Scarlet Stone Tickled TICKLING PANTYHOSE

Scarlet Stone Tickled TICKLING PANTYHOSE
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This story is partly fiction. Debbie did have a skimpy white bikini that showed her nipples, aureoles, cunt hair and cunt when it was wet. She liked everyone looking at her when it was wet, especially when she got into the boat and brought her rope in.

Debbie loved being videoed and being seen naked. About two weeks after Steve moved to town, before he had fucked her my wife, Debbie, bought herself a new bathing suit for sunbathing. Both the bottom and top were unlined. It was really skimpy, exposing an inch of the bottom of her tits, and two inches of the outsides and three inches insides of her tits.

The top part went clear down to the edges of her aureoles. It was really soft and stretchy and molded perfectly to her tits and nipples, without distorting her nipples. The color of her tits and aureoles was obvious through the semi-sheer top. Her bikini bottom barely covered her cunt hair and exposed over half of her ass. Like the top, it was also semi-sheer, soft and stretchy and molded perfectly to Debbie's pussy and ass.

Her cunt hair was obvious; the color of her pussy was also. It molded perfectly to her pussy lips and prominent pubic mound. With her legs spread it sank into her pussy. The soft material sank into her ass a crack, and you could see the difference in the colors of her butt hole and cunt. Her friend, Marsha Mottes, bought the same bikini after she saw Debbie in hers.

Marsha had B cup bullet shaped tits with huge puffy aureoles. Her ass was a bit smaller than Debbie's and her husband, Mike, kept her tight, tiny little pussy shaved. Marsha's bikini bottom was really low cut in the front because it didn't have to cover any cunt hair with her pussy shaved. Marsha's top covered half of her tits, like Debbie's, exposing much of her B cup tits. Her bikini was as sheer as Debbie's and also molded to her tits, pussy and ass. Mike liked Debbie's big C cup ski jump tits and big aureoles as much as I liked Marsha's puffies.

Mike liked Debbie's prominent pubic mound and long gash as much as I liked Marsha's shaved little pussy. The girls had noticed us staring at their tits and pussies and asses. They were both a couple of exhibitionist teases. Neither of them had worn their new bikinis in public. VHS camcorders had just come out.

Steve bought one for taping our hunting adventures, so he said. The girls said they wanted him to tape them water skiing so they could see how their form looked. We went out dancing Friday night and planned on going skiing Saturday morning. We all got pretty drunk Friday night. Saturday morning we had a few drinks to make us feel better.

We were all half fucked up when we went to the lake. The girls wore their sunbathing bikinis. Steve started taping them as soon as we got there. He taped the girls constantly. They skied double, Debbie on one ski and Marsha on two. Neither of them had had their bikinis wet before. They got really sheer, almost totally see through. Steve taped Marsha as she got out of the water and into the boat.

Marsha pulled her rope in and Steve taped her. She was bent over the transom with her legs spread pulling in her rope. She looked practically naked in her wet bikini. Debbie skied by herself and for a while and then she got into the boat.

Steve taped her getting in also. Debbie was kneeling on the transom bent over with her legs spread. Steve was taping. I was driving and watching the ropes to make sure they didn't get tangled in the prop. I didn't see Marsha or Debbie get into the boat or pull their ropes in.

The girls' bikinis dried out quickly and were dry by the time we got back on shore. We drank some beer and the girls drank wine.

We passed around a joint and got fairly high. Everyone skied again, including the girls.

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Steve taped them again and they, more fucked up by now, put on a show, especially bringing the ropes in. Debbie, jokingly, told Steve to make sure he got close-ups of her tits, pussy and butt hole! Back on shore we drank some more and had a couple of more joints. We were all fucked up. Steve suggested taping the girls dancing in their bikinis.

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Marsha danced first, after getting her bikini wet in the lake. She dirty danced, shaking her tits in our faces. She ground her pussy like a stripper.

Debbie said she would tape Marsha and we could put dollar bills in Marsha's bikini top and bottom just like a stripper. We covertly touched Marsha's tits, ass and pussy. It was Debbie's turn. She got wet. I had taken her to a strip joint in Denver and she knew how to dance like a stripper. She gave us lap dances and bent over and humped her ass toward us with her legs spread. Marsha was taping and zoomed in on Debbie's tits, ass and pussy.

Debbie danced like a pro and we put dollar bills in her top and bottom. Steve and Mike pulled her bikini away from her tits and pussy. They talked Debbie into lying down on her back and spreading her legs and moving like she was fucking for them.

She rolled onto her belly and spread herself open, grinding her cunt into the sleeping bag. She bent over facing us and made her tits sway around. Marsha and Debbie traded bikinis up at the pickup where we couldn't watch them. Almost all of Debbie's pussy hair was exposed in Marsha's bikini bottom. Marsha's bikini bottom was only about an inch wide and really low cut. Debbie's pussy was barely covered and her lips were splayed wide open.

She got wet in the lake again. She might as well have been naked. We pulled her bikini bottom away from her pussy when we stuck dollar bills in her bottom, exposing her naked cunt and Marsha zoomed in on her naked pussy. Marsha's little top exposed most of Debbie's tits and two thirds of her ass. Mike and Steve were sticking their fingers inside the top when they put dollar bills in. They were touching her aureoles and nipples. The girls skied once more. Steve taped Marsha skiing in Debbie's bikini, and getting into the boat and pulling the rope in.

Debbie skied in Marsha's bikini. Steve taped her skiing and getting into the boat and pulling the rope in. Well over half her tits were naked in Marsha's top.


Marsha's tiny little bottom sank into Debbie's pussy, exposing the outside of her lips. We were all fucked up when we went back to Steve's house to watch the tape. We had stopped at a liquor store to get more beer and wine.


We didn't know it, but Steve called up five of our friends and invited them over to watch the tape. Larry, Steve's brother, and Bob, Eddie, Terry and Ernie all showed up just as Steve was starting to play the tape. We all drank and smoked pot. Shit, Steve had gotten their pussies, asses and tits close-up before they skied. They were both practically naked in their sheer bikinis getting in the boat.

He had close-ups of their pussies tits and asses bent over pulling the ropes in. Especially Debbie in Marsha's little bikini. Most of her naked cunt hair was exposed, and her fucking cunt was spread open practically naked.

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Marsha's little bikini bottom sank into Debbie's cunt. The girls had delighted in taping each other exposing themselves dancing and having dollar bills stuck in their bikinis and being touched. We were all totally fucked up by then. Steve had sneaked off and taped them naked trading bikinis up at the pickup Debbie and Marsha talked about me and Mike wanting to see their tits and pussies and that was the only reason we had let them wear their skimpy sheer bikinis with us.

Marsha said that Mike would probably let me feel her tits and fuck her if he could do the same to Debbie. Debbie laughed and said that I would probably let Mike eat her if I could eat Marsha's hairless little pussy. Marsha asked Debbie if we were doing anal and Debbie said no, but she really wanted to try it. Marsha said Mike would think he'd died and gone to heaven if he could get his cock up Debbie's ass hole. They both said it was a real turn on letting us see them practically naked.

Debbie said she would really get off on being a stripper and dancing naked in front of a bunch of horny men. And that she really liked us touching her while we put dollar bills in her bikini. Steve rewound the tape and played it three times showing them naked. Everyone commented on their tits, pussies and asses. He paused the tape to show stills of their naked tits, pussies and asses. He had zoomed in on them and had close-ups.

He got a close-up of Debbie bent over with her legs spread. Debbie's cunt was spread wide open and her swollen clit was sticking out. Her naked ass hole looked like it was begging to be fucked. They all commented on the girls' assets. Steve paused the tape on the close-up of Debbie bent over. The guys all agreed she had the most fuckable looking cunt and ass hole they'd ever seen. Steve asked Debbie if she really thought she'd like it up her ass.

She laughed and said she didn't know but would love to find out. Steve had also taped them changing into shorts and g-strings before we left.

Bob said that a lot of his rafters (he owned a rafting company, Adventure Rafting,) would pay to watch them dance and put dollar bills in their bikinis.

And, even more if they danced topless in g-strings. Both girls were still in their bikini tops and shorts with cover-ups on. Steve got out his camcorder and put in a new tape. Everyone goaded them into taking off their cover-ups and dancing for us. Mike said we'd already seen them naked and talked them into dancing again while Steve taped them.

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It was wild. Steve rewound the tape from the lake and played the part of them naked and Debbie saying she would like to dance naked in front of a bunch of horny men.

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Mike told Marsha to let me take her shorts off of her. She only had on a tiny sheer white g-sting that barely covered her hairless pussy. She ground it into my face. Debbie said it was a good thing Steve was taping this, because I was so drunk I probably wouldn't remember it in the morning and she wanted to show it to me. I had my hands on her naked ass. Marsha pulled her g-string aside and I ate her naked cunt, burying my tongue in her.

She came hard in my mouth and pressed my face into her cunt. She told Debbie that she was right about me being a great pussy eater. The girls were felt up by all seven of us.

Horny Bob and Larry held Debbie while Terry took her top off of her. He held her arms behind her back while Steve videotaped her naked tits sticking out. All six of them felt her tits while Steve taped her.

I was engrossed in Marsha's puffies. She let me feel and suck them. Bob slid Debbie's g-sting down and finger fucked her naked cunt. Debbie came. Debbie yelled for me to stop them. I looked up and Debbie was on the couch on her back with her legs spread. Steve had two fingers in her spread open cunt. He was finger fucking her and she was humping her cunt into his fingers. Good thing I was totally fucked up! Debbie was right. The next morning I didn't remember shit about what happened the night before.

I did remember them dancing in their bikinis that afternoon. The next weekend I was in the bathroom at the Galveston bar and heard two guys talking about watching Debbie's and Marsha's video and that Debbie and Marsha agreed to dance for them at the rafting company.

Oh, Shit!! Monday when I got home from work Debbie presented me with $205. She said they danced in their bikinis for five guys. And they barely touched her. She said it was fun. Bob and Mike were there and made sure they weren't molested. Shit. Debbie had said she would like dancing naked in front of a bunch of horny men.

I wondered if she was dancing naked for them and getting fucked. A few days later Debbie had me rent a camcorder and tape her doing a strip tease and masturbating. Debbie's stripped to her waist and I got in the picture and sucked and felt her big tits. She stripped naked and masturbated to about nine orgasms and finally finger fucked herself. She bucked her hips into the air every time she came.

After her 10th orgasm she had me eat her immediately after she came. She bucked her pussy wildly into my face, grabbing my head and grinding her cunt into my mouth. Debbie commented that my buddies would probably enjoy watching her masturbate and finger fuck herself and cum and me eat her pussy.


Then she sucked my cock, sluttily, in the 69 position looking directly into the camcorder, showing the entire length of my hard shaft fucking in and out of her mouth until I came in her mouth. She swallowed half of my cum and let me shoot strings of cum into her open mouth. She held her mouth open and you could see my cum in her mouth. Debbie said she loved sucking cock and wanted to suck until her jaws ached. She asked if she would look as good as the porno chicks with a huge, curved, thick uncut cock stretching her mouth out.

I said I was sure she would. She asked if I thought we could get someone to let us borrow his monster porno cock for her to suck while I taped them. Then she said, "I want you to fuck me!" She did the pretzel and spread her ass cheeks wide open.

She said she wanted her ass fucked. I fucked her cunt. Missionary. I pounded the fuck out of her. Debbie told me to fuck her, doggy, like a bitch in heat. She said, "Dog fuck me!" You could see my cock pounding in and out of her spread open cunt.

She repeatedly said, "Fuck me, dog fuck my brains out". Debbie screamed when I came in her. I drove into her hard, burying my prick in her cunt as deep as it would go.

I pulled out and Debbie, bent down more, held her pussy open and I zoomed in on it. She asked me how she looked making a pornographic video and if I had gotten off doing it. I told her she was really sexy and it was fun. She said she still wanted to see how she looked taking it up her ass. We watched it and she asked me if it would turn me on for my buddies to watch her porno video. She said they had already seen her naked on video twice.

And, that we had both been turned on by her dancing for them practically naked. Debbie didn't mention having her naked to tits felt by everyone and being finger fucked by Bob and Steve. Debbie said Mike and Marsha had made a tape, also, and asked if we wanted to watch their tape. Mike told Marsha we could watch each other's tapes together. Marsha said that Mike wanted to let the guys watch it, too, and see her in action.

Friday night Debbie asked if I wanted to watch the tape of Mike and Marsha after we all went dancing. I told her yes,I didn't know if I wanted them to see her sucking my cock and fucking. She said she would take it with us just in case.

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Steve, Larry, Terry, Eddie, Bob and Ernie were at the Galveston that night. They kept drinks coming all night and we all got drunk. We all went to Steve's house to watch the tape of Mike and Marcia fucking.

We smoked some pot and kept drinking.

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Steve's camcorder was sitting on top of his TV. On the tape Mike and Marsha got naked and they ate each other. Mike fucked Marsha's pussy. Then Marsha said she wanted ass fucked. Marsha laid on her belly while Mike gave her an enema so she could suck his cock after he fucked her up her ass.

He came in her ass hole and pulled out. We could see Marsha's stretched open ass hole and Mike's cum oozing out of it. Marsha cleaned his prick with her slut, cock sucking mouth, devouring all of his cum. Everyone loved it, especially Debbie, saying that she really wanted to try anal sex. She said she would love to have a video of her getting fucked in her ass for the first time and see her ass hole stretched out with cum running out of it.

Marsha told her to be sure she took an anti-bacterial enema first so she could suck my cock afterward and not get sick. Earlier that night Debbie had told Marsha that she had brought our tape along in her purse, just and case I would let them watch it.

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Marsha told Steve that the tape of us fucking was in Debbie's purse. Steve got it out of her purse and put it in the camcorder. All the guys commented about her sexy big tits and aureoles and nipples. And how good they had felt when she danced in her bikini and they put dollar bills in her top. They loved watching her masturbate and couldn't believe how hard she came and how multi- orgasmic she was. They loved watching her finger fuck herself. Steve commented that she had the tightest pussy he'd ever felt.

It was a good thing I was really fucked up again. They all said Debbie looked really sexy with a hard cock in her mouth. Everyone loved watching Debbie fuck. And seeing the close-up of her spread open, dogged, cum filled cunt and her ass hole. They all said she needed her virgin ass hole fucked. Debbie said she would love being fucked in her ass. They all volunteered to ass fuck her.

Debbie and I didn't know it, but Steve had his camcorder hooked to his VCR and then the TV and had copied our tape and Mike's and Marsha's while we all watched it.

The fucker showed Debbie's tape to half the guys in town. He made a copy of both their tapes for Bob to show his rafters before Debbie and Marsha danced for them at the rafting company.