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Laura lucy finch brentwood essex
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I went to bed with a hard-on thinking about the fucking Pago had just given me and the thought of letting Zorro take me right after that. Then there was still the other dog Happy. I would have to see how I could make it all happen.


Next morning when I got up my friend Steve and his family were already at the other cabin having breakfast. I washed up and went over there. Most of the families were there. Shannon and Brianna were having breakfast at the main table so I grabbed a plate and served myself some breakfast then went and sat next to Brianna who was next to her mom.

The 16 year old Jenny was there also and she smiled at me so I smiled back. She was really a cutie. After breakfast most everyone was going down to the river. Shannon and Brianna asked if I was going to go.

I said I would go down a little later cause I had some things to do. As I was finishing my breakfast most everyone was done and headed down to the river. I finished and was headed for the bathroom when I saw Jenny on the couch alone watching tennis.

We smiled at each other as I walked by. When I came out I sat next to Jenny on the couch and asked her who was winning.

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She said it was the Wimbledon women's final between Safina and Sharapova. I told her I liked watching the women play more than the guys because there were a lot of good looking young ladies on the tour including Sharapova.

Jenny just laughed. I asked Jenny if she plays and she said she played on her high school team. I commented that I was sure she looked really cute in her tennis outfit and she just kaughed again and said thanks.

I was looking at her and wondering if I could get lucky enough to get in her pants. As we watched the match we were yelling everytime Sharapova got a point and giving each other high fives. At one point I purposely missed her hand and brought my hand across her tit.

I immediately apologized. Jenny said forget it and gave me a high five. Every now and then I put my hand on Jenny's thigh when Sharapova made a good shot but kept looking at the TV so as not to appear I was doing it on purpose. Jenny didn't move away so I kept doing it every chance I got. Damn I wanted to fuck this young honey. When Sharapova won the first set I stood up yelling and held both my hands up over my head. Jenny got up to high five them and I gave her a hard high five and fell forward on top of her on the couch.

Just as I was going to get up I gave her a quick kiss on the lips then immediately stood up and apologized.

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"I'm sorry Jenny". I guess just watching Sharapova play is getting me horny cause she is such a fox. And you really look good yourself". Jenny stood up and said "You really think so Jesse"? I moved toward her and put my arm around her waist pulling her to me and kissing her on the lips again.

I broke the kiss saying "I really do Jenny". I then pushed her back onto the sofa falling on top of her. When she didn't resist I kissed her again and ran my hand over her thigh, Damn she had smooth skin.

I pressed my hard-on against her crotch as I slipped my tongue in her mouth. I felt Jenny arch upward, I was on fire. I got up offering my hand. Jenny took it and I led her to one of the rooms. She laid back on one of the beds. I undid her shorts and pulled them off. Then I slid her panties off and dove between her legs to munch on her pussy. Jenny began to moan right away and I realized she was already wet. I sucked her juices and chewed on her clitty. She started humping her pussy against my mouth.

I inserted a finger in her pussy and then a second one. As I chewed on her clit I began to finger-fuck her. Jenny was moaning and as she arched upward she started coming. I sucked her pussy juice and came up and kissed her on the mouth so she could taste herself. Then I took my shorts and underwear off and got between her legs placing my dick at the entrance to her tunnel. I slowly pushed in as Jenny was pushing toward me. I slipped in easily and started a slow fucking motion. Jenny was matching my thrusts and as she did so I thrust harder.

I lowered and kissed her hard on the mouth slipping my tongue in her mouth. I kept kissing her and kept thrusting til I felt myself coming. I shoved my cock as deep as I could as I shot my load inside her sweet pussy. When I finished I rolled off of her.

We looked at each other and just smiled. "We better clean up sweetie". Jenny got up and went into the bathroom to change. When she finished I followed suit. We then went back to watch the end of the tennis match which Sharapova won in straight sets. I stood up again for high fives. Jenny got up and gave me the high fives and I grabbed her and kissed her hard on the mouth again.

She then said she was going to go down to the river.


I said I would be along soon after, When she left I waited a while and went outside. I saw the dogs out there but didn't see anyone. I walked inside the other cabin and yelled out to see if anyone was there but it was empty. I knew that when the people went down to the river they usually took lunch and then came back in the early evening. It was only 3:00 in the afternoon.

I figured this was my chance for a repeat with Pago and then Zorro and Happy could take a shot at me. I should have about 2 hours before anyone comes up from the river. I walked over to an area secluded from the entrance just in case. Pago and Happy were following me. Zorro watched us. I took my shorts and underwear off and walked up to pet Pago. He sniffed my crotch and then licked my dick which was already hard. I could see the tip of Pago's dick start to show.

I got down on all fours as Pago walked around behind me. He licked my ass for a while then climbed up on my back. He wrapped his front legs around my waist and began to hump. I helped him and he was in me fucking away. It felt good and Pago was driving it in hard and fast.

Since I was thinking I would possibly have 3 dogs this afternoon I figured I would let them each knot with me. I at least owed it to Pago. As I felt Pago grip me tighter I felt him shove his knot inside me as I pushed back to meet his thrusts.

I shot a load on the ground. He humped faster then rested his head on my back as I felt him coming deep in my ass.

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Happy was next to us watching the action and I could see he had the red tip of his cock showing so I knew he was ready. When Pago pulled out a flood of come ran down my ass. Happy quickly came up behind me and started licking it off of me as his cock came out of its sheath. He then jumped up on me and quickly got his cock in me and began to fuck me. I wanted to give him a thrill so I pushed back meeting his thrusts.

He was giving me a good ride. As I felt him tighten his grip I moved forward purposely and he slipped out of me shooting precum on my ass and legs. I stayed on all fours as Happy quickly jumped up on me again and quickly struck home and began a good hard fuck.

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Just as I felt Happy tighten his grip on me again, I saw Zorro come around the corner toward us. I pulled forward once again and Happy again slipped out of me shooting more precum on me.

I wanted Zorro to see Happy mount me again. Happy quickly did so and I pushed back to get him deep inside me right away. Zorro was right next to us now and I could see his red cock tip showing. I started shoving back onto Happy's cock and his knot slipped in. I came again as he he fucked me good for another 30 seconds or so.


Then I felt him relax as he started shooting his load in my ass. I always loved the feel of a dog coming in me. As Happy finished with me and pulled out, Zorro came up behind me and started to lick the come off me. His cock started to show more and he quickly got on me.

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I was going to get Zorro to just have a good hard fuck with me but wanted him to fuck me for a while before knotting. Each time I felt him tighten his grip I moved forward just enough that he couldn't knot but wouldn't slip out. Zorro would then reposition himself and start fucking me hard again. This is what I wanted so I did this to him 3 times. Now I was ready to let him knot.

Zorro tightened his grip and as I felt the knot at my asshole I pushed back hard as Zorro thrust forward. I came for the third time When his knot was in me I began to push back on his cock. I felt Zorro coming and I kept pushing back onto his cock and he kept coming for about 3 minutes.

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"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh - oh that was a great fuck Zorro". Pago and Happy were still there watching the action and I knew they were probably ready for another round but I wasn't. As Zorro pulled out of me I quickly stood up as come came pouring out of my ass and running down my legs.

I picked up my shorts and underwear and went to the cabin to wash up. I decided it was too late to go down to the river so I stayed in the cabin watching TV. About half an hour later the people began to return from the river.