Cheating slut Mandy More is banging her neighbor

Cheating slut Mandy More is banging her neighbor
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Tony was a tall guy, he opened the gate to his house and I walked in, several other guys were already there, Steve his partner said hello and I sat chatting, I knew Tony and Steve before, being customers of mine, but had not as yet played with them.

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As time went on other guys arrived and things looked better, one guy caught my eye, nice looks and the fact Tony had call him donkey dick helped to, we stood chatting and he asked if I wanted to join him in one of the bed rooms, of course I did, once naked he pulled me in close and hugged me tight, I slid down and sucked his cock to full size, it was big too, he lay me on my back, his cock quickly finding my willing hole, and he fucked hard and fast, after some time, I told him I wanted to be fucked doggy, we changed and his cock found a new depth deep inside my hole, anal orgasms flowed as he worked hard feeding me every inch of his manhood, then my orgasms became harder, and a tingly sensation started between his cock and my hole, taking me to a new height, as it did he pushed in harder still feeding my arse with hot sticky cum.

I held him in me, and kept working his cock, taking it all, and he stayed hard feeding my arse with more and more cum as he fucked me, after awhile he had to stop his cock growing to sensitive to keep going, so we went out to find the other guys, most were in the spa playing, I got in and soon had hands all over me, my cock being pulled and my arse probed with fingers, but I wanted more, so I turned and bent over the edge, it didn't take long, soon I felt a hard cock work its way in, feeding my desire to be fucked once more, another guy stood in front and fed my mouth, working them both lead to me taking them both all too soon, my mouth letting some cum drip out as my arse was flooded once more, guy after guy took turns raping my arse and feeding me more cum.

I got out of the spa and sat Tony down and slide on his cock, telling donkey dick to dp me, they all looked surprisedsaying I would never be able to take them both, but he rubbed his cock and probed my hole, it was tight and he started to give up, with that I grabbed his cock and pushed back hard, and in one go it popped in, and they began to fuck in unison, I loved it, my mouth once more filled with hot cum which I let drip onto Tony's face as he licked it up, and that set them off, Tony took the first spasm and shot deep inside me setting of donkey, who gave me his second load for the night,a few more guys took turns as I knelt on the mattress, then Steve gave me a good work out before blowing what seemed like gallons of cum in me, as his cock dropped outI felt my arse taking a good licking, was good to, the cum running out of my arse was being lapped up and who was I to say no, I turned to see Jack licking my hole that was so different, as Jack was his German Sheppard, I wasn't sure what to do, but the guys just watched as he lapped away, I had a few small orgasm's, causing Jack to lick harder, I looked at Tony, he smiled back, and told me to hold tight, Just as he did Jack jumped up, pinning me down, I was a bit concerned, but not scared as his cock pushed against my butt, I could see one of the guys holding it and guiding him in.

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I bite my lip as his cock started in, the size was bigger than donkey dick, and he seemed to fuck a lot faster too, as more went in other guys stood watching, my mouth filled with cock, Jack pounded me hard, his knot now starting to hit up against me, I was sure I could I take it, but would it go in, I have never had a guy fuck as fast as him, as I went from one anal cum to another in quick session, then I was hooked, or more to say knotted, he rammed in hard, I was his bitch and loving it, I had taken 2 or 3 loads in my mouth as Jack began to fuck even faster, his knot holding firm.

Then the heat, his cock swelled bigger still and pushed deeper, his knot swollen to full size as gallons of hot doggy cum flooded me, I was in heaven, no way did I expect such a good fucking, as he slowed pulling back, Tony held him to stop him ripping me open, as cum leaked out every where.


My hole felt so empty as his cock dropped out, guys looked on, some playing in the cum running out of me, then one guy slid his cock in fucking me, but not for long as he to filled me with cum.

They kept me busy for another few hours, guys fucking me and coming deep in my sore but well used hole.

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Steve said he had seen Jack fuck a guy before, but he hadn't taken the knot, so he was well please with me. Jack now laying down licking his cock, It didn't take much to work him hard again and he once more fucked my butt, for a second time, this time he cum a lot quicker but still had as much cum, I took some of his cum that run out of me and ate it, Steve face was all smile's.

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Saying how kinky I was. I said you think that's kinky, as I moved him over to lay him down with his fist up in the air, a look of disbelief on his face as I lowered onto him, his fingers going in then the whole hand, pushing deeper I got around 300 mm of his arm in me and rode him for some time having anal cum's as I did, Steve was wrapped, I found out after wards he had never fisted before, When I pulled of his fist I swung around sucking his hand in my mouth fully taking every bit of cum from him.

You could have heard a pin drop, then a round of cheers and applause went out, as I stood up cum still running down my legs. They all asked when the next meet was, and would I be in it again.

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