Free xxx gay sex africa movieture Spanked Into Submission

Free xxx gay sex africa movieture Spanked Into Submission
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It was a dark night. A night unlike any other. A night filled with fun and intimacy. A night when two young kids loose their virginity! Approximately, 7:00 am. Morning "It's going to rain and a few thunderstorms will pass by this wonderful city of Philadelphia" reported the weatherman.

I am 15 years old and I have natural dirty blonde hair. My name is Tom. I live in Philadelphia, with only my dog, Butch. My parents died in a car accident when I was 2 years old. The year I was born was 1998 and I have grown accustomed to jerking off.

I go to high school and have a crush on this one brunette. Her name is Alisha. I've been told that she's the school's slut. I don't buy it.


She's very sexy. She has black hair and brown eyes.


She is Caucasian just like me. Her tits are petite and she is average for a 15 year old with lots of sexy curves. Now enough of describing us let's get back to a scene in the morning when I'm watching TV at my aunts house.

"Honey, come get your lunch. The bus is here." I got my lunch and boarded the bus. Approximately, 1:45. afternoon. I'm almost finished another boring ass day at school. "Sup dude", said my best friend. I said sup back and started to walk with him to our next class, Spanish 1. When we got to our individual desks and took out our proper books for this class, I saw Alisha walk through the door and I was checking out her sexy body, but then she caught my wandering eyes.

I was embarrassed but some how aroused that she knew I was checking her out. "Begin Lección 1, while I go use the baño." Said my teacher while running off into the halls to find the nearest bathroom. Alisha was now walking towards me and I had a semiboner because I was checking her out.

When she came to my desk she said "Hey your name is Tom, right?" I shook my head up and down and said quietly, "yes". I couldn't believe she was talking to me. TO ME!!!! " I heard that you live with your aunt, can I maybe come over and hang out with you cause I got nothing else to do." She offered.

I said "sure". She then sat on my lap facing me and was rubbing on my dick. She then licked my lips and said a simple "thank you" before getting up and going to her seat.

After class I gave her my number and address.

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Approximately, 4:30 late afternoon My aunt is going to New York for the week, and leaves me in charge of cleaning, dusting, and just chores. Which leaves me alone with you know who.


Alisha came to my house at about 6:00. She was wearing a skimpy and kind of revealing shirt. I like. "Are you going to keep on looking at me or are we going to do something?" My cheeks were flushed and red. In my embarrassment I said something pretty stupid, "ummmm, well we can watch a movie" I blurted out. "Well OK " she replied. I played the movie, not realizing it's 'The Notebook' . Approximately, 9:00, night At the very end of the movie, after the credits, it begins to rain and Alisha was already holding on to me snuggling into my chest and arms.

The thunder just made her hold on tighter. Alisha Says "That was a very beautiful scene when they kissed in the rain". And like an idiot I say " yeah it was wasn't it". I have a boner and she notices. It was probably from her holding onto me. Then Alisha says "mmmmmmmm, I like guys who play *hard * to get " she grabs my full 9 inch boner and pulls it out of my pants.

I say "we shouldn't be doing this here".

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She says "just shut up and fuck me!!!!" Approximately, 9:30, that night I got undressed, so did she. I was ready to fuck her. Ready to loose my virginity.

But there's one thing I need to know.

I say to Alisha "Are you really the schools slut?" She replies by saying "Fuck yeah, bitch. I've given almost every boy head and even had lesbian sex with a few girls. I even made out and gave blowjobs to almost every goddamn teacher, but I'm still a virgin.

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I've never let anyone put anything in my pussy. Be gentle" Then I realize, she's a fucking slut, a fucking whore, a bitch. THIS IS THE GIRL OF MY DREAMS????!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!??????!!!!!! I slam my dick into her and start ramming in and out hard and fast. "Take that bitch" I say. She gushes blood out of her pussy, since I popped her cherry. She looks at me and says" I said be gentle" I say nothing. I just fuck the shit out of her.

I hold her by the neck when I turn her around and forcefully kiss her on the lips. I push my tongue between her lips and teeth and start exploring her mouth and chasing than wrestling her tongue.

I pull out of her mouth and suck her C cup tits. Im still fucking her brains out and im doing it so hard and she is screaming so loud that you can barely hear the thunder any more. I than cum in her pussy and spit on her stomach. I let her lay there and she eventually leaves. Today I learned SHE IS A SLUT! AND I'M STILL NOT FINISHED WITH HER. I HAVE THE WHOLE ENTIRE FUCKING WEEK!!!!!

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Approximately, 6:78 9 months later "It's a girl!!!!" The nurse said with excitement. I said "another slut in the family."

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