Math tuition with a hint of pussy penetration

Math tuition with a hint of pussy penetration
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Wes Beckman had a garage In Campbelltown and had spent the morning working on a brake job. He had gone to Jerseyville to get a part, and he stopped at the McDonalds to have lunch. He looked something like the Shane Walsh character from The Walking Dead, except a little thinner and little younger looking.

He had dark curly hair and was handsome like the cable TV. character. It was about one o'clock in the afternoon and there weren't too many people in the restaurant. As he stepped up to the counter he saw a young girl standing with her back to him, she had shoulder length dark brown hair.

Wes looked at her sharply, the girl was about five seven and she had a shapely curvy ass that looked like it was molded into hip hugger jeans. A little dark haired hottie! Then he looked away, when he looked back she had turned her head around and was looking at him. Wes looked away and then looked back, the girl had turned her head back around quickly and her hair swished sideways. The young girl was looking upwards and shaking her head, then he heard her drum her fingers on the counter.

She got her order and began to walk away. "Hi hot stuff," Wes said to the girl. Her eyes snapped at that and she giggled a little at that as she walked by. The girl went and sat down next to another young girl, Wes could hear them talking but not very well.

"Who were you talking to up there?" "I don't know," the girl who had been at the counter said vaguely, "anyway I wasn't talking." She started eating, then said, "He was like coming on to me and stuff." "Really?" the other girl said in a surprised voice. "What did he look like?" the girl who had been sitting asked eagerly. "God he was hot!" the counter girl replied, then sighed and looked around, "Wow I'm totally spaced out." "Tamara!

You're kidding!" "No I'm not," Tamara replied. "Sonavabitch!" the other girl exclaimed and looked around at Wes. "Wow!" the other girl said. Wes was getting really turned on by what was happening to him, he had sat down but was having trouble concentrating on his lunch. "Why don't you fucking go over there?" the first girl said. "Amber, will you stop?" Tamara said. "Go on," Amber said. Tamara said, "I'm like totally zoned out, I can't get up right now, will you stop." Amber said, "Oh alright." "Okay," Tamara said with a spacy look.

The girls ate quickly and left, Wes watched them leave and then Tamara get behind the wheel of a car. Tamara pretty mouth made a circle as they pulled out, "Wow, would I like to fuck him!" Tamara exclaimed.

"Go for it," Amber replied. "This guy is like a lot older than I am," Tamara said. "Do you know who he is?" Amber asked. Tamara said, "No, I don't think I ever saw him before." 2. It was late November and Wes was going into the Campbelltown gym for a high school basketball game, it was a small gym built back in the 1950's. As he looked at the cheerleaders out on the court, one of them looked like the same brunette girl that he had seen two or three weeks earlier. He'd gotten there late, a little before halftime.

The cheerleader girls were all pretty, but the dark haired girl stood out for him, she was really built, with a nice chest and legs, and extremely pretty. As he was leaving after the game, was he hoping to run into the girl, he didn't know. Then it happened, the same two girls he had seen before, together and this time the cheerleader was in street clothes.

They were standing in front of a set of glass doors that led into the school. "Hi girls!" he said to them. "Hi," they replied making small noises and a couple of giggles. The dark haired girl said, "I'm Tamara, Tamara Jackson." "Wes Beckman." "Good team this year?" Wes said. "Pretty good," Tamara said, "probably not as good as last year." Wes was getting uncomfortable, he said, "Nice to meet you girls," and went for the door.

As he went past them Amber said, "Hey Wes, Tamara said she wanted to fuck you." Amber laughed. "Amber!" Tamara said with an exasperated tone, "for Christ's sake!" Amber said, "That's what she said." Tamara said, "Come on lets go." And the girls took off before Wes could say anything.

Again he felt a strong sense of desire, it seemed like sex hung in the air. 3. Wes was sitting in a combination gas station convenience store about ten days later drinking a soda. "Hey Wes, what's goin on?" a voice said. "Working on a break job," Wes said.

"Mind if I sit down," Jim asked.

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Jim was a heavy set blond guy, about ten years older than Wes, which made him forty five. Jim sat down with his coffee cup, Wes waited a few seconds then said, "Do you know Tamara Jackson?" "I know of her why?" Jim replied, "she's a little hottie I know that!" "I've run into her a couple of times," Wes said, "one time was in the MacDonalds in Jerseyville." Jim smiled broadly, "Have you banged her, I'm impressed." "No, I haven't, I was just asking about her," Wes replied.

Jim said, "She's about my niece's age, they're in the same class, shit she's a hottie, if you fuck her, I want to hear about it, okay?" "Yeah," Wes said, then looked around to see if anyone was overhearing.

"That little cunt is built like a five thousand dollar a night whore, I'd love to fuck her," Jim retorted. Jim smiled broadly at the thought of sex with the cute young girl. "How old is she," Wes asked, "I don't want her daddy calling the po lice, she's got to be at least 16 though, I've seen her drive a car." "Well my niece is 17, so I guess Tamara is 17 too," Jim said, "they're seniors in high school." "Okay," Wes replied, somewhat disappointedly, then he asked, "they're from here in Campbelltown then?" Jim was only telling him what he already knew from seeing the girl at the ballgame.

"Fuck yeah, hey don't worry dude, there's always next year," Jim said and then laughed broadly. "Yeah," Wes retorted. Jim finished his coffee and stood up, "But look man, if you do manage to get a piece of that fine young tail, I want to hear all about it." "Right," Was said smiling up at Jim. 4. Wes sat in the newly rebuilt McDonalds, eating a Big Mac, this where he had seen the hot Tamara before. It was about four o'clock in the afternoon, it was a cool sunny day.


Wes was turned on but nervous, he had the hots for the cutie, but not enough to get into trouble with the cops over it. He didn't know if he would run into the two girls again or not, but it was heavy on his mind.

The girls, Amber and Tamara were sitting in the parking lot having just driven up. Tamara applied lipstick then she said, "Man I'd like to fuck that guy." Amber said, "You mean Wes Beckman." "Yeah." "Shit I'd have already fucked him by now," Amber said in an arrogant voice. "I think he's worried that I'm too young for him," Tamara said.

"What difference does that make?" Amber asked. "I don't know," Tamara said making a face.

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Tamara rolled her eyes and looked up at the top of the car, her pretty face had lots of eye make up on it. "I don't know what the fuck difference it makes," she said, "I'm not a child." They both laughed.

"I've been getting laid since I was fifteen," Tamara said. "Well lets go," Amber said. They went inside. The girls got food, and then ate quickly. Tamara was wearing an obvious juggy outfit and was showing off two voluptuous tits.

She's trying to get my attention, Was thought to himself, well, it was working! Tamara had nice jugs, not like a cow, not breast implant ridiculous, good juggy tits from a healthy young girl. She came over to where Was was sitting. He looked up at her, Wes liked Tamara a lot.

She was a sexy young female, Tamara was hot and she knew it, she was already used to lots of male attention, and she expected it. She had a pretty face, her eyes had a smokey knowing look, that made look like she was on her way to being a vixen, if she hadn't made it already. "Hi!" she said brightly, using the same sexy smile that she had displayed before. "Hi Tamara," Wes said beaming up at the cute girl,"you want to sit down?" "Uhm yeah," she said.

"I like your outfit, again," he said. He was flirting with her, Tamara could tell, she was nervous and she felt little hot flashes go through her. Wes's heart was racing now.

She sat down, then looked at Wes. She said, "I know you were interested in me." "Well," he replied, excited. She smiled at him, trying to encourage Wes. "You want to be my Facebook friend?" she asked. "Sure," Wes said. "Look me up on there, Tamara Jackson," she said, "I'm with some of my friends, I've gotta go." Tamara was obviously nervous and Wes could see it.

"Okay bye gorgeous," Wes said. She laughed and said, "Bye honey." Then she turned quickly and sauntered away. She walked back over to where Amber was sitting. "So, tell me what happened?" Amber asked excitedly. Tamara held a thumbs up sign. "Yeah he is totally interested!" Tamara replied, as excited as Amber. Wes liked the hip hugger jeans that were held on Tamara's curvy butt with a large white belt. He finished his cheeseburger and let his cock go back down to normal size, he didn't want to get up with an erection showing.

5. Wes found Tamara on Facebook that night, he sent her a private email, "I like you a lot and was wondering if we could get together." She wrote back: "Oh wow! Baby I totally feel the same way." He was thinking about sending something, when she wrote another private Facebook email: "You could get us some beer or whyskey, and I could come to your place by the garage, or you could come by my house when my pairent's and brat sister are gone.

Tamara kiss kiss." Wes thought for a little bit, then he wrote: "I've got one problem, which is why I've hung back a little, how old are you exactly?" In a little bit she wrote: "17 and ten months." Wes wrote: "That's what I mean, you're like off the chart awesome, but if you were under eighteen, I could get into trouble." Tamara wrote: "Oh no broken heart!!!!" It was late in the evening and she didn't write anything else.

Wes was beside himself, he loved Tamara, but he didn't love anybody enough to be called a child molester. He got drunk but still didn't sleep much. He got up and was getting ready to go to work. In the morning Wes looked at his email again, trying to figure out what to do.

Tamara had written, "Now its a little before Christmas, I'll be 18 feb 12 interested Tamara?" Wes wrote: "Absolutely." She wrote: "Broke heart fixed" Wes decided to write: "Maybe you could over to my house for a little birthday thing Miss Hotstuff?" Tamara wrote: "February yeah baby kiss kiss luv Tamara." 6.

Tamara parked her car on the side of the street where Wes's house was, next to the garage. She was nervous and her chest pounded from nervousness and sexual excitement. Tamara knocked on the door and Wes answered it very quickly. Wes had on a dress shirt and dress trousers, Tamara looked at him approvingly. "Hi Wes!" she said. "You look great Tamara," Wes said beaming at the sexy young girl. "Thanks Wes," she said smiling back. The pretty sexy Tamara was just as cute as he remembered her.

Tamara had a big crush on Wes and had really wanted him to like her. She had on high heels, and short tight white skirt, and a red blouse, with plunging neckline.

She had curled her hair and the curls made waves around her face. "I like the curls," Wes said. "Oh thanks." She stood there looking at him. Wes went over stood in front of her and kissed her. "Mmmm," she said. Tamara smiled brightly at that. That was it, Wes thought she wanted a kiss. "I got you something," Wes said, "it's like a birthday present." "Oh wow!" Tamara exclaimed. "Come on in here," Wes said and walked towards a living room. He got a wrapped package and handed to her.

"Oh wow baby!" Tamara said. She was standing in front of a couch. "Open it Tamara." "Okay," she said. It was a small package, Tamara opened it, it was a gold bracelet, she stood there looking at it admiringly. "Wow, that's the coolest thing I've ever seen," Tamara said. "Thanks Wes, that is so awesome!" she said. "Alright," he said, pleased that Tamara seemed to like it.

Then Wes said, "I got a bottle of wine, do you want some, or I have a bottle of Jack Daniels." "How about a shot and a beer," Tamara said.

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"Yeah," Wes said. "A couple of nights before my birthday my friends and I got totally wasted," Tamara said. "Cool," Wes said. He got out a shot glass and filled it with whiskey, then put a mug of beer in front of Tamara who was sitting down on the couch. Tamara gulped down her beer, "I like beer," she said. "You and Kesha," Wes said smiling at Tamara. "Oh fuck," Tamara said, "yeah Kesha right." Tamara said, "How about another shot?" "Sure," Wes said.

Wes filled Tamara's shot glass again. He heard Tamara humming something, he said, "You have a favorite song?" "Corrine Bailey Rae Girl Put Your Records On, what about you?" Wes said, "Why Do Fools Fall In Love." What did he mean by that? Tamara thought. Tamara said, "Who did that?" "Frankie Lymon," Wes replied.

"Never heard of him," Tamara said. Wes replied, "It was before your time, it was before my time, it was the fifties." "Right, like The Beatles," she answered. Not wishing to correct her, Wes said, "Right." He stood next to where Tamara was sitting on the couch, he touched her cheek with his hand softly.

She stood up, "I'm glad you asked me over Wes." "Really," Wes replied. She moved over and put her arms around his neck, "Yeah baby." Wes moved his head over and Tamara kissed him. Tamara was ready for her kisses, and her heart began pounding. Wes was strong and he lifted Tamara up and she put her legs around his waste. He wasted no time in pulling her in for one nice hot kiss after another, he had wanted this hot young girl and now he was getting her.

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She smiled a nice hot sexy smile at him. "It was about time, Miss Hotstuff," Wes said, he felt himself getting an erection already. "Yeah baby those six weeks were a long motherfucking time," she breathed. Tamara kissed one side of Wes's neck and then ran her tongue down the other side.

Tamara said, "I could have been here like two months ago." "I would have liked to have you here two months ago," Wes said.

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She said, "Kiss kiss you're the one that wanted to wait." Tamara broke their kiss off and looked down at Wes's groin then smiled broadly and stuck her tongue out. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking baby?" Tamara said. Tamara got down on her knees and licked the front of Wes's trousers with her tongue. Then she unzipped his pants and took out a nice erection.

Wes's took his right hand and played with the curls in Tamara's hair, "Love the curls gorgeous." Tamara placed both hands around Wes's cock and kissed the tip, "That's for the compliment," she said.


She then kissed the tip again and sucked it, then she said, "That's for my bracelet." "And I want to get it engraved To Tamara from Wes," she said. "Yeah I'll pay for that," Wes replied, the pleasure coming from his dick was making it hard to concentrate.

"No, I want to pay for it," Tamara said emphatically." "Okay Hotstuff," Wes replied, "it's your bracelet." "Oh yeah baby," she said. Wes smiled down at Tamara, he said, "Tamara is so sexy." Tamara gave Wes's cock another nice suck, she was sighing because her breath was coming very hard, and she eagerly ran her tongue along the tip and gave it one hot kiss after another.

Tamara was a hot and sexy young girl and she appreciated the attention she got from boys and grown men too. She often dressed provocatively and wore lots of makeup. She was a hot girl who knew she was really attractive, often getting in male's faces with it.

And she had liked Wes from the time she had first seen him, he was big and strong looking, and that turned her on.

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She had waited for this cock and now she was getting it! Wes had a good cock, nice and thick, and the tip really swelled when he got an erection. He felt a hot flash of emotion coming from his cock as Tamara expertly ran her tongue up and down the shaft of his erect penis. This went on for a bit and then she stuck it all the way in her mouth, with the tip brushing the back of her throat. This brought a moan of pleasure from Wes. Wes ran his hand through those brown curls that he had thought were so pretty.

Tamara sucked his cock like this, jamming it all the way down her throat, occasionally taking it out for a quick kiss and to masturbate it with her fist, it was wet and slick with lots of pre cum.

She held his cock out in front of her face and ran her tongue all the way around the swollen tip and then the rest of it. Then she jammed it into her mouth again, and again Wes felt the tip of his cock hit the back of Tamara's throat. She did this again and again, taking the cock out only long enough for a quick kiss.

Then Wes would feel the softness of the back of her mouth again. Tamara smiled up at Wes as if to say I'm going to suck you to orgasm, which she was doing.

She licked it, she sucked it, she blew air on it, she kissed it again and again, she jerked it off, all the while pulling Wes towards a good orgasm. He felt himself get harder and a throbbing started in his cock. Tamara felt it too, and she felt an emotional cloud come over her, the cock sucking had made her very excited and her panties were wet with juice in anticipation of a fuck.

She even ground her hips in a pantomime of sex. She felt a pulse with her tongue and got herself ready for him to shoot. Then it happened! Tamara gratefully felt his scalding hot cock open and shoot wads of cum into her mouth, she trapped part of it and then some of it ran down her lips. She wasn't a swallower, she spit it out and then rubbed it all over the front of her blouse where her tits were. Wes's heart pounded in his ears from the exertion and the intense sexual excitement.

He breathed harder and harder cumming again and again. Tamara wiped some of the cum off of her mouth with her hand, she sighed, feeling satisfied that he had had such a good orgasm. Suddenly she felt herself being lifted up and carried towards Wes's bedroom, she wrapped her legs around his waist, put her arms around his neck and put her head on his shoulder.

Tamara grinned, she knew what was coming now.