Smol vagina and young girl

Smol vagina and young girl
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Jeff had received a text message from Kathy, advising him that, although it was her day off, she may not be home until the evening, and not to bother preparing a meal for her as she was eating out. She also told him to wait up for her. It was only just after 8pm and he was sitting on the sofa in his bath robe, watching T.V. when she came home.

She stood in the living room doorway, her messy red hair falling on the shoulders of the black leather jacket, which was open down to her waist perfectly framing her firm and ample boobs. Jeff loved her to wear jeggings; the skin tight denim look really showed off her legs and backside, and the knee high, black leather, full laced boots, completed the picture perfectly. She undone her jacket, slowly removed it, and threw it on a chair.

She was now totally naked from the waist up. She sat in the armchair opposite Jeff. "Will you be a darling and undo my boots for me?" Jeff didn't hesitate for a second. He was kneeling at her feet with her boots resting on his thighs as he hurriedly undone the laces. He removed the first one, complete with the pop sock, and then lifted her foot to his lips, gently kissing her toes.

The lightly sweaty smell was an aphrodisiac to him; his already erect penis began to throb as he sucked at her toes. Kathy flicked open his bath robe with her booted foot, pushing the pointed toe against his scrotal sac, and then ran the stiletto heel up and down his inner thigh. He cleaned between her toes with his tongue as Kathy rubbed the shaft of his throbbing prick with the sole of her boot; the heel, sometimes painfully, but pleasingly for Jeff, stabbing at his bollocks.

"Take the other one off Jeff." Kathy commanded as she lay back squeezing her nipples. He dutifully complied and removed it as she stroked his pre-cum dribbling tool with her bare foot, occasional teasing his arsehole with her big toe.

He feasted on her; licking the sole of her foot from heel to toe until she stopped him. She pulled down her jeggings to her knees and Jeff pulled them off before running his hands over her calves and up her inner thigh, and then to the waistband of her panties.

He had pulled them to her knees before he noticed the semen in the gusset. "Looks like you have had some fun today darling." Kathy smiled, but didn't answer. Jeff probed the warm and moist goo with his finger, and then licked it. She slid forward to the edge of the chair and Jeff took her panties off. She lifted her legs, bringing her knees to her shoulders, exposing her smoothly shaved snatch and arsehole to her delighted husband.

He parted her reddened cunt lips, and he could smell the pungent aroma of her sex combined with a uniquely male scent, and see the creamy white globs of spunk mixed with her own juices. Kathy tried to push the mixture out of her twat as Jeff's tongue entered her, but she achieved more than her desired goal, spraying his face with piddle and farting a further blob of cum from her arse as he licked and sucked at her.

Jeff pulled away momentarily and ran his fingertip up her bum crack, rescuing the sperm that was dribbling from her, before licking it and then plunging his finger into her poop chute. "One hell of a load that guy had Kath!" Kathy laughed, "You mean those three guys Jeff." Jeff became even more excited as he cleaned the spunk of the three unknown guys from both her holes. Kathy massaged her clit as he probed and slurped at her, and then, after several minutes of his oral attention she asked him to fuck her.

He positioned the head of his cock between her cunt lips, but before he pushed inside her she said, "Up the bum Jeff………& me up the bum." He lowered his prick and pushed easily inside her anus, his cock finding more sperm, deeper inside her, providing the perfect lubricant for her distended pooper.

Kathy knew he would not last long, and managed to bring herself off before Jeff spurted his seed in her bowels. They finished with a 69, on the floor, before snuggling up together on the sofa as Kathy relayed all the juicy details of her afternoon activities to him.

Kathy had been at a bit of a loose end. There was little to do around the house, and Jeff had left for work before she woke up, so she satisfied herself with her vibrator before having a shower and a close shave of her nether regions. She had some cereal and a coffee as she sat at the computer scanning her messenger and chat rooms, but nobody interesting was online, although Lenny had left her an offline message promising it would not be long before they had another party. She was actually getting quite desperate.

She felt an uncontrollable desire for sex and would not be satisfied until she had fulfilled it. Kat was at work, so she couldn't call on her, and Lenny, John and Jeff, were similarly engaged.

And then she thought of Bill. It was worth a try, she would call him, she had already put the number he gave her on her mobile, and she basically had nothing to lose.

She dialled the number. Hello………Bill………It's Kathy&hellip.

Kathy? Kathy from the hospital…&hellip.nurse Kathy… Oh hi babe, hows things? Good thanks…&………I know it may sound strange………but&hellip.are you busy today? Um…&hellip.hang on&hellip.I'll just go check my diary. Kathy was starting to feel like a bit of a fool.

No babe&hellip.I'm free all day…&hellip.why?.d'ya wanna come give me a bed bath? Well&hellip.I was actually hoping you might take me for a ride…………ah………on your bike? Sure sweetheart…& to………&hellip.give me your addy and I'll come pick you up…………&hellip.I have a spare helmet that should fit you………About two-ish?

Brilliant…&hellip.I'll be ready for you……&hellip. Maybe we could get some lunch somewhere? That will be my treat Bill……&hellip.see you at two…&hellip. Okay…&hellip.bye sweetheart……… Kathy had just over an hour to get ready; she had already showered so it was just a matter of finding something suitable to wear, so she allowed herself 15 minutes more play with her vibrator.

The vibration on her clit soon had her cunt sopping wet and able to take the full 10 inches inside her, which provided enough lubrication for her to use it on her arse. She closed her eyes, imagining it was Leon's huge black cock up her bum, and used her fingers to bring herself to a magnificent, heart pounding, and extremely wet orgasm.

The vibe was slightly dirty when she finally pulled it out, so she took it into the bathroom to clean, and gave her arsehole a thorough wash out with the shower hose before returning to the bedroom to dress. A skirt on a motorbike was out of the question, so she plumped for her tight three-quarter length jeggings, with a black tee-shirt, leather boots and jacket.

It was ten past two when Bill rang the doorbell, she picked up her little black leather shoulder bag; he instantly hooked his arm around her waist, pulling her close to him and kissing her, as she opened the door. "Hiya babe…………wow………you look like a real biker." "So glad you approve Bill." Kathy stared at the gleaming metallic blue Ducati motorcycle in her driveway, and then at the matching colours of Bill's leather jeans and jacket, as she placed the full face helmet, that he offered her, over her head.

Kathy climbed on board behind Bill, settling into the pillion seat as he fired up the engine. She wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling herself tight against him as the machine throbbed between her legs.

They zoomed out of the driveway and sped along the road; Kathy clinging on, for dear life, to avoid being thrown backwards by the acceleration. A static and crackly voice boomed into her helmet. Lean with me baby. She held him tighter, her body at one with his as they swerved around the bends. Fuck, Bill, this is fantastic……&hellip.can you hear me?

Her crotch pushed hard against his lower back as he came to a halt at the crossroads.

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Yeah doll…&hellip.I can hear you just fine. Kathy thrilled at the excitement as he twisted the throttle, and the front wheel lifted slightly, as he headed out over the railway track, narrowly missing a red light, and took the road out of town. She was excited, but she still had a nagging feeling that his style of riding was exactly what had led him to be in hospital in the first place. They leaned into the bends on the country roads; at times her knees came perilously close to the tarmac beneath them.

Kathy broke a fingernail by clawing so hard at his leather clad stomach as they swayed and swerved, increasingly faster, into the narrow bends. Finally, they arrived at their destination. The Buck Inn; a thatch roofed, country pub, renowned for its fine selection of food; notably the fish dishes.

Kathy hoped that they would be able to get a table, as it was always advisable to book, but as they ground to a halt, she realised the car park was not over full, and afternoons were probably less busy.

Bill locked their helmets onto the bike and they walked across the gravel car park to the entrance. They enjoyed a fine meal; Kathy choosing a prawn salad, accompanied by two glasses of wine, and Bill went for steak, accompanied, much to Kathy's relief, by lime juice and tonic water. They both declined a sweet, but ordered coffee before Kathy settled the bill. "So where would you like me to take you next Kathy………I feel as if I owe you something in return for the wonderful service you gave me at the hospital?" "I'm sure you have a very good idea about the next ride you can give me Mr.

Curtis, but I will leave the choice of venue up to you." Kathy then excused herself and paid a visit to the ladies room. She was not surprised to see a small damp patch in her white cotton knickers when she pulled them down around her knees and sat down to piss, and hoped there would be more creamy fluids in them by the end of the afternoon.

Something she was positive Jeff would enjoy; which reminded her to send him a text telling him she may be late home. Bill met her outside the ladies room and they left to go out to the bike. After about fifteen minutes of negotiating ever narrower country roads, Bill slowed almost to a standstill and turned onto a dirt track, which was essentially a bridle path.

After about half a mile bumping down the path between the hedgerow and the stubble field, they arrived at a wooded copse. Bill parked the bike on a grassy patch about ten yards into the woods. She dismounted after him, and had only just got both feet on the ground, when he took her by the waist, spun her around, and bent her over the motorcycle seat. Within seconds he had removed his helmet, pulled her jeggings and panties down to the tops of her boots, parted her legs and bum cheeks as far a possible, and was licking at her arsehole.

"Mmmmmmm&hellip.fuck babe, I knew you were gonna taste good from the first time I sniffed my fingers in that hospital bed, but I never imagined you would taste this good." "Fuck Bill, you are really good with your tongue……&hellip.but I can't open my legs far enough………let me see if I can pull my stuff over my boots&hellip.they should stretch enough." He supported her as she squatted, and with a bit of a struggle, finally stepped out of her jeggings and panties.

She took off her helmet as he unclipped his boots and stripped down to his socks. They both opened their jackets and then Kathy dropped to her knees to take his cock in her mouth. "Not so fast babe, I want to enjoy some of you too." He pulled her head away then lay down on his back, on top of his leathers.

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"I don't mind the grass stains on my back if you want to get on top of me?" She straddle his thighs and started to lower herself onto his dick. "Um…&hellip.other way round if you don't mind, doll?" She turned, and knelt, and lowered her arse onto his tongue, then took his cock in her hand and his balls in her mouth.

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He still had a full set of pubes on top, but his bollocks were shaved smooth. Unfortunately for Kathy, he had a hairy arse, but she threw caution to the wind, and started tonguing it anyway. Apart from the rough feeling of his wiry hair on her tongue, she found it extremely pleasurable, and very very tasty. She imagined that he too was enjoying her hole, as every time she pushed, his tongue travelled deeper inside her.

Kathy had to exercise caution, because the diuretic effect of the wine and coffee had come into play, and she was increasingly in need of a piss. "I'm gonna have to stop for a minute Bill, I really need a wee." "I don't have a chamber pot for you babe, but I'd love to watch you go." They both got up. "Bend over the bike seat babe, and open those lovely long legs, I wanna see you squirt like a horse." She did as requested and Bill watched as a spray of pee squirted from her.

Kathy was quite a forceful pisser, and sprayed an arc of urine two to three feet behind her. Bill loved the way that her arsehole pouted as she pushed out the piss, and he stood at her side and fingered it until the flow subsided, and then went down on her and licked at her slit. "Have you finished nurse?" "I think so" "Pity" he said, as he applied his lips to her crack and tongued her again. Kathy pushed again, and a final dribble of pee splashed into his mouth, accompanied by an audible blast of wind, from her arse to his nose.

"You are a fucking lovely dirty bitch babe" he said before he pushed his tongue, once more up her bottom. He spent several minutes savouring the warm musky flavour of her delicious bumhole, but then said, "I think we should fuck now Kathy." "Ready when you are Bill, fuck me where you like, and as hard as you can, please." Kathy gasped, and was a little surprised when he thrust his cock deep into her cunt.

She always imagined him as an arse man. Of course she was right; He pounded her cunt for just a couple of minutes, covering his shaft with her slit slush, and then forced it into her shitter. He had one hand under her tee-shirt, roughly manhandling her tits and nipples, and the other holding a fistful of her hair.

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She used one hand to hold onto the bike, and the other to rub at her bald mound; two fingers in her hole massaging her hard and tingling clit. She had asked for it hard, and she got it. He was a really aggressive fucker, relentlessly poking in and out of her so hard that the bike was rocking on its stand, and at times Kathy feared it would tip over. Even though there was an autumnal chill in the afternoon air, they were both sweating, and Kathy was amazed, but delighted by Bill's staying power.

She seemed to be enjoying a virtually non-stop orgasm and could feel her juice running down her inner thighs. Bill yanked her head back by her hair, as he started to thrust even harder, and then let it go, smacking her bum as his body convulsed and his semen pumped into her bowels.

Kathy had never ever actually felt the cum spurting, but she had felt the effect of it, loosening her dirt box, making it slick, and causing those incredibly dirty sounding farts, as the inevitable trapped air escaped. Bill pulled his cock out, rubbing it to expel the last of his seed, and watched as Kathy blew cum bubbles from her rectum. She squatted beside the bike, put her hand underneath her, and farted Bill's goo onto her palm. Then she stood, and turned to face him, and staring straight into his eyes, raised her palm to her mouth, and teased the spunk with her tongue, and with pouted lips, sucked it into her mouth.

Bill clapped his hands. "Fuck baby, you're better than a fucking porn star." Kathy licked the remnants of his cum from her hand, swallowed it, and then smiled.

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Bill grabbed his boots and leathers and put them on. Kathy had got her panties on, but was struggling to get her jeggings over her boots. Bill suggested that she leave them off, as her tee-shirt was long enough to cover her butt cheeks, and certainly as long as some of the skirts that were fashionable with young girls.


Kathy pointed out that she was not a young girl, but kind of liked the feeling of being semi-naked outdoors, and tied her jeggings around Bill's waist, and climbed back onto the motorcycle. They were soon back on the road, heading to town, when Bill spoke to her on the inter-helmet radio.

I just have to pop into the bike shop before I take you home babe…&hellip.hope you don't mind. The bike shop was actually not too far from Kathy's own house, although she was previously unaware of its existence, due to its location at the bottom of an unmade cul-de-sac.

Bill parked the bike and they both got off, removing their helmets as they approached the garage doors. "Hey Bill, how the fuck are ya.and&hellip.whoa……&hellip.who's this beautiful chick you got with you?" Kathy was pleased with the impression she had made on Bill's friend, although she did try to pull her tee-shirt down to, at least, cover her panties.

"Ivan, this is Kathy, she's a nurse………&hellip.Kathy………this is Ivan&hellip.he's a complete pervert&hellip.but he knows engines inside out…" Ivan had a weatherbeaten look about him.

He looked about fifty, but was probably a whole lot younger. He stood in the doorway, about six feet tall, dressed in green cotton overalls, and wiping his hands with a rag.

Kathy could almost feel his eyes surveying her body. "Hey Kath……&hellip.damn baby…& are one hot looking nurse……&hellip. I just got the kettle on……if you want a cup of tea?" They followed Ivan inside the workshop.


The rusty corrugated iron clad exterior of the building was deceptive in the extreme, as the interior could only be described as immaculate. The fluorescent lighting gave a sparkle to the plastic coated work benches and the gleaming rows of countless tools that lined the walls. Kathy guessed that there were a dozen bikes, in various states of construction, on the floor and on the benches.

Ivan led them to a small, and extremely untidy, office at the far end of the building, where they were introduced to Stevie, who was making the tea. "You need to make another couple of cups Stevie; we got Bill, and his adorable friend, taking tea with us." Kathy was charmed, but somewhat amused when Stevie wolf whistled. She guessed he was quite a bit younger than Ivan, Bill, and herself, and was probably of Afro-Caribbean descent, but he had a sort of cheeky look about him that reminded her of Benny.

"Pleased to meet you Stevie……&hellip.ah………one sugar in my tea please." "The pleasures all……what's your name?" "Kathy." "Damn………&hellip. pleased to meet you Kathy." He wolf whistled again, and then cursed as the boiling water he was pouring splashed onto his hand. They all sat down on the few assorted hard chairs that made up the office furniture.

"So……&hellip. What brings you here then Bill& your bike okay?" Ivan asked. "I thought I made a good job of it after your smash." "The bikes perfect Ivan, I didn't actually come here for anything special, just wanted to introduce you to my sweet little lady friend." Bill patted Kathy's leg, shifting her tee-shirt further up her thigh, exposing the crotch of her panties.

Kathy instantly grasped the possibilities of the situation, and parted her legs, to allow all present a perfect view of the outline of her cunt lips through the dampened crotch of her white cotton knickers.

"She sure is a fine looking lady Bill, where did you meet her?" "I met her after my crash………&hellip.She's a nurse at the hospital." "Lucky that tree got in your way then." They were talking as if Kathy were not in the room, which was something that Kathy didn't care for. She stood up, took off her jacket, dropped her panties to the floor and stepped out of them, and then pulled her tee-shirt over her head and laid it on the desk along with her panties.

Totally naked, apart from her long black boots, she walked across the room to pick up her mug of tea.


"Holy shit………Jesus…&hellip.fuckin' hell…………I better go shut the doors and put the closed sign up." Ivan disappeared out of the office. Stevie put his hand on Kathy's bum cheek and squeezed it. Kathy grabbed his wrist and placed his hand on her crotch so that he could finger her, and she sipped at her tea as he excited the juices in her quim.

Bill had stripped off too and was now sitting in just his socks, stroking his cock. Kathy lifted her leg up onto a hard wooden chair, allowing Stevie to push four fingers into her twat, and he fumbled, with his other hand, to undo his jeans and free his stiffy from his boxers. Stevie's hand was working wonders in her cunt and Kathy felt a really powerful orgasm building as he pushed deep into her.

Ivan came back as she started to squirt, and her juices were still gushing from her when Stevie knelt in front of her to get his lips on her cunt. "Are you guys just going to jack off, or is someone going to fuck me?" Ivan's cock was thick; probably just over 6 inches long and cut, but extremely thick, and it stood out, erect and proud, from his large and hairy sagging bollocks.

Kathy held the back of the chair and bent over with her legs straddling the seat as Ivan came over and directed his cock into her soaking cunt.

Stevie stood in front of her, and she eagerly took his much longer shaft into her throat. Even though her gash had only just been opened up by Stevie's four fingers, the warm wet walls of her cunt held tightly against the girth of Ivan's knob. Bill went into the workshop and came back just a few seconds later with a roll of paper towel.

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He tore off several sheets and placed them on the chair, then took his still erect penis in his hand, pointed it at Kathy's tit's, which were swinging heavily beneath her, and started to piss. Kathy moaned on the cock in her mouth, and Ivan increased his effort in her cunt and said, "Thanks Bill, you know how much I like dirty girls." "Not sure if she's dirty enough for an old perv like you Ivan." Kathy, on the other hand, was quite convinced that she would be, and letting go of Stevie's prick, asked Bill to squirt in her mouth.

She was lucky that Bill had not quite finished, and sucked him with her mouth full of piss before opening her dirty gob, spilling some over his cock and balls, and swallowing the rest. Bill's final squirt splashed over her face, hitting her right between the eyes.

Ivan was still pumping relentlessly into her pussy, when he suggested that they go up to the attic room, above the office. He had a single bed up there that he used on occasions when he wasn't seeing eye to eye with his wife. Bill was first to climb the wooden ladder that was attached to the wall at the back of the office, and led up to the open trap door. Kathy followed him, her eyes fixed on his arsehole and hanging balls.

Her own arse hole was being closely watched by Ivan as he followed her up. Stevie stripped naked and waited until the ladder was clear before he made his ascent. The attic was the same size as the office below; there was a small skylight, a single bed in the middle of the bare wood floor, and the walls were lined with various different packages on three sides, and on the other there was a very small shower cubicle and a toilet that could be hidden by a blanket, suspended by a wire on the ceiling, if necessary.

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"Fuck, your arsehole looks so tasty Kathy; I'm so pleased I followed you up the ladder." "You are most welcome to taste my arse if you want to Ivan; In fact, I am up for anything any of you would like to do with me; just tell me how you want me." They all tried to talk at once, each of them having their own idea of how she could perform for them.

Stevie was however, first to jump on the bed. "If Ivan's gonna lick your sweet arse, you may as well squat yourself down on my cock so I can use your cunt while he does." Kathy duly climbed on top of him, took hold of his cock, and guided it into her fanny. Ivan set his tongue to work on her shithole as Stevie's cock humped her from below. "Guess I got the last option Kath" Bill said as he offered his cock to her mouth. Kathy was in her element.

Stevie's cock was rubbing against all the right places as it pounded from her clit to her cervix; Bill's cock was encouraging her to produce a thick and slimy mucus from her throat, which puked out over his balls; and she was thoroughly enjoying the attention of Ivan's tongue as it probed deeply in her poo hole, and the thought of what she could release from her dirty hole into his mouth, excited her beyond belief.

Unknown to Kathy, at the time, Ivan was also excited by similar thoughts. Kathy pushed her arse open, but Ivan, for the present, was only rewarded with a very musky taste of Bill's cum.

"Seems like you have already been up her arse Bill?" "Sorry Ivan………&hellip.I guess I should have warned you." "No problem at all mate……………you know me&hellip.I'm a dirty old perv." Ivan pushed down on Kathy's bum causing Stevie's cock to fill her cunt, and then pressed his knob against her arse.

He circled it around; his own pre-cum and Bill's spunk provided enough lubrication for his bell end to penetrate her, although it was an extremely tight fit.

Stevie remained motionless underneath her, enjoying the sensation of his cock being massaged through the thin wall between her cunt and arse, as Ivan slowly fed his fat length into her dirt pipe. Ivan started to hump her using his full length. The experience of Kathy's extremely warm and moist pussy pulsating against his throbbing prick excited Stevie so much that, in less than a minute, copious amounts of his seminal fluid were pumping deep inside her womb.

Ivan's cock was pumping increasingly faster in her bum, squeezing the last drops of cum from Stevie's cock as he slowly lost his hardness, and Kathy's arsehole opened further. Ivan increased the length of his stroke, sometimes pulling out entirely to look at her creamy, gaping shitter before plunging back inside.

Kathy's mouth and throat were wide open as Bill continued to fuck her face; the reaching sensation it gave her sending shivers through her body as Ivan's cock released its spunk into her.

The extra effort he used in his final strokes caused Stevie's cock to plop out of her cunt, and he managed to wriggle himself free from under her to stand beside the bed and watch his mates finish with her. Bill pulled his cock from her mouth and wanked it, announcing he was about to cum, as Ivan's prick left her cum filled arse. "Cum in my arse too Bill……&hellip.for my husband." Ivan moved out of the way to let Bill take his place, but Kathy rolled over onto her back and lifted her legs up.

In no time Bill was on top of her ramming his cock into her arse and adding his spunk to Ivan's. Both Stevie and Ivan had made use of her mouth to clean their cocks, and Ivan had even managed to squeeze out a little piss down her throat, which Kathy enjoyed immensely.

Although she had not had to exert herself too much, Kathy was pretty exhausted as she finished cleaning the arse juice from Bill's cock, and she was also hoping that the cum would stay inside her, at least until she got home.

"Could one of you lovely guys pop down and get my clothes, I need to keep my legs up until I get my panties on?" Stevie was only gone a minute before he returned with them, and with his assistance, she managed to pull her knickers and jeggings over her boots. She didn't bother with her tee-shirt, saying she would pick it up on her next visit, and zipped up her jacket over her bare top. Ivan gave her his mobile number, asking her to text him whenever she liked, she called him before she left with Bill, so that he also had her number.

Kathy could feel cum oozing from her as she sat on the bike on the way home, and hoped she would not lose too much before she got to Jeff.