Perfect Teen Painfully Assfuck Big Black Cock

Perfect Teen Painfully Assfuck Big Black Cock
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I was so anxious for Daddy to come pick me up cause I was getting to spend the whole summer with him far away from my strict, controlling mother. I was gonna have the best summer, and hopefully lose my virginity to boot. My best-friend Amy had just lost her's to an older that lives in her neighborhood, and she told me every juicy detail which made me want to lose mine very badly. I had given in to the desire with my mother's boyfriend last night but he wouldn't let me do anything but suck his cock until he came in my mouth.

He promised if I was still a virgin on my 13th birthday ~ a few months away ~ he would fuck me then. When I went back to my room I ended up rubbing my bald pussy through several orgasms before finally falling asleep.

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Daddy called,and said he'd be there in about 15 minutes. I took my bags out to the curb, and sat on one while waiting, and when Mr. Thompson from down the street stopped to ask me if I was running away with a laugh, I told him about going to spend the summer with my father as I noticed his eyes dropping down between my legs. The sundress I wore was kinda short, and with my legs uncrossed I wondered if he could see my white panties.

Just after he told me to have fun, and drove off Daddy pulled up, and I was at the driver's door of his car before he shut it off.

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When he was out of the car I lept into his arms for a hug as I had not seen him since christmas time. After we parted we loaded my bags into the trunk of his car, and I was certain he was peeking down the front of my dress whenever I was bent over, and since I was not wearing a bra ~ not that my small breasts needed one ~ the thought of him seeing my breasts made me tingle between my legs.


After my bags were loaded up we got in, and off we went for the long drive to his house. As we were cruising down the interstate I would lean over to find a good song on the radio, and to let Daddy get more peeks down my dress which made the tingles between my legs even worse. By lunchtime we were both famished so we stopped at a truck-stop to eat. As we sat at our booth I noticed a truck-driver kept stealing glances my way ~ or up my dress should I say.

I casually let my legs fall open, and when he looked again knowing he was now looking at my panties made my pussy quiver something fierce.

Then I got a naughty idea, and excused myself to use the bathroom.

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My hands were trembling as I pulled off my panties, and threw them away as I exited the bathroom. When I sat back down the guy was still there, and I smiled at him. The first time he looked my way once I was seated I again casually let my legs fall open, and when he saw my naked pussy he had a look of shock on his face which made me excited.

Feeling even naughtier now ~ I had my hand under the table resting on my thigh, and when he looked my waya again I slid it up under my dress to touch my pussy.

I couldn't believe how exciting it was to touch my pussy with a strange guy watching, and in front of my unsuspecting father to boot. When we were done eating Daddy paid the bill, and as we left I smiled at the guy whom I had been teasing the whole time. "So did you have fun sweetie," Daddy asked as we were once again cruising down the interstate with me adjusting the radio. "What do you mean Daddy," I asked innocently as I looked over at him.

"Did you have fun teasing that poor truck-driver while we ate," he then asked as he put his right hand on my neck, and caressed it lovingly. "You knew," was all I asked as I loved the feel of his hand caressing my neck.

"Did it make your pussy wet to show it to a complete stranger," Daddy then asked as he moved his hand from my neck to my left breast. "Yes Daddy ~ it did," I moaned softly as he quickly made my nipple stiff by pinching it softly.


"Show me your pussy sweetie," he said as he slid the strap of my sundress off my shoulder, and pulled it down to expose my small, perky breast as I pulled the hem of my dress up to expose my pussy.

"OH Daddy," I moaned softly as I couldn't resist the urge to touch my pussy, and make myself orgasm while he watched. "Do it sweetie ~ I wanna watch you cum," he said as he continued to tease my stiff nipple by pinching it ~ twisting it ~ or pulling on it making me even hotter to get off.

I knew I should stop, and cover up as we pulled along side of an 18-wheeler but the thought of the driver seeing me rub my pussy as Daddy played with my breast was too much. When we pulled so the driver could see down into our car Daddy slowed down a little so as to match the speed of the truck. I looked up, and when I saw the stunned look on the driver's face it sent me right over the edge into the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

Once my orgasm subsided Daddy sped up leaving the truck behind us as I sat their catching my breath. Once I had some composure back Daddy pulled my hand into his lap, and I began to rub his hard cock through his pants. It felt a lot bigger than my mother's boyfriend's, and I just had to set it free so I could se it.

Daddy just sat back, and let me satisfy my curiosity as I freed his cock. "Wow Daddy ~ it's SOOO big," I exclaimed once I had it free, and in my dinty hand.

Without even thinking I leaned over, and began to lick it from top to bottom causing him to groan. When I took the head of it in my mouth, and worked it down until I felt it at the back of my throat he put his hand on the back of my head. "That's it you naughty little slut ~ suck your Daddy's big cock," he groaned as I began to work my mouth up, and down his throbbing shaft.

With every down-thrust Daddy would push on the back of my head forcing me to take his cock down my throat.

I was gagging on his cock, my eyes were watering, and so much saliva was now coating his cock as I worked hard to please him. "OH BABY ~ GONNA CUM," Daddy cried out as I felt his cock swell in my mouth I pulled my mouth back until only the head remained between my lips as he began to shoot his hot, gooey cum. I tried to swallow all he gave me but he had to much to give, and it was soon running out the corners of my mouth.

Once he was done I pulled my mouth away, and used a finger to wipe the cum that escaped my lips back into my mouth. "Damn sweetie you are one great cocksucker," Daddy said making me feel extra special.

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After I had reclaimed all of Daddy's cum from my lips I laid down with my head in his lap as he slid a hand down between my legs, and began to play with my pussy.

I pulled the top of my dress down, and played with my breasts only stopping with one had to wave at the truckers we passed. Daddy gave me quite a few orgams before we stopped for dinner at another truck-stop. This time I had two trucker's attention as I again put a hand under the table, and played with my pussy. By the time we were done eating I had made myself orgasm with Daddy's urging.

When we got back to the car he said he was too tired to drive the rest of the way, and that we would get a room for the night. Once in our room Daddy took a quick shower as I watched TV. When he was done I took one then walked out of the bathroom naked. Daddy was laying on the bed also naked ~ his cock limp, and lyinh on his thigh. I climbed on the bed beside him, and on my knees bent forward, picked his cock oof his thigh, and quickly engulfed it in my mouth.

He groaned as I sucked hard wanting to feel it harden in my mouth. Within just a few minutes it was rock-hard, and I was again taking deep into my throat. When my mouth grew tired, and sore from sucking his big cock I moved over top of him, and trapped it between his belly, and my overheated pussy. He reached up, and began to play with my breasts as I began to slide forward, and back along his throbbing shaft. "Such a naughty little slut you are," he said as I pulled my long blonde hair up on my head with my hands, and continued to slide along his pole.

After a small orgasm I released my hair then raised myself up, and as Daddy held his cock upright I lowered myself until I felt the head of it against my pussy. I knew having my cherry busted involved some pain but as Amy had told me once the pain goes away the feelings are overwhelming, and it only happens the first time.

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I began to slowly lower myself onto my father's cock loving the way the head of it was stretching my swollen pussy lips. With my hands on his chest I began to rock up, and down working more of his cock up my pussy until the head was bumping my hymen. "OOOOH DADDY," I cried out when his cock broke through my hymen, and sank halfway down his throbbing shaft.

"Your pussy feels soooooo good sweetie," he groaned when I began to slowly rise, and lower myself taking his cock deeper on every downward move. "Your big cock feels soooooo good Daddy," I moaned out when I had taken his entire cock up my pussy, and I switched from rising up, and down to grinding my hips forward, and backwards loving the way my throbbing clit rubbed against him.

"That's it you naughty little slut ~ ride your Daddy's big cock," he groaned as he reached up, and twisted my stiff nipples in his fingers causing me even greater pleasure.

"OOOH DADDY ~ GONNAAAAA CUMMMMM," I cried out as I moved faster against him while he contiued to tease my nipples. "Cum for Daddy," he groaned as I collapsed against him, and my whole body began to quiver as the most intense orgasm I had had swept over me.

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When my orgasm subsided I rolled off him onto my back beside him figuring that we were done. But Daddy had more in mind as he moved over on top of me then kissed first one nipple then the other before kissing his way down between my legs. He used his hands to spread my legs wide open, and then he kissed my still throbbing clit causing me to moan, and my body to quiver.

With his hands still holding my legs spread wide he then ran his tongue up through my swollen pussy lips then captured my clit in his mouth. I began to caress my breasts as Daddy sucked my clit for a minute then ran his tongue back down to my pussy, and began to fuck me with it.

My hips lifted off the bed, and began to gyrate as my first pussy licking drove me to yet another orgasm. When I opened my eyes again Daddy was over top of me, and then I felt him slowly slide his throbbing cock deep in my pussy. "Yesssss Daddyyyyyy ~ fuck meeeeeee," I moaned as he began to slowly fuck me, and I thrust my pussy up to meet his every pleasurable thrust. "Your pussy feeels soooo good sweetie," he growled as he began to fuck me faster, and I hung onto him enjoying it immensely.

Just as I felt yet another orgasm well up inside me Daddy pulled his cock from my pussy, and then he was shooting his cum all over me covering me from face to pussy !