Indian man sex with goat gay porn movies first time Hopping furiously

Indian man sex with goat gay porn movies first time Hopping furiously
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Eric is a 16 teen year old boy. He was an average height 5' 8'' and 120 pounds. He had a natural build. He was polite and not an douche bag to girls, but that got him no where. He never even kissed a girl.

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He was all ways trying to get the courage to ask out a girl. Right before he asked a girl out he would always chicken out. Today was the first day of summer. He was excited for the long break from school. Not like he wasn't smart or dumb he just didn't like it. He had a few weeks before his football practices started. He just wanted to hang out with his friends till he had to be back on the field.

They were like most guys they talked about how hot chicks are. They also smoke weed from time to time. Eric's next door neighbor just moved away and he got a new just a few week later. His new neighbor's name was Amy. Eric went to go see if he could help them bring there boxes in to there house.

He had never been in that house before. The family that lived in there before were kind of creepy. There kids were like the children of the corn, Amy was not, she is in good shape and was pretty strong. As Eric got to the other house he offered his help and Amy said that would be great. He carried in a couple of boxes when Amy asked Eric to show her around the town sometime. He liked the idea of walking around the little town with really hot girl.

He said he would show her around the next day. Amy said that would be great. The made small chit chat, something he normal could do with girls. For some reason he liked this girl more then any other girl he has ever seen. The next day came by fast. Eric was excited to see Amy again. As he walked over he noticed Amy's outfit. She was wearing a tight gray tank top. Eric could almost see her perfect C cups. He could not help but to stair at them. She also had on a pair of soffe shorts.

They showed off her long slim but strong legs off. Eric really liked this clothing choice. As they got near each other Eric tried his best to stop looking at her, but she noticed but didn't say anything. They started to walk around.

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They went to the little general store, the little strip mall, and the hang out spot for all the teens. Amy asked Eric if he knew how to get pot. Eric told her how he was also smoked pot and showed her his dealer.


The two of them bought some dope and went to lunch at a little dinner in the next town over. Eric paid for the both of them and started to drive Amy home when she told him how she had a lot of fun.

Eric said he liked showing her around. He then asked if she would like to do it again some time. Amy really like the idea. A few days later Eric and his friends were going to smoke some weed with his friend Rob and his girlfriend Macie. Eric called Amy to see if she wanted to come down and smoke with him. She was there with in 10 minutes. They were all making jokes and having a great time together. Then Macie whispered something in Robs ear and they went be hind a shed leaving Amy and Eric alone.

Now high as a kite Eric had lots of courage. He then said "Would you…" then cut off by Amy's yes they ran to find a place to be alone.

Amy pushed her big red lips to Eric's. Eric then pushed his tongue into Amy's mouth. As they locked lips Eric slowly pulled down Amy's skirt showing her red panties that were basically a string.


They broke away so they can take off there shirts. Amy had no bra on.

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Her perky C cups were the nicest pair of tits Eric ever saw. As he grabbed one in his hand he pulled it up to his mouth then he started to lick the now hardened nipple/ he flicked it around in a circle motion.

His pants were now showing that he was ready to get down. He dropped her left boob and pulled down his own pants. She pulled off his boxers and got to her knees in front of Eric's 8 in dick. She started by placing a little kiss at the tip. Amy then put the first inch in her hot mouth and raped her tougher around the meaty tool in her mouth. Slowly she put more in her mouth.

Now half way down his shaft she started to bob back and forth. Eric started to fondle Amy's tits. Eric didn't think Amy could take his whole pride and joy as she inched closer to the base. She gagged a little when Eric hit the back of her throat. Her tougher still making little circles at the tip. Eric could feel his load coming. He Didn't know is he should warn her or not/ he he got closer he could see Amy was fingering her self. As the biggest load he ever made filled Amy's mouth he started to pull out and got some one her face.

With her fingers she slid all the cream back in her mouth and swallowed it all. Eric then thought he should do the same for her. He then laded her out on the grass. He then push the sting like panties out of the way. He got inch away from Amy's bright pink pussy. Then Eric started to rub the lips of Amy's pussy.


He could hear her start to moan. Then he pushed thought the folds with his tougher.

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This sent shivers up Amy's body. She then grabbed his head and held it tight to her pussy. He then found her g spot with his tougher.

He got as deep as he could before pulling back for air. When he went back in her could fell all the contractions/ he could she was close to an orgasm. She was now screaming in joy as she came hard right in Eric's face.

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Now it was time Eric now back up and hard placed his weapon at the entrance to Amy's snatch. He began to rub it against the outer layer of her snatch. She could barely take much more as Eric pushed all the way in. till he felt something. He looked up at Amy and she said with out being asked "you're my first".

Eric pulled back a little and rammed all the way thought. Now the two of them had became each others first. As Eric went in and out Amy caught up with the rhythm. As he dug in deep Amy could not takr it any more and had the biggest orgasm she ever had. The tubes were tightening on Eric's dick and he keep thrusting.

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Now Amy got up and pushed Eric on his back. She continued to sit down letting the whole rod pierce her like a sword. As she bounced up and down she received a couple smaller orgasms. Eric told her he was about to cum. She positioned at the tip bent down and kissed Eric then went down as fast as she could. That sent Eric over the edge as he released burst after burst of warm jizz into the little body of Amy.

They then rolled over and snuggled for a while. As they were getting dressed. Rob and Macie walked over and said it sounded like you two were having some fun with out us.

To that Amy replied we must fix that next time.