jessica. "Jessica …" Jim growled.

Jessica stuck her chin out and squared her shoulders. "I know you want to protect me." Jessica began. "And I want to protect you. That's what people who are married do.

Tell me what you would have done if Paul had asked you?" She fixed her eyes on Jim. "You would have said no and Paul would have had Abe and Rick hurt you. And then the guys who were 'visiting' you …" she said fixing her eyes on Scott, "would have asked you. And what do you think would have happened?

At least Jim and I were in a public place, but you were home. Alone. With guns everywhere. Tell me that you would have just let them walk away. Or that they would have gone without a fight?

The risk and probability of violence was much higher if I said no then if I said yes. What I did was right." Jessica added as Riley slammed on the brakes in their driveway. Before Jessica could blink she'd been dragged out of the car by Riley, and Josh was lifting her legs and she wrapped them around his waist.

Riley thrust into her anus and Josh into her pussy the two of them thrust toward one another, crushing Jessica between them. "We'll setup the fucking machines …" Scott said, walking past them. Jim and Angus followed.

"Your attitude needs adjusting …" Riley growled into her ear as he thrust. "And tonight we're going to adjust it." "Look at me Jessica." Josh said leaning back a little. "By the end of the night you're going to wish Angus had used his belt on you. And you'll beg us to stop, you'll promise to never think for yourself again. Mark my words …" And then they came, and slid out of her. Riley scooped her into his arms. "When we get inside you will get on her hands and knees on the coffee table, legs spread." He said.

Jessica's breath caught. Desire mingled with reservation. Inside the house the men had the fucking machines almost setup, and Scott was doing something with a long length of rope which seemed odd and brought on another wave of cautious anticipation. Riley put her down and Jessica moved to the coffee table without hesitation. She had no intention of angering them any more than she had to and despite their claims as to how this night was going to impress their point on her, she knew that she'd been right in what she did.

She'd never change her mind about that. No sooner was she on her knees than Scott was fingering her pussy, his fingers probing through her lips and meat and then slipping into her hole, his thumb sliding into her anus. He leaned over her, pressing his chest against her back and put his other hand on one of the three ropes laying on the coffee table. "Nothing's going to stop what's coming next Jessica." He said into her ear.

"We have some lessons to teach you in obedience. And you need to practice controlling yourself, and doing what you're told. There will be consequences for non-compliance. But you can reduce the number of lessons and the severity of the consequences by admitting you were wrong in what you did with Paul and promising to never do it again. What do you say?" Jessica rocked with the thrusts of his hand, she felt pleasure growing. Jim was kneeling to one side of her, tugging on her breast.

Alternating between using his whole hand to grasp her breast, squeeze and pull, and then pinching her nipple and pulling it as far as he could. Josh was on her other side doing the same thing. Riley as at her head, stroking her lips with his thumb, slipping it in and out of her mouth. Angus was rubbing her right butt cheek.

Suddenly he pulled back and slapped it. Jessica jumped and turned to look back at him. He smiled a toothy, satisfied smile and he had a glint in his eye as he pulled his hand back and slapped her again. "Plenty more where that came from." He growled. "Answer Scott's question. Do you admit you were wrong?" Angus pulled his hand back, slid his eyes to her butt, smiled extra wide and waited.

Scott thrust into her harder, especially her anus. There was a mild discomfort that grew into pleasure. Jim and Josh used both hand to both pull her breasts and her nipples. The shocks of pain ratcheted up her pleasure.

Riley walked back to where Scott thrust into her and she felt his fingers rub in the meat around Scott's hand.


He came back, pulled her face back to look at him and slipped his finger, covered with her juices into her mouth. He thrust in as deep as he could, he swooshed his fingers around every part of her mouth almost making her gag.

Pulling his hand out of her mouth, he slapped her cheek with a light but firm slap. "Were you wrong?" he demanded. Jessica thought about it. Undoubtedly saying she was wrong and promising to never do it again was the wise thing to do. Even pretending that she was sorry and wouldn't do it again was probably wise even if it meant breaking the oath. But it was wrong. They were wrong. Why couldn't they see that what she did was the best solution for the situation.

She had just as much right to protect them as they did to protect her. She felt defiance settling in and she shook her head. "I was right." She said, and then she gasped as Angus spanked her butt, but harder than he had before. Jim pinched her nipple, Josh squeezed her breast hard, Scott thrust all four fingers into her, and slid his thumb from side to side in her anus. And Jessica felt blinding pleasure shoot through her. Unable to control herself she screamed.

Riley slid his cock into her mouth. "Suck Jessica. Suck. " He closed his hands around her jaw, holding it shut and he thrust. Jessica strained against his cock and hands, the need to scream overwhelming her. But then her orgasm plateaued. And then Riley came, spewing his cum down her throat. She had to work hard to swallow it all and she almost bit Riley when Angus spanked her again. "Well, you're good an wet now." Scott said. "Which gives you an unfair advantage but we'll be nice and let you have it." He picked up one of the ropes.

"Nice and thick isn't it?" he asked Jessica, holding the rope in front of her. "Answer me slave!" "Yes master." Jessica said looking at the rope. It was fairly thick and had strange rope threads sticking up all over it. "And it has these great rope hairs." He added and rubbed the rope on her cheek. "Rough isn't it? Almost like sandpaper?" "Yes master." "This is what you're going to do. You're going to wrap your pussy around it. And you're going to squeeze your legs closed.

We're going to pull the rope back and forth. And you're going to keep your legs closed. For ten minutes. If you open your legs at all we'll wrap an elastic around your one of your breasts.

And we'll pull the rope again. If you fail again, we'll elastic your other breast. Third time, we'll elastic both your breasts together and you'll try again. Fourth and last time … before moving onto something else, if you fail, you'll lose the privilege of showering alone for an indeterminate amount of time.

Understand?" Jessica was staring at him in wide eyed horror. "Showering alone?" she asked. "That's just a start." Scott said. "But … but that's not fair!" Jessica stammered. "How do you figure?" Riley demanded. "Because …" Jessica began. "Is it fair that we expect you to listen to us and you don't?" Josh asked. Jessica looked at him and then at Jim who looked equally prepared to go ahead with removing her privilege. "I do.

I do listen to you all the time." Jessica said, desperation setting in. "All the time. I could lie and tell you I agree that I was wrong. That I'll never do it again. But I'm being honest.

If there's something that I can do to protect you I will do it. I love you." "And we love you." Angus said. "We love you, we know how much you love your privileges, and we'd never do anything to hurt you. Yet, here we are, prepared to pussy torture you and remove your privileges. That should tell you how seriously we take this. Maybe, theoretically you're right. Maybe for other people in another time and place your logic is right.

But for you, for us, for here and now, it is wrong and it will always be wrong. Stop being so … you… learn your lesson and you can keep your damn privilege." "You still get the pussy torture though." Scott said. Jessica looked around at the men, her eyes landing on Jim last.

"Jim?" "No getting out of the pussy torture." He said his eyes sliding down to her bent over butt, between her legs where Scott's hand was still thrusting around. "I mean the privilege." Jessica said. Jim raised his eyes to hers.

"I'm one hundred percent behind this. I told you already, you have no business in our business. You have no idea what you're dealing with and you put yourself in unnecessary danger." "Put your rope in your pussy, agree you were wrong and promise not to do it again. You get some rope burn, a few orgasms and we're done.

Or put the rope in your pussy, continue to be your normal stubborn self and you'll get your orgasms but you'll also lose your privilege.

And we'll move on to more torture, more lost privileges, until you agree." Scott said. "But make the decision in the next twenty seconds or you lose the privilege no matter what." Scott slid his hand out of her, and held the rope out to her. Jessica closed her eyes in frustration. This was wrong and unfair and her sense of injustice coupled with her strong belief that she'd been right wouldn't let her do what they asked even if it meant she'd lose her privilege.

"Two seconds left." Scott said. Jessica exhaled, took the rope from Scott, slid it between her legs, parting her pussy lips to set it in place, and closed her legs. Jessica shifted a little with discomfort. Even without the rope moving the hairs pricked her in a slightly uncomfortable way. She dropped onto all fours and waited. "Do you have anything to say?" Josh asked. Jessica shook her head. "Unbelievable …" Riley muttered. "Fucking right it's unbelievable." Scott growled.

"It's so unbelievable that I'm going to add something to the mix that I was saving for later." He reached down under the coffee table and produced a large hook with a rope tied to it.

He held it in front of Jessica who stared at it with a blank expression, having absolutely no idea what it was for. "What the hell is that for?" Angus asked. Scott smiled at him. "It's an anal hook." "A what?" Riley asked. "Anal hook. What we're going to do." Scott said leaning close to Jessica's ear.

"Is insert this in her asshole and tie this rope to the hair on the back of her head. She'll have to stay very still or else rip herself a new asshole." Jessica's eyes widened and Scott chuckled.

"Ready to admit you're wrong yet?" he whispered into her ear. "No." Jessica said in a quiet voice. "Scott, isn't that going a little far." Jim asked him in a low voice, though to his shame he came to full erection at the image forming in his mind.

"You're bluffing, right?' Josh added. "No … I'm not bluffing." Scott said moving back toward her ass. "Come on Scott this isn't right." Josh said. "Pass me the lube will you?" Scott asked Angus. "For Christ sake Jessica," Jim said moving up to her ear, "stop being so stubborn and admit you were wrong!" "Calm down will you." Scott said moving behind Jessica and stroking her butt cheek.

"This will bring her more pleasure than pain, trust me. Now you'll want to co-operate on this one Jess." He said prying her butt cheeks apart. "Pretend you're going for a shit … relax your hole. That's it." He said starting to insert he hook, "A little more, that's it." Jessica gasp at mild discomfort of the hook sliding into her … and the men ejaculated. "Jess, are you okay?" Jim asked panting and ashamed of himself for finding so much pleasure in watching Scott impale her like that.

Jessica nodded. "Course she's okay." Scott said moving over her back and gathering her hair back into a ponytail. "But here's a piece of advice Jess." He said as he pulled the rope tight and then tied it around her hair. "And you can think of this as a metaphor for what we're telling you about Paul. If you pull on the rope, even a little, it'll hurt. You've gotta stay still. Mark my words on that, just like you can mark my words on the fact that Paul is a dangerous man and you are never to deal with him again.

Do you see the parallel?" He growled into her ear, looking at the taught rope pulling her hair straight back, ending in her ass. Not an inch of slack anywhere. He pulled on the rope a little and Jessica gasped, pleasure shooting through her.

"Better not nod, may hurt." He chuckled. "Answer me slave, do you understand what I'm telling you?" Jessica closed her eyes, trying hard not to move. "Is there a chance that this hook might beat you up or kill you?" she asked. "No …" Scott said in a hesitant way, not sure he wanted to know where she was going with this.

"Then it's not a very good parallel." Despite himself, Scott chuckled. He looked at the other men, who were staring at Jessica in disbelief. She was baiting them into punishing her. "Christ." Angus mumbled following the string to her ass with his eyes. "Well, that earns you additional responsibilities then Jessica." Scott said. "Riley, watch her mouth. Jessica not only do you need to keep you head still and your legs closed, but now you have to keep your lips closed.

I'd like to say open, like you're about to suck us off, but I think keeping them closed will be harder. If she opens her lip at all Riley tell us. That'll earn her a rubber band tied around her tit." Riley nodded. "Angus, take this vibrator and hold it on the top of the hook there.

It'll vibrate the hook inside her … should stimulate some pleasure. Oh and Jessica, I almost forgot to tell you, you cannot cum. If you cum, you earn a rubber band on your tit and Jess, once you've run out of rubber bands to use, you're onto your first consequence." Scott nodded at Angus who turned on the vibrator and held it to the hook.

Jessica gasped, and then moaned, arching her back a little. The vibrations shot through her anus and caused a feeling of overstimulation making her feel sensitive. Reflexively she tried to lower her head but then gasped when the hook dug into her. "She opened her mouth." Riley said. Scott tisked. "And we haven't even slid the rope once yet. Normally I'd let the first time slide but your attitude definitely takes some adjusting.

" He held a thick elastic up in front of Jessica. Josh let go of her breast as Scott took it and slid the rubber band on, twisted it, and slid the other side on. "Ow …" Jessica moaned.

"Jess …" Josh said, reaching for the rubber band, intent on removing it. "Hold on." Scott said, "Just for a minute, look …" and he blocked Josh from touching her and pointed at her face.

Josh watched. Jessica winced a little, said 'ow' quietly a few times, and then moaned. "She likes it. See?" he asked Josh. Josh nodded. "Her tit's going to turn blue and then purple.

And it'll be sensitive to the touch. Make sure you touch it a lot. Flick it, pinch it, just like before." "Isn't that dangerous?" Jim asked, looking around at the men who were all looking at Scott like he had two heads. "Cutting the blood off like that?" "Only if we cut it off for too long. But we won't." "How long is too long?" Riley asked, reaching out to caress her breast as it began to turn blue. "Longer than we'll be leaving it on." "How do you know all this shit?" Jim asked.

Scott looked at him and smiled. "You're pretty new to the whole world of wanting to dominate Jessica." He said. "I'm not. So let's get on with it … I'm hoping she cums right away cause then she'll be way to sensitive to stay still. Josh, flick her nipple, squeeze her tit, come on it's almost purple." Josh reached out and pinched her swollen nipple and Jessica gasped.

"She opened her mouth again." Riley said. "Geez Jess, we'll never get to the rope at this rate." Scott said picking up another elastic and handing it to Jim.

"Put it on … tight." Jim looked at the elastic and looked at Jessica. The whole scene was bizarre. Her hair pulled straight back, a hook in her ass, a rope between her legs, her tit turning purple. He waivered, but then he noticed the determined set of Jessica's jaw.

She wasn't backing down, despite all of this. He exhaled and reached for her breast. Jessica grimaced and moaned as her other breast turned blue and despite the slight sense of horror Jim felt about it, he still caressed, kneaded, pinched and pulled her breast causing her to gasp. "She can't keep her mouth shut." Riley said while running his thumb over her lips, and slipping it into her mouth.

"Alright, well, let's drop the mouth thing and see how she does with the rope." Scott said and motioned to Angus to put the vibrator on the hook again. When he did, Jessica moaned. "Take that end of the rope." Scott told Riley while he picked up his end.

"Pull it tight, high up into her pussy." And he and Riley lifted the rope until it strained against Jessica's pussy. She gasped as the rope hairs dug into her meat. "Ten minutes Jess. We'll rub. Jim, Josh, Angus, you watch her real carefully if her opens legs or cums, she gets the consequence." Angus, Jim and Josh knelt beside her. Jim and Josh continued mauling her breasts causing endless gasps from Jessica.

Riley and Jim slid the rope toward Jim and Jessica cried out partially from pleasure and partially from the discomfort of the rope burn. As they pulled the other direction pleasure shot through Jessica and she came, dropping her head which made her gasp as well.

That sensation in addition to the vibrations from the hook brought wave upon wave of orgasm. "Christ." Angus growled at the sound sight and smell of her. "Pull faster." Scott told Riley and they see sawed the rope back and forth firmly and quickly. The burn and the sensitivity of her clit cause Jessica to buck and twitch. "Shit … open your mouth Jess." Riley groaned, ejaculating onto her face, aiming for her mouth when she opened it. Finally Jessica couldn't take rope rubbing on her now overly sensitive clitoris and she opened her legs.

"So, those are two violations." Scott said. He picked up another elastic and handed it to Josh. "Tie her breasts together." Josh took it, and looked at Jessica panting, then looked at her breasts that now looked a deep purple.

"Jess …" he began. Jessica shook her head. "Unless you 've change your mind," she said panting, "nothing's changed." "For fuck sakes Jessica!" Josh grumbled, but he gathered her breasts together, ignored her gasps and twisted the elastic over them twice. "Ugh ." he said, ejaculating as he looked at her breasts tied so tightly together. Jim reached up and tapped them.


And Jessica gasped again. "Well, you want another chance with the showering alone privilege? You can try to keep your legs closed again." Scott asked. "Okay." Jessica said. Scott reached up and parted her lips. He spent some time stroking her meat, then finding her clit, rubbing it, making her jerk so much she began to think she really would rip herself a new asshole. He backed off her clit and rubbed around it instead for a moment or two and then returned to her clit.

He repeated this pattern, over and over until Jessica was so sensitive that even touching her meat made her buck. "You're good and sensitive now aren't you?" Scott asked her. "Slave?" he demanded, rubbing her clit again to make the point. "Yes Master." Jessica said, jerking. "Good. You now have thirty seconds to keep your legs closed and to cum." Scott said, spreading her lips with this fingers and pressing the rope to her meat, and then organizing her lips around it.

"Pull hard and fast." He said to Riley and they began. Jessica jerked and jerked but was only able to keep her legs closed for about ten seconds. "Pull up." Scott told Riley, pulling his end of the rope up hard. Riley did the same. Scott arrange her lips around it again. "Keep pulling, fast." Scott said and they sawed the rope. "We're not stopping till you cum Jess." Scot said, planting a hand on her butt cheek, choking up on the rope and pulling harder and faster. Riley did the same and Jessica jerked in multiple little spasms that made it look like she was having a seizure.

Josh took her breasts in both his hands and squeezed, Jessica screamed. Angus slapped her other butt cheek. Jessica jumped in surprise, so he slapped it again. Jim moved to Jessica's head. "You may as well do something useful with your mouth …" he said and slid his cock into it. "Careful Jess." He warned when her teeth scraped him several times. Jessica looked up at him with pleading eyes … there was no way she could guarantee that she wouldn't bite his cock off by mistake.

"If I feel your teeth again Jess you're going to lose your riding privileges." He said. Jessica's eyes widened and she made a noise, she immediately opened her mouth to make as much room in it as possible. "No Jess." Jim said using his hands to close her jaws. "Keep your mouth closed and suck. Despite the burn from the rope, despite the hook, despite Angus slapping you …" and he nodded at Angus who gladly slapped her butt again, "despite Josh squeezing the hell out of your blue breasts … you have to suck and suck good." Jessica made noise again but Jim held her jaws firmly.

So Jessica sucked, as well as she could but the burning between her legs, the constant and rough attention of Josh's hands on her breasts, the vibration in her ass and Angus' steady slaps threatened to distract her. Suddenly, strong and unexpected pleasure erupted between her legs overwhelming Jessica and her teeth slipped, scraping Jim.

He came and rubbed her cheeks as she swallowed. When he was flaccid he pulled out of her.


"She's lost riding privileges." Jim said and traced her lips with the tip of his cock when she stared up at him. Jessica began to jerk again. Riley and Scott lowered the rope and Scott slid his fingers in where it had been. "Oh my God she's wet." He moaned. He looked at Jessica. Her arms and legs were shaking from the effort of holding herself up and enduring all the orgasms. "She's had enough." Jim said.

Scott nodded. "Let's change her position." He said "But leave the hook in. "Riley, Jim, Josh, take an arm or leg each." He said talking Jessica's left leg.

"Let's flip her. Jess, hold still or that hook is going to hurt." With some maneuvering Jessica found herself lying on her back on the coffee table. There rope between her hair and her anus had no slack so when she lay on it she had to arch her chest up so her head could be closer to her butt.

It was not the most comfortable position she'd ever been in. Scott pushed her legs open and she let them fall to their respective sides.

Scott slid his thumb between her lips and rubbed methodically on her clitoris which was still mildly sensitive, but rather than jerk she felt the beginnings of pleasure growing. "Your leg …" Jim said, rubbing on her bandaged leg in gentle strokes. Jessica winced. "Maybe we should stop." He said looking at the other men.

"Does your leg hurt a lot?" Riley asked her, kneeling near her head and kissing her cheek and then lips gently. "No." she said. "Just a little. I think some regular pain killers would help." "I'll get them." Angus said getting up and moving to the kitchen. "Why don't you just ask us to stop?" Josh asked Jessica.

"We will." Jessica considered that for a moment. As usual, even the things that were uncomfortable or mostly painful gave her pleasure.

Losing privileges wasn't so pleasurable but she was going to lose them whether they had the sex or not. In her mind she figured that she may as well make the men work for it. But just on the off chance that they'd forget everything with Paul and just stick to sex rather than consequences, she asked, "Will you stop being mad at me about Paul?" "Do you promise to never do that again?" Josh asked.

Jessica exhaled. "Given the same situation with the same options and possible results … no. I still believe that what I did was right." "Jessica!" Riley grumbled. Angus kneeled beside her. "Are you doing this just to be disobedient?" he demanded. Jessica slid her eyes over to him, unable to move her head.

She saw him holding a glass of water with a straw. "No. I think you'd agree that I go out of my way to obey you on everything. Everything." She repeated when he opened his mouth to say something.

"But in this particular situation you're wrong. And I'm happy agreeing to disagree, but apparently you're not. So, do your worst …" she said but then added quickly, "sexually, do your worst sexually … and can I have those pills?" Angus squinted his eyes at her and for a moment she thought he was going to add her leg pain to her punishment but then he lifted his hand over her mouth. He was holding two pills between his thumb and forefinger.

Jessica opened her mouth and he dropped them in. "I brought a straw." He murmured, putting the straw between her lips. Jessica drank the whole glass of water. "You're so wet …" Scott said, and then removed his thumb, and licked it. "Riley if you want to keep rubbing her I'd appreciate it. I have some ropes to set up before I lap her up like a fucking bowl of water." Riley parted her lips, ducked down to look at her pussy and then finding her clit he took it between his thumb and forefinger and stroked.

Jessica sighed and arched her back. "You're soaking." He murmured and spread her lips wider with one hand so he could see better.

"Your clit is so swollen …" he added, tugging on it. Scott moved over Jessica. She heard some tinkling, like bells ringing.

"Um … " Jessica began, closing her eyes as pleasure from Riley's ministrations began to build. "Jess?" Jim asked, hoping she was coming to her senses. "My breasts …" "Oh shit!" Josh swore and began to undo the elastic holding her two breasts together, and then Jim and Josh undid the individual breasts.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow …" Jessica muttered as blood returned to her breasts. "Are you okay?" Jim asked in between kissing and massaging her breasts. "Jess?" Josh asked. "Fine … " she squeaked, closing her eyes and holding her breath as the discomfort continued.

"Jess. This can all stop right now." Angus said. "It's real easy." Jessica shook her head. It occurred to her that any guilt that she felt about keeping the bar and Beth a secret could be remedied by these consequences. By the time they were done she could move on with a clear conscience.

"Fine!" Scott said. Jessica looked at him. He'd sounded angry. And he looked angry. He pulled two ropes over her, lowered them to just above her thighs and tied them to the fucking machined that stood behind him and Riley. "Just proving over and over again that your sense of survival is non-existent." He grumbled. "So this is what happens now. We're going to eat you out, fuck you, in your mouth and pussy … you're going to give us hand jobs, and you're going to do all of this without bumping these ropes which have bells on them.

When they ring, you lose a privilege. Oh, and I almost forgot." He went and tied a rope between the two parallel ropes. Then he hung two clips from them. Reaching for her right breast he clipped on of the clips to her nipple, and then the other. Jessica gasped. In order to keep her nipples from hurting from the pull on the clip she had to arch her back up, which caused her to hit the parallel ropes with her arms, causing bells to jingle. "We'll let that one go." Scott muttered.

"We'll start now." "But, I can't move at all without ringing the bells." Jessica said looking at the ropes that were just an inch above her arms, and legs. "I guess you'll have to find a way." Scott said, lust in his tone.

Just looking at her brought him to erection. He moved to her head and straddled the coffee table. "You'll suck me off. Give hand jobs to Jim and Josh. Riley can eat you out first and Angus will put the vibrator on your hook again." He slid his cock into her mouth, Jim and Josh slid their cocks into her hands, and Riley dove into her pussy.

Angus put the vibrator on the hook but then he also began to move the hook a little, back and forth, up and down. Bells jingled when Jessica's arms hit the ropes while she stroked. She worked hard to keep her back arched so her breast wouldn't pull on the ropes but with the stroking, sucking, strange sensations from Angus' maneuvering of the hook, and the sound of lapping from Riley, coupled with his tongue and teeth gnawing on her clit, made it impossible for her to concentrate much less comply.

"Working with the dogs … gone." Scott said when several bells rang at once. Jessica moved as if to protests but he thrust into her mouth harder. And then the pain from her nipples coupled with Riley's intense focus on her clitoris combined to bring an explosion of pleasure, and Jessica's whole body convulsed, ringing more bells. "Working on the cars, gone." Scott said. And then her body convulsed when Riley continued working on her now sensitive clit.

Bells rang again. "Singing gone, racing cars gone, going out gone, driving your car gone …" And then Scott, Jim and Josh came spraying her face and tits with their cum. A moment later she felt the warmth of Angus' sperm spraying her butt. "Please ." Jessica said when Scott pulled out of her mouth. "I can't do any more … I'm exhausted!" "Fuck it." Riley said, standing he grabbed her by the butt and pulled her toward him.

Jessica gasped as her nipples stretched. Josh unclipped her just as Riley thrust into her. He thrust and thrust until he came and then he collapsed on top of her. "Jess," Scott said kneeling near her head. "Change your mind.

Change your mind and you can have everything back." Jessica's head lolled, but she forced herself to look at Scott. "They're not gone forever, right?" She muttered. "Only until you change your mind." Jessica closed her eyes.

"So, have you?" Jessica shook her head. "Goddamn it!" Scott swore. "Then you leave me no choice, you also lose the privilege of racing Ebony at the track this week." Jessica's eyes flew open. She stared at Scott. Tears of frustration ran down her cheeks. "You guys are focusing on all the wrong things." She muttered, and wiped the tears from her cheeks. She looked around at the men and it was clear that they had no idea what she was talking about.

"Never mind …" she said. "Scott, just promise me that you'll have someone else ride Ebony. Don't miss the race. It was your dream." "Fine." Scott said but not meaning it.

There was nothing fine about any of this. "Jessica, this is unnecessary …" Jim said suddenly realizing the reality of what was happening. She was back to where she began. Everything they'd worked for was reversed and if she continued to be this stubborn it would stay that way for a long time.

"Can … can we finish this tomorrow?" Jessica asked, fighting to keep her eyes open. "I'm so tired …" "I'll set the bed up." Riley said, his face still glistening with Jessica's juices. "After I wash up." He added. "Come here Jess." Josh said, sliding an arm under her head, and another under her legs he lifted her, and went to sit on the couch, cradling her.

She fell to sleep while the men cleaned up and set-up the mattress. She didn't wake even while they arranged themselves on the mattress. "This is fucked up." Jim said once they were settled. "We can't take these privileges from her …" "It's not permanent." Riley said. "If she doesn't change her mind it will be." Angus said. "She'll cave." Josh said. "Once the reality of it sets in." "I hope you're right." Jim said. "Me too." Scott said. "Good night." Angus said and pulled Jessica tighter against him.

It was his day with her the following day. He hoped she'd wake up with some common sense. ******************************************************** Jessica panted. Pleasure radiated from between her legs. Jessica woke up and realized that someone was between her legs, licking, sucking and gnawing her.

Her breasts were being stroked, and another set of hands was prying her butt cheeks open and a finger was tracing the outline of her anus. "Morning …" Angus said when she turned to look at him. Without waiting for an answer he covered her mouth with his, nipped her bottom lip, nipped her top lip, caressed her tongue with his. He wanted more than anything to roll on top of her, enter her, and have her to himself, but the others were there. Riley on her other side, sucking her breast.

Josh was eating her out, Scott was enjoying her ass and Jim, the only one not able to get to a part of her must have been getting stroked off because Jessica's right arm was moving up and down.

And then Jessica shuddered. Scott and Josh moved and Angus slid into her. He pumped and pumped, and when he came he rolled off, and Riley replaced him. "Morning …" Riley said to Jessica when he came face to face with her. "Morning …" she said wrapping her legs around him.

When he finished he rolled off and Josh replaced him. "You sleep okay?" he asked as he thrust into her. Jessica nodded and raised her head to kiss him.

When he came, Scott replaced him. "Jess … " Scott said. He had a hard time looking her in the eye and wanted to say something that would make everything right, everything okay but he just couldn't think of what. Jessica kissed his neck. When Scott came, Jim replaced him. "Hey …" Jim said. "Hi …" Jessica replied and then gasped. Angus had moved the blankets, lay down for a better view and then worked his hands between her butt cheeks as Jim thrust into her.

He began to match Jim's thrusts with thrusts from his thumb, and in seconds the building pleasure Jessica had been feeling exploded and she arched under Jim who came as her pussy pulsed around his cock. "Oh my God …" Jim mumbled and then as the pleasure died, collapsed on top of Jessica. They lay in a heap panting. "Jess." Jim said, raising his head to look at her. "Admit you're wrong. Promise not to do it again. You can have all of your privileges back.

Please!" he said in a rush. Jessica blinked at him. "You guys are determined to make me lie to you." She finally said. "You're lucky that my high moral character keeps me from doing it." "Jessica …" Angus grumbled.

"I deserve some consequences for not telling you about the bar and Beth. But nothing is going to change my mind about the race. And if you keep these privileges from me forever you're being unfair." "Jess …" Scott said. "And …" Jessica said pushing on Jim's chest until he rolled off of her and then sitting up to look around at the men. "After a while I'm going to resent that you're doing that to me." "You're doing it to yourself …" Angus began.

Jessica sighed. "Okay, look, maybe we can come to a compromise. Maybe … maybe I can agree that Paul is a dangerous man and I should have been more concerned about dealing with him. But you have to agree that I have just as much of a right to protect you as you have to protect me." "We're never going to agree to that Jessica." Riley said but he looked around at the men.

It seemed like a no win situation. Josh had seemed sure that she would give in after losing privileges for a while but Riley was beginning to doubt it. She had the same determined look that she used to get when they'd first brought her home. Minus the hatred. He shuddered at the thought of her hating them again. Jessica exhaled and lowered her eyes. "Okay. Well, I guess that's it then." "Would you be so nonchalant about it if we put you back on the leash?" Angus asked in sudden anger.

Jessica's head shot up and he instantly regretted his words. She looked panicked, hurt, scared. "Never mind Jess." He said, "We wouldn't do that … forget I said that." Jessica sagged against Riley. "Thank you." She said, raising her eyes to meet Angus'. He nodded. They sat in silence. It appeared there was nothing left to do or say. "We have chores to do." Riley finally said. "I guess you'll be pretty bored for the next couple of hours." He said to Jessica.

She nodded. "I guess so. Am I still allowed to go outside?" The men looked at one another, finally looking at Scott for a decision. He shrugged. "I guess so. But you can't do anything." "Okay." Jessica shifted and winced. "Maybe that's a good thing." Jim said looking her up and down.

"You must be pretty sore." Jessica took stock of her body for a moment and then nodded. "A little. But I'm okay. Um, I guess I'll go and take a shower." She said trying stand. Riley and Jim took her by her elbows and lifted her. "Thanks." She said and turned to leave. "I guess I'll be coming with you." Angus said jumping to his feet.

"It's my day with you … you're not showering alone anymore … " he said when she looked at him with a blank expression.

It was easy to tell when Jessica grasped what he was saying. A flurry of emotions rolled over her face. Finally one settled in place and to Angus it looked like it reflected a feeling of betrayal. Angus paused.

Could she have thought that they were just bluffing about her losing her privileges? But then Jessica nodded, turned, and began shuffling down the hallway. In a few long strides Angus caught up to her grasping her elbow he turned her to face him. "Can you at least acknowledge that we have cause to be upset about this? That there's good reason for us to want you to listen to us?" Jessica searched his eyes for a few moments and then the look of betrayal disappeared and she nodded.

"I can understand that." She said melting into his arms and pecking his lips. "Let's go … I have to pee real bad." She added and taking his hand dragged him down the hall behind her.

In the bathroom Angus had started the shower while Jessica peed and then went to pee while Jessica got in the shower. After a few minutes Jessica looked around the curtain and found Angus leaning against the bathroom wall. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Waiting. Go ahead Jess, as far as the other guys will know you and I showered together." Jessica smiled. "I love you Angus." She said.

"I love you to." He replied, smiling too. For once in the past twenty four hour period, something felt right. He'd managed to honor his promise to Jessica and though he knew he wasn't helping their cause much, he felt good about it. "And I want you to shower with me." "What?" he asked, startled. "Not all the time …" she added quickly, "but right now.

Come on, please?" "You don't have to ask twice." He said striding toward her. Jessica laughed as his cock jumped to attention. In the shower he pulled her to him, lifted her onto his cock and she gasped as she wrapped her legs around him. "Your legs hurt?" he asked pressing her up against the wall and thrusting. Jessica nodded. They thrust in a frenzied blur, Jessica arching and pressing her breasts up to him, Angus taking them in his mouth as he drove into her.

When they both came they stood like that, Jessica against the wall, Angus in her but flaccid, his head resting on her chest. Panting. Angus looked down at her left leg. Sliding his hand to the bandage her rubbed. "We'll have to re-bandage this, it's getting soaked." Jessica nodded and stroked his head, running her fingers through his hair, kissing the top of his head. "What is it?" he asked when he looked up to see a strange expression on her face. "Angus. I know you don't want to talk about Beth … and that's okay …" she added quickly when Angus' face contorted and he stood up to tower over her.

"I don't want to talk about her either except to ask you a favor. Just listen …" she said, rubbing her hands on his chest, trying to calm his now severe expression.

"She's lonely Angus. Everyone is rejecting her. Now that you know the truth, can you just ask the others to include her?" Angus stared at Jessica for so long that she began to wonder if he'd had a brain aneurism and was never going to move or speak again.

But finally he blinked. "Jessica, the truth is still to be determined." "Okay …" Jessica said clearly surprised. She had considered Beth's story to be definitively true but on reflection she could see why Angus wouldn't be so fast to do the same. "But, I'll call Sean and Corey and tell them to lay off of her." Jessica smiled. "Thank you Angus!" "You like her …" Angus said quietly. Jessica nodded. "She's been nothing but nice to me." "I don't like that.

I don't want you hanging around with her." "I understand." Jessica said. "But I have to tell you that Beth stood up for me with Paul." She lowered her eyes when Angus' face went rigid. "I think … I think things would have gone differently with Paul if she hadn't been there and stood up for me." Angus' hands tightened on her butt where they had slid down to rest.

Jessica forced herself to look up at Angus. He was glowering at her. "Angus?" "What exactly do you want me to say?" he growled. "Nothing … nothing …" she said patting his chest. "I just thought you should know that she took care of me. That's all. Um …" she added when his expression intensified.

She slid her hands from his chest to his abdomen. "Are you okay?" "No." She leaned forward and kissed his chest. "I can make you feel better." She said sliding her hand back and forth just above where she and he met at his waist. "If you let me suck you off … master." "As much as I'd like that Jessica." Angus said, "You can't distract me from this with sex. I got your message about Beth, now you get mine.

Stay away from her. Understand?" Jessica nodded. "I understand.

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But you'll still tell Corey and Sean to be nice to her, right?" "Yes Jessica …" Angus growled and then laughed in exasperation. "My God you have a one track mind …" And then Jessica's stomach growled. "And an empty stomach." He added. "Let's get cleaned up and get some food into you!" Jessica giggled when Angus patted her butt and lowered her to her feet.

Half an hour later Jessica and Angus were sitting at the dining room table with the other men. The men had cleaned up the living room, cooked breakfast, showered and dressed.

"We shouldn't be too long." Riley said about their chores just as his phone rang. "Goddamn Sean." He muttered looking at the call display. And then putting the phone back in his pocket.

"He's called six times in the past half hour Riley." Jessica said, "Don't you think you should answer it?" "I have nothing to say to him." Riley grumbled. Each of the men's phones rang one after the other as each of them ignored the phone calls. "Maybe it's important." Jessica said. "They have something important to say to us alright." Scott said, "like explaining why they helped you sneak off to the race." "Oh." Jessica said in surprise. She hadn't realized that the men were mad at them too.

"Oh is right." Jim said getting to his feet. "Hold that thought till we get back from our chores. We can have an indepth conversation about that for the rest of the day …" Jessica shivered. There was little doubt from the tone of Jim's voice and the look on his face that the conversation was going to be anything but verbal.

"Be good." Josh said kissing her before heading for the door. The other men did the same and soon Jessica was alone. She pulled her own phone out of her pocket and looked at the display. She had fifty messages. Odd. Calling her voicemail she was informed by a recorded message that her inbox was full.

She went through her voicemail. She had about ten messages from Beth each one imploring her to call and let her know that she was okay. The last one was the only different one … Beth sounded urgent and was in the process of telling her that she had something important to tell her, when the voicemail cut off. She had several from Tracy, and the other band members asking her to let them know she was okay. And to her surprise she even had one from Sean and one from Corey both telling her to have the men call them.

It was urgent. She dialed Beth's number and got voicemail on the first ring. Jessica assured her that she was fine and would call her later. She spoke with Tracy and Dave briefly, reassuring them that she was fine and would see them soon. "Okay. And ah, Jessica?" Tracy asked near the end of the conversation, "Did you … ah, make out with anyone in the parking lot?" Jessica felt heat sting her cheeks. "Why do you ask?" Jessica managed to mumble. "Some folks said they saw you kind of surrounded … by men." Jessica paused, her mind racing.

"Ah yeah." She said. "Um, my husband is home. He ah, came home and surprised me and he got a little carried away in the parking lot." "Oh …oh!" Tracy said, her voice relaxing. "Honey, I'm so happy for you! Well, that explains everything … thank God …" "See you later then …" Jessica said and hung up, mortified.

She wasn't sure she'd want to show her face around that bar again. She looked at her phone and decided that she didn't want to call anyone else. She went to the window and looked out. The men were out of sight. The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day. And then an idea struck her.

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It would be a great time to sun tan. Excited by the prospect she ran to Jim's bedroom, found the skimpiest bikini she could, grabbed a towel, a blanket and a book. In the living room she found a scrap of paper and a pen and wrote 'sun tanning out back' and left it on the dining room table.

She decided to go out the back door because that was closer to the grassy knoll that she wanted to lay on. She squeezed through some bushes and found herself in her own personal paradise. Spreading out her blanket, Jessica lay down and sighed. A gunshot jolted Jessica out of a deep sleep. She bolted upright, rubbed her eyes and looked around.

She was beginning to think that she'd dreamt the gunshot when four more rang out. Jessica jumped to her feet and pushed through the bushes. She was pretty sure all the wild dogs had been destroyed. She was not happy to consider that there could be more of them. She jogged to the front of the house and was about to round the corner of the house when she heard what sounded like flesh hitting flesh and then a voice she didn't recognize growled "I'm going to kill you like the lowlife scum that you are.

Right after we find that whore that you double crossed us for, and cut her into pieces while you watch!" "I told you, she's not here." She heard Riley say, but his words were slurred. Jessica skidded to a stop, and then crept up to the corner of the house.

Fear gripped her when she saw a group of armed men standing in a semi-circle around Riley, Angus, Jim, Josh and Angus. Her men were kneeling on the ground and she could see that their arms and legs were bound with rope.

Riley glared up at the large, bearded man in front of him. Angus was half crumpled on the ground, Jim and Josh's heads hung lifelessly in front of them, and Scott lay on the ground. The front door of the house opened and Jessica ducked back. Peeking around the corner cautiously, she saw a man descend the porch stairs and walk towards the others.

"She left a note … sunbathing out back." He announced. The bearded man pulled his arm back and punched Riley so hard that Riley dropped like a bag of bricks.

Jessica gasped, throwing her hand over her mouth and ducking back against the wall. "That's an old note." She heard Jim mumble. Jessica looked around the corner again. "Shut up asshole." A man nearest him ordered, and lifting his rifle he brought the butt down on the side of Jim's head.

Jim flopped to the ground. "No …" Jessica whispered and anger flashed through her. "Find her." The bearded man said and Jessica saw one man move toward the barn, one man toward the kennels and another in her direction.

She ran to the back of the house, paused at the far back corner, saw no one and decided to run for the bushes at the far end of the property. They lined the driveway, were close to one of the men's cars and they also held a stash of hidden weaponry.

Staying low she jogged to the car. At the car she looked over the trunk to see the remaining men taking turns kicking Riley, Angus, Jim, Josh and Scott. Fury seared her veins. Suddenly she realized that she had to move. The man who'd come to the house would be rounding the corner to the back at any moment. She crouch jogged to the front of the car, squatted lower and took a chance on making it to the bushes without being seen. Diving into the bush, she flattened herself on the ground and waited.

She listened and the only sound she could hear was the sound of the attackers boots connecting with her men's bodies. She lifted her head a little and saw the man looking around the back of the house. After a few minutes he disappeared around the side again. Jessica pulled her phone and dialed Sean's phone number. "Hello …" Sean answered. "Sean, it's Jessica. Someone's here and they're beating up the men." She whispered.

"Shit! Daryl, fuck!" Sean said. "Daryl?" Jessica asked. "They're going to kill them Jessica. Christ, we were trying to call you guys since last night. Daryl expected the men to come on a job and they didn't. Daryl's men got massacred and now he blames Riley. Christ! We're coming, right now. But I don't think we'll get there in time." "I'll try to hold them off." Jessica said. "What! No Jessica, they'll kill …" Sean shouted but Jessica hung up the phone and began shifting the branches that lay over the hole where the box of guns and ammunition was buried.

Jessica pulled the gun belt out, pulled the two six shooters out, loaded them, slid them into the gun belts. Then she grabbed two rifles and a shotgun, loaded them. The men had included several saddle holsters in the box. She slid three over her shoulders with the two rifles in them, and the third in the middle of her back with the shot gun. At the bottom of the box lay a huge hunting knife in a sheath.

Jessica considered taking it but then remembered what the men said about it being more dangerous having a knife then not. Shutting the lid she scanned the area and didn't see anyone in her vicinity. With a growing sense of urgency Jessica crouch ran from the bush to the front of the car. The guns on her back weren't the most comfortable things but Jessica quickly concluded that in order to be useful in any way she needed as much fire power as she could muster. Looking over the hood of the car Jessica's heart clenched.

The men were all on the ground, blood flowing from gashes on their faces. Her mind raced. There were four men standing over them.

She cursed herself for not thinking to count how many men were originally in the clearing. She'd seen three leave … had that been three in addition to these four, or were some of the three included in the four … or were there even more somewhere? And how could she distract the gunmen.

Lure them away from her men? She heard the dogs barking up a storm at the kennel. Maybe she could make her way there … let the dogs loose. Would that distract them? It would likely get the dogs killed. She could sneak into her SUV and try to take the gunmen on a chase. Her keys were in the house but there were spares in the vehicle. None of these options sounded like really good distractions to Jessica. She ducked a little as a man came into view from the direction of the barn.

"She ain't there." He said. Another man came from the direction of the kennels "Not there either." He said. The man who'd gone around the house came from the corral, "Here either." "Well fuck!" the bearded man said. "Never mind then. We don't have time for this shit. Get him up." He ordered pointing his gun at Jim. One of the men yanked Jim up by his arm. "On your knees." He yelled. "And the others." The bearded man said.

The other gunmen yanked everyone up. Jessica gasped. The men's faces were battered, cut and bloodied. Angus' eyes looked almost swollen shut. "You'll just have to die knowing that we're going to find that bitch and she's going to have a slow, painful death. We're going to have our fun with her, knock all her teeth out so she can suck us off without biting us, cut her tits off, one tiny piece at a time …" he was yelling into Riley's face.

"We told you we weren't coming … we told you, Sean and Corey told you, Paul told you." Riley mumbled, apparently unable to move his jaws. "She had nothing to do with …" "Shut the fuck up!" The bearded man yelled and back handed him. He reached out and stopped him from falling to the ground. "Get up and come here!" he ordered grabbing Riley by his arm and dragging him with him.

Turning him he shoved him to his knees in front of Jim. "You didn't show up and I watched my people get blown away … murdered. So, you're going to watch your men die … one at a time before you go. And we'll start with the baby. That's Jim isn't it … the baby of your fucking clan?" he demanded placing the barrel of his rifle to Jim's forehead.

"You prepared to meet your maker boy?" he demanded. . to be continued