Hot cumshot p masterbation lesbian and asian

Hot cumshot p masterbation lesbian and asian
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Fantasy As Sara slipped into her the tub of hot scented water, her mind was filled with thoughts of what the night might bring and her lover who was to be there within the hour. As she slipped below the water and began to lather her waist length hair with rose scented shampoo she smiled.

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Tonight is going to be very special she thought as she lovingly slid her soapy hands sinuously down her body and lovingly caressed her breast. Thoughts of her lover filled her mind, she could hardly wait, she had to let her hands slip lower until she caressed her clit and squeezed it lightly, sliding her soap slicked finger deep into her hot honey pot, ummm she could feel his hands caressing her in her mind.

She reluctantly removed her fingers from her vagina and sighed, rinsing her hair.

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Standing up in the tub, she grabbed a warm soft towel and gently rubbed her body dry. Her whole body was tingling with anticipation of what was to come. Finished drying her body she softly rubbed her hair dry and dusted her body lightly with honey dust. It would make her skin feel like silk and taste like honey when her lover licked it! Finished drying her hair, she brushed it out with long deep strokes of her brush she had scented with her signature rose perfume.

She dotted rose perfume behind her ears, inside her elbows, behind her knees then touched a drop to the space between her breast where her lover would soon be snuggling.


She also dotted the inside of her thighs right where they came together with her vagina. Her natural musk accentuated the rose and the scent was very arousing!

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Finally dressing in a light sheer silk gown that tied at her shoulders she was ready. She lit the soft candles and turned on the gas logs in the fireplace.

Twirling the bottle of wine in the ice bucket she smiled, yes, tonight was going to be very special. His soft knock at the door alerted her to his presence and she welcomed him to her bed with open arms.

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As he slid into the bed, she reached out and caressed the back of his neck and slid her other hand down his back, gently pulling his shirt over his head as he untied her gown and slipped it from her body and wiggled out of his pants, now both of them totally naked he sighed and buried his face between her breasts inhaling her intoxicating scent.

He kissed her long and hard and she gently ran the tip of her soft wet pink tongue around his lips and he held her close, plunging his tongue into her mouth and owning it.

Caressing her breasts with both hands, he dipped his head and gently pulled a soft pink nipple deep into his mouth, sucking gently while he kneaded the other breast. She squirmed below him sighing and cradling his head in both arms.

This feels so good she murmured to him. Encouraged by her movements and words, he suckled her breast deep into his mouth and increased the pressure of his rubbing on the other breast. Moaning her passion only fueled his fire, he licked the honey dust from around and under her soft breast and slowly licked his way down her body until he was even with her hot honey pot and gently slid his tongue out and touched just the tip against her quivering clit.


The scent of her was overwhelming, bring his cock to full hardness. Her clit jumped when he touched it and warm cream dripped from her as he lowered his tongue to it's intended goal, that hot dripping honey pot! She jumped with pleasure and shook all over as her first orgasm of the night overcame her, sending a steady flow of honey into his mouth!

As he tongued her she squirmed and moaned deep in her throat. As a second then third orgasm overcame her, he gently licked his was back up to her breast where he licked and gently sucked as her body spiraled back to earth.

Sighing she snuggled closer to his body running her hands with her long red nails down his flat stomach to his pubic hair and gently swirled her fingers thru it as she slid her body lower, letting her long soft hair trail down his chest to his hard throbbing cock and she wrapped her hair around it like silk and gently licked the tip and ran her tongue around the fat mushroom head, ummmm.

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That first pearl drop was so sweet! She pulled his cock deeper into her soft mouth running her tongue around and around as he squirmed under her assault, fair play she thought, now it's his turn to squirm and beg. Taking her time, she went from gently lapping his engorged cock to sucking it deep into her mouth as she gently squeezed his balls.

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He shook with the power of her sucking and pulled her off his cock lest her mouth unman him. Rising above her he gently began to insert his throbbing cock into her tight, hot, dripping cunt!


God baby, your cunt is so tight he murmured to her as he gently worked his cock into her. Finally with a hard shove he was buried all the way in her with his balls slapping up against her ass. Harder and harder he plunged as she bucked beneath him. This night is just beginning he murmured to her as they both spiraled to an earth shaking orgasms of exploding stars.

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As they spiraled back to earth locked in each others arms, she slid down to gently lap his cock clean, quickly bringing it back to throbbing hardness, yes, she said smiling, this evening is just beginning.