This ponies has an orgy

This ponies has an orgy
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Back in Dad's office, as I sat there still naked, he gave me the full explanation. "You know what I do for a living, don't you Adam?" he asked. "Sure," I told him. I'd always known that Dad was a lawyer and that he mostly practiced family-law, adoptions and foster-care cases and the like.

"Well, that's right. But, that's only part of what I do." Ok, so I'd heard and seen and done so many surprising things that night, what's one more. "Not only do I deal with the legal aspects of adoptions, sometimes I help to provide the babies to be adopted." Now, at this moment I really wasn't thinking so much about what Dad was saying. Knowing my whole life that my father worked in and around the family-court, dealing with many adoptions, and considering that I had nothing but a few photos of my mother, I'd always wondered if maybe my dad had adopted me.

Although as he went on, I started paying more attention to him, rather than worry about my own origins. "Sometimes, I provide sperm when a husband is lacking, or if it's the wife, I'll provide a fertile womb to carry their child. And sometimes, I find a boy and a girl to make a baby to be adopted by a client." Then he hit me with the real whammy, "And I'm pretty sure that there's an egg in Marie's womb right now, and with any luck, one of your sperm has already fertilized it." This seemed like a bit too much.

My father had 'given' me a set of twins. A boy and a girl, maybe a year younger than myself, for my twelfth-birthday. I'd had sex with both of them, with my father's guidance and encouragement. After breaking through the girl's cherry, I shot three loads inside her before my dick came out of her again. Then I shot one inside the boy while fucking his butt, and another down his throat, fucking his face.

And now my dad was telling me that he hoped that I'd impregnated the girl. "Now, I could tell that you really liked giving it to the boy," my dad said, and surprisingly, I didn't feel embarrassed by his statement.

"But let me ask a favor, Adam. Over the next three or four days, the girl is at the most fertile stage of her cycle.

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Son, I want a baby in that girl's belly, and I want you to be the one to put it there. So for the next few days, if you want to play with him, that's fine.

But I'd really appreciate it if you would fuck her first. Give her a load or two, before giving him one. And the first couple times you play with him, maybe I should be there with you. I thought we had him trained better than that. He never should have gone at you like he did.

But if you want to use her, go for it.

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She couldn't hurt you, and I don't think she would." I think I was in a bit of a state of shock. I couldn't believe what my father was saying to me. I asked the first question that popped into my head, "Dad, how long do I get to keep them?" Forever? They were mine, forever. How did that work? Dad explained it all to me over the next hour and a half. He started by saying, "Adam, you're a man now, and you've promised to never tell anyone about any of this," I nodded, "so you might as well know everything." He told me that when he was sixteen, he found a runaway girl, while hunting on some property our family owned up-north.

"She was cold and hungry and scared to death, so I took her back to the cabin with me. She told me her name and that she was just thirteen-years-old, and that she'd run away from home. Your uncle Glen was up there with me and after we'd gotten the girl warmed-up and fed, Glen pulled me aside and asked me if I'd ever fucked a girl.

I told him I was still a virgin.


So, while he told me what to do, we held that girl down and I fucked her. And like you just did, I pumped three loads into her before I took my dick out. "Adam, son, I can only hope that you just experienced something as incredible as what I did that night.

Just like you did, Glen got me to eat her virgin-blood from her pussy when I was finished fucking her. And just like I did, he took his taste off my dick. Then I watched my big brother fuck the girl. He gave her a couple loads himself, before we all went to sleep.

We spent the next day taking turns fucking the girl. And that day, I got my first blow-job and I fucked butt for the first time too.

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"Well, somehow your uncle and I decided to keep the girl. And after about a week (we'd told your grandparents that we were going to stay up at the cabin for a month and I found the girl less than a week after we got there) the girl said that she wanted to stay with us.

Near the end of the month, Glen went home, leaving me to watch the girl. He told our parents that he was going to stay longer up-north and he also brought your uncle Riley with him, when he came back. Now, Riley was," and Dad thought a second, "well I guess he'd have been twelve, just like you." Dad chuckled, remembering the scene. "See, Glen told Riley about the girl while they were driving up, and Riley came busting through the door, pulling down his pants, yelling, 'Where is she?!?' Well, she was under me.

I was fucking her for like the third or fourth time that day and Riley stomped right over, pushed me off her, and jumped on. He also shot three loads up her before he pulled-out." So, in another month or so, the brothers realized that the girl was pregnant.

Dad and Riley had to get back home at the end of the summer, "We didn't go home until the day before school started," Dad chuckled, "and I drove us back up that very first weekend, and every weekend afterward. Your Uncle Riley and I used that poor girl all weekend, every weekend, while Glen had his time with her during the weekuntil well into the winter, when her belly got so big, we decided that we should stop so we didn't hurt the baby." Dad told me that they were never exactly sure which one of them, he or my uncle Glen, was actually the baby's father.


They figured that since the youngest brother didn't show up until three weeks after my dad found the girl and he and his older brother started fucking her, that the baby wasn't Riley's. "I wasn't there when the baby was born," Dad told me, "she had it during the week, so Riley and I were home, going to school.

Glen delivered the baby. Then a month, or so later, when me and Riley got up-north for the weekend, the baby was gone. Now, none of us had gotten laid in a while. The girl would blow us, but you'll surely figure it out here in a few months, getting sucked isn't the same as fucking.

And all three of us were a bit cranky. And you know how Uncle Glen can be. Well, at first, he wouldn't say anything. And the girl hadn't said a word since we got there.

She told me later that Glen promised her that if she said anything to us, he'd kill her. I was just sure that Glen had killed the baby, since that was the only thing that he'd refuse to tell us. 'It's taken care of," he kept saying." Well, one thing led to another and Dad told me he tried to punch my Uncle Glen, while being held-back by his younger brother. "So, Riley's doing all he can to keep me from decking Glen, when that son of a bitch pulls a little book out of his pocket and tosses it at me.

'What's that?', I asked Glen. 'Look at it,' he says, and he's got that big stupid smile on his face." I nodded, I knew the exact expression Dad was talking about. "Well, it was a bank-book for an account with almost ten-thousand dollars." Dad took a deep breath, and I could tell that he was reliving the past in his mind.

"Glen didn't kill the baby, he sold it. And a little more than a year later, he sold the girl's second baby, which could have been fathered by any of us, even Robby, he'd started coming up-north the same weekend we she was healed-up enough from having the baby, and we started fucking her again.

I remember, because Glen made a big deal out of the fact that since Robby was a virgin, saying that he should have the first go at her. I still think that second baby was Robby's. It didn't look like any of us." I could see a tears form in my father's eyes. It always happened when he talked about Robby. I barely remembered him. He'd been my dad's best friend in high-school, they were roommates in college and what I do remember was that he was always at our house, before he died.

That was the only time I saw my father loose control, when he got the call about Robbie's accident. Greta ended-up taking me into her room for the night, something she'd never done before and something she's never done since. I remember siting there, listening to my father sobbing and howling, it was terrifying.

After a moment of internal reminiscence, Dad went on to tell me that before the girl's second baby was born, they'd found another run-away girl, who was pregnant within a few months and. "Right now," Dad informed me, "we've got seven girls in various stages of pregnancy at the cabin up-north, another three that we're in the process of impregnating, and a few others that are too young to breed yet." Then, with a bit of a smile, he added, "And right on the other side of that door, there are four more girls, well, five including your girl, and two more boys," and with a wink, he continued, "three, including your boy.

" I was enthralled, and when Dad paused, I jumped in with the first question to pop into my mind, "Are you using those boys to get the girls pregnant?" Dad chuckled and said, "No, son. We do some of that up at the cabin, breeding certain boys to certain girls, but not here. One of those boys in there is mine." My eyes must have gone crazy, I had a brother. No wait, if they had all these girls that they got pregnant, surely I had tons of siblings running around.

And a whole slew of first-cousins that I don't know about. "No, Adam," Dad chuckled, and like he was reading my mind, he said, "he's not my son. He's my pet. Like the boy I just gave you. I use him, like you just used Joe and Marie. And I have a girl in there too." This was all getting to be too much, I was confused and excited and scared and. But most of all, I was thrilled that my father spoke to me like I was a man.

And when that grin popped onto his face and he said, "In fact, after watching you take your birthday-presents like a fucking animal, as soon as we're done here, I'm gonna go in there and give my little girl one hell of a ride." I felt myself start to get hard again.

Then it was all business-like again. Dad explained that his older brother, my uncle Glen, took care of everything up-north at the cabin. Uncle Riley, the youngest of the three brothers, took care of finding clients, as well as finding the girls (and sometimes boys) to breed. And my dad, the middle brother, took care of all the legal aspects of the adoptions and guardianships. "See, at first it was me and your uncles making all the babies.

We were young and stupid, but when I started my law-classes, I realized that with blood-tests, if anything ever went wrong, they could tell that we were the fathers. Now, we'd brought some of our friends in on it too, like Robby, and Sam, John and Eric." Sam, John and Eric were friends of my uncles, who I'd known my whole life.

"But still, it was too close. So, we started recruiting men, it was brilliant. They paid us to fuck the girls, and we always told them not to worry about birth-control, so they assumed that we had the girls on the Pill. Then we'd sell the babies after they were born. At first, we'd take the guys up to the cabin, but it got too hard to hide the pregnant girls from them and after one guy, who was sort of a regular customer, put it all together, well." The story went on.

Dad told me about building our house and that he'd also bought the house next-door, which was a good quarter-mile down the road, as well as all the land in between. "The tunnel goes all the way to that old house and that's how we bring them in. They go into a room almost like the one you were just in, and the girl, or boy is waiting for them. And on that end, it isn't always about getting a baby in a girl's belly.

Some men will pay a lot of money for a good fuck, that his wife will never ever find out about.

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A lot of times, we use the girls who are just newly pregnant down here. They're really horny the first few months, and until they start showing, there's no problem. And once in a while, we'll even sell a girl with a good-sized belly on her. But that's expensive, and we don't get a whole lot of takers for that." "Now, there's just a couple more things I have to tell you, before I send you back into that beautiful girl of yours and I go to my girl and fill her tight, little cunt with a huge load of spunk." My dick twitched and dad went on, "The first thing is," and I forgot all about my hard dick when I saw tears welling in Dad's eyes again, "Those twins, your twins, well, Robby is their father." The tears began to move smoothly down his cheek.

"By the time they were born, we'd decided to keep a few of the babies and raise them ourselves. We'd added on to the cabin by that time, and with all the girls we had up there, it wasn't like there wasn't anyone to take care of them.

We figured that when they were old enough, we could sell them as pets, or breed them. When Robby's twins were born, you were just a year-old then, we decided right away that the girl would be yours." Dad's tears were flowing freely down his face and I felt my first tear land on my cheek. "We used to talk about how since we could never have a child together, the next best thing would be for my son to have a child with his daughter.

And we talked about all the other girls that our sons could breed," and then he choked. "That fucking boy." And dad started sobbing. Dad blurted this and that as he bawled.

In the end, I'd pieced together that he and his best friend had also been lovers. "I never loved anyone like I loved him," Dad wept, "not even your mother, Adam." And just before the accident that took Robby's life, he and my dad had gotten into a fight. Robby was fine with the girl-twin being raised at the cabin up-north, but he wanted the boy.

"He was only five," Dad sobbed, "and that fucking idiot wanted to take the boy home with him and start using him." Now, Dad had mentioned earlier that they never used kids who were too young, ".so we never touch them until they've his puberty," he said.


Robby argued that since the boy, Joe, was his son, his blood, that he should be able to do whatever he wanted with the boy. And in the middle of the crying, came a deep laugh from Dad. "I knew what that horny fucker wanted. I knew what he'd do that little boy, shit, he'd have probably killed him.

So I made sure that Glen wouldn't let Robby take the boy from the cabin." Then he was crying again, even harder than before. It seems that Dad also instructed Glen not to let Robby be alone with his son. Robby tried to take Joe into one of the bedrooms and a fight broke-out when Glen tried to stop him. Robby left, pissed-off and about halfway back to town, he lost control of his car and slammed into a tree at nearly ninety miles an hour.

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It took my father a while to get back in control. "After that, I decided that I would keep the boy myself, and when he was old enough, my best friend's son would become mine. I was actually planning on taking him for the first time while you were losing your virginity with his sister.

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But then, when Greta caught you with Billy, well, I figured that you would enjoy the matched-set. And like I said, they're yours to do with as you will.

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But, once you've had your way with the boy a few times, I'd really love it if you'd let me have a go at him. And after a while, if you'll allow it, I'd really like for that boy to father a baby or two, but that's up to you and we can talk about it later. But for right now, you wanna go fuck your girl again? Stay the rest of the night with her, if you want." Then he told me that if I had any trouble while I was in the room, all I had to do was press zero-zero-zero into the keypad and Dad said that he'd be there in seconds.

"And tomorrow, I'll go in with you and you can play with the boy again."