Hot asian hard fuck strangers

Hot asian hard fuck strangers
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My story beings at agerbiton Which is basically a huge cattle sale So I'm in the barns walking up and down the aisles looking at all the amazing shorthorns that are offered to the sale when I see one the really catches my eye. It was solid red with thin shoulders straight back and wide hips so basically a perfect heifer.

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Than a girl asks me are u interested in my cow I turn to see who I was talking to and forgot all about the cow when I seen her. Holy fuck what a gorgeous young lady she appeared to be about 19, (1 year younger than me) she had blonde hair that was almost a golden color, she had a slight tan but it seemed to be natural. Her tan made her blue eyes glow.

I she was wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans. I sort of lost my train of thought as I was looking her over and she pointed to the cow do u like the cow? She asked. Snapping out of my trance I reply formally yes it's a really well formed. I asked how much she was expecting to get for it she said I'd be happy with anything above 3grand with would be a great deal for it, I thought to myself, I can't let an opportunity with a babe like this go I had to make a move.

I asked would u like to get a drink tonight and talk about your heifer. She responded very quickly surprisingly with a yea sure.


Then she said ill pick u up at nine. I was kind of shocked I have never had a girl offer to pick me up. So I exchanged numbers with her and went on my way. I got to my hotel room at about seven giving me 2 hrs to be ready. For me that is an hour to much so I jumped in the shower. After watching my hair and body I jumped out and kind of examined myself in the mirror.


I have a dark brown hair it short and really thick. I have hazel eyes.

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And a slight tan. I'm 6'2 and pretty buff typical for a farmer my dad died when I was young so I did most of the work around my place. After looking myself over I decided to get dressed.

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I grabbed some jeans and a brown plaid shirt. That buttoned up I got dressed and put on my belt with the gold buckle. I place my cowboy hat upside down beside the couch and sat down waiting.

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All of the sudden I hear a knocking at the door I realized I drifted off and it was now 9:05 shit I jumped up and open the door it was her. Jessica she asked why I was not answering my phone I explained how I had drifted off and fell asleep she seemed a little mad but it looked like she was getting over it. She looked me over and said well u ready I grabbed my hat and said let's go.

We get in the elevator and were talking casually till we reached ground floor we walked outside and she got into one of the most beautiful trucks I have ever seen a 2012 ford raptor it was red and it had red stacks in the box god dam was it nice she rolled down the passenger window and shouted u coming.

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I opened the door and climbed in she put err in drive and we took off god dam did this truck have power and she loved to use it we would stop at a red light and she squawk them every time it turned green we reached the bar in no time it was some country bar and we go in.

We sat at a table and I asked for a bud wiser and she asked for a bud light we talked for a couple of hours and drank enough to give me a buzz she seem pretty much sober but we called a cab cuz she didn't Want to risk losing that truck I couldn't blame her The cab dropped us off at my hotel and she came up to have another beer a little more privately I told her to make herself at home and I took off my belt, undone two of my buttons on by shirt she didn't seem to be uncomfortable with it.

I asked if she wanted a drink she said sure I grabbed to Budweiser and apologized for not having anything else we sat on the couch.

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And I turned on the TV she picked a movie on the rent able section it was cowboys and aliens which was a pretty good movie from what I seen most of the movie I caught my eyes wondering up and down her amazing body a couple of the times she must have noticed but still seemed relaxed.

About half way through the movie she said she was cold so I grabbed the blanket of the bed and put it over us she took the move by cuddling against me my right hand went behind her back and rested firmly on her ass. Her hand was on the inside of my thigh which was all it took to get me hard as a rock I started to move my hand in circles on her.

Ass putting just enough pressure to make sure she could feel it but not enough to make it seem like I was some horny school nerd that was just trying to bust a nut she then began sliding her hand across the inside of my thigh just high enough to graze my balls than back down a couple of inches I than slid my hand over to her belly button And slid down to the top of her tight jeans with my pointer finger and thumb I undid the button, I looked down at her face waiting for a sigh to go on and was met by her lips they were soft and she matched the rhythm of my lips and tongue very easily than felt her hand stroking my cock through my jeans I pulled out of the kiss and got up she also stood up.

I looked her over on more time stopping at her amazing eyes I picked her up and placed her on the bed we returned to our kiss but this time it was a little more easy to wonder with my hands I put one hand to the side of her hip and slid it under her shirt and along her ribs all the way up till I felt the side of her bra than back down again once again I pulled out of the kiss and started to undo her shirt I got to the last button and she sat up so I could easily pull her shirt off I looked and her black laced bra in awe of the beautiful breasts that it covered.

I slowly pulled the straps off her shoulders and down her arms slowly uncovering her breast as when I took the bra completely off I was amazed my how perfect her tits were she has small light pink nipples no bigger than a inch wide and her breast were perfect sized just over a hand full I than took off my shirt and began kissing her neck and making my way downs to her tits kissing every inch of the way I swirled my tongue around her nipple than gave it a suck and finish by gentle pulling it a bit with my teeth making her shutter with peer pleasure, than I repeated this to her other nipple before kissing my way down to her belly.

I quickly undid my pants and took off my socks tossing them to the side leaving me only in my boxers. I unzipped the zipper of her jeans and began to pull them off with the help of her they came off pretty easy.


Then I looked at her black skin tight panties and even with them being black I could clearly make out the wet spot in to center of them I slid her panties off and looked at her clean shaven pussy looking at this girl completely naked made me want to cum just by the sight but I kept my cool and pulled off my boxers freeing my dick to sight. I than went down to her pussy and slowly teased her with my tongue tracing it up and down her slit just barely making contact with it she shuttered with every stroking after about 8 times I parted her sweet lips and began putting more pressure into it her clit was swollen and easy to pick out so I really put my time into that mean while I penetrated her pussy with my two fingers and started to finger her as I attacked her clit with my tongue it wasn't long before her hands went to the back of my hand stuffing my face into her and I felt her exploding on my hand I gave her a min to recover from her orgasm and stood up and wiped of my face with her shirt which was still on the bed than tossed that to the side to she looked up at me after recovering and said fuck me this was all the encouragement I needed I lined up my dick with her pussy and slowly began entering her and god dam was she tight if she hadn't just came I don't know if I would of gotten it in.

I started to thrust in and out as she moaned a bit I got more and more into it and she loosened up a bit letting me speed up a little than she started to match my rhythm than she pulled me out which was kind of disappointing but I didn't object she made ma lay on my back and hoped on me held my cock to the entrance of her pussy and she slid down on it and started to ride me she made a fast pace and I was having more trouble holding in my cum I was right about to cum when I felt her pussy tighten up and I knew she was about to cum to I could not hold out any longer and I blew she let out a moan and fell on me as I shot rope after rope of cum into her after about eight ropes I could feel her pussy milking me dry she rolled off me and put her head on my cheat and we fell asleep To be continued.