Marvelous legal age teenager perfect blowjob

Marvelous legal age teenager perfect blowjob
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So this is my first story. Please comment everything you feel necessary and vote fairly. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to post them. THANKS! :D Behind Those Glasses Prologue I breathed deep. I could not remember how I got here. but it's morning. I twist my head looking for some indication of what I did last night and I see a head. "HOLY SHIT. who the fuck is in my room?" I sat up, looking at the body next to mine. I hesitated, wondering who could be underneath it.

I pulled back the cover, and almost screamed. Part 1 My name is Benjamin, preferably Ben. I am a sixteen year old nerd.

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I know nowadays, being a nerd is hot, but I wasn't that type of nerd. I played World of Warcraft religiously, and have never been to a dance since the sixth grade.

I wore glasses and was on the soccer team as a back defender. I was average in height and had brown eyes. My hair was kinda curly and really hard to manage.


Most people turn to my twin Alex. He was a taller more defined version of me.

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And he was good at soccer. So. yeah, not every girl was on my jock and it made my right hand very familiar with my cock. But I will tell you. my cock is very fucking nice. It's nice and thick and long too. Girl's wet dream. But I digress, my friends called me last week to tell me that we were hitting up a neighboring school's prom.

I did not really care because most of the time, I get ignored and head home early. We hit up the location around 10:30 at night. Most of us came without a date, so it was free pickings tonight. When we walked in, all we could see were girls in their bests and some of the outfits screamed: "I'm thirsty fuck me!" Well.

don't let me stop them. I immediately became interested in one girl who was chilling in the corner. She had long black hair and was wearing glasses.

The glasses hid brown sparkling eyes from the view of everyone else and she had bow shaped lips. But what intrigued me was her outfit. It wasn't slutty but it was really cute. The jacket was like a tux jacket made out of black lace. The under jacket was made out of black and white satin with red trimmings.

The dress went down to mid thigh and had a slit up the side. Accented with heels, red nails and a cute little top hat on the side, she was the perfect little girl. She kept checking her phone, so I figured she was waiting for someone. It did not stop me from checking her out for the rest of the night.

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She was walking around, and I followed. A bit stalkerish I admit, but what can I say? She intrigued me. As the night wore on she began to look back.

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I faked like I was talking to whoever was near me at the time, until she kept walking. Finally, around midnight she got a text message. She looked at if for what seemed like forever until she finally smiled. It was the first smile of the night for her.

It made her glow, and I was speechless.


I was so busy committing it to memory, that I did not notice her walking up to me. She tapped me and I nearly jumped four feet in the air. Part 2 I resettled into a normal look, as she giggled and said: "Hi, my name is Luci. What's yours?" I told her my name and we began the getting-to-know-you conversation. Turns out she was a senior, and she was seventeen.

She was a poet, a singer, and she was a nerd like me. She had a level 15 troll shaman named Voraz. It was cute how eagerly she talked about it, and after awhile I was telling her about me too. She began touching my hair commenting on the feel. The time flew, and soon we were getting ushered out. Someone called her and she answered, laughing and said: "Me and a friend are about to go to IHOP. Are you and your date going to be there as well?" My heart fluttered. She wasn't about to ditch me!

As she hung up she looked at me and smiled. I was smitten, and I knew it. As we continued our date, she weaseled out of me the fact I was a junior.

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I also learned that we went to the same school. We went to IHOP and had eggs, bacon and chocolate chip pancakes. It was good, and even better when she ate from my fork. After a while she called her parents and said she was going to an after party with her friends. I smiled, knowing she was prolonging our date for as long as possible. I offered to take her to my house to see my collection of manga, and my WOW account. I thought for sure she would say no, but to my surprise she said yes.

The ride to my place was awkward. She kept texting, and blushing like a mad man. I looked out of the window my hand on the middle seat. I was preoccupied with my own mounting thoughts. "I'm a virgin, what do I do.

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does Alex have any condoms in his room? Am I even going to get that far?" She grasped my hand and when I looked at her, she smiled shyly.

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My heart melted. We walked toward my house, and entered in. She took off her shoes and placed them by the door. I gulped, and told her "We could make a move to my room. My stuff is in there." She nodded and after a brief moment of hesitation followed me up the stairs.

When we got to my room she sat on the bed and crossed her legs. She seemed to be in deep thought, so as she sat there I selected multiple mangas for her to read. As I bent over my mini bookshelf, she stood up. I did not pay it much mind until I heard the zipping of a dress.

I turned around to see her slowly removing her dress. The moon was lightly showing through my curtains and I could see that she had body glitter on her body.

I began to stammer: "He-Hey! W-wh-what are you doing?" She replied "Isn't this why we are here? To have sex. Although, you will have to be gentle, since this is my first time." I was stupefied. This girl was here, to have sex with me. I dropped the books in my hands and walked over.

She was wearing a black garter set with red satin ribbons. I pulled off her glasses and hat and placed them on my desk.


I tilt her head back, and kissed her lightly. She tasted of chocolate and it quickly became addicting. We tongued each other down for what felt like hours.

I took off my jacket letting it fall to the floor next to her dress. She nibbled at my lips, making it almost impossible to keep my mind focused. After awhile she broke the kiss and began to undo my tie and the buttons underneath. Her hands trembled, and I tried to reassure her, with gentle kisses on her hands.

She smiled and continued to unbutton them. She finally undid the last one and my shirt and tie joined my jacket on the floor. She sat on the bed and pulled me close to her. She began to undo my belt, and I gently removed her hands. She looked up, puzzlement gracing her face. "I have to go get a condom." She looked, confused then turned a fiery red, nodding. I went across the hall to my brother Alex's room. He said he was getting a hotel room tonight, so I knew he wasn't coming back tonight.

I grabbed the condom from the top drawer in his shelf. I walked back to my room, to see Luci lying there, with an aroused look on her face. I then noticed, her bra was off and she was tweaking her nipples. If my cock had sagged at all in the last forty-five seconds, it was again rock hard. I just stood over her, watching as her slender fingers moved over her lucious brown globes, and tickled her areolas.

Her eyes were closed now, and her breath coming in gasps. I pulled off my pants and boxers, my cock standing at full attention. I decided to do something pretty unoriginal. I stuck the tip of my dick in my mouth. She quickly opened her eyes, seeming almost startled.

She locked eyes with me and began to suck. Slowly moving the tip in a circular motion she sat up, and at the same time, taking more of me into her mouth.I groaned, as she hummed, making her mouth vibrate around my shaft. She sucked my hard member for a few minutes until I could not take it anymore and pulled out of her mouth. I moved my hands down to her underwear and gently pulled down. Her secret trove was now open to me, smelling aroused and in need for my cock inside it.

I laid her back down on the bed. I placed the condom on, and then positioned myself above her. As I rubbed the tip of my cock against her slit I had to ask: "Are you sure? I do not want this to be something you regret." She looked up at me her eyes, grabbed my hips, and thrust upward, pushing about two inches into her.

She gasped, and shivered, as did I.

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I continued to move forward, pausing to get accustomed to the the velvet vise clamps on my shaft. After a few more inches, I hit a wall, and she froze beneath me. I stopped and said "Do or die." She gritted her teeth, and murmured "Do.fuck me please! Ben." I pushed forward ripping through her hymen, causing her to cry out. I stopped, again giving her time to cry over her lost purity.

After awhile, she began to roll her hips so I pulled out and pushed back in. She still winced, but there was a moan associated with it. We continued our dance in the cloak of the moonlight, her moaning and my grunting in a symphony to the creak of the bed springs. It was not long before I felt my nuts begin to tighten and she seemed quite worked up to.

Before I came, I put my hand between us and moved her clit around between my fingers. She began to shake and call out my name.

"B-be-BEN!! Ohhhh GODDDD!!!" Her pussy squeezed my cock so tight that it milked my cum straight out. I groaned as I shot all of my sperm into the condom. After awhile I pulled out my dick, slowly softening, she pulled off the condom and licked my dick clean. I was exhausted and had fell asleep, with her in my arms. Part 3 I was shocked as I stared at her. She looked familiar and no I knew why. Her name wasn't Luci.

It was Lily, one of the seniors at my school. She wore thick glasses and always had on sweaters and jeans. I stared at her. She was still asleep, and was curled up on my arm. I shook her awake. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and said, "Good morning. Now, don't you have some explaining to do." She looked puzzled, as I said " Why did you lie about your name?" She looked down blushing lightly, and explained how she's liked me since last year in chemistry class, but how I never noticed her.

(It's true, I never did.) So when she saw me at her friend's prom she took a chance to reinvent herself. "I hope you are not mad." She said with tears in her eyes.

I looked at her and kissed her. " Now why would I be mad at my girlfriend?" She smiled and giggled as I kissed her softly. It was to be the start of a beautiful relationship.