Lovely honey is having fun

Lovely honey is having fun
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I've always written fiction short stories, but have always toyed with the idea of trying my hand with sex stories. This is my first attempt! I hope you enjoy it! XOXO, Nicole.

_____ It was 7:00 in the morning and I was having a hard time keeping my hands from shaking. The economy was slow and I had been on countless interviews in the past week looking for a new job. At only age 21, I didn't really have many credentials or work experience unless you counted cheerleading in college and a brief stint at Hooter's. I had just about given up hope of finding a decent position, when I ran across a Craigslist Ad: "Are you outgoing?

Open-minded? and willing to get the job done!? If you're a woman between the ages of 18 and 29, call now to set up an interview for our spectacular secretarial position" The age requirement did strike me as odd, but then I figured that it was important for a secretary to look good, and young is always good.

I also didn't have many options, so I pick up the phone. It rang maybe twice before a raspy woman's voice appeared on the other end. I told her that I'd read their ad and would like to set an interview. After asking me a few questions: my name, age, hair color, height, and weight, I responded hesitantly with my answers: Name: Nicole Age: 21 Hair color: Black Height: 5'9" Weight: 135 lbs I thought the questions were a bit odd, but I complied, and was given an address for the interview the next day and to ask for Mr.

Harvey. 7:24 a.m. I pulled in front of a large, brick building right on the edge of downtown. Anyone passing would not have even recognized it.

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There was no business name on the business front and had there not been a small flyer on the door that said "Harvey Enterprises," I would've assumed that I was in the wrong place. With an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, I proceeded into the building and down the white-tiled hall way and emerged into a dimly lit, carpeted room. One wall was lined with several plush armchairs, and at the opposite wall was a wooden desk behind which sat a middle-aged, red-headed woman in horn-rimmed glasses.

The room was empty except for the two of us, but I could here the muffle of voices coming from the only door in the room which was shut closed. I approached the woman at the desk and knew immediately when she spoke that she was the woman from the phone. She barely paid me notice and simply handed me a tablet to sign my name and date and told me to take a seat. I wasn't waiting long, maybe 5-6 minutes, when the voices behind the door become a bit louder, I could make out just the end of a seemingly bad conversation: "…do you think you're doing?!" "You pig!" The door was jerked open suddenly, and a flustered girl with curly blonde hair emerged looking quite furious.

She glanced furtively at me as she passed and stormed down the hallway without another word. Although, I'm sure heard a final shout of what sounded like "Unbelievable!" before the clacking of her high heels faded and disappeared. I wasn't sure what had just happened, but looking back to where she had come, I saw who could only be Mr.

Harvey standing confidently in the doorway as if nothing had happened at all. He was a tall, well-built man who looked to be in his 30's or 40's. He was in a pair of black trousers and a light blue dress shirt with a red tie.

His hair was salt and peppered, and I couldn't help but notice a slight bulge in the crotch of his pants. He cleared his throat and stepped to the red-head's desk and picked up the tablet on which I'd written. He briskly withdrew a pen from his shirt pocket, made a note and then turned to face me. I noticed his eyes take in my red patent 5 inch stilettos and travel up my long, smooth, caramel legs to where they met just below the hem of my black pencil skirt.

I had dressed to impress, and I believe he was. He raised an eyebrow and stepped towards me and held out his hand. "Hello, Nicole. I'm Mr. Harvey" He stated in a deep voice. I placed my manicured hand in his, noting his firm grip. From where he was standing above me, I was quite certain that he could see down my top.

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I was wearing a white silk buttoned blouse and it was stretched tightly across my curvy torso and quite revealing of my ample 36DD cleavage. He gestured for me to proceed into his office. Obligingly I rose, and he followed. I could feel his eyes on the outline of my round ass as we walked across the room.

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I stepped into his office, which was for the most part empty but for a wooden desk similar to that in the waiting room, on top of which sat a computer and a few stacks of files. He entered behind me and shut the door.

"Have a seat, Nicole." He gestured toward the armchair opposite his desk. I thanked him, and sat down, crossing my legs. Instead of taking his own seat, he simply leaned against the edge of the desk directly across from me and placed his hand in his pockets.

My attention was drawn once more to his crotch, the bulge being even more noticeable at this close, and particularly larger then it had been before. He asked me a few questions about my work experience, of which I admitted I hadn't had much apart from working at Hooters for 2 weeks before being fired. "I was a horrible waitress," I admitted embarrassingly, blushing slightly and hiding my face behind my long, black locks.

He chuckled and continued the interview. We then chatted for a bit, the questions becoming a bit more personal, and myself more comfortable. He finally, rose from his position and approached me. "Well, Nicole. I think you are a lovely young lady. Only a few girls have shown to apply for this position, and none of them have yet to satisfy me." I found my excitement rising. It sounded to me as if I was about to be hired! "I have started all of my former secretaries and assistants off at $20 per hour and I think that you would be a wonderful asset to my company." I stood up.

$20 an hour?!!

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I couldn't believe it! "Are you hiring me!?" I couldn't hide the excitement in my voice.

He smirked and placed his hands on both of my shoulders. "Yes, you are. Welcome to the team." I was so thrilled that I couldn't help but throw my arms around him and yell a million "thank you's" and "you won't regret it's!" I had been so desperate for a job that I would've settled for nearly anything- I hadn't dreamed of imagining $20 per hour.

I went to pull away from my hug, but suddenly found that I was still locked in it. I glanced up and found Mr. Harvey staring greedily at me. He had placed his hands on the small of my back during our hug, and now I found them slowly traveling down. "Um." was all I could utter. I was quite shocked and speechless for a moment first from the excitement, and now from confusion, "Mr.


Harvey-," He cut me short. "Nicole," He started, letting his large hands come to rest at the cup of my ass. "This is a very special position, with immense benefits and opportunity for advancement," He pressed his swollen bulge into me. "If you will only let me take care of you, I can promise you ample reward." He whispered My breath caught in my throat as he squeezed my ass and brushed his lips across my neck.

All I could think about was how badly I needed a job, and how good this one seemed. And as I thought about it, I realized that he wasn't bad-looking at all, quite handsome to be honest.

I said nothing as he dragged his hands up and around and past my waist and rested them at my breasts. He found that I wasn't wearing a bra and he began to massage my tits and tease my nipples through my shirt. Immediately, I felt a tingling sensation begin in the center my panties and my breathing quickened as he nibbled my ear and then bought his lips to my own, which were by that moment, quite perfectly willing.

It was only a matter of seconds before my hands where exploring his body just as much as his were mine.

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I found that his arms were strong, large, and muscled, and when I finally slipped my fingers between his trousers and boxers, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

If I'd thought the bulge was large, then it was nothing compared to how he felt in my hands. I stroked him through his boxers and could tell that he probably wouldn't fit in my hand sompletely.

His penis was rock hard and large.

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He moaned deeply into my mouth as I slightly grazed his testicles and slipped my handed through the slot of his boxers and grasped his rock hard dick. He quickly untucked my blouse from skirt and slipped his rough hands underneath it. I gasped as his fingers pinched and tugged at my hard nipples and I tightened my grip on his swollen cock. After a few moments of foundling and kissing and moaning, he finally pulled away and took me by the hand. Without speaking, he led me to the other side of his desk to his chair.

He sat me down and stood in front of me as he took off his shoes, then pants, and then pulled out his dick through the top of his boxers.

He was trimmed, which would've made his dick look even bigger if it weren't already so large. It wasn't ridiculously huge- not enough to cause discomfort, but it had girth and was solid as stone. I glanced up at him deviously and wrapped my hand around his member, my fingertips barely meeting each other on the other side. I let my tongue peak out from between my lips and teased the head of his dick a little, first licking around the crown to get it wet and slippery. Then I wet my plump lips and put his fat cock into my mouth.

I moaned as I began to work my lips up and down the length of his dick, picking up speed and getting a bit messy. I took it out and ran my tongue from the tip of the head down the base and then let my tongue tickle his balls before softly sucking one of them into my mouth and then the other, where I gently held them and ran my tongue gentle back and forth.

He groaned loudly and grabbed the back of my head. I released his balls and returned to sucking his engorged penis hard and fast. He grabbed my hair tightly as I picked up speed and he began thrusting deep into my mouth. "Fuck!" he moaned, and with a large jerk he pushed my face hard onto his dick, the tip of his dick hitting my throat. I gagged but didn't resist and he pulled slightly back and thrust again, deeper into my throat over and over. I finally pulled back, gasping, spit falling from my mouth and onto my tits.

He pulled me up to my feet and effortlessly lifted me and sat me on top of the desk.

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He told me to take off my shirt. I complied and he did the same. He stepped once more towards me, and in one swift motion, pushed the hem of my skirt up and above my waist. He stepped back and took me in with his eyes. There I was sitting topless on my boss's desk; the nipples on my perky tits aroused and exposed, my long black hair falling down to the middle of my back, and my long legs spread wide to reveal my satin pink panties through which you could make out the outline of my pussy which was dripping wet and leaking through the fabric.

These he pulled down, revealing my swollen clit and completely bald pussy. He lowered his head and I felt his tongue begin to gently stroke my clit and travel up and down the sides and even poke into my pussy hole every now and then. I spread my legs as far as they could open and didn't even try to hide the bliss that I felt between them. My eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head when he moistened his finger with my own juices and inserted it into my pussy.

He stroked it in and out a few times before inserting another and continuing. He pressed up and stroked the upper wall of the inside of my cunt, where I knew my g-spot was located; he gather speed and lowered his head back down and continued licking and stroking my clit with his tongue as his continued to finger fuck me.

That's when I lost all control and yelled out as pleasure ripped through my body and my pussy squeezed and squirted out a stream of liquid pussy cum right onto his face and chest. I collapsed backwards onto his desk, my legs quivering and his grin larger then ever. "You ready for me to fuck you?" He asked after a second, grabbing his dick and walking towards me. I spread my legs once more to welcome him and replied "Oh yeah." He stepped between my legs and let his cock rest upon my clit and lightly stroked the head of his penis up down the length of my pussy slit which was still dripping from my cum.

With a light push, he entered me just a little bit before pulling back out and doing it again. I felt him enter me again, adding more and more length until finally, in one motion he hrust hard and deep into me, his dick bottoming out inside me and hitting my cervix.

I yelled out and felt my pussy tighten around his cock as he began to stroke in and out. He grabbed my ankles and didn't even pause fucking me as he pushed my ankles down behind my shoulders.

My whole cunt was split open and exposed and he started fucked me hard and deep and fast as we both started breathing heavier and faster and I started to moan louder and louder.

I spit on my fingers and bought them down to my pussy and began to play with my clit and he continued to thrust in and out of me as deep and hard as he could. "Slap my ass!" I yelled and I jerked my fingers back and forth faster and faster on my clit.

He slapped my ass hard and my cunt tightened again. "Do it again!" He slapped my other ass check and I moaned loudly as the pain made my pussy tighten on his hard dick. I moaned at the top of my voice as he fucked me faster than ever. "Mmmm… I'm gonna fucking cum again! I'm gonna cum on your big fat dick, Mr. Harvey." I started slapping my pussy with my hand. "You want me to cum on your big fat fucking dick?" He grunted and continued thrusting faster and with less control.

I could tell he was very very close. "I'm gonna squirt all over your fat juicy cock and you're gonna cum deep inside my tight wet pussy!" He started jerking harder and moaning continuously. "You gonna cum deep inside me, Mr. Harvey?" "Oh, fuck yes!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" He thrust so deep and so hard into me that I screamed at the top of my lungs as an electric orgasm ripped violently though me and my pussy gripped down hard.

He drove his dick into me and plunged all the way in and yelled out as his balls erupted, his cock ejecting load after load of hot, wet, sticky cum, deep inside of my squirting cunt. I felt his dick throbbing as my pussy milked his dick and his balls contracted to empty out every last bit of his cum into me.

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He collapsed on top of me, his dick still swollen inside of me, my pussy still pulsing. "Oh, fuck" He gasped out of breath.

We stayed that way for about a minute before he rose back up and slowly pulled his cock out of me. I sat up on the desk, my legs still spread wide and he grinned as we both watched his sticky, hot, wet, cum trail and trickle out of my pussy and onto the floor.

"It's a pleasure to have you on the staff, Victoria." "No, Mr. Harvey. The pleasure is ALL mine." THE END (Please leave your comments! Let me know what you think!)