Dirty club girls flashing tits and up the skirt to see their tight panties

Dirty club girls flashing tits and up the skirt to see their tight panties
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As with most 19 year old English boys, I spent most Friday nights in our local watering hole ( the pub ). I had recently ended a two year relationship with a girl, which had started with all he lust and romance of kids that age and had ended when she caught me shagging her older sister, I ask you! Anyway her I was single again and on the market, sat in our local with the "lads".

As we sat drinking, in the corner, one of the local girls came over to us, drink in hand. "Can I join you?" she asked as she took the spare stool next to mine. "Yeah Jo why not".

replied Paul, lust in his eyes. Jo was a 17 year old local hotty, unfortunately taken with a long time boyfriend, whom was stood talking to his friends at the bar. She was rather well stacked 38DD ish, or had a nice rack as our American cousins may say. Hair, Jennifer Anniston style and although no raving beauty she was attractive and not just for nice tits.

Jo sat and turned to face me.


"Your not going out with anyone at the moment are you?" she asked. I gave her a puzzled look in return before replying "Not if you are offering?" which brought a huge cheer from my friends, for my witty response.

"No.no it's not me" she replied. Deep groan from my friends. "It's my sister, she really fancies you and wants to know if you are interested?" Now other than seeing Jo occasionally I didn't really know much about her, her family had moved into the village a couple of years ago and I certainly didn't know she had a sister.

Jo, I assumed was about 17, so I also assumed that her sister must be 18 or 19 at the least? If her sister was anything like her then she was certainly worth checking out! "Well she obviously has the advantage over me as she has seen me but I have never seen her, so I'd like to have a discrete viewing before agreeing to anything" I cleverly informed her. Jo looked me straight in the eye, she was actually, now that I had the chance to have a good look at her face, rather than a stare at her tits really quite a lot more attractive than I first thought, she thought for a moment and then replied.

"Well we go riding tomorrow and normally rest for a while at the bridge on Long Lane, why don't you casually go past and have your discrete look then?" "Good idea" I said "But don't tell her".

Tomorrow was Saturday, no football as it was out of season so I had nothing special planned. We arranged a time, Jo returned to her boyfriend as Friday night continued in it's normal fashion, drinking and staggering home to bed. Saturday morning, I spruced myself up and instead of driving the half mile to Long Lane decided to take my push bike, after all I could make out I was going for a ride, which I often did, and get a longer look at Jo's sister rather than going by in my car, I reasoned to myself.

I donned my tight vest top and my tight cycling shorts, I must admit, even to myself that I looked good. O.K. I wasn't the tallest of blokes but I worked out and was muscular on top as well as having muscular thighs from cycling. Off I set, being careful not to build up a sweat.

Sure enough, as I approached the bridge, on Long Lane, there was Jo astride a large chestnut horse and next to her must have been her sister, sat astride a grey.

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As I got closer I waved to Jo and steadily pulled to a halt barely 5 feet away from the two of them. Jo returned my wave and smiled.


"Hi, nice day for a ride". I pathetically said. I was then able to turn to look at Jo's sister. She had a riding hat on, long black hair, as apposed to Jo's brown, a pretty face, slightly smaller breasts, I would guess at 36C but unlike Jo, who was really curvy, her sister was slim which made her breasts actually look even bigger and quite pale, considering the sunshine we had had this summer.

"Hi I'm Dave" I said as I introduced myself, holding out my right hand to shake with her sister. (Not the best chat up line in the world!). "I'm Claire" she replied with the biggest smile on her face which revealed perfect white teeth. As her hand extended it also revealed that her jodhpurs were soaking wet at her crutch, her hand had been holding her reins, at crotch level so I hadn't noticed the damp spot before.

Claire must have noticed me staring at her crotch but made no attempt to cover up, the only problem was that I had an instant boner and in these tight shorts I couldn't hide it if I had wanted to.

A quick glance up to her face, before returning to her crotch revealed she too was staring at my crotch. It seemed like ages before either of us could draw our attentions away, it was probably only seconds.

"Eh… so your Jo's gorgeous sister" I enquired, trying to lay on some charm. Clare was now looking at me rather than my hard on and replied, "Well yes, I mean I'm Jo's sister, I don't know about the gorgeous bit though". I twitched my head and said "Well you sure look gorgeous from here".

She coloured up and to attempt to cover her embarrassment I looked at Jo and asked "You going out tonight"? I then realised that Jo too was staring at my hard on and was chewing her bottom lip.A quick glance to her crotch also revealed her to be wet down there.

Suddenly realising that I had spoken to her Jo looked up "Eh yeah, me and Alan are going to a Barn Dance, why don't you come? Claire needs a date". I looked back at Claire "It would be a pleasure" attempting to be all polite. We arranged a time and I said that I would pick Claire up but she insisted it be down the road from where she lived, strangely.

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As I waved and cycled away I heard the girls giggle to each other and overheard "Did you see the size of his cock? It's huge, it looks much bigger than Alan's". I didn't look back but had hoped that it was Jo that had just said that. Although I didn't consider myself "huge" I was about 7" erect but was as thick as my wrist at the base and only slightly tapered to my "bell-end".

Saturday night arrived, I duly arrived at the arranged meeting place and saw Alan's car, with Claire standing at the side of it, I flashed my lights and pulled up. Claire was wearing a halter neck yellow top and a short denim skirt and suede cowboy boots. As I got out my car and approached her I could clearly see she didn't have a bra on!! "See ya later" Alan shouted out of his car window as he sped away. I gentlemanly walked Claire around to her door and opened it for her, as she climbed in she raised her leg and I was just in the right place at the right time for once, I could see right up her thigh and clearly see she wasn't wearing panties either, a shaven haven!

Was I in for night or what? I thought to myself. "Ready to shake your booty" I asked as I climbed behind the wheel. Claire looked across at me and smiled " I don't really fancy going to the dance, do you want to go down Long Lane for a chat instead"? she replied. A chat, I thought to myself give over, dressed like that and she wants to go down a lane and chat! Casually, not letting on what I thought about the possible implications of her suggestion I replied "O.K.

if that what you'd prefer to, er, chat"? We set off and I drew to what I knew to be a quiet spot down the lane. It was still fairly light, it being summer but I could see dark clouds heading our way. It wouldn't be long before it got dark and started to rain.

We both removed our seat belts and turned to face each other as best we could.

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Clare lifted and bent her leg, nearest me, slightly but not enough for me to get the same view as I had previously. "So what would you like to chat about" I asked.

Claire shrugged her shoulders and replied " I dunno really, how about telling me about you"? I shrugged my shoulders back at her and said "There's nothing much to talk about really" all modestly. Claire lowered her head and looked me straight in the eye up through her long lashes and said "Well what are you doing for sex now you've finished with your last girlfriend"? she asked. I was rather shocked at her question and could only come up with "Probably the same as you since you finished with your last boyfriend" as a reply and a question at the same time.

"Oh I have to masturbate" she giggled and blushed "And I have to do it a lot with Jo and Alan going at it regularly in the next bed to mine". Instantly an image of her playing with herself whilst watching her sister fuck sprang into my head, the inevitable consequence of blood flooding to my member causing an uncomfortable erection.

I wasn't used to such openness from a girl and could only blurt out in response "Well I'd love to see that". Claire looked around the car, also checking out if we would or could be seen. "Shall we get in the back?" she asked and without waiting for a response got out the front door and onto the back seat. Wanting to appear cool I slowly did the same.

"Tell you what" she said "I'll masturbate in front of you and you can do the same in front of me, that should be really horny". I had never heard of such a suggestion and certainly never done anything like it and to be honest was rather embarrassed by her suggestion but there was no way I was going to refuse, after all I was sure it was going to lead onto us shagging. "Fine" I said "Would you like to start"? Claire raised her hands up and cupped her breasts and slowly massaged them, looking me straight in the eye.

My jaw must have reached the floor as she smiled at me. "Do you like my boobs?" she asked "There not as big as Jo's but they probably will be". The "probably will be" stuck in the back of my mind but not for long.

"I think your boobs are magnificent" I responded. With that she lowered her head and removed the halter over her head to reveal the most perfect pair of boobs I'd ever seen. Pert, firm and pink nipples that pointed slightly out and up. She reverted to her boob massaging, rubbing her thumbs over her nipples causing them to become even more erect. I could feel the saliva building up in my dry mouth.

I could see that she was enjoying my appreciation of her touching herself and she gave me a wicked grin as she slowly lowered her hand down over her stomach and onto her thigh, just below the hem line of her short skirt. She proceeded to slide her hand up and under her skirt, again looked at me with a wicked smile and asked "Aren't you going to join in?" I started to lean over to her, my hand reaching out towards her boob.

"No,silly, your supposed to be doing yourself". Disappointedly I let my hand fall to my lap. I undid the button of my jeans and started to slide the zipper down.

It was her turn to let her jaw drop as I slid my jeans and boxers from under my ass, exposing my raging hard on. I could swear her mouth filled with moisture as I saw her, eyes wide, lick her bottom lip.

I grabbed my cock at its base, my thumb and finger hardly managed to meet, and proceeded to slip my hand up and down my rock hard cock, Claire, eyes ever wider, jaw ever lower, raised instinctively raised her leg a little higher and I now had a clear view of her hand rubbing her pussy mound. Her middle finger slipped between her bare pussy lips and parted them, clear fluid soon enveloped her now rapidly moving finger and it slid deep into her love tunnel.

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She gasped, I gasped at the sight, it was incredibly horny. Claire raised her leg even higher, let her head fall back a little and slowly asked "Why did you finish with your last girlfriend?" as she closed her eyes. Looking across at this teenage temptress, one hand massaging her breast and one deeply embedded into her sopping pussy I replied "Because she caught me fucking her sister up her arse!" I made a mental note that I had mentioned anal sex and she hadn't batted an eyelid, in fact it seemed to turn Claire on and the hand she was rubbing her pussy with now had two fingers deeply penetrating her.

She smiled, still with her eyes closed and asked "Would you like to fuck my sister?".


She then added " But I don't know whether she'd let you fuck her up the bum". I had to think carefully, was this girl was getting off on the thought of me fucking her sister? Strange!

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After due thought I replied "I'd rather eat that pussy of yours at the moment and then fuck you". Instantly Claire opened her eyes, pulled her fingers from out of her pussy and jerked forward towards me.

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"You want to eat my pussy and fuck me?" she asked with a quizzical look on her face. "Well lick it at least" I replied "It looks very tasty". Claire put the two fingers which were covered in her own juices into her mouth and said, "It is but why would you&hellip.?" I looked at the puzzled girl, skirt ridden up to her waist and top that had fallen down to meet it.

"Havn't any of your previous boyfriends ever gone down on you?" I asked. Again she looked puzzled, thought for a moment and then replied "No&hellip.er …I havn't ever had a boyfriend". I couldn't believe this! A stunning 18 to 19 year old who openly plays with herself and never had a boyfriend? This was getting more puzzling as it went on, where had she been living, in a convent?.

Not wanting to belittle her I said "Well I'll be your first boyfriend then and the first to lick you pussy and if you like the first to fuck you, O.K?" Claire, rather unexpectedly and excitedly leapt over to me, flung her arms around me and gave me a deep and long French kiss.

"Will you?" she asked " Do you want to fuck me?" "What a stupid question" I replied "Why wouldn't I?" This girl was indeed a strange one, pretty, gorgeous body but strange. "Because.er because" she seemed to think for a moment "Because I'm a virgin" she suddenly cam out with.

"Well we can soon change that, if you want?" I replied. "First let me suck on those nips of yours" I said as I lay her down onto the back seat. Outside it had gotten really dark and I knew it was about to pour down with rain, the static in the air seemed to increase the speed of both our hearts as both could be heard to beat loudly.

I lowered my mouth over her boob, she seemed to turn in order that I could get in my mouth quicker. My it was firm, much firmer than I had expected and the nipple was as hard as rock. Keeping my mouth over her boob I flicked her nipple with my tongue. Claire's breathing got deeper and deeper. I administered the same treatment to her other boob. She was now audibly panting. There was now way that I could lower myself to lick her pussy unless I opened the car door, her lay prone across the seat.

I quickly flicked the latch and kicked it open, a sudden gust of wind blew up my bare ass and my legs started to get wet from the raid outside. I pushed Claire's skirt high and ogled her pussy in the semi darkness, oblivious to the fact that the wind was blowing the rain into the car.

I started to kiss her inner thigh, just above her knee, peppered it with little kisses as I slowly made my way up towards her pussy. She opened her legs wide, started to pant faster and as I placed my tongue onto her clit she grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy.

She screamed and juices flooded out of her. My god this girl orgasmed with just one flick? "Oh my god!" she screamed, desperately trying to get her breath back. "That was incredible" she added. A sudden frown appeared on her face. "You are still going to fuck me aren't you?" she finally asked. "Too fucking right I am" I replied. With that, somehow she managed to pull herself up and fling herself at me, causing the both of us to fall out the open rear door and onto the grass outside.

It was still raining hard and it didn't take long before we were both soaking wet. As we had fallen Claire had somehow managed to land straddling me, me on my back. She ripped my jeans and boxers down below my knees, looked up at me, then my cock, her wet hair tickling my stomach, then grabbed my cock and engulfed it into her mouth. Now it wasn't the best of blow jobs I had ever had. Teeth catching me and she seemed awkward at it. I was going to say something but there is no such thing as a bad blow job, so I let her carry on.

"Are you still sure?" she asked as she removed my cock from her mouth and positioned herself to squat over me. "Shouldn't I be asking you that?" I replied, craning my neck to see her place my member at her pussy entrance. She didn't reply, she lowered herself and I felt my cock head penetrate her pussy, my she was tight! She grimaced as she attempted to lower herself even more. "Argh" she said as my cock spread her pussy to new widths.

Again she pressed down, I was now half inside her, the driving rain assisting with lubrication. "I can't take any more" she said. I wasn't sure if it was tears or rain streaming down her face. "Just relax and lift off a little" I instructed her.

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I didn't want her to pull me out completely as she may not have let me back in, selfish bastard, I thought as I said it.

Claire raised her hips, I placed my hands on her waist to stop her pulling me completely out. "Lean forward" I instructed her. Claire leant forward, her wet hair dangling in my face, she rested her elbows above my shoulders and as we kissed I massaged those beautiful breasts.

I could tell that my member was hurting her but she was determined to finish what she had started, rain pouring over us I slowly and deliberately started to push inside her as we embraced. It was difficult, even though fully erect pushing my cock into such a small hole was not easy. However taking my time and with short gently thrusts I managed to penetrate her until I was almost completely inside. Clare raised herself onto her hands and managed to push back onto me. Soon we, although slowly, were fucking.

"Just like riding a horse" I said to her. "No, much better" she replied, at last smiling. The tightness of her love canal, the rain, her wet hair in my face, the fact she was almost laughing with pleasure, as we fucked, soon brought us both to orgasm.

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I felt my balls tighten, her vaginal walls tighten and bam! My cum shooting up inside her, leaving a hot wrap around my cock. "I did it. I did it" she cried out, "Finally I got fucked" she exclaimed, a grin from ear to ear. "You most certainly have" I added "And you've waited until you were bloody 19 years old" I added rather sarcastically "Even your younger sister has been getting fucked regularly before you!" Claire looked at me confused and then said "I don't have a younger sister" questioningly.

"What about Jo?" I asked. "She's older than me" Claire replied "I thought you knew that?" Now it was my turn to be confused. "Well how old are you then?" I enquired, remembering I still had my cock inside her. "14" she replied "Last month". Shocked I didn't know what to say until I blurted out "Fuck me!" as I banged my head back onto the wet grass. "No, you fuck me" she replied as she once again started to ride me. Now my cock should have behaved and gone flaccid but instead the shock of having just fucked a, just turned 14 year old must have had its' own involuntary contribution.

I was as hard as nails. I grabbed her by her shoulders, twisted our bodies so that I was now on top and drove my cock into her, all the way! "You conniving little minx" I growled at her as I thrust myself into her time and time again. Gone was the look of pain on her face, now she was enjoying this as much as I was, no thought of the possible consequences.

I lifted her legs up so that her knees were bent over my shoulders as I pummelled her pussy. "For this deception young lady, next time, if there is going to be a next time &hellip. I'm going to fuck your arse!" I told her. She groaned in mud covered orgasm, grabbed my face, kissed me and said "I look forward to it". To be continued.