Butts boy teen gay first time Is it possible to be in enjoy with a

Butts boy teen gay first time Is it possible to be in enjoy with a
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Story: It was another lazy summer afternoon as Brianna and Courtney relaxed by their pool, soaking up some sun and having some girl time. They were sisters and even with their age gap, Brianna being sixteen and Courtney being 12, they were easily each other's most trusted friend. Their brother John was upstairs in his room, on the computer. "Bri?" Courtney asked, stretching her short, slim body out on the deck.

"Yeah Court?" Brianna responded, turning over to face her sister. Brianna wasn't as slim or tan as her younger sister but had beautiful 32 C breasts to make up for it and their dark brown eyes and hair were almost identical. "I know we talk about everything but…" Courtney's voice trailed off nervously. "No buts! You can ask me anything little sis." "Well, I know that since Mom and Dad are getting back in town on Monday you were planning on having a party Saturday night.

I kind of have a friend I wanted to invite." Brianna laughed. "You were nervous about asking that? Of course you can have your friends come over. There's plenty of booze to go around." "That's just the first part though," Courtney said, sounding a little more nervous now. "It's a guy. That I really like. I don't really know how to, you know, do anything." "Well, I'm glad you came to me," a little surprised by the question but happy to help her sister out.

"What do you think you're ready to do?" "Well I'm not having sex!" Courtney exclaimed loudly. "But I do want to, you know, turn him on and stuff. And give him a bj." "I think that's plenty for you right now," Brianna said with a chuckle. "You're still starting before I did though! I was 13 when I gave head the first time, and 14 before I had sex." "Yeah but I'm almost 13, and once you started having sex it's not like you ever stopped," Courtney retorted playfully.

Brianna stuck her tongue out at the jab at her promiscuity, but didn't even try to argue it. "I know, I think you're ready. So what, you want me to give you lessons or something?" "Would you? That'd be fantastic!

I really don't want to mess this up." "Well, for guys head is like pizza. Even if you mess it up, bad pizza is still pizza. But good pizza is great pizza so sure, I'll teach you how to do it right. Be right back." Brianna walked inside and looked around for the most phallic object she could find, finally settling on an appropriate if stereotypical banana. She walked back out and handed it to Courtney.

"Now this is going to be a little weird but just go with me" Brianna said, quickly coming up with a crash course in oral. "Stand up and hold this between your legs. I'm going to be you and you're going to be the guy." "Ok…" Courtney said slowly, a little weirded out by the plan but knowing it was worth it for a lesson from a master like her sister.

She stood up and held the banana between her legs with her thighs, placing her hands on her hips. "Alright, now the first thing you have to know is position.

ALL guys love it when you get on your knees in front of them. The first couple times feel a little demeaning but they love it so much you get used to it." Brianna knelt down in front of her sister, the banana hanging inches in front of her face. "Next you stroke it with your hand, lightly." Brianna demonstrated, taking care not to rip it out from between her sister's thighs. "Then you lick it up and down. Take the head in your mouth and play with it with your tounge.


Guys love that." Again Brianna demonstrated to the observant Courtney, licking the bottom of the banana and then both sides before taking the end of the banana in her mouth, looking up at Courtney to make sure she was playing close attention. "Finally you bob your head up and down, using your lips and tongue." She wasn't able to get much of the banana in her mouth because of how wide it was, but Brianna did her best to demonstrate, applying pressure with her lips and licking the shaft with her tongue.

She then climbed to her feet. "That's probably all you'll have to do. Guys around your age are easy," she said with a laugh. "You want to try?" "Sure!" Courtney said, excited to show her sister that she had been listening.

She handed the banana to Brianna who placed it between her legs just as Courtney had. "Ok, first get into position." Brianna instructed. As Courtney dropped to her knees Brianna suddenly felt a little self conscious about what she was teaching her twelve year old sister to do, but figuring she was better off learning from another woman than the nasty videos online.

"Now stroke it a little bit." Courtney grabbed onto the banana a little too hard, almost unwedging it from Brianna thighs, but quickly realized her mistake and loosened her grip, running her hand up and down it gently.

"Like this?" Courtney asked, hoping her screw up hadn't been too bad. "Perfect. Now lick it. You don't have to be too gentle with this part, but don't get too rough." Courtney nodded, a little confused by the instructions but hoping she would figure it out in time.

She licked all the way up to the shaft, stopping only a fraction of an inch from her sister's thigh, then back down. Brianna felt the moisture from her tongue and would have been a liar to say it didn't excite her a little bit, but focused on the task at hand.

"Great… Great. Now take the head in your mouth bob it up and down and that's that." Brianna said, having to collect herself just a little.

Courtney nodded silently and went to work, but could barely fit any of the banana in her mouth. She tried though, and after a couple minutes Brianna patted her on the head and pulled the banana out from between her legs.

"Good job. That ought to blow any 12 year old's mind," Brianna said with a smile. Courtney rose to her feet, looking nervous yet again. "Actually, there's something I didn't really tell you. My friend… he's not 12. He's actually 15." Brianna looked a little surprised but, again, felt a little proud of her sister. "An older man? Already? You little slut!" she said with a smile.

"That's fine, but… you're probably not going to be his first then. I don't really know any other way to practice though." Courtney and Brianna sat back down on the deck, racking their brains to try and figure out another way that Courtney could get better before the big day.

Bananas worked ok, and Briana had a dildo that, after heavy washing, Courtney could practice on, but nothing really acted like the real thing. Finally a light bulb popped on in Courtney's head. "Ok, don't call me crazy on this one," she said, knowing it was a risky idea but potentially worth it.

"I know it would be weird but… what if we asked John to help us?" Brianna's jaw dropped and her eyes opened wide, shocked that her little sister wanted their seventeen year old brother to help them with something like this. They'd always gotten along fine but weren't nearly as close as Brianna and Courtney were, and… it was her brother!

"Court… I don't know. I mean, he's our brother! What if he says no and tells mom and dad? Or what if he says yes and we have to… ugh." Brianna said. "I mean, he's cute, and if he weren't our brother I'd be fine with it.

But…" Courtney looked unphased at her sister's reluctance to go along with her plan. "I thought about having one of your friends come over and we could use him, but I don't really know or trust any of them.

I trust John. And you know he'll do it.

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Like you said, it's like pizza, and he won't care who makes the pizza. Please help me here?" After sitting in silence pondering both her twisted analogy and her sister's request for what seemed like a half hour but was only half a minute Brianna responded "Ok.

Alright, I'll do it. Let me go talk to him about it. I've seen him looking at me all the time lately." Courtney chuckled, "I know, he looks at me too. Ever since my boobs started to come in I've caught him staring at me too. I'll be in my room, come get me when he's ready." Brianna walked inside, choosing not to change out of her skimpy blue bikini.

"Oh my God, oh my God, I can't believe what I'm doing," she muttered to herself, walking up the stairs to his room.

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She knocked on his door a couple times until John got up and opened it for her. "Oh, hey Bri," he said, trying hard not to look at her curvy figure in her bikini. "What's up?" Brianna walked in, sitting down on his desk and taking a few deep breaths. "Alright, so if I ask you something, do you promise you're never going to judge me or tell mom and dad?" She asked, almost losing her nerve.

"Of course I won't," John said with a slightly confused smile. "If this is about the booze for this weekend I already have somebody with a fake ID bringing some, but you know I don't have a problem with that.

What's wrong?" After several more deep breaths Brianna finally decided to let it all spill out. "Courtney wants to hook up with some guy at the party this weekend. No sex, just head. I think she's ready and she's going to do it either way so I wanted to teach her to do it right.

She… well, we wanted to know if you'd help us, you know, practice." John looked stunned, not positive that he'd heard her right. "You want to practice? On me? Like… actually practice giving head?" "Yeah. I'd do it once, then her. Maybe more than once, however long it takes her to get it down. I know you've gotten it before so you can help her out too. We both really trust you and… please, whether you say yes or no don't be mad at us." Again John looked stunned, but a smile creeped across his face.

"Why would I be mad? Two of the most beautiful women I know just asked to give me head. I know it's a little weird but, yeah, I'll go along." Brianna's face instantly went from worried to exuberant. "You'll do it? Great! Let me go get Court and we'll get started right away!" "Wait, before you go. Maybe you all should change into some clothes like you'll be wearing at the party? You know, to make it more realistic?" Brianna looked a little confused but agreed, heading to Courtney's room to tell her the good news.

As soon as she was gone John hurriedly set up his webcam and another camera to secretly record what was about to happen. He loved his sisters very much and would never show anyone else the tapes but this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he wanted to be able to relive it whenever he desired.

"He said yes!" Brianna squealed to her sister, more excited than most would be at the prospect of giving oral to their brother. "But we have to change into party clothes, to make it more realistic or something." Courtney jumped up and down a little bit in joy. "So dress like a slut?" She asked playfully. "Yep, just like me.

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Meet me in my room when you're done." Brianna hurried to her room and looked through her drawers, finally deciding on an extremely tight blue cotton tank top with black cheer shorts. Not exactly what she'd wear to a party, but certainly revealing enough to get the job done today.

A few seconds after she was changed Courtney walked in, wearing a denim miniskirt with a lacey green sleeveless top. "This ought to do," Brianna said, looking her sister up and down. "We can go get some new outfits tomorrow before the party. Now let's go do this." They walked back toward John's room hand in hand, more accepting of what they were about to do than anyone would have guessed. "We're here!" they both chimed in unison, giggling at how alike they were. John's jaw dropped.

He'd seen his sisters in more revealing clothes but never with the prospects he was currently facing. "You're both beautiful," he said. "This is going to be great." Brianna smiled. "Alright, John, take off your pants and…" she noticed a bulge already appearing in his jeans, "well, I guess you're already ready to go, so let's get started." "Now wait a minute Bri," John said, hoping he could milk the situation for a bit more than a couple instructional blowjobs.

"It's not going to be like this on Saturday. She's going to have to seduce him a little bit. Turn him on a little bit. Don't you think you should teach her that too?" Brianna saw through John's ploy but he did have a point. If Courtney walked in and told a guy to take off his pants and went to work, most guys wouldn't have a problem with it but it might scare off any long term prospects.

"Alright, you're right," she said. "Courtney, you've made out before, right?" "Just a little bit," she admitted. "Like two or three times." Brianna took her by the hand and led her to their sitting brother.

"Watch what I do." Brianna sat down on his lap, wrapping her arms around him. She nuzzled his neck and then whispered into his ear, making sure her breasts were firmly pressed against his body at all times.

She then scooted over so that she was only on one of his knees. "Now you try." Courtney sat down on the other knee and emulated his sister going one step further and kissing him on the lips. John was in disbelief over what was happening.

"Hey now! No skipping lessons." Brianna lightly pushed Courtney's head away and gave her brother the best kiss of his lifetime, darting her tongue against his and licking both of their lips simultaneously.

John decided to push his luck once more. "Wow Bri," he said after she pulled away. "You're outstanding." He looked at Courtney.

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"You're not bad, but Bri, Bri is, wow. You should show her how to do that." Caught up in the moment and without really thinking Brianna responded "Ok." She looked at her sister and thought about how self conscious and shy she had been at that age. Maybe now was a good time to break that.

She leaned in and kissed her sister on the lips, just as she had done with John. Courtney felt the sensation of her sister's tongue against hers and for the first time felt guilty about how much pleasure she was receiving. It was almost as if making out with her sister was worse than giving her brother head, but she knew that didn't make sense. It felt so good though… After several seconds Brianna pulled back, a little out of breath, and looked at Courtney.

"That is how you kiss." Courtney silently nodded while John stared on in amazement. He had known Brianna was a little bit of a slut and it had always turned him on, but seeing Courtney start down that path was better than he ever could have asked for.

Brianna decided to beat John to the punch on what she was sure would be his next request. "Ok, now we strip. There's no wrong way to strip, but make sure you show yourself off while you do it." They both stood up and Courtney watched as Brianna slowly lifted her shirt over her head, revealing that she didn't have a bra on. John reached out toward her breast and she stopped, letting him cop a feel and holding his warm hand to her chest.

He appreciated her more than any other guy she'd ever been with. "Now you," he said to Courtney, knowing that topless was probably all he was going to get, at least for today. Courtney stared at her sister's body nervously, knowing she wasn't even close to having a figure like that. "I'm embarrassed," she said. "Why?" John asked. "I don't… I don't look like that," she responded, pointing at Brianna's chest.

"It's ok, you're much younger than her," he said warmly. "Many guys even prefer a slim girl like you. You're both beautiful, and you shouldn't be embarrassed for anything." Courtney was visibly inspired by her brother's kind words, and quickly yanked off her shirt and training bra in one motion.

She stood proudly in front of her brother and sister. "Mmm… told you you were beautiful," John said, reaching out toward her body as well and massaging her tiny A cup breasts.

He ran his hand up and down her side and stomach, admiring how slim she was. "You two really are the best of both worlds." Both girls looked much more at ease with the situation than they had been earlier, having gotten their feet a little wet and been complimented so much.

"Alright, now on to the real business," Brianna said, getting on her knees in front of her seating brother.

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"Whip it out." John smiled and quickly complied, pulling his pants and boxers down and revealing his larger than average cock. Brianna decided to return some of the compliments he had been handing out. "The guy you're after probably won't be this big," she said, looking at Courtney.

"But this'll be good practice." She motioned for Courtney to join her between her brother's legs. Courtney dropped down to her knees, more than a little afraid. A banana had been one thing, but this was a real cock. And her brothers! Still, the way he had made her feel about herself made her want to do this, even if it wasn't practice for the weekend.

Without warning Brianna grasped a hold of the shaft, working it up and down. She then lifted up the shaft and licked the balls, placing her entire tongue against his ball sack. John winced and moaned in pleasure. Brianna looked back at Courtney. "It's just like the banana, but it lets you know if you're doing good," she said, taking the head into her mouth. John looked a little confused. "Banana?" Brianna kept working with her tongue, letting Courtney answer. "Yeah, banana.

We practiced with a banana outside. Bri held it between her legs," she said matter-of-factly. John now looked even more turned on than he had when Brianna took his cock into her mouth. "That's… creative. This is a little different though, because a person can also do this." He took Brianna's head in his hand and gently set the pace for her, moving her head up and down on his shaft.

Brianna looked up at him, trusting that he wouldn't send her too deep. It wasn't really herself she was worried about though; she didn't want him to hurt Courtney. She trusted him though.


After a couple minutes she pulled her head back. "Now Court," she said, catching her breath and wiping off her mouth. "What we're about to do you probably can't do, it took me a long time practicing with a dildo to get down.

This is just so you know what's possible." She looked up at John, who looked a little confused but extremely aroused. "What do you want me to do sis?" he asked.


"Skull fuck me." John steadied himself in his chair, in disbelief that he was about to skull fuck his gorgeous sister. "You sure about this? I don't want to hurt you," he said, honestly afraid he was going to make her gag or throw up. "I practiced on a 10 inch dildo. I'll be fine," she said, truly and honestly wanting to give her brother this pleasure. Without a word he grasped her head between his hands, now much rougher than before. He positioned her head right in front of his cock and she opened her mouth, looking up at him, ready.

He started slowly, pushing his sister's head down his shaft and watching her face to make sure she would really be ok with this. Her face did scrunch up a little bit, but she didn't seem to be gagging at all. Soon her chin was resting against his balls. Tears were starting to form in her eyes and saliva started to slowly drip out of the corners of her mouth but she was still fine. Courtney watched on in amazement, hoping that some day she too would be able to please a guy like this.

Having satisfied himself that Brianna was as experienced as she had claimed John decided to begin the skull fucking. He pulled her head back, feeling his cock slide past her throat and tongue, before slamming her head back down. He then developed a rhythm, bringing her head down and back up at a steady pace. Her breasts jiggled as her face was used, and her makeup ran down her cheeks with her tears.

This was far from her first time doing this and she just closed her eyes, completely turning control of her body over to her brother.

After a minute John stood up, keeping his cock buried in Brianna's throat.

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He used his newfound leverage to fuck her throat even deeper and harder. The saliva now ran down the sides of her cheeks and dripped onto her breasts. This experience was like nothing she had ever felt. She felt like a whore because of what she was doing, which turned her on, but also felt appreciated. No guy had ever talked to her like her brother had. After a couple more minutes John began to moan.

"Perfect baby, perfect." Finally he pulled her head back and pushed it back against his bed, shooting cum at her face. Courtney stared on in awe. Her brother and sister looked so happy, even after what Brianna had just been through.

Maybe it didn't feel that bad after all. When John was finished he half sat, half collapsed next to Brianna. "That was amazing. I never knew… I never knew it could feel like that." Brianna took several seconds to catch her breath to the point where she could speak.

"Me either," she said quietly. Courtney looked on. "So… when is it my turn?" she asked playfully, wanting to start learning how to do things like that but not wanting to ruin the moment they had just shared. "It'll take me a few minutes to… recharge my batteries," John said, standing up and grabbing a towel.

"And I think Brianna might need to clean up a bit," he said with a smile. "Actually, I might need some help with that," Brianna said, suddenly feeling guilty for not including her sister in much so far.

She got up and laid on her brother's bed, collecting his cum on her fingers and spreading it from between her breasts to her belly button. "You need to get used to the taste of it at some point, and you can also consider this an introduction to body shots," she said, knowing that her sister would go along with it.

"You want me to lick it off of you?" Courtney replied, a little confused and nervous but wanting to join in on the action. "Alright." She straddled Brianna's body and dipped her head down between her breasts. She looked up, making eye contact from Brianna before she began. Brianna gave her a soft nod and Courtney touched her tongue to Brianna's cleavage.

At first her face scrunched up at the bitter taste, but like Brianna had said, she would have to get used to it at some point. She licked between the breasts and up the sides of them, getting every last drop. She then scooted down and began to lick from Brianna's abs. At one point there was a large clump of cum, but she sucked and licked it down like a champ.

Finally she made it down to the belly button, where she slurped up the last bit. Brianna rested her hands on Courtney's head and moaned a little which confused her, but she figured Brianna just liked the sensation of being licked. "Holy shit," John said at the spectacle on his bed. "Well, that sure recharged my battery." Brianna smiled, using the towel to wipe off what was left on her face.

"I figured it'd help. Now Courtney, don't try to rush in and do what I did. It takes months of practice. Just go slow." Courtney nodded and climbed off of Brianna's body, getting on her knees in front of John. "First I lick the shaft," she said quietly to herself as she licked both sides from top to bottom, as if she had a mental checklist. "Then I play with the head," she said just before doing exactly that, taking the head into her tiny mouth and batting it around with her tongue. John was silent; the blowjob wasn't as good as Brianna's, but the fact that it was Courtney's first helped.

He then took her head in his hands, very slowly and very gently moving her head up and down on his shaft. At first he was barely moving it an inch, but then he decided to get a little more aggressive and attempted to push it about halfway down his shaft.

Courtney made a 'glug' noise and nearly threw up, pulling her head away quickly. "Too much, too much," she panted, getting ready to try again. "You went too fast!" Brianna scolded. "It's her first time. Here let me help." Brianna stood up and got behind her sister, taking Courtney's head in her hands.

John put his cock back in her mouth but now Brianna controlled the pace. First she started extremely slowly but eventually worked deeper and deeper. Courtney sat in amazement at how easy this all way. She didn't even have to do any work! Eventually it got a little too deep and Brianna sensed, as only sisters and best friends can do, that it was time to hold the pace steady.

She moved Courtney's head back and forth. "Look him in the eye. It's a huge turn on," Brianna said, John nodding quickly in agreement. Courtney did as asked, managing to look up while her brother's cock was filling up her mouth. Her makeup was starting to run a little bit and her tiny boobs didn't really jiggle, but she was still an extremely pretty little girl. So pretty, in fact, that John couldn't keep himself from cumming again for very long.

After only a few minutes of the slow and steady pull of her lips and tongue on his cock he felt like he was going to explode. "Ok, ok, ok!" he said breathlessly, pushing her face back. Most of his cum landed squarely on her face, but some shot onto her chest. She squinted to keep it from going in her eyes. "Alright, I guess I have a favor to repay," Brianna said after he was finished.

She helped Courtney back to her feet and then over to the bed. "Just lay down." Courtney lay down and hoped that Brianna was about to do what she had done.

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Brianna used her fingers and got most of the cum off of Courtney's face and spread it down her chest and stomach, but didn't stop when she got to the skirt. She pulled the skirt down a few inches so that it was only barely covering her pussy and spread the cum all the way down to there. She started in the middle, first licking up the cum she had deposited in the belly button and then slurping on her sister's tits.

They weren't big but they were firm, and if genetics had anything to say about it they would one day be something to be proud of. She then extended her tongue toward Courtney's face, getting every last drop off of it.

"This is probably going to feel really good," Brianna said, "so be ready." Courtney and John both nodded in silent anticipation as Brianna slid her body down her sisters, finally reaching the exposed skin below her waist.

She didn't have any pubic hair yet, but it wouldn't be long. Brianna gave one last look at her sisters face and then began roughly licking the cum off of her sister's pubic area. Courtney moaned loudly, having touched herself but never having experienced something like this. Brianna took the cue and pushed the skirt down further, until her pussy was showing. Brianna gently used her fingers to spread the pussy open and located her sister's clitoris. She first danced her tongue around it, then on it, and then licked it roughly.

This was one area Brianna was completely inexperienced in, but she certainly knew what she liked. Judging from Courtney's screams of ecstasy it was what she liked as well. John simply sat in silent wonder as his older sister performed oral on his younger sister, hoping that this wouldn't be the last time something like this would happen. Courtney instinctively grasped Brianna's head, pushing it down, until finally having an orgasm and lying on the bed, almost limp. Brianna calmly set up and wiped her face off again with the towel.

"You probably won't find a guy that'll do that for you much. Most of them are selfish assholes. But some will." She stood up, apparently not at all shaken by what she'd just done. "Bri, I don't know what to say," John said, hugging his sister close. "This whole day has just been amazing." He finally decided to say what was really on his mind. "I hope this isn't the last time." Brianna looked down at Courtney, still writhing on the bed. "Well, I enjoyed it, and it looks like she did too." Courtney nodded violently, still too out of breath to speak.

"So no, this isn't the last time. We need to go wash up though, it's almost time to start dinner." John nodded, feeling hugely relieved that he'd have more than the video of today to look forward to. Brianna helped Courtney up and they walked toward the bathroom. He'd have given nearly anything to see what happened in there, but eventually hopefully he could join them. Epilogue: Saturday, mere hours before the party that had sprung this all into motion was supposed to start, the Courtney, Brianna and John's parents got home early from their vacation.

Most of the booze was already in the house and the kids were grounded, their dad going as far as to remove John's computer from his room. After a few days John's dad's computer stopped working, prompting him to use his son's to finish up some work. On the desktop there was a file named 'day_in_heaven.wmv' which he decided to click. Mere seconds later his voice bellowed throughout the house. "JOHN! COURTNEY! BRIANNA!

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