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Xxx mature gay beach porn movies Noah is a ultra cute and eager
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Matt and Sophie didn't have sex that night. Instead, they merely stripped naked, got under Sophie's duvet, and cuddled and kissed one-another until they fell asleep. Neither of them were really sure if they'd done the right thing, so the physical intimacy was re-assuring to them, reminding them that they weren't alone. Matt woke up the next morning to the feeling of Sophie laid on top of him. Her perfectly-formed boobs were pressing into his muscular chest, and his cock was rubbing against her inner thigh.

His hands were resting on her bottom, and he could hear her breathing gently as she slept. This is Heaven, Matt thought. Two weeks ago, he'd never have believed he'd be sleeping with the hottest girl in the school, yet here he was. Matt looked at the clock.

It was nearly half past 11. He didn't care that they'd slept for most of the morning, or that they were skipping yet another school day. All he cared about was that he and his girlfriend were comfy. He leaned his head forward slightly, and gave her a soft kiss.

Sophie shuffled a little, and opened her eyes slowly. "Morning Sophie," Matt said, before kissing her again. "Morning Matt," Sophie smiled, kissing him. "Did you sleep well?" "Of course." The two of them made out some more, before Matt tightened his grip on Sophie's ass, and flipped her over onto his back. "Ooo, someone's being a bit forward this morning," Sophie giggled.

She kissed him, and then wrapped her legs around him. "Fuck me." "Your wish is my command," Matt grinned, before he thrust hard into Sophie's pussy. The past two weeks had given him plenty of opportunities to sample it, but he was still overwhelmed every time by just how wonderful it felt to be inside of a girl. Sophie's vagina in particular always felt especially nice, but whether that was because of magic or an emotional connection between them, he didn't know.

As they fucked, Sophie grabbed hold of Matt's ass, and in return, he grabbed her boobs, stroking her nipples. This caused Sophie to yelp with glee, leading Matt to assume she had some sort of sensitivity spell in place on them. In response to this, Matt kept playing with her nipples, and she kept on squealing. Eventually she grabbed hold of his head, and pulled him down to kiss her, and the two of them made out while they made love.

In and out Matt's penis went, desperate to bring pleasure both to himself, and to the girlfriend that he loved so much. He was trying to hold back as long as possible, but he felt the familiar sensation beginning to build in the tip of his penis, as he got closer and closer to the point of no return.

Eventually he couldn't take it any longer, and he felt his cock explode, an eruption of semen being fired deep into Sophie. Sophie's previous wish set her own orgasm off, and she moaned loudly into Matt's mouth, as her vagina contracted pleasurably around his cock.

She squeezed his ass harder, trying to hold Matt in place as deep inside her as he could possibly be. When it was over, the two of them laid there, panting and sweating, kissing each-other softly. "Oh my God Sophie, that was incredible…" Matt moaned as they kissed. "I love you so much." "I love you too Matt," Sophie moaned, before breaking the kiss. "Let's go wash off." "Wash off?" "There's a shower with our name on it." Matt smiled, and nodded his head. He pulled out of Sophie, which was something he never enjoyed, although the breeze on his soaking wet cock did feel nice.

Sophie took his hand, and helped him to his feet. The two of them walked towards her bathroom, Matt staring at her perfect ass as they did. They got into the shower cubicle, and set the water going. They grabbed hold of each-other, and made out passionately as they felt the warmth run down their skin.

Matt's cock had started to soften after his orgasm, but that was all changing now, this stimulation sending it back to full mast. They held each-other close, and Matt rubbed his pole against Sophie's stomach, and she pressed her breasts into his chest, as they caressed each-other's backs and bottoms.

Matt broke the kiss, and Sophie looked at him in confusion. "Time to clean you up, Miss Swift," Matt grinned, picking up a bottle of orange-scented shower gel.

"Oh do it," Sophie said seductively. "I'm a dirty girl." Matt put some of the shower gel in his hands, and went straight for Sophie's big boobs. "Oooo yeah…Ohhhhh…" Sophie moaned as he rubbed her boobs with the shower gel. Despite everything that had happened recently, nothing could have ever hoped to quench Matt's in-built desire to touch boobs. And Sophie had some of the finest boobs he'd ever seen, though admittedly most of his boob experience came from his laptop screen.

Matt gave Sophie another kiss, and then, reluctantly, moved his attention away from her breasts. He ran his hands down her body, stroking her stomach, as she continued moaning in pleasure. He stroked her there for a while, before he continued down her body.

He skipped past her groin, and headed straight for her legs, which he caressed sensually, Sophie's moans music to his ears. Finally, when there was no more shower gel on his hands, he moved back up to Sophie's groin, and circled her hairless vagina with his fingers. "Oh God Matt…" Sophie moaned. "Just do it…please…" Matt obliged, and began rubbing her pussy lips softly, leading to more moans escaping her upper lips. He stuck his tongue out, and licked her, causing her to let out a squeal.

Then, to Sophie's disappointment, Matt moved away from her vagina. "Turn around," he ordered her. "Oh you bastard." "Just do it. I'm not done cleaning you yet." Sophie turned around, and Matt stood up. He put some more shower gel on his hands, and got to work on rubbing Sophie's shoulders. "Oh God Matt, you're such a fucking tease…" Sophie moaned.

"I try my best," Matt smiled. He slid his hands off of Sophie's shoulders, and down her back, eliciting shudders from her. He reached her bottom, and, before rubbing the shower gel all over it, he kissed each of her cheeks. He then stroked her perfectly-formed bottom, covering it in the shower gel. Matt then reached around to Sophie's groin, and he resumed stroking her pussy. He stood up, and kissed her neck, as he rubbed her vagina sensually.

"That feel good, Sophie?" He asked her, and she answered with a nod. He found her clit, and stroked that with a thumb, while the rest of that hand's fingers were inserted into her warm wetness, thrusting in and out slowly.

Meanwhile, his other hand found its way back up to her breasts, squeezing and playing with them. Matt's erection pressed against Sophie's ass cheeks, and he humped her as he fingered her vagina and played with her boobs. "Fuck Sophie, your pussy feels so nice," Matt whispered into her ear. "You try having it attached to you," Sophie moaned. "God Matt, I can't hold out much longer…" "Cum for me Sophie. Cum hard." A few seconds later, Sophie went over the edge.

She cried out in pleasure, and Matt had to grab hold of her to prevent her falling over, her legs giving way to the pleasure that was coursing through her groin. He flipped her around in his arms, and held her close as she rode out her orgasm. When it was over, she just looked up at him, giggled, and kissed him. "I love you," Matt said, rubbing her bottom.

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"I love you too," Sophie said. "And now it's your turn." "Oh?" Sophie broke their embrace, and went to get the bottle of shower gel. She put some on her hands, and then started stroking Matt's back. "Oh wow Sophie, that feels amazing…" Matt moaned, feeling his cock grow even harder. Sophie made her way down his body, and reached his ass, stroking it.

Sophie then made her way around to Matt's front, and made out with him some more as she covered his muscular chest with the shower gel. "Mmm, Lumiosa did good when she gave you this body," Sophie moaned as they kissed.

"Alexis didn't do too badly either," Matt moaned. Sophie then resumed her descent down Matt's body, until she reached his cock.

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She grabbed hold of it, and stroked its length. "I'm particularly fond of this part of you," she said as she admired his length. "I doubt there's been a single Master in the whole of history who's not had their genie make their dick bigger, but I'm not complaining." Sophie then slowly pulled back Matt's foreskin, revealing the swollen head beneath.

She stuck her tongue out, and licked it, causing a shudder to run through Matt's entire body. "Aw, like that, Mattykins?" She asked cutely, and Matt responded by thrusting his cock towards her. "I supposed I'd better get to work on it then." Sophie then gave Matt's tip some more licks, resulting in more moans from the teenage boy. Sophie put her lips over the tip, and licked some more, before she finally took his entire length into her mouth, a previous wish ensuring that she would have no problems accommodating Matt's whole penis.

"Oh wow Sophie…Wow…" Matt moaned as she sucked him. He picked up a bottle of shampoo, and started rubbing it into her hair as he caressed it. Since becoming a Master, he'd received blowjobs from several girls, but none could do it quite like Sophie. If he could have laid down and just had Sophie suck his cock for the rest of time, he probably would have.

Something which having a genie had taught him was, as well as that he very much liked sex, but that he was very disappointed it had taken him 18 years to start having it. But maybe if he'd gotten laid earlier, he wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much as this, since he wouldn't have had magic to improve it. 2 weeks ago he'd have probably cum within seconds of entering Sophie, and been out of action for 10 minutes.

Matt's contemplations were interrupted by his approaching orgasm. He leaned his head back, and, with a groan, he blasted his load into Sophie's mouth. This triggered Sophie's simultaneous orgasm wish, and she too felt her groin explode with pleasure. She moaned into Matt's quivering cock, which sent even more pleasant sensations into it, forcing a little bit of extra semen to shoot out.

Sophie swallowed Matt's cum, and stood up to kiss him. "Got one more load in you?" She asked. "Always," Matt replied. "Then give it to me." Sophie turned around, and bent over invitingly. Matt positioned his cock by her vagina, and he grabbed hold of her ass, before sliding into her. The sensations were even greater than last time, both as a result of having cum already several times, but also as a result of the fact that Matt could feel the remnants of the last load he'd shot into her.

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"Oh Matt…that's it…" Sophie moaned. "Get right in there…all the way…" Matt thrust hard and deep into her, loving every second of what was turning out to be the best shower of his entire life. "Fuck Matt…I'm not sure I can hold out much longer…" Sophie moaned even louder than before.

"It feels too good…" "Me too Sophie…Oh my God, here it comes!" The two teens groaned loudly, and clung onto the side of the shower, in order to try and support themselves as they came. Matt thrust in as deep as he could, and his cock filled with pleasure, as a large stream of cum shot out of the tip, and into Sophie's waiting pussy.

When it was finally over, Matt leaned down to kiss Sophie's neck, before pulling out of her. She turned around, and the two of them embraced, wrapping their arms around one-another, and fondling each-other's bottoms as they made-out.

They rubbed each-other's skin, washing off all the shower gel and shampoo. Finally, once they were all squeaky clean, they turned the shower off, and got out. Sophie opened a cupboard and, briefly being interrupted by Matt squeezing her ass, she pulled out a large towel. The two of them got to work on drying each-other's bodies, paying particular attention to their naughty areas.

When they were both finally dry, they made out a little bit more, before heading downstairs, not bothering to get dressed. ------------------------------- 1827. A 16-year-old boy called David is out exploring the town where he lives, a small town in the American south. His mother had sent him down to the shops to pick up a few things, so down he went, holding the basket his mother had given him in his hand. "Mornin' Mrs Johnson," David said as he walked into the shop.

"Mornin' David, what can I get for you?" She asked him. "A quart of milk and a couple of ounces of that there ham joint please." "Comin' right up, David. So how's your mother doin' nowadays?" "As well as can be. She's got a mighty dreadful cough though, that just won't go away." "Well, I'll pray for her." Mrs Johnson gave him the milk and meat, and David set off carrying it home in the basket.

On the way home, he passed the Jefferson farm, where he saw their two slave girls, Amelia and Jessica, working the land. They were 15-year-old twins who'd been in the Jeffersons' service for 3 years, during which time they were regularly reminded of the fact they were only bought because they were cheap.

David admittedly had a crush on them, but he could never have gotten a chance with the Jeffersons' "property". "Mornin' ladies," David said to them as he stood by the fence. "Oh…mornin' David," Amelia said. "We can't talk right now. Mr Jefferson's due to make his rounds in a few minutes, and we can't afford another beatin'." "Beat two beautiful girls like you?" David said.

"Why, I do reckon that Mr Jefferson's the devil himself." "That's very sweet of you David, but sadly he doesn't see us that way," Jessica said.


"And he's been in a bad mood all day. He'll probably have no hesitation lettin' it out on a bunch of "fuckin' Negros", as he likes to call us." "What's the matter, his Mrs forget to "polish his flagpole" this mornin'?" David asked, and the two girls blushed. "David…you're such a joker…" Jessica said. "But you really should go now." "Alright, but you two ladies owe me one," David smiled, before letting the girls walk off to get back to their work, which was probably for the best, as his penis was threatening to create a large bulge in his trousers.

He set off walking, but he then noticed something sat there, in the mud. It was filthy, but one little bit of it was shining. He set the basket down, and reached down to get the shiny object. He couldn't quite work out what it was, so he picked the basket back up, and walked down to the river. He took the muddy item, dipped it into the river water, and rubbed it to try and get the mud off.

As he rubbed it, he felt it begin to warm up in his hands. The mud slid off, and grey smoke began pouring out of the tip. David let go of the lamp in shock, and backed away from the river. To his surprise, he saw the lamp float on top of the water, and the clouds of smoke begin to form the shape of a girl. She was beautiful, nude, and grinning at him. "Greetings Master," she said. "I am Apriya, your loyal genie servant." "Genie?" David asked. "What's that?" "Why, simply the best thing to have ever happened to you, Master," Apriya replied, walking towards him.

David backed away cautiously. "What's your name, Master?" "D-David. David Brookman." "That's a cute name. So tell me Master, what do you desire?" "Desire?" "Well Master, because you rubbed my lamp, I am bound to serve you for the rest of your days, granting every wish you make." "So what, you're my slave?" "In a way, but I am much more effective than an ordinary slave.

For example, can an ordinary slave do this?" Apriya then began, to David's amazement, to float into the air, and around him.

"My Gawd…" David exclaimed. "No Master, it is you who is now my God," Apriya corrected him.

"Whatever you desire, I can grant you." "Anythin'?" "Well, almost anything. Just tell me what you want Master, and it shall be yours." ------------------------------- As Sophie and Matt walked downstairs, they heard the sounds of the TV. They walked into the living room, and saw Alexis and Lumiosa, who were sat on the sofa with two Wii Wheels in their hands. "What are you doing?" Sophie asked them. "Teaching Lumiosa how to play Mario Kart," Alexis replied.

"I believe I am getting the hang of it," Lumiosa said. "I only came 4th in the last race." "I figured I'd introduce her to some modern technology," Alexis said. "We watched the first series of Doctor Who, before we got the Wii out and I showed her video games." "These devices are all remarkable," Lumiosa smiled. "Are you sure they're not magical, Alexis?" "Positive," Alexis replied. "Well I'm glad you two have been having fun," Matt smiled.

"Sophie and I just had the best shower ever." "Typical humans," Alexis said. "Always thinking with their groins." "Oh says you," Sophie said. "The first thing you did on getting out of your lamp was to seduce me." "Hey, gotta make a good first impression." The two humans sat down on the other sofa, and looked over at the 4 lamps that they'd recovered from the society, which were sitting on the floor.

"I suppose we need to work out what to do with them," Matt said. "And the other ones the society has," Sophie added. "They've got 217 lamps locked away somewhere that need liberating." "Well if you two are truly exempt from the rules, then that should be simple," Alexis said.

"We normally can't find our brothers and sisters with magic, because we can't use it on each-other, but you should just be able to wish for it." "Alright then, do it," Sophie ordered. "Alexis, I wish for you to find all 217 of those lamps." "Your wish is my command, Sophie." Alexis closed her eyes, and began to focus.

"Now then, Brian said he was taking the lamps they recovered from Alex back to put them with the others," she said. "Which means they're probably at his house." "Master, do you wish for me to assist her?" Lumiosa asked Matt.

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"I can handle this myself, Lumiosa," Alexis said, almost offended that the other genie doubted her abilities. "Let's see…typical, another mansion.

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No servants, I notice. He must have just got Lexia to do everything. Lots of magical protection though. He really got her working. Paranoid I guess, but considering the stuff Alex did to your friends and family, it's probably for the best.

Wait, hang on. There's a door here. It's hidden. Properly hidden. Invisible to most people, except of course other Masters and their genies. Well this looks promising…Ah, found you, my brothers and sisters." "You've found the lamps!?" Matt asked excitedly, and Alexis nodded.

"So bring them here!" Sophie ordered. "I don't recommend that," Alexis said. "I'm not sure this room's really equipped for the sudden appearance of 217 magic lamps." "Well, I have a suggestion," Lumiosa chimed in. "We could just do this." Lumiosa then snapped her fingers, and Alexis looked confused.

"Hang on, where'd the room just go!?" Alexis asked. She opened her eyes. "Well, I thought that since we couldn't bring the contents of the room here…" Lumiosa replied, before pointing over to a wooden door, which had appeared on the wall of the room. "Why not just bring the room itself here?" "Nice work Lumiosa, I'll give you that," Alexis said, and Lumiosa smiled. "Does this please you, Master?" She asked Matt, and he nodded. "Very much so," he said. "Hang on," Sophie said.

"Are you saying that the room from Brian's house is on the other side of that door?" "Yes Miss Sophie, that is correct," Lumiosa replied. "But that's impossible," Sophie insisted. "On the other side of that wall is the kitchen!" "Yes, and it is still there, and within the wall is the room from Brian's house. Miss Sophie, surely you are not doubting the power of a genie?" "It's not her fault, Lumiosa, she's only human," Alexis smiled.

"Now come on, it's time for you three to see this for yourselves." The 4 of them stood up, and went up to the door. Alexis opened the door, and moved back, to allow the two humans to enter. They walked in, and looked around in amazement. All around them, on many shelves, were lamps. Each one had its own little compartment, where the lamp sat on a silk cushion, in spotless condition.

Below all of them was a little plaque, which listed time and location where the lamp was recovered, the person it was taken from if applicable, and, for the ones where it was known, the genie's name.

"So many of our brothers and sisters, destined to never again see the light of day," Alexis lamented. "Koschei, Barnabus, Alfresco, Amia, Cressida…oh look, there's Dorothea. I'd know that bitch's lamp anywhere." "We genies are not supposed to speak ill of the human race, but…these people were monsters," Lumiosa said, trying to hold back some tears. "It's alright," Matt said, hugging Lumiosa. "It's alright…" "Alexis, Lumiosa, are you alright being in here?" Sophie asked the genies.

"It's fine," Alexis replied, also clearly trying to hide her sadness. "Because you two are going to wish them out of here. To people who are going to let them out to do their jobs, as all genies should." "Is that such a good idea?" Sophie asked. "Sophie what are you talking about?" Matt asked. "Well, look at all the people who have suffered at the hands of genies," Sophie replied. "The society have basically spent their entire lives as Masters being utter dicks to everyone not like them.

And I have no doubt there have been hundreds, if not thousands more people like them throughout history, all of whom have caused untold suffering to people, simply because they had the fortune of finding a magic lamp." "Sophie, I hope this isn't going where I think it is," Alexis said.

"All I'm saying is that maybe the society weren't totally wrong with wanting to keep the genies away from the world. Yes they've caused a little bit of suffering, but just think how much more suffering has been avoided by them keeping these 217 genies away from all the other evil people in the world!" "Sophie, that's how the world works! And anyway, you're forgetting about all the suffering that humans have caused all on their own!

And all the good people in the world! I have lived since the dawn of the human race, and let me tell you, there are far more good people than bad in the world.

Yes you're avoiding some suffering, but you're also avoiding all the joy those genies would bring. Those 3 happy years I've given you, how would you have liked someone to have prevented them, in case you used me for evil?" At this point, the 4 of them heard a ringing from Sophie's living room. "Uh Sophie, your phone's-" Matt began.

"So answer it!" Sophie shouted. Matt went into the living room, Lumiosa following after him, and picked up the phone. "Hello?" He said. "Matt? Oh God, it's you!" He heard a moaning voice say down the phone. "Mom!?" Matt exclaimed. "Please Matt…undo this…" His mother moaned. "I don't know how you've affected me, but please…I can't take it any more…" "Alright, hang on. Lumiosa, I wish for you to undo all the horniness on everyone in that classroom," Matt ordered his genie.

"Master, I'm sorry, but I cannot," Lumiosa said. "It was one of Miss Sophie's wishes, so I cannot undo it." "Well let's get Sophie to undo it then," Matt said.

------------------------------- "Amelia, Jessica, get in here right now you lazy girls!" Mr Jefferson shouted to the two slave girls. They dropped their tools, and headed into the main house, fully expecting a beating to be awaiting them. They were therefore surprised when they came into the house, and saw a smartly-dressed woman stood there, holding a reasonably-large bag.

"This here woman's interested in buyin' you both," Mr Jefferson said. "Can't see why. Bunch o' good-for-nothin's. Cost me more in food than they make me." "You'll be willing to let them go cheap then?" The woman asked.

"I never said that. The wife'd kill me if I let them go cheap. I wanna buy a couple of nice strong men with the cash. I couldn't get rid of these girls for any less than-" "My Master is willing to offer $1000 for each of them," she interrupted. "A…a thousand dollars!?" She laid the bag on the table, and opened it, revealing it to be full of money.

"Do we have a deal?" She asked. "Uh…yeah…We do…" Mr Jefferson replied, going for the money. "We do indeed, Miss…" "Showers, April Showers," Apriya replied. "Come along girls." "Wait, don't you want their shackles?" Mr Jefferson asked. "They might run off." "They won't run off," Apriya simply said. "Now come on girls." Apriya led them out, and off the Jeffersons' farm. "First of all girls, let me say that you have nothing to fear," Apriya told them.

"My Master does not wish to harm you, but I do not recommend running away, because you won't succeed." "Where are we goin', ma'am?" Amelia asked her. "To see my Master," Apriya replied. She led the two of them through the town, until they arrived at a large mansion. Amelia and Jessica had never had many opportunities to explore the town, but they were sure this mansion didn't used to be here. Miss Showers led them into the mansion, and through its halls, to a particular room.

"My Master is in here, and he wishes to meet you," Apriya said. She snapped her fingers, and the door opened. "In you go." The two girls nodded, and walked into the room, the door closing automatically behind them. The girls looked and realised they were in a lavish bathroom. In front of them was a large bath tub, sunk into the floor.

In it was a nude boy, whom they recognised. "Hello ladies," said David. "David?" Jessica asked. "What's goin' on?" "I bought you, of course," David replied. "You bought us?" Jessica asked again, confused. "I couldn't stand to see you two in captivity, so I had Miss Showers go and give Mr Jefferson $2000 to take you off his hands." "But David, you're poor!" Amelia said.

"You ain't got $2000!" "I've got whatever I want," David said. "But listen ladies, I may have bought you, but I don't want you as slaves. I want you as more than that." "More?" Amelia asked. "Ladies, if you want, you can walk out that door right now to the freedom you've always wanted," David said.

"Or you can stay here, and be my ladies. My girlfriends. My wives." "Wives?" "I don't wanna explain right now, but today I gained the ability to get absolutely anythin' I want.

And I wanna to share it with you. I want you to be with me." The two girls were still confused. "What do you think?" Amelia asked her sister. "I dunno…" Jessica replied. "I mean, anything we want? Is that possible?" "Ladies, whether you walk out that door or stay with me, I promise you will never be unhappy again," David said. "But I'd really like you to stay here. I really like you both. I wanna be with you." The girls thought about it for a while, and then decided.

"Alright, what have we got to lose?" Jessica said. "We'll do it." "You won't regret it, ladies. Your lifetimes of happiness start now," David smiled. "So why don't you ladies hop in this tub with me?" "In the tub?

You mean…naked?" Amelia asked. "Of course," David replied. "Come on ladies, we're all friends here. Besides, don't you wanna wash off the dirt and sweat of being slaves?" "I guess so…" Amelia said. She looked over at her sister, and the two of them began unbuttoning their shirts. David looked on with delight as they removed their clothing, until the two girls were naked.

"You ladies look even more beautiful than I'd imagined," he said, and they both blushed. "Now why don't you get in here and relax?" The two girls walked over to the bathtub, and climbed in slowly, feeling the warmth caress their skin. David's cock was fully hard now, but it didn't bother him at all.

"That feel nice ladies?" He asked them, and they nodded. "Don't be shy. You're both beautiful." David sat in between them, and put his arms around them both. He stroked their skin lightly with his hands. "You…ain't so bad yourself," Amelia smiled. Both girls looked down, and saw David's erection through the water. "Ladies, I really like you. A lot," David said, his hands climbing up their bodies. "We like you too, David," Jessica said, enjoying the feeling of his touch on her skin.

David then reached their breasts, and held them in his hands. The girls gasped, before smiling from the pleasure. "Ladies, I wanna make sweet love to you both," David said. "Won't you let me?" The two girls nodded, and grinned. David turned to face Amelia, and the two of them kissed softly.

Deciding they liked it, they went back in for more, before Jessica pulled David off her sister, and onto her own face for a kiss. "Gawd, you girls taste pretty darn good," David said. "You ain't so bad yourself," Jessica grinned, before grabbing his penis. "Hey, gimme some of that too, sis!" Amelia protested, also grabbing David's penis. "Like that, David?" "You bet I do, ladies," David replied.

"But I can't very well leave you both out of the pleasure." David moved his hands off their boobs, and moved them down to their groins.

The girls shuddered as they felt David touch their vaginas, rubbing them gently. As he did that, Amelia stroked his cock, while her sister fondled his balls. David re-positioned himself so he was facing them while they wanked him. He slid his fingers into both of their pussies, and rubbed their clits with his thumbs.

It felt absolutely heavenly. "Apriya…" David thought to his genie, using the mental link he'd had her set up. "I wish that when we climax, we'll climax together." "Your wish is my command, Master," Apriya thought back.

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"Have fun." David and the girls continued to stimulate one-another, enjoying the pleasure that came from having your genitals be touched by hands other than your own. David soon felt his climax approaching, the girls' hands driving him closer and closer to the edge.

"Oh Gawd girls, I'm gonna…uhhhhhh…" David groaned as he climaxed, shooting his cum out into the water. At the same time, he felt the girls pussies begin to contract around his fingers, and he heard them cry out in orgasm. When they were all finally done cumming, they cuddled one-another, and made out a little bit. David grinned widely when he saw Amelia and Jessica begin to kiss each-other passionately. Truly he was blessed to have found Apriya's lamp.

------------------------------- "Sophie, I need you to undo a wish you made," Matt said to his girlfriend. "My mom and all the people in the classroom at school are still horny.

They need freeing." "Fine, I wish for it to be undone," Sophie said, and Alexis snapped her fingers. "Your wish is my command, now how about you make my wish your command?" Alexis asked. "Alexis, I'm really not sure about it," Sophie said. "Sophie, I'm sorry, but I'm with Alexis on this one," Matt said. "We can't just leave these lamps here." "But what about all the suffering!?" "Well…maybe we could monitor them?" "Monitor them?" "We could make a wish that Alexis and Lumiosa would automatically know about every wish they make, so they could tell us if something questionable happens." "I…I guess that could work.

But if we're gonna do that, I have some more suggestions." "Like what?" ------------------------------- Mrs Evans looked around, and wondered what had just happened.

One moment, she'd been about to make another wish, and the next, she and Apriya were stood naked on the stage in the main hall at Matt and Sophie's school. In front of them was a crowed of seated people; Becky, Mike, Max, Sam, Megan, Becky, Kelly, and Sophie's parents, Melissa and Jerry. Next to her, she noticed, were Matt and Sophie, along with their genies.

"Hello everyone, I'm sure you're all very confused, so let's get right down to it," Sophie said. "As you're all aware, Matt and I have genies, as does Matt's mother Julia here. But what you're not aware of is the fact that Matt and I have recently come into the possession of 221 other magic lamps, each one containing a genie." "Sophie and I have decided that, rather than just keeping them locked up, those lamps should be distributed throughout the world, as has always been intended for them," Matt explained.

"However, for 9 of them, this will not be the case. As our trusted family and friends, we have decided to give you each the gift of a magic lamp, with the request that the genies contained within be only used for benign purposes." At this point, Alexis and Lumiosa both stepped forwards.

They snapped their fingers, and 9 lamps appeared, floating in mid-air. They thrust their hands forwards, and the lamps flew into the laps of the chosen humans. "Go now, and enjoy your gifts," Sophie commanded. Alexis and Lumiosa waved their hands, and everyone was instantly gone, and the 4 of them were back in Sophie's living room. Max landed back on his bed, holding the lamp in his hand.

He sat up, and stared at it. He couldn't believe this was really happening. His cock was hardening at the mere thought of what he was going to do. He rubbed the lamp frantically, and he felt it grow warm in his hands. Clouds of yellow smoke poured out, and formed into Lexia. "Greetings Master," she said, materialising on her knees.

"I am Lexia, and I-" "I wish to have sex!" Max shouted. Lexia was a little taken aback by the fact he was so rushed. "Very well Master, your wish is my command," she said, before standing up, and mounting him.

Meanwhile, across town, Sam was having a very similar experience, having barely waited for the orange smoke to clear before ordering Ophelia to fuck him. Megan, Sally and Kelly had all been together at Sally's house when it had happened, so the three of them rubbed their lamps together. Clouds of green, red and brown smoke poured out, which formed into Marcio, Iago and Barnabus.

"Oh wow…" Sally said as she saw the genies materialise. "It's all true…" "Well I can't say I've ever had this happen to me before," Barnabus said as he looked around, and realised he'd been summoned along with two of his brothers. "Well I'm not complaining one bit," Marcio smiled, before getting on his knees, and kissing Megan's hand.

"Mistress, I am Marcio, your honoured genie servant. What do you desire, and would you like me to put it inside you?" Julia, Mike, Becky and Apriya had all been at their home, so that was where they were returned to. "Apriya, can't you stop this?" Julia shouted to her genie.

"I don't want my husband and daughter having genies!" "Too late honey, Matt gave us these, so we're using them," Mike said. He and Becky then rubbed their lamps. Clouds of Black and White smoke poured out, and Dorothea and Amia were formed, on their knees before them. "Greetings Mistress, I am Amia." "And I am Dorothea. What do you desire?" Melissa and Jerry had both been at work when they'd been taken, and subsequently returned.

Jerry called Melissa up, and he drove over to her, so they could release their genies together. The held hands, and rubbed their lamps. In clouds of gold and silver smoke, Alfresco and Koschei emerged.

------------------------------- Back in Sophie's living room, the two teens sat on the sofa. "We've still got one last thing to do," Sophie said. "Do it guys," Matt said, and the two genies nodded.

A large hologram of the Earth appeared in front of them, before the 212 remaining lamps flew out of the storage room, and shot into the globe, scattering them around the world. They watched for several minutes as the lamps flew, before the flow ended, and the hologram of the Earth disappeared.

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