Ladyboy babe gets wazoo tunnelled

Ladyboy babe gets wazoo tunnelled
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Hello my fellow (Booty)crack addicts, my name is Tung Fu the Chocolate Dragon & i want 2 tell U all about my A$$ fetish & my BO$$ PIMP MAMA! She is so hot, naturally dominant, with a Perfectly Round Bubble Booty!

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PIMP MAMA is a professional woman who is what we call in the hood a B.O.$.$. Booty On $uccessful $ista! She is a supervisor for the state of Georgia so she gives orders all day everyday! PIMP MAMA got her nickname due to her ability to get men to do whatever she wants & her hustle to make it out the hood into a plush bachlorette condo. Pimp Mama is 31 years young of African-American decent, 5'2 115 lbs with a Bodacious Bubble Booty that i've been worshippng for 12 years with my loyalty & hard earned cash!

PIMP MAMA calls me Every $payday$ & demands that i meet her at her condo with $$$, weed, & alchohol!

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"Be at my house bitch at 6pm & you know what i need to drop this A$$ on your face!" "You better be there before me too trik" she demands! When i get there i anxiously await her arrival wit all her essentials, $1000, Purple Kush, and a bottle of Remy Martin.

When she finally arrives at 6:45, she gets out her Lexus lookin sooo BOOTYFUL, like a BO$$! Jimmy Choo's is the first thing i see when she steps out then that Bootyball bouncin' in her designer DRE$$ with no panties(she never wears underwear).

"LETS GO TRIK" she demands as we approach her door, "U Know what to do bitch, strip naked, assume the position (on my back, on the floor with my head on the loveseat), and put all my tributes on the table trik" she bosses! Pimp Mama has what she calls her "Booty Chair" that she places over me, then she sits in reverse with her Bubble Butt hangin' off so her A$$ is right in my face. "LICK MY A$$ BITCH, EAT LIKE IT'S YOUR LAST MEAL!" While im doing my Tung Fu in her BOOTYhole, she counts the $$$ to make sure its all there and says, "Thats right trik, your $ is mine cuz i own you" and she is so right.

Im addicted to her crack and after 12 years & so many different scenarios i still cant get enough!

PIMP MAMA'$ A$$ is so Bubbly that my face is buried to the point that im in complete darkness & unable to breathe. My tongue is as far as possible in her BOOTYBUNhole becauseif not, & i slip for an instant, or lick her pussy, she'll reach back & slap my face before grabbing the back of my head!

To smother me until i almost pass out! "U KNOW BETTER" "A$$HOLE ONLY BITCH!" So to prevent that i do it the way my BO$$ demands. As my tongue probes her BOOTYBALLhole, she rolls a blunt & sips her drink while talkin on the phone to my other BO$$ QUEEN B sayin "Yeah girl Tung Fu the Booty Trik over here again worshippin' my Bubble" laughing. "You comin' over girl he brought party favors & he got paid today so i know his bitch-ass got some more $$$." By this time im beginning to squirm & thrash around from being denied oxygen "TAKE IT BITCH, what you got all those muscles for if you cant take 100 lbs on your face" she says!

PIMP MAMA insists that i workout 4 times a week so i do. im 5'11 200 lbs of milk chocolate because she also insists that i pamper my skin. i adore how her BOOTYcheeks envelop my face so softly Butt aggressively going back & forth, side to side, round & round. "LET ME SEE U STROKE YOUR COCK TRIK" she BOSSES!. "FASTER BITCH!" My dick has been hard since she called so i must be careful not to cum because if i cum without her permission she'll say, "Bitch did I say you could nut" then slap my face over & over very sadisticly.

"QUEEN B is on her way muthafucka you better be ready to pleasure 2 BO$$ES." "U HEAR ME TRIK?!","WHOSE A$$ DO U LOVE?!" "PIMP MAMA" i reply muffled by Bootymeat. "WHO?!" "PIMP MAMA!" By now the Purple & Remy is starting to take effect wich always makes her more sadistic & lusty.

"Ooooh I gotta go piss Butt your tung fu feels soooo muthafuckin' gooood Ima hold it." There's a knock at the door so Pimp Mama answers the door giving me a break in the action. In walks QUEEN B. A 5'7 135 lbs Bootyful Black Bitch who is a Ph.D of Psychology with the most gorgeous feet ever, attached to a toned atheletic body with a PHAT A$$!

"Hey girl" PIMP MAMA says to QUEEN B! "Whats up BO$$ BITCH" she replies while standing over my naked body & pulling up a chair facing PIMP MAMA. "POUR ME A DRINK TRIK" QUEEN B demands!

I pour her some Remy Martin then return to my place on the floor under both their chairs. My face under PIMP MA'S Bubble & my penis under QUEEN B's magic feet.

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"WHAT U GOT 4 ME BOOTYHEAD?!" QUEEN B asks as she hits the weed. Butt i cant reply cuz im suffocatin' in BOOTYmeat again so i point to my pants. QUEEN B removes her Prada shoes from her gorgeous feet & grabs my jeans with those pretty toes that i love so much & removes the remainder of my $$$ from my wallet, about $850!!!

"THAT'S WHAT IM TALKIN' BOUT" as she high fives PIMP MAMA! Now QUEEN B uses those BOOTYFUL SIZE 8 /12 feet to massage & stroke my engorged cock. QUEEN B removes some baby oil from her Prada handbag and pours it all over my cock & her toes.(French Pedicure with jet black tips) Now im really ready to cum so QUEEN B yells "U BET NOT CUM BITCH, i just got here & need my Bootyhole tung fude to!" So PIMP MAMA & QUEEN B discuss their week & weekend plans with my CA$H, while strokin' my cock & smothering my face.

This goes on for at least 2 hours until all the Remy & Kush is gone and both are sadisticly talkin shit to me. "LICK THATA$$, EAT MY HOMEGIRLS A$$" Queen B instructs! "U READY TO CUM?!" "U WANNA CUM ALL OVER MY FEET TRIK?!" QUEEN B yells!!


"WATCH OUT" PIMP MAMA tells Queen B! "You're forgettin' he shoots to the ceiling, it will cum down in your hair." "HE BET NOT, i just came from the salon" QUEEN B explains. "I cant hold it no mo i gotta Pee Butt that Tung Fu feels so good" PIMP MAMA screams!!!!! "PISS IN HIS FACE BITCH, he can lick my crack after i put him in the shower!" QUEEN B begins to use those MAGNIFISCENT feet to jerk my cock soooo good!

Manipulating my dickhead between her toes.


"CUM NOW BITCH" QUEEN B demands and at that exact moment i let off 7 powerful, high-flyin' thIck $KEET $HOT$!!! The first 3 fly up and deposit on both PIMP MA'S perky, dark, thumb size nipples. The next 4 splash QUEEN B's feetcovering them in cum. PIMP MAMA releases her Piss all over my torso while my tongue is squeezed by her BOOTYhole, "KEEP YOUR TONGUE IN MY A$$!!!" Each time she squirts warm piss over my body her anus pulls on my tongue.


Her legs tremble as she strokes her clit, as the last of her urine streams down, she cums sooooo hard she yells "YEAH BITCH, YEAH TRIK, WATCH MY PU$$Y TWITCH!!!". PIMP MAMA dismounts my face & the rush of light blinds me so i don't see QUEEN B shove her right foot in my mouth, covered in my CUM CHOWDER, then her left!

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"LICK IT UP BITCH, GET BETWEEN MY TOES TRIK!!!" So i get every last drop and love it because i love QUEEN B & PIMP MAMA sooo much!!!!! Until the next episode of "The Adventures of Tung Fu" may A$$ always be in your face!!

Tung Fu the Chocolate Dragon 8-P **********STAY TUNED 4 THE NEXT EPISODE*************** PIMP MAMA makes me the entertainment for her $ister's bachlorette party!!!!!