Sexy big tits babe pussy workout

Sexy big tits babe pussy workout
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(Please coment, even if you think this is bad) My name is Peter and I am 16, well built and tall for my age, with brown eyes and hair. As many guys out there, I am always thinking about sex, and when I look at a girl, the first thing I see is their ass then the tits. I didn't mind people seeing this but my sister always got on my nerves. Carla, who's 17, brunnete, tall as well and with decent D cups and a nice shapped ass, and one of the popular girls at school, was always making fun at me for looking at girls.

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"Hey, try not to lose your eyes on those sluts.", that's her favorite phrase. When we went out at night, though with different friends, she always seemed to find me looking at girls' breasts and butts.

She always made me embarresed, but one day she went too far. We were at school, unfortunatly we are at the same class, and there I was glaring at that ass on the chair in front of me when my stupid sister chose the moment to make her coment.

"Teacher, can I ask something?" The teacher was stunned, not used to be interupted but allowed her to speak. "I was wondering, are we at school to learn something or to eat other girls' behinds with our eyes, like my dear brother's doing now?" she asked looking at me with mischief on her eyes.


As the class heard it, everyone stared at me, and I blushed with embarressment, whishing that a hole would open on the ground and swallow me. I spent the rest of the lesson looking at my books and planning my revenge.

After school, I knew Carla was going to the mall to shop with her friends and that was going to give me time to do what I planned. I hurried home, turned on the webcam at my sister's bedroom, praying she wouldn't notice it. I knew she liked to talk with her friends about sex and stuff after shopping so that was the perfect place. I went to my room, connected her web cam to my PC then I just laid down and waited. I heard the key unlocking the door downstairs and the giggles odf the girls coming up.

I didn't make a sound, so they wouldn't notice me at home and heard them going to the Carla's room and locking the door. I turned on the screen and taped their conversation. "My God, if Jake continues like this, I will never suck him again, he's always begging", Kelly, one of my sister's friend said.

They were all on the bed talking, as Carla was trying her new clothes on, who laughed "That's easy, next time bite him then he won't ask another time".

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"So Carla, and how are you feeling about Mark?" Jennifer, another girl, asked. Mark was my sister's ex and they had broken up a week ago. Carla froze, then turned to Jennifer slowly. "Never speak of him again. You know why I did what I did. I warned him not to be so jeaulous, but he didn't listen to me. Well when he caught me sucking all those guys he understood my point." I was astonished. I knew my sister was already having sex but this was too much.

"But tell us, what did you do to those guys?" Kelly asked.

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"You know, this and that." "C'mon tell us!" "Ok ok but don't say to anyone. I just sucked them all then they fucked me that's it." "Them being who?" "Just the whole soccer team." said Carla, then they bursted in laugh.

My jaw dropped. My sister had fucked and sucked the whole soccer team, 19 guys and there she was saying that like it was nothing. And I was taping everything. Then Jennifer asked "So how was it?" "Great! To feel all that cum going down my throat.

It makes me shiver! And the best is that we tapped it! Here it is!" Carla said, taking a DVD from her cupboard and putting it in her DVD player.


On the she appeared with three guys at the same time, my sister on her knees one guy behind her thrusting into her pussy, another fucking her ass ass even another in front of her grabbing her by hair and taking his cock in her mouth, Carla with her eyes wide opened and noaning with pleasure with every thrust, with an ocasional "Fuck oh fuck me gooooooodddd!". And while all this happened the other guys were all around her jacking off waiting for their moment.

Jennifer's phone rang, it was her mother so she had to go, taking Kelly with her. My sister went for the bath tub for a shower.

I ran into her room, grabbed the DVD, hid it in my room then returned to hers planning my revenge. She liked cum? Well let's see how much. We she came back, I was sitting on her bed. "What do you want?" she asked.

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"Oh I was wondering, do we leran something at schoo or do we just fuck the whole soocer team?" She froze for a second then asked "How do you know about that?" "Well let's say I listen to a lot of things." "Please don't tell anyone" "I have you DVD as an insurance thar you will do what I say." "I this all about that at school?

Iam sorry Peter, I promise I won't say anything like it I swear. Please give me the DVD back." I got up and fetched her towel, leaving her naked. She tried to cover herself up but I said "No" "Peter.please." "From now on, you'll do whatever I say. Or you'll suffer." "Ok ok." "First of all, do you like cum?" She looked at me embarressed then nooded.

"Well then undress me and get what you like." "You're my brother!" "Do it." Slowly, she went on her knees, undid my pants then grabbed my cock. "Please no." "Suck it NOW" Then she took it her mouth.

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God she was amazing! I am fairly thick and 8' inches long but she took it all on her mouth. For a while she was a unconfortable but then she began sucking it like hell. I could feel her tongue around the head, and her effort to make me cum, moaning all the time. Her eyes were shut so I knew she was enjoying it. I was in heaven an I knew I wouldn't last long.

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I grabbed her hair and began fucking her mouth like hell, and she didn't even gagged. I stayed like this for a bit but then I felt the cum boiling inside of me.


I took my cock out grabbed her hair again and looked at her. "Do you want cum?" "Yes give it to me!" "Will you do whatever I say?" "YES YES just cum in my mouth!" I jerked off a bit she the cum erupted from my cock and Carla went crazy trying to swallow it all. For a while I came aiming for the mouth but then she took the cock inside so she could take if from the source directly.

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My explosion ended and she was still licking her lips. "So how was it?" "God you are a great sucker!" "Maybe we can do it again." I smiled to myself and whispered to her "Don't worry, your punishment is still to come." I left her like that. on her knees with her mouth with the taste of my cum and wondering what I would do next time to her.