Busty milf and teen get fucked on turns

Busty milf and teen get fucked on turns
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I walk into the room taking you in my arms and kissing you deeply. My tongue pushes into your mouth and searches for your tongue. They dance and twist and I bit your lip and you in turn bit mine. My hands are moving up and down your back and then they move down and cup your butt and pull you into me.

Our hips grind together and our legs straddle each other so I can feel your mound and you can feel my growing erection. My hands move up your back as my kisses move to your neck and ear, biting and kissing. I unbutton your blouse and pull it to expose the shoulder which I kiss and bit. As my teeth hold onto the spot where shoulder and neck meet, I pull off your blouse. My lips now move down lower slowly kissing and licking as they move down. My hands pull the bra straps over shoulder and unhook the bra.

As is falls away my lips cross over your tit and suck on a hard nipple. You can feel my lips close over the nipple and the pressure as I suck and it passes over my teeth. You can feel the teeth as the clamp down on the nipple and I pull back. Your tits are small enough that I can suck almost all of it into my mouth. Now I am kissing sucking and biting your tit and nipple as my hands work on the skirt. You feel my hand on your belly as the search to remove the skirt.

I cannot find it, oh hell with it and I pick you up and carry you to bed. As I put you on the bed you reach up and take off my shirt and run your hands over my chest and play with the chest hair. I bend down and kiss you. My kisses go lower and my lips pass over and kiss every inch of youshoulderstits, nipple belly and then because I could not get the skirt off but just pulled it up I am kissing your panty cover pussy. You are moaning and getting very excited as I pull off the panties.

My lips find yours as the panties disappear. You can feel my lips very lightly move over your pussy and then you feel my tongue as it lick and then wiggle between your lips. The tongue now pushes into your pussy wiggling back and forth it moves up and up till it finds that little nub of a clit. It stabs and then my mouth covers the clit and sucks hard.

You moan and arch our back and I slip a finger into you. You can feel my finger wiggling inside of you and then you feel another finger and then another. Now there are 3 fingers inside your wet pussy wiggling and probing for the spot.

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Ah yes there it is and you gasp, moan and have an orgasm as I rub the spot and suck the clit at the same time. I move up and start to suck a nipple again while my hand has 3 finger in pussy the thumb is rubbing your clit and the little finger. Oh my, you can feel my little finger probing your cute little rosebud of anus. I wiggle the little finger which I got wet in your pussy, and push it in your ass. Now I am pumping my hand and you can feel all the finger work in you.

You have another orgasm and I have pulled my cock out with the other hand and moved between your legs. I pull hand out and now both arms spread and lift up your legs as my cock rub your pussy lips.

Your legs are resting on my shoulders and you can feel the head of my cock slowly penetrate your pussy. In an inch and out, in and out and then 2 inches and the same in and out and then 3 inches and &hellip. 4 inches and 5 inches and 6 inches and 7 inches and then I cannot wait any longer as I am so horney for you. I drive the full 9inches deep and hard into your tight wet pussy and you can feel it hit your cervix.

I let my entire body fall upon you and drive my hard cock deep into you as my body crushes you into the bed. I grind my hip against you and then AH I pump a massive load of cum, hot and sticky, into your tight pussy. I feel you bucking and jerking as you have another orgasm.

I continue to pump and you can feel the head rubbing the inside of your pussy and the cum is oozing back with every stroke and then it is running out and down your crack and over your anus.

I kiss you gently and roll off to the side. You roll on top and look at me and say "is that all, you better get it up again mister." With that you reach for my cock and turning around you bend down taking it in your mouth.

My cock gets hard as your hands touch it and it enters your mouth. The feel of your lips slipping over the cap and down the shaft give me a thrill. I grab the back of our head with two handfuls of hair and pull as my cock drives deep into your mouth. I can feel the head hit the back of your throat.

I moan then arch my back throwing my head back. You're so good at this that you send thrilling sensation all through my body. First your hands are holding my butt cheeks and then one hand moves around to hold my balls. As you squeeze my ass and caress my balls I can only feel glorious pleasure surging through me. Then every muscle in my body tenses and relaxes with increasing speed. You love the taste of my cock with the salt and cum from the previous sex.

You like the feel of the head as it slides back and forth over your tongue. The tension in my ass tells you that you are doing fine. It feels so good to touch and squeeze the balls that are hanging below your chin. You can feel the tension building in my body and you like the thought that it is all because of you. You suck harder and then your fingers move into the crack and explore the tight anus.

You quickly lick your fingers and then continue sucking and tonguing my cock while your wet finger not pushes into my ass. Oh god she is good and oh those hands and fingers. I am pulling her head hard into my crotch and she is pushing her finger deeper into my ass.

Then she hits all the right spots and I explode again, oh what a woman to be able to get me to cum like this twice. There is nothing in my head but pleasure, I cannot think of anything. My hips are bucking and I am pulling your head to me as I pump a massive amount of hot stick cum into your mouth. Some you swallow and some leaks out around the corners. I continue to pump and thrust as you lick and squeeze and massage my balls. The cum leaks down your chin and drips onto your breasts. I am making the most pleasurable sound as I moan.

My whole body quivers as the last of the juice leaves my softening cock. I am spent and lay on the bed and you move along side and snuggle into the crook of my arm. You ask "what do we do not?" "Hey beautiful after that much exercise I suggest a shower." There is a really nice show with several heads and Danish phone.

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"And I want to wash the nice body of yours, give me and excuse for touching every part of you." In the shower I start with your feet and wash and kiss each toe and the run tongue over bottom of foot and you squeal as you are ticklish there. While I kiss up the back of each leg and nibble the back of the knee, my hands are roaming up and down the front of your legs, just the finger tips.

The touch is so light and smooth that it sort of tickles and then sends a warm fuzzy sensation through your body. I am on my knees kissing your and now I work up to your inner thigh and I spread your legs apart and very gently and softly kiss your pussy. My tongue licks in ever quicker strokes and then stabs in between the lips. I now grab your ass cheeks in each hand squeezing hard and pulling your pussy into my face. I suck your pussy lips deep into my mouth and you shudder and moan.

Now I bit on your pussy and my tongue finds your clit. I alternate between sucking hard, tongue whipping and biting your clit. The soap is running down your body and I pull your butt cheeks apart and insert my middle finger in your anus. I am working your pussy with all the speed I have and pushing my finger as deep as it will go. You can feel the tingling sensations from your pussy and the thrill of the finger in your ass sends you over the top. You moan and arch your back. Your legs go weak and rubbery and you sit heavier on my hands.

I feel you quiver and then your legs seem to buckle and you put more weight on my hands and arms. You are light and holding you is not a problem. Your orgasm last for a moment and then you are standing.

We finish and start to dress. I have dressed quickly as I love to watch you get dressed. You put on black bikini panties and then a black garter belt. Sitting on the bed you slowly roll up each leg a black patterned thing high stocking and attach to garter. Then you put on a black cocktail dress that hit you mid thigh with a plunging neck line to the navel, which has a diamond stud piercing.

The back plunges to almost your crack. Then you put on a pair of 5 inch stilettos with ankle straps. Now you look like the most elegant whore around and I love it. We head to the dining room and have dinner with the rest of the convention members. At the meal there is a woman in a red dress across from us that is very hot and gives me the eye.

As I am looking at her and her tits you reach into my lap and grab my cock and give it a very hard squeeze and a jerk. My eyes open wide and I look at you. "Keep your eyes in their sockets mister and remember we have some unfinished business later." With that you squeeze my cock again and let go. Moments later as I am about to put a fork full of steak in my mouth I feel a bare foot in my crotch and the toes wiggling on my now hardening cock.

My eye open wide as well as my mouth. I quickly put the steak in and look across the table. She gives me the most devilish smile and winks. Then the foot is gone. After diner we go to the bar to drink and dance and you get a little daring. First you sit on the bar stool with most of a leg showing up to the top of the stocking.

Now you have most of the men looking and half the women, the other half are beating the husband. There is one fellow a couple of tables over watching very intently. You turn and spread your legs quickly and close them. His eyes open wide and his mouths drops open and closed. Then you excuse yourself. When you come back you sit on the stool and turn to the fellow again and this time you spread your legs and leave them for a minute.

He almost falls of his chair as you have taken off your panties and are giving him a bare beaver shot. You're such a tease. We dance a few more and then as we get up to leave the woman in red comes over. She looks at me and smiles that sultry smile and the reaches up and caresses your cheek with the back of her finger.

"You're a very sexy woman and I would like to know you better. We are having a private party upstairs now with some special friends if you would like to join us." She then reaches up and hold my chin, "there are some people that would like to meet you too." With that she hands you a card and leaves.

There is a room number on the card and a saying, "all for fun and fun for all". We head out and get in the elevator. You look at the card and then look at me and say"……………………&hellip. "Are we going to have fun tonight or what?

I sure hope they are prepared for us because I feel like I could fuck the world tonight." I look at her and smile, yes this is going to be one hell of a night and my cock jumps with anticipation. The door opens to a private suite full of people.

The woman in red comes over as we walk in and takes your arm. "Hey everyone this is the woman I was telling you about" and she pulls you into the center of the room away from me. A young girl comes up and takes my arm, "you come with me and we are going to have some fun." As she leads me over to a group of women, we take a seat on a large sofa to watch the show that is about to begin.

The woman in red looks at you, "so you like to tease and act sexy well are you ready to be sexy." You cannot wait to see what they have in store,"oh yes I am ready for anything". You are looking around the room at all the studs standing around and you think I wonder which one I get to fuck?

"You should be more careful with your words my dear" as she spins you around and pulls you in close and kisses you in a most sexy way. You balk at first but then the tongue that is in your mouth is feeling sexy and you do not mind.

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As she pulls you in close you can feel her tits crushing into yours and she has rather large tits. Her hands are moving up and down your back over the bare skin and then you feel them grab your butt cheeks and squeeze them hard.

You never thought it would be so sexy with another woman but this is okay. All of a sudden you feel another set of hands on your tits.

The hands have slipped inside your dress and are cupping your bare breasts and holing the nipples between fingers. It is a man now that is behind you and he is kissing your neck and ears and biting your neck. Then he hooks your dress and strips it off you.

Now you stand in a room of strangers all of the dressed and you have only your panties and stocking and heels. The woman in red is still kissing you but move down and now kisses your neck and down to your tits and nipples. Another man walks up and undoes her dress and now she has only panties and stocking and heels on.

Your hands have been exploring her body as she explored yours. She knows the places a woman likes to be touched and she has hit them all. Your body is electrified with the passion surging through you. The man has moved down and is now kissing your ass and down your legs to heel and up to ass and down other leg and up to ass. He then licks your ass and tongues your crack.

You can feel his hand exploring your butt as the pull your cheeks apart you can feel his tongue licking your tight anus. You body quivers and you are not sure you can stand as your legs get weak and shaky.

The woman in red had gotten up and now was back wearing a large strapon. It was sort of double ended as part of it was in her pussy and there were wired coming from it. She looked at the two men and just said "gentlemen to the table please" and with that you were picked up and laid on the coffee table.

She stood above you with the strapon waving in your face. "I am going to fuck you with this while everyone here watches, but first you need to be prepared" and with that the man slipped between your legs and started to eat you. He sucked and bit your pussy lips hard and then found your clit and sucked it till you thought it would come off. A bottle of lube was produced and something was shoved into your pussy.

Then you felt a liquid being squirted into you. As soon as that was done he was back sucking and licking your pussy. It sent sensation soaring through your body and you bucked your hips and through you head back and moaned. The licking and sucking speeded up and went on forever and you started to feel it coming and then the wave of ecstasy surged over you in a wave.

You were now being held down by two more men. You open your eyes and saw a man between your legs licking your pussy, another on your right bent over sucking on a nipple while another sucked the other nipple. Two different men held your arms and then two more moved up to hold your legs.

They spread you legs wide apart and she came back. "Bet you have not been fucked by a woman, well you will now", and with that she stepped between your legs. The strapon was big, very big, and you got a little afraid. You had played with some dildos but nothing like this. She guided the head to your lips and parted them and pushed the head against your pussy.

Oh god it hurt but you were so horny it did not matter. Your lips parted and the head slipped it. You felt your pussy stretch and you thought it would tear.

You whole body quivers as she pushes it deeper and deeper. Then she withdraws and pushes in and back and in. The sensation is getting better and you like it. Then with a massive thrust she drives the entire hard rubber cock deep into your now very yearning cunt.

You feel it hit your cervix and you moan and wiggle but are held tight by four men. They stretch your legs apart and you think your pussy will rip. You quiver and the orgasms surge through you. You orgasms have left you a little weak and you are wonder if there is a break but no such thing here.

"Now your pussy is stretch enough for a real man we need to work on the other holes" and with that you're flipped over and legs spread wide again. "Oh such a cute tight little ass we have here, I bet she has not done much anal before, sweetie you're in for a real session this time" and she picks up a long narrow silver vibrator. After lubing it she starts to work it into your ass. You have not had that much anal; only a couple of time and it was not real comfortable then.

You feel the tip as it pushes against your bung hole and pushes into you. You feel the lube, very slick material as the vibrator move into you. Deeper and Deeper it goes until suddenly the unit turns on and the vibration rushes through your body.

It is in deep and the vibrator has hit some very sensitive spots which cause you to moan and squeal and buck you hips. You did not know it was possible you have a small orgasm. Now she pulls out the small vibrator and picks up a large dildo and applies lubricant. You look at the dildo and wonder, oh god with it fit.

She approaches your ass and pushed it into you without and preliminary play. Oh god that hurts and you moan and give off a slight whimper. Your body quivers and you are slightly afraid as the dildo goes deeper and deeper. She wiggles it around and pulls it out. "Well I think she is ready now seems all holes are able to handle one," and she waves to several men. The men have been taking off their clothes now there are five standing around you.

First one man stands between your legs and grabs you by the waist and hoists you up. Then lowers you and the cock enters you stretched wet pussy. You moan, this is what a fuck is supposed to be. Then you feel a cock sliding back and forth in your butt crack. The cock then rubs against you bung and oh my sips into you. Deeper and deeper he pushes until you now have a cock in your pussy deep and another in your ass. They start to stroke and then the woman brings over another man.

"You have more holes to fill sweetie" and with that positions him so he can fuck your mouth. Now you have cocks thrusting in your pussy and ass and now mouth. Then you feel something in your hand and there are two more men making you jerk them off while you're fucked in every hole possible. This is the wildest thing you have every done and you love it. As you are pounded every which way and the sensation builds you have a major orgasm.

Then it happen, the cum explosion, all three men cum at the same time filling your ass and pussy with cum to the point it leaks out of you.

The one in your mouth you swallow as much as you can but some leaks out the sides of your mouth. Now you have cum dripping out of your ass, pussy and mouth as the two men with cock in your hands back up and finish off themselves shooting the cum all over your tits.

You have never experienced anything like this and you are really thrilled and a little exhausted. As the men back away and you start to get up the woman comes over, "oh no you don't there are some fellow here that would like their turn" and you see five more different men coming toward you.

The whole process takes place again and once more you are pumped full of cum. You have had at least seven orgasms now that the second group has finished and that is enough. Oh no, another group and you are again fucked int all your holes and in the hands.

The cum is no longer dripping out of you it is pouring out of you and you feel like you swallowed a gallon of it. Your tits and belly are slick and sticky with cum as is your face. Your ass hurts now and your pussy is sorely stretched.

As the last group walks away you see me walking over to you. I have been treated nicely but now it is time to take care of you. You look a little worse for wear but I suppose getting fucked by was it 15 or twenty guys I cannot remember.

I hold on my hand and you try to stand but your legs are weak and you stumble. I pick you up in arms and carry you to another room. This is a very special shower room as it has several heads, a bench and a small four person hot tub.

First I turn on the warm shower and set you on the bench. I wash you off completely and then I put you in the hot tub to get you warm. After a few minutes I take you out and then pick up and bag with a hose on the end. I give you a douche and enema to clean you out completely and then put some salve and lotion on your pussy and ass.

I pick you up again and carry you into another room and lay you on the bed. I then lay down next to you. "I hope you enjoyed the evening dear." I kiss your lips and let my tongue just touch you as I kiss all of you very softly until you sleep. Ah I will be here when you wake. The next afternoon when you wake I take you to the shower and wash you off again. You're a little sore but feel good. Then I lay you down on a massage table and the masseur comes in and takes over.

He is very big 6'4" 220 lbs and is naked. He takes off the towel and looks you over nodes his head in approval and gives your ass a nice pinch. He then proceeds to massage your back.

You love the feel of the lotion and his hands running over you naked body. The nerves in your flesh tingle with pleasant feelings as his hands move lightly at time and heavy other times.

He massages your feet then up your leg, and he massages your ass with special care. Your back and shoulder feel so wonderfully relaxed.


Then he rolls you over. He starts the feet and works up to mid thigh and then takes the hands doing each finger and hand then up arm to shoulder. Now he is back to the mid thigh and works his way up and then he is working the inner thigh and you start to get a little excited. You cannot believe that there is this great hunk of a man massaging your inner thigh. Even after last night you still want more sex, your body craves sex. He is now working on your hips and belly.

You can feel his powerful hands moving across your belly and pressing on your pubic mound. Oh god I want a fuck, you are thinking as his hands move from belly to shoulder and massage deeply your shoulder.

Dam you think that's not what I want you to rub. You look at him and figure it best to just lie still as he does seem to have a goal and instructions. His hands have massaged your body except for the parts you wanted him to REALLY touch. He finishes and leaves with you wanting more. Your pussy tingles with desire. The door opens and the lady in red walks in.


She is dressed in a black silk suit with stiletto heels. "Feeling better now?" "Yes but after that massage I could use something to relive the tension." "Oh we will relieve your tension believe me. Last night was just the beginning." Now you're thinking, oh god what have I gotten into.

She takes your hand and helps you put on a silk robe which she belts for you and lead you to another room. Her hands moved over your body in a very knowing way sending strange tingly feeling all through you. In the next room there is a large bed in the center and at least a dozen women standing around the room all dressed in white silk robes. You are lead to the bed and the robe is removed then you are helped to the center of the bed and laid on your back.

Now the other women start to drop their robes and come to the bed. The first naked women start to kiss and lick your body. You feel the tongues licking and exploring every part of you. Your body starts to respond and you just close your eyes and enjoy the sensation. Someone is licking your nipples and sucking on them while another is kissing your belly and pubic mound.

One is sucking each finger while another is doing your toes. Lips are moving up and down your thighs and then someone is kissing your pussy lips. The sensation of a dozen mouths licking and kissing your body at once has you hot and very tantalized. The muscles in your belly and pelvis area are flexing regular now as the sexual tension builds. Someone kisses your mouth and inserts their tongue into your mouth. At first you balk and then you give into the passion.

No hands have touched your body yet only lips and tongues. Now hands grab your ankle and lift your legs up straight and wide apart where they are held. Then you feel a set of lips on your cheeks and a tongue is licking your crack. Suddenly you feel a tongue probing your tight ass and pushing trying to get in. At the same time the lips and tongues have not left your tits, nipples or pussy.

Now your body tingles and muscles tense with the sensation running through you. This is wonderful and you open your eyes to see and there are women, naked women, of all shapes and sizes licking and kissing and sucking on you. Your eyes move around the room and you look up and OH god there in what looks like bleachers are men, dozens of men, all watching you and the women.

No matter what your body is responding to the administration of the other women and you start to have an orgasm.

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It starts small but continues to increase and you start to buck and hump and moan. The mouth on your pussy is replaced with a hand and 2 fingers push into your pussy. They find the G spot and you explode. You convulse with a couple dozen naked women licking, kissing, and sucking all the parts of your body. As you look into the bleacher you notice that the men are all standing up now jerking off as they watch you have an orgasm.

This causes you to have another orgasm. As you collapse back down the women back away and the men disappear. The door opens a man dressed in a black mask walks over to you and takes your hand.

He leads you to another room that is dark and you follow. All of a sudden you are grabbed and your hands are strapped to something and then your legs are spread and ankle strapped to something. As the lights come on you see that you are tied wrists and ankles to an arch. The woman in red returns and looks at you, "this is the final session so enjoy if you can". This has you a little scared the "if you can" did not sound good. The man in the black mask walks up to you and grabs your hair and pulls your head back pushing a ball gag in your mouth.

Now you are worried. He walks back and then you notice that there the men are all standing around watching you. They are all naked and most have erections. You remember yesterday and get a little excited that maybe they are all going to fuck you again. Your pussy tingles and get very wet.

But then you see the masked man pick up some clips with wires attached. He walks over and clips each nipple with a clip and you wince as they hurt and just as you start to complain a shock runs through you nipple to nipple. Then there is just a tingling sensation.

The then the shock comes again followed by the tingling sensation. He walks around you and slaps your ass a couple of times and then reaches your pussy and slips a finger into you hard and rough. He wiggles the finger and then you see him push an egg vibrator inside you with a wire attached and as the egg starts to vibrate you feel a mild electric shock in your pussy.

The muscles in your stomach and hips react by jerking and relaxing. The shock comes several more times and it seems you are leaking wetness from your pussy. Now you are getting shocks from nipples to pussy and then you feel his hand probing your ass. He pushes first one finger and then 2 fingers into your ass.

You buck you hips at the sensation, first pain then pleasure. After a few moments you feel the finger withdraw and some thins else pushed into your ass. It seems to be another electric egg.

You can feel it move up your ass with the wire trailing out and the muscles tighten behind it. Then the shock comes and your ass cheeks tighten up.

Then you get a shock to tits and the corresponding body parts contract and relax and then the pussy followed by the ass. These cycles runs over and over faster and faster. At first you were not real turned on but then the mild shocks are stimulating every nerve in your body. The passion is rising and you are approaching an orgasm.

Now there is no pause between shocks as there is a constant shock running through all at the same time. You body convulses and jerks as you orgasm. You are not able to look but the men are all in various stages of masturbation. You have had a massive orgasm and the shocks are off.

You hang lip on the arch.

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The eggs are all removed and now he approaches with a reciprocating saw with a dildo instead of a saw blade. He parts your lips and pushes the dildo into your pussy. Then you feel the dildo start to thrust in and out at a 4 stroke a second rate.

This feels so good as it is hitting the g spot good. He pushes the cock deeper and increases the rate to 8 strokes a second. Oh god this is good, you cannot believe the sensations.

He pushes it deeper and increases the stroke to 10 a second. Your body trembles and quivers with pleasure. Every nerve is at maximum sensation. Your whole body quivers as you orgasm again and again. You hear a clapping sound and realize the naked men are applauding the show. Your orgasms are being applauded. The saw is removed and you hang limp. Hands reach up and unstrapped you form the arch and lay you on a mat on the floor.

Your whole body tingles and the room is empty. I come in pick you up and carry you to the shower room again. As I wash your body I cannot help but think of how sexy you are.

I soap your body completely and rinse you off and then insert a small hose and rinse out your pussy and ass. You seem to like the washing and caressing hands.

I cannot help but spend extra time caressing your breasts and then your butt and I spend a lot to time on your pussy. Now I left you up and the wrap in a big towel and dry you off. You are laid on the bed naked and I cannot help it. I move between your legs and kiss your pussy first very light with my tongue and then push the tongue between the lips and move up and down till I find the clit.

I suck the clit hard and wiggle it with my tongue. As you give a little moan I move between your legs and slid my hard cock into your waiting wet pussy. I may not be able to compare to the last day but I do offer something more. I thrust hard and deep while kissing you with a special passion and I cannot hold out much longer and I kiss your nipples and then explode shooting my seed deep into you. I smile and roll to the side and you smile as you roll over onto me and snuggle into my arms.