Sweet blonde teen gets talked into threesome sex

Sweet blonde teen gets talked into threesome sex
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When My Dreams Came True. Written and posted by hard93 Chapter 3. Learning to be the Couple we always wanted to be: There is more story than sex if that not what you're look for, sorry but try a another writer. In the previous chapter Andy found out he won the lottery. Rachel his longtime crush, the girl Andy dreamed of as long as he's known her also had a crush on him. From their second kiss on their crush become love and Rachel insisted all she really cared about was Andy's love.

Andy is not about to turn down his longtime heart's desire. Rachael desired Andy just as long. After a day of teasing each other they snuck in bed together and fulfill their dreams. We pick up the story. After a little bit our parents do get serious and set down some rules for us. "First. You two are not going to have sex anywhere but in one of your bedrooms. No sex in cars, in a park or anywhere else you think you could get away with it.

Second. As long as Rachel's working no sex on work nights and when school starts no sex on school nights. She will need her sleep to work. Third: No sex after bedtime.

You are to act like a married couple, no bragging about you having sex to your friends. Treat each other with respect, and respect the family." As soon as Rachel and I had finished breakfast, we both yawn and stretch saying. "Need a nap?" Giggling we both shake her head yes and run upstairs. When we reached the top step Megan calls to us, "Not so fast, get back down here you two." We both groan before turning and going back downstairs. Megan asks, "What did you two have planned for the day?" I tell her, "We were going to go to the mall again this time to pick up a dress for Rachel, one good for the party next Saturday night.

Maybe look around and do a few other things." Mom giggles and says, "Dress shopping sounds fun how about we take your daughters, and leave the menfolk here. I think they want to talk about the new house anyway." Rachel and I really dislike the idea being away from each other. But like I guess, they are in control and I'm along for the ride.

I give Rachel a long kiss before I let them go. Dad and Bill only chuckle at me a little. Then they drag me over and we start going over the house. Dad tells me, we need a list of the features to be incorporated to get to an architect he knows. He also tells me if you keep busy the time will go faster and you won't miss her as much. I say something that Bill said last night, "That's easier said than done." We really make the list which takes a couple of hours and we go back and forth on a few points.

One which is solar power for a large house like that, we estimate it's going to be nearly seventy-five thousand dollars to get enough power to run it. I point out to Dad is going to take about twenty-five thousand dollars just to have a power line plus a meter brought to the house.

So that helps bring the costs down. If you consider your paying twenty-five thousand dollars, just to get charged a monthly fee. Another problem we faced being on top of the hill. For city water to be delivered we would require using a secondary pump. Water storage to get continuous pressure given the fact were raising seventy-five to one hundred feet higher than most of the town.

With 800 acres is more than enough room for a leach bed for the septic system and separation for a water well so we decided to do that instead of trying to get city water, we could do our own water purification after pumping it into a storage tank. It would require adding chlorine before the water was stored to prevent growth of any unwanted contaminant in the tank. We would filter it and have it checked often to ensure its safety. We decided to do a small solar array just for the pump it would not need battery it could run all day and fill the tank.

That covered the utilities for the house. Now for the house itself, I decided I wanted a house that was a mansion not just number of rooms but the purpose for those rooms.

A pool and solarium area Rachel and I both love to swim, a home theater with enough seating for twenty people, then Bill and Dad both suggested billiards and large game room.

I wanted a safe room, one capable withstanding a tornado, the hilltop was exposed. Our master with two sitting areas, they can be used as nurseries until the children had grown a little, bedrooms for six children and a guest room. Then Bill suggested that I go ahead and add another two bedrooms to make it a total of ten.

We can make it another two master suites I suggest. Laundry facilities due to six children I wanted two washers and three dryers.

The kitchen should be something fairly large we would need to cook enough food to feed eight or more people at each and every meal more people on the holidays. The kitchen should have built-in appliances like a large refrigerator and freezer definitely a dishwasher probably two. I want ample storage, plus work surface area and a pantry for storage of other dry goods. I wanted a separate garage with parking for six cars, storage for a speed boat, and fishing boat plus a work area and groundskeeper storage.

The garage should also have a two-bedroom apartment. Dad suggested that we build the garage first. We could use the storage for building supplies. The apartment can be our temporary residence. The main house may take a year to fully complete, but the garage could be completed in a couple months.


Since were going to be off the grid I suggested that we could add to the garage a room for the storage batteries and inverters needed for our power system. That way the power would be there to assist in construction. We should have the well drilled, power systems and purification built for water to the garage and main house.

We could use the same Leach bed for the apartment as the main house we use to prevent adding another expense. Because the apartment is going to be our temporary residence I decided to make it as nice as possible. So instead of just a simple two-bedroom one of the bedrooms will be a master suite with a second bedroom that we use as an office, a utility with washer and dryer, a second full bath, a full kitchen and a large living room to complete the apartment.

That's more like a house with an oversized garage underneath. Dad is already thinking on the construction of the garage. Using cinderblocks and poured concrete for the first floor and bridging to support the second floor, the second for be billed just like a house with crawl way but a burn through layers of drywall would be added between the first and second floors to bring it to the required building codes.

Dad laughs telling me. "You're going to have the most expensive residential garage in the state." With the expense of the three major utilities, power, water and sewage, added to the garage. I can see his point. We decide to make the house two stories with a large finished basement part of it walk-in.

We will utilize the hillside the slope will allow us to make in a walk-in basement. The solarium and pool are dad suggests we can make the part greenhouse as well especially if reoriented on the southeast side of the house. If nothing other than just flowers Bill suggests. "Rachel totally loves flowers, having some year-round would keep her happy." We will put in an elevator in to help move furniture from the basement to the second floor.

Wider hallways in certain areas and an open floor plan around the kitchen and family room area, a dining room and a formal living room. I know one thing; I'll be hiring a maid to help keep the house clean.

Most of the larger rooms would be in the basement, the home theater, safe room, billiards/game room, pool and solarium would be good for most of the entertaining done in the basement. The elevator should be assessable near the kitchen and the second floor hallway.

I want a fire suppression system in the house. At least cover the escape routes so we could get out in case of a fire. The house separated that far from the fire department only adds to the danger from fire. We should use fire retardant or resistant materials as well. I know my Dad tried using metal studs but most people resist that idea.

If nothing else we can use it around fire prone areas like the kitchen and laundry to slow the spread of fire if possible. That should give enough information for the architect to work with. The first weeks of this process will take a lot exchanging of ideas on the rough drawings.

I wanted the architect to finish the blueprints for the garage apartment first. We'll decide on the overall style of the buildings and build the garage. The major points for the house should be set before the construction of the garage. Hopefully we can be in our garage apartment before summer is over. This fall see the beginning of the construction on the mansion. It's still early June so this is possible. The house dad is building here should be completed by the end of the month.

Without any more major delays it will be. I should have the lottery money the land purchased and title, building permits everything done before July first. The construction of the garage should start the second week of July, with a two or three months to complete considering the utilities are going in with the garage. Dad starts to chuckle, "I told you it wouldn't be so terrible if you kept busy." The front door opens and then Rachel comes running in, she ran straight into my arms.

We hold each other almost like we been separated a year. She says. "I missed you. I did find a good dress I hope you like it." She's wearing the same dress she left in, so it must be still outside she doesn't have a bag with her. I tell her. "I missed you too, I was thinking about you the entire time you're gone." Rachel asks, "You mean you didn't accomplish anything?" Dad and Bill chuckle thinking I painted myself into a corner. I say. "No I think we got enough for the architect to get started on the floor plans.

We even got an idea on the construction schedule. But every idea every plan I thought of was what can I do to please you." Rachel throws her arms around me and gives me a big kiss. "I want to hear all about it. Do you want to see my new dress?" I shake my head yes. Rachel says taking my hand to lead me out to the car, "You'll have to help bring stuff in, if you want to see my dress." Dad and Bill laugh before they mumble, "The training has commenced." Mom and Megan are waiting outside as Emily sets on the porch just watching.

In the trunk of the car sets only a dozen bags and the not quite that full, the four ladies could easily carry them in. But I see this is a training exercise for Rachel and me. Let's call it lesson one: How to get your man to do what you can do just as easy. Rachel says, "Here they are Honey can you bring them all inside." I begin taking the bags and say.

"It will be my pleasure Love." I remove all the bags noticing one from Fredericks of Hollywood, Victoria's Secret and a few other similar stores. Set the bags in one hand down I gently closed the trunk, gather the bags and head inside. I follow Rachel who has a definite sway to her hips. She kindly opens the door for me seeing my hands are full. Once inside I asked her.

"Are all of these yours?" She shakes her head no so I asked which ones are yours. I set the bags down to separate hers from the remainder. As she points each bag I pick it back up is only four bags that are not hers. Once I've gotten all her bags in hand we proceed to her room. Emily has a sour look on her face. I ask her, "What's the matter sister did you lose your bet?" She blurts out before thinking, "Yes I did." Mom and Megan giggle picking up the other four bags and pulls Emily into the master bedroom.

I lead Rachel on upstairs to her bedroom bringing in all her bags with me. Once inside Rachel closes and locks the door behind her. Rachel has a devilish grin and she turns and backs a step towards me before saying, "Could you help me with this zipper?" Smiling I repeat, "It will be my pleasure Love." In a second my hand is at the top of her zipper, and I slowly pull it down carefully making sure it doesn't scrape her skin.

When it's at the bottom I lean forward and gently kiss her neck below where the zipper covered.

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Rachel giggles but doesn't move doesn't try stopping me. My hands gently push forward the dress revealing more skin. I continue kissing down her back when I reach her bra she says, "That needs to come off too." I undo the bra latch that holds it together and kiss her skin underwear the bra laid.

I continue on down her back gently kissing every inch of skin that is now exposed. Rachel's dress falls forward and slides down over her legs her bra falls onto the floor and she turns into my arms. Her nipples are hard as she presses against me. Our mouths eagerly meet in a passionate kiss.

She finally pulled back rubbing my chin she says, "Andy, you need a shave." I completely forgot about shaving. "Sorry love, I can run to my house and I can shave and get an overnight bag." Rachel still rubbing my chin says, "Not right now sweetheart, I want to model my new dresses for you." I say, "Okay love, whatever you desire." "Whatever I desire?" Rachel asks with a very seductive look.

"You think we could get away with a very fast fuck." Her panties drop to the floor, she spreads her legs slightly she bends over the edge of the bed placing her hands there. My cock is hard and ready for action as I undo my pants quickly and as they fall down to my thighs standing behind Rachel align myself up to her creamy pussy and begin to push into her.

My cock has only sink an inch or so in Rachel pushes back hard taken all of me. She looks over her shoulder and moans, "I have been wanting this all day." I only give her a second or two to adjust to me. When she pulls forward I hold onto her hips withdrawing half my manhood and then push it back in and begin a slow steady rhythm.

It doesn't take long for her to begin to quiver. She reaches down and begins to rub her clit and I speed my rhythm to match how fast she's rubbing with her hand. She drops her head to the bed to muffle her loud moans. She pulls a pillow to her than arches her back holding a pillow over her face she screams I hear a muffled, "Oh yes Andy I'm Cumming." Still holding her hips my movements become faster and more urgent.

More muffled moans. "Yes, Andy do it." I push hard to her cervix opening it and allow my cum to flood into her womb, now I'm unloading heavy stream of my seed into her belly. Rachel's knees buckle and I hold her from falling, shoot I just clutch her to me. It doesn't take very long until I too am completely spent. I remove my softening manhood from her and allow her to softly descend onto the bed.

I quickly grabbed some tissues and bring them to her as cum drains from her. Holding the tissues to herself she begins to giggle and I lean forward giving her a loving kiss. I am uncertain to why it is now that I think to ask.

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"Rachel, are you on birth control?" Rachel shakes her head no with a smile. I only smile and gently caress her belly before I say, "Trying to get a head start on our six kids?" Now Rachel's giggle becomes a full laugh that I join in with.

When she calms down a little she asks, "If I got pregnant would you marry me anyway?" Happily I say, "I believe we did that this morning. Emily officiated, remember and our parents ask the vowels." Rachel's face lights up and says, "And now we just consummated our union." I say, "All we have to do is get a marriage license and get it signed and witnessed." Rachel giggles saying, "I do want a June wedding.

If that's all we have to do can you accomplish that next week as well?" Now hugging her I say, "As soon as we have our rings I'll make sure everything else is ready too. If we have to do more we get it done. It may not be a big June wedding but will have one." Rachel says, "Whatever we do as long as I'm married to you by July will be good." "Inpatient." I say playfully.

Giggling she says, "Eleven years, and I'm not waiting any longer." Smiling brightly I say, "I have to agree with you, I can't wait any longer too." Giggling Rachel says as she begins to pull on her panties and reach for the Victoria's bag for her new dress.

"Maybe we better hurry up before they think we're trying to make them grandparents." I kiss her before saying, "I'm going to love making them grandparents, whether we do it today or next year." I dress as Rachel picks the dress to try on.

I help her slip on the new dress. She's taken a step away from me and turns slowly. The dress holds tightly to each curve of her body she's absolutely gorgeous in it. I say, "Wow, that dress looks so good on you." She smiles and looks and the mirror she turns before she asked me, "Do you really think I'm pretty?" "I don't even have to think about that question. You're absolutely gorgeous. That dress shows it. Some the things you wear hide that a little bit, but I see it every time I look at you." Rachel wraps me back in her arms and we kiss again.

I whisper to her, "That's the only thing about making love in that position that we just tried that I miss. I love kissing you when we make love." Rachel whispers back, "You mean have sex." "No Rachel we never had sex I've always made love to you.

I love you and I always try to make sure you enjoy every second that we make love." Rachel whispers her question, "So the difference between sex and making love is the love?" "Yes my Love, the difference between sex and making love is that I'm in love with you." Rachel now understanding exactly what I mean says, "So if you're in love with someone and you make love what it makes you?" "Well it depends if you're a woman.

It makes you a wife. If you're man it should make you a husband. It definitely makes you a lover." I lovingly caress her face. Smiling Rachel says, "I was feeling a little slutty thinking about making love with you, but the way you put it I don't feel bad about it anymore.

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I will be your wife, your lover and the mother of your children." I smile to her and say, "I love you and I will be your husband, your provider, your lover, and the father to your children, I'll be their daddy, their playmate, you and their protector." Giggling Rachel says, "What if I need a playmate once in a while?" Still gently caressing her chin I say, "I'm already your playmate.

I'll play with you any time. I drop my hand to her breast and lightly squeeze through the dress." Pouting Rachel says, "I don't think we can get away with it a second time." Begin to kiss her lightly on her lips when I break saying, "You're probably right." She pulls off the dress and lays it on the bed picking another bag she removes another dress and slides it on. This dress isn't quite as revealing but just as clingy accenting her figure very nicely.

I tell her. "You make that dress look gorgeous." It's much easier to give her the credit than the dress. Again she asks, "You really think so?" "Yes I do. But then again I'm very biased being in love with you." This causes Rachel to blush and giggle.

A knock on the door makes us both turn as the doorknob rattles. We can hear Emily on the other side of the door asking. "Why is the door locked?" It's a standard house door with the lock in the center and I'll do my best to cover for Rachel. "Oh sorry, I must have locked it accidentally when I shut the door." I'm opening the door to talk unobstructed to Emily, but Emily steps in.

Emily takes a sniff and gets the scent that still hangs heavy in the air. Rachel and I don't smell it because we have been breathing it for so long. Emily asks, "What's that smell?" Rachel blushes and looks away, but Emily looks into my eyes and I tell her. "That's the smell created when two people make love. We decided to make your parents and mine, grandparents.

But we want to surprise them. We also want to get married as quickly as we can. If you're officiating our wedding this morning wasn't official enough." Emily blushes and begins to stammer. "I didn't. I don't think. But." I look at her and say. "Our parents asked the vowels to which we said I do to, and you pronounced us man and wife.

Isn't that a wedding?" Emily retreats from the room faster than she came in. Rachel turns and giggles before hugging me. And we can hear Emily from downstairs asking. "Mom did I marry Andy and Rachel this morning?" Our father's burst out laughing, our mothers join in, and I pull Rachel downstairs and as soon as we make our appearance.

Megan says. "Here's the happy couple on their wedding day." Rachel just turns and jumps into my arms and wraps her long legs around my waist and begins kissing me. That's how we became unofficially husband and wife. Which was just fine with us our parents treated us as a married couple. I told them. "We are going to get a marriage license sometime next week. Once the rings were done if Emily's wedding wasn't good enough would find a preacher, judge, Justice of the peace or anyone that could legally perform the ceremony for us.

We would sign the license. We would definitely be legally married before this month is over. We've waited eleven years and that's enough." Rachel just continued kissing me to each word until I was finished talking and then she said. "My husband's absolutely right. We've waited eleven years and that's enough." Megan giggles before she said. "Okay you two sleep at Andy's tonight. Emily needs her rest, and so do me and Bill. You two are a lot noisier than you realize." Mom and Dad look at each other before Mom says.

"We soundproofed our room years ago." "That explains how I can get a night's sleep most of the time. I still hear you once in a while." I carry Rachel back to her bedroom to laughs from downstairs.

She begins filling an overnight bag she purchased. I laugh when she put in four pairs of panties. She smiled back before saying. "I had to buy a pair today I was leaking so bad I had soaked the ones I was wearing." She reaches up and pulls the pair off she's wearing their absolutely soaked, grabs another pair and puts them on. Putting down to grabs one more pair, and says.

"On the way over to your house we need to stop by a drugstore I want you to pick up some panty liners and douche for me." I begin laughing before I tell her. "I don't think my Dad will pick that up for my Mom and they been married nineteen years. But if you really want me to pick something like that up for you I will. But it's really going to cost you." She turns around pushes me back on the bed before she says.

"What's it going to cost me for you to do a little simple thing for me?" Laughing I say. "I'm going to buy two or three bottles of douche. Because once you douche I'm going to lick you until you can't stand it anymore. Then I will give you a reason to use the next bottle." With an evil grin on her face Rachel says. "If you went and got them without complaint I was going to do that anyway." Chuckling I ask. "Is this part of lesson one right?" Giggling Rachel says.

"Nope, you jumped all the way to lesson five, you did so well on lesson one. Lesson five is a simple task for me, a very embarrassing task for you." I explain, "Not if I make you show me which products you want. If you do that I'll gladly go back and get them each and every time.

It's not so much of a problem for me to do that. It's just I don't know which ones you want. Me standing there trying to remember or figure out which ones you want would drive me crazy." Rachel asks, "You mean you would walk right up into the feminine products and pick up a box of tampons, a bottle of douche, and feminine napkins if you knew which ones I wanted." With all seriousness I say, "If you need all that I would gladly go and pick it up even if it was just to keep you seated so you can watch your favorite soap opera." Now Rachel asks, "Seriously you would go into a drugstore or a department store and pick this stuff up for me." Gently cupping her face and looking directly into her eyes I say, "For you I do anything, what most men would find embarrassing, or fight to get out of I would do for you." "I'll be back in a second." She gets up and walks into her bathroom.

When she returns she holds three box lids. She instructs, "Just go into the store and find these products, the store should have the same exact ones as these. Just match the tops and you're golden." I hold my hand out for the box tops; she gently sets them in my hand.

I slide them into my pocket. Then I say, "Anything else you need before we go." Rachel says with a devilish grin, "No I think I got everything except what I need from the drugstore." Kissing her hand I help her arise. Then we walked back downstairs and out to my truck, and I drive us to the drugstore and pick up Rachel's items, instead of just getting one douche I get four. An older lady in her fifties is working the cash register as I pay for the items.

She looks at me before saying, "Most men wouldn't be caught dead buying this for their girlfriend or wife." Chuckling I say, "That means they fail on lesson five." Giggling she says, "It looks like you past. You know what lesson six is? " Shrugging my shoulders I say, "Sorry I haven't got there yet." She says, "Getting up in the middle of the night to feed the baby, so your wife can rest." I point out, "That sounds like an easy one, unless my wife plans on breast-feeding." She says as another customer steps into line, "There's a workaround for that too.

But it doesn't look like you need to know that quite yet." Then she hands me the bag with the items in it. I walk out into the parking lot and getting into my truck I hand the bag to Rachel. "Please check and see if I got the right ones?" Rachel looking through the bag she smiles before saying, "You got too many of the douche but you did well enough." With a devilish grin of my own I say, "Nope I didn't get too many you just don't know how many you're going to need." Rachel begins laughing, "You think I will let you put that much of your cum in me." Pulling out the parking lot I point out to her, "Rachel don't you enjoy me putting it in as much as I do." Rachel has to admit, "Yes I do enjoy it." "All right Love, as long as you know that making me do without is making you do without.

So why should we deny that we both enjoy making each other happy. Only someone that doesn't have our best interests at heart would suggest something like that." Rachel says, "All the girls at school say it's always best to have your boyfriend wanting more from you." I point out to Rachel, "How many of these girls have broken up with her boyfriend because he went looking somewhere else and she caught him or because they wanted their itch scratched since they were not going give it to their boyfriend got caught cheating.

I know at least seven or eight girls as many guys had broken up in the last few months of school alone because of that." Rachel asks me, "How do we avoid something like that?" "I guess there's only one way for us to avoid something like that. I'll have to do my best to keep you satisfied with our lovemaking. And if I have an itch you're the only one I'll let scratch it, because I'm the only one scratching your itches too." Rachel says, "Are you saying if I cheat it's over?" I point out to her, "That's what the fidelity clause says in a prenuptial, so you already said that." Rachel giggles, "That was the first thing I asked for." Pulling into my driveway I tell her, "I figured out a long time ago you're the only person I want to be in love with.

You're not going to have to worry about me cheating." Rachel giggles and says, "You mean if Emily through herself at you nude and begging for you to fuck her you wouldn't?" I point out to her, "That's right I wouldn't.

Even your sister as beautiful as she is, isn't you. I wouldn't because she isn't you." Rachel giggles before she teases me, "I'm going to tell my sister you said she's beautiful." Not giving into her teasing I say to her, "That's okay you tell her if you want to. She's not nearly as beautiful as you are." That stops her dead in her tracks as she looks at me before she asks, "Really I always thought she was more beautiful than I am." I tell her now, "Rachel to me you are the most beautiful, gorgeous, attractive, desirable, woman that I know." Rachel asks, "Am I really?" I tell her, "It's all true.

Now get that beautiful ass in my bed." Rachel grabs the back from the drug store and heads towards my door. I take her overnight bag out of the truck and walk up to the door unlocking it and opening it for Rachel. Rachel giggles as I catch her sweeping her off her feet I carry her across the threshold to my house. Once in the hallway I set her down gently.

I go back to the front door close and lock it again. Turning back Rachel's disappeared but I hear water running in the bathroom. This gives me a moment or two going to the linen closet I get fresh sheets for my bed. I quickly go to my room strip the bed of the old sheets and remake it. When Rachel comes from the bathroom she has a sexy grin on her face. She pulled me back into the bathroom and says, "I want to watch you shave.

When I was a very little girl I would watch my Daddy as he shaved. I always dreamed of watching my husband shave in the morning." After a shave we return to my bedroom.

Seen the freshly made and turned down bed she steps forward turns and has me undo her zipper. Just like earlier as I undo her zipper I gently kiss the skin as it becomes exposed. I kiss down her back midway Rachel shudders and then moans. "Oh I'm going to get used to this." When the zipper is completely down Rachel allows the dress to fall to the floor. Again my love stands before me completely nude. She turns to face me, her nipples are hard and her eyes shine with happiness and love.

Her voice is very lustful as she whispers to me. "I used one of the douches. Would you like to lick my pussy?" Without saying a word I sweep her off her feet again and gently place her on the bed as she giggles. She grabs my shirt and begins to undo the buttons and kiss my skin as it comes into view. She kisses the top of my stomach and then goes to my lips as she continues to on button my shirt. Once it's fully unbuttoned she starts pushing it over my shoulders and I quickly shed it and it joins Rachel's dress on the floor.

Her hands frantically work my belt and then my zipper my pants fall round my ankles and I step out of them. Now I too stand nude before my Love. Rachel looks up into my eyes with a mischievous look on her face. She grabs my manhood going to her knees pulls it to her mouth taken me in to her warm wet mouth causes me to shudder and moan.

Rachel moans round my hard cock and the vibrations send pleasure through my body. "Oh Rachel, I love you." Rachel just smiles up at me with the same mischievous look in her eyes. Now Rachel slides more of her mouth along my manhood taking me deeper. Her tongue rubs the underside of my cock over sensitive areas causing me to moan. "Oh, oh Rachel that feels so good." Encouraged by my reaction Rachel tries to take me deeper still, but do to my length she hits the back of her mouth and her gag reflex causes her to back off quickly.

She coughs a couple times before looking up at me. I ask, "Are you all right Love?" After she recovers Rachel says. "You're the first person I've ever tried to give a blow job to." I kneel down to her and kiss her. I say, "You were doing great until you got a little over aggressive. You don't need to be perfect. We have the rest of our lives to learn how to please each other." Rachel again grabs my cock and pulls it forward to her mouth forcing me to stand again, looking at me she says, "I'm going to learn how to do this and there's no time like the present." She begins to lick the head of my cock cause me to moan.

"Oh yes Love that feels good." She runs her tongue around the rim of my cock causing me to inhale sharply. Then she takes my cock back into her mouth bobbing her head not as deeply as before but it still feels magnificent.


With one hand she strokes the base of my cock the other gently fondles my scrotum. I have the urge put my hand on the back of her head and force her mouth to take all my cock, I fight that urge. She's given me so much pleasure I don't want to force her into doing anything she can't yet. That would be a good way to make sure she never does it again. I do let my hand played with her hair brush it from her eyes as her head bobs.

Looking up Rachel looks into my eyes and I moan. "I love you." After some time my breathing becomes more rapid and my heart rate has increased I feel my cock throb with each heartbeat. I know I'm not going to last long so I warn Rachel. "Rachel love… I'm getting very close… I'm going to cum." Rachel looks up she doesn't stop bobbing her head, her eyes lock with mine.

I feel my nuts tighten and it's too late to do anything but enjoy the moment. As I unload a massive amount of cum into Rachel's mouth. I hear Rachel struggled to swallow and I try to pull back or stop coming but I can't.

Cum drips from Rachel's chin falling on her belly and running downward. Rachel doesn't release me from her mouth until I stopped cumming. Rachel licks me from base to head cleaning any cum left and giving me a hard suck which causes me to shudder once again. Now using her fingers to clean her chin and scoop the come back into her mouth Rachel smiles looking into my eyes. Now Rachel says, "You taste good and you cum a lot." As soon as she releases me I sink down to my knees now looking Rachel straight in the eye I tell her.

"That was my first blow job anyone is ever given me. It was great. Thank you, I love you." Not caring I lean forward and kiss her. I realize I taste myself but I want to thank Rachel for giving me such pleasure. It doesn't take me long to want to return the pleasure she's given me.

I begin to raise her up and set her on the edge of the bed. I break my kiss and start to kiss down her body massaging her breast now as my mouth slowly kisses towards them. Her nipples still diamond hard I remove my hand and quickly place my mouth over her left breast and begin to suck on her beautiful tit. I feel my manhood beginning to come back to life. I'll take my time so it can recover give Rachel the pleasure she's given me. Her fingers run through my hair as I gently suck on her breasts teasing her nipple with my tongue.

Rachel moans, "Oh yes Andy you're getting better at that." Her hand moves me to her right breast and I suck and tease her right nipple. I am gently biting it she thrust her hips forward moaning louder. But she warns, "Don't bite them hard." I realize they are probably as sensitive as my cock, especially when there hard like this. So I go back to sucking and teasing with my tongue. Rachel moans her appreciation, "Oh yes that's better oh suck harder." Again I suck a little harder a little deeper into my mouth a little more pressure with my tongue as I caress the nipple with my tongue.

Rachel shudders and pushes my head into her breast. I don't suck harder I increased the speed at which I nurse and Rachel continues to shake. Her hips gyrate mostly moving forward and back Rachel moans again, "Oh Andy you're going to make me cum, don't stop." I increased the massaging of my right hand on her left breast running my thumb more rapidly over her nipple. She spreads her legs wider and my free hand goes to her back to prevent her pulling away from me.

Her hips thrust shaking the bed. I lean in to make sure she doesn't slide from the bed and her clit now rubs against my upper stomach. Rachel throws her legs tightly around my back forcing us together tighter and screams. "I'M CUMMING. OH FUCK I'M CUMMING." Rachel spasms hard against me her hips shake and thrust and my stomach becomes wet from her juice. She arches her back and begins to push my head away. I let her fall back to the bed as her legs unlock and spread wide on the edge of the bed.

The aroma of her cum on my belly makes me want to dive in to that leaking pussy right in front of my face now. Her labia spread wide and the inner lips protrude, I lick over them causing them to open, her clitoris stands out pass its protective hood. Like a tiny erect penis and almost looks like it is throbbing. I continue to lick at her leaking vagina the taste of her cum is driving my manhood to full hardness.

Her hand comes to the back my head as my tongue enters her body to get more of the taste. Rachel moans, "Oh, oh yes you're going to make me cum again." I withdrawal my tongue and gently insert a finger filling the inside of her vagina pushing up I find the spongy area that from my reading is her G-spot.

My tongue runs up her slit until I begin to tease her clit. Rachel spasm and screech a high pitched tone that last forever as she shakes and spurts wetting my chin and chest. As her screech goes silent she falls limp to the bed. I hear giggling and turn to see the door closing. I hear my mother's muffled voice say, "Our daughter-in-law is a screamer." I stand and gently move Rachel onto my bed her limp body now rests beside me.

I gently stroke her stomach and watch her beautiful face as she sleeps. I realize I been dreaming of this for years being here with her is a dream come true.

Being her lover, being her husband is something I have always wanted to be. There is a gentle tap at the door and I get up and pull my pants on and cover Rachel with the sheet before I answer.

Mom's there with a couple glasses of cold water. She hands me the glasses and gives me a wink tells me dinner will be ready in an hour. I hear giggling from behind me and Rachel says.

"We'll be there may be just a little late." Mom giggles as she pulls the door to, "I'll come back and knock on the door again." I walk back to the bed as Rachel sets up and the sheet falls revealing her beautiful breasts.

If I hadn't been harder ready I would be before the two steps to my bed. Rachel looks at me offers both her hands and says, "Hand me those glasses and you take off those pants." As I come back into the bed and set beside her she hands me back a glass of ice water.

She is drinking heavily from her glass. She sees the dampness on my chest she runs her fingers through it and smells her fingers. She has a questioning expression not knowing what the substance is. I inform her as she smells her fingers again. "I love the way your cum smells. It makes me so horny I can't stand it." Then I take a quick drink from the glass of ice water. Then Rachel asks, "That came from me, did I pee on you?" "No Rachel, you ejaculated on me.

That's the smell of your ejaculate, your cum, when you had a strong orgasm you produced that." Rachel giggled, "You did give me one hell of a strong orgasm." She looks down see my hard cock she giggles again set her empty glass down on the end table and takes mine and sets it beside hers.

She straddles my waist and brings my hard cock up to her wet pussy. She lines herself up and slowly sinks down over my nine inches. We both moan at the pleasure. She pushes me back with her hands on my chest as she begins to move her hips up and down.

I moan. "Oh yes my Love." As Rachel changes to rocking back and forth rubbing her clit across my pelvis. Her eyes are locked on mine as a sexy smile place a crossed her face. I moan again. "I'm going to love getting used to this." That causes her to giggle but not slow down. It doesn't take long before she's pushing down hard and convulsing as she moans. I pull her down to me and roll us over I really wish I had a bigger bed as I scoot us back to the middle Rachel's legs wrap around me as I begin a long deep thrusting with a medium rhythm as I make love to Rachel.

Rachel's hips thrust up to meet my strokes. Her eyes locks onto mine as her arms wrap around my shoulders and pull me down to kiss her. We're kissing hot and passionately as she spurs me into a faster rhythm. Rachel moans in our kiss. Finally she breaks forcing her back into an arch as she shakes and her pussy spasms trying to milk my cock.

I continue the rhythm and tell she relaxes only for a minute or so and she begins to spasm again as her pussy clutches and milks my cock she has a high pitched scream as she orgasms again. She keeps spurring me into a faster rhythm as I continue to make love to her. I feel my balls tighten as another of Rachel's orgasm begins I push deep past her cervix and a stream sperm enters her fertile womb. She shakes convulses her body slamming into mine her legs pulling me deeper. Then she relaxes falls limp and I barely manage to roll us so Rachel now rests on my chest.

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At the door there's a loud knocking as my mother wakes us. "You two need a shower. Then come to dinner." Rachel grins down at me. Lifts her hips and I slide from her as a torrent of our juices pours onto my pelvis area.

Giggling Rachel says, "You're going to have me pregnant before you get that ring on my finger." I pick her up and wrap the sheet around us carrying her into the bathroom, dropping the sheet onto the bathroom floor as I set her down gently. She starts the shower and when it gets warm enough she steps in pulls me with her. I pull Rachel's gorgeous wet body to me rubbing crossed her shoulders over her back I kiss her passionately than say to her.

"I love you and I'm really enjoying getting you pregnant. I'm going to love getting up in the middle of the night to feed our baby. Just so I can watch you sleep." Giggling Rachel says, "Promises, promises." "If I get you pregnant now that means you'll be delivering in March next year. You think we can still finish high school with a newborn." Determined Rachel says, "It probably will be a lot harder, but we'll do it." Rachel wrapped in a towel goes back in my room to dress.

I take clean plane white T-shirt and pair jeans from a closet and dress in them. Rachel just smiles at me, before I say. "I'm saving my preppy clothes for when we go out." Rachel just takes one of my T-shirts and her jeans Rachel says. "Now we match." Dinner is really good Mom outdone herself, Rachel really enjoys Mom's cooking too. Rachel helps Mom clear the table after dinner. I can hear them giggling from the kitchen as Dad and I go to the living room.

Dad tells me, "You better be happy that your Mom and Rachel get along well. My mother didn't get along so well with your Mom. That created a lot of problems that we really didn't need. By the time you came along they work most of their differences out. It still made things tough for a few years." I hear Mom laughing hard as she comes into the living room pulling Rachel behind her.

She pushes Rachel toward me; Rachel comes and sits herself down in my lap. Mom says. "Your son is already a better husband than you are. He went and bought her feminine products today, and got the right ones." Dad looks at me saying, "Son you're making me look bad. How the hell did you manage to get the right ones?" I say, "Rachel gave me the box tops that way I could match the one she wanted." Dad looks at Mom and says, "Apparently our daughter-in-law is a smarter wife than you are." Then Dad blows Mom a kiss.

Rachel and I just crack up at the expressions the two of them have. I tell them, "The two of you have always told me never to sweat the small stuff. So Dad got the wrong douche once. If you give in the box top he would know which one to get." Mom turns around and shows her frustration on her face.

Mom says, "The last douche he bought was strawberry flavored." Rachel has a questioning look, and she turns to me she asked, "Do you like strawberries?" I answer and then ask, "Yes I do. Why?" Rachel looks back at my Mom and asks, "You still got that douche." Dad is shaking his head no.

Mom breaks out in to laughter. And I say, "Apparently I'm not the only one who likes strawberries." Mom's face turns red before she asks, "Honey, would you go back to the drugstore for me?" Laughing Dad says, "Only if you admit that I didn't get the wrong type of douche." Mom says, "It wasn't the one I sent you after, but it was a good mistake." Dad laughing harder says, "It wasn't a mistake I like strawberries." As a result Dad and I both end up going to the drugstore for a couple boxes of strawberry flavored douche.

My excuse for buying one was easy. My wife didn't know they came in strawberry. The lady behind the counter laughed and said we got about three different flavors if you want try all three. I found they had an apple flavored one as well so what the hell I purchased that one too.

Since Dad had to be there anyway he picked up Mom's normal monthly supplies. Arriving home Mom was pleased and tells Dad, "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said you were a bad husband because you're far from it." Dad just pulled mom into a kiss. He whispers something into Mom's ear and she giggles and they had off into the bedroom. I laugh and pull Rachel onto my lap. "You want to hear how good my Mom's and Dad's bedroom is soundproof?" Rachel giggles, "Why?" "Because it really isn't you here just about every grunt they make.

And if I'm lucky just hearing someone make love is enough to make you horny." Rachel giggles pulling me up she says, "You're enough to make me horny, I don't need anything else." Walking hand-in-hand to our bedroom I say, "Good, because I feel the same way." We make love two more times that afternoon.

As we lay there in each other's arms I tell her about the house I had planned for her. When she commented so large is going to be hard to keep clean especially with six kids. I tell her we can always hire a maid to help you out. She likes the indoor pool and solarium I told her Bill suggested the greenhouse part of the solarium.

She asked why ten bedrooms. I told her three master's bedrooms, a guess bedroom, and six bedrooms for the children. She laughed saying, "They're not even born yet and you're spoiling them already." I gently rub her belly and say, "I will spoil every single one of them, they will not want for anything.

Especially they won't want for my attention. When I was little my Dad was working two jobs and I never saw him." Rachel says, "My dad worked some pretty long hours and I didn't get to see him a lot too." She asked. "Why I wanted a home theater? All we have to do is drive twenty miles to see a movie in IMAX." "With six kids in the house a home theater showing a movie that they can watch would be a two-hour break for us." Rachel giggled before saying, "They're not all going to be the same age so some won't want to watch kid's movies.

While the younger ones won't want to watch the more adult's movies either." "Oh I really didn't think of that, I guess our oldest will be between twelve and eighteen years old when our sixth child is born." Rachel giggles, "You're going to keep me bare foot and pregnant for a long time." Jokingly I say, "We are going to have a lot of fun with our kids, and even more fun making them. I'm really wanted to practice for a while, how about you?" Rachel says, "Now by practice do you mean make love?" I pull her back into my arms and begin to kiss her.

Then pushed her down onto her belly to try a different position I've read about. Straddling her legs I pull them apart lift her ass and push into her creamy pussy. She moans loudly into the pillows. Her hand drops down her body and she begins to rub her clit as I push into her from behind. After a few minutes she begins to scream into the pillows as I begin a fast hard rhythm pushing deeper into her with each stroke. As I come closer to my own orgasm I roll her over spread her legs and pushed back into her she pulls me down and we cling to each other and we kiss, until we both orgasm.

Then I roll us over and we fall asleep in each other's arms. We both awake in the morning smiling at each other, just happy to be together. We get up head to the bathroom I shave while she watches. We shower together, brush our teeth together then dress heading to the kitchen Mom's there making breakfast. Mom says, "Rachel did you call in to work today, if you come with us we can get a few more errands done that requires you to be there too." Rachel says, "I can always ask." I tell her to tell them, "We're going to get our marriage license today." Giggling she says, "For that I'll quit.

My husband's rich." She gives me a wink. They did not give her a hassle for taking the day off. Business had been slow lately. Mom says, "Why don't you quit anyway? Andy would love to have you around all day long." Rachel asks, "Aren't they supposed to give the store some money with a winning lottery ticket sold there?" Mom says, "I have to admit, I don't know." I say, "The sooner we get to counselor Jenkins the sooner we can get the paperwork for the lottery trust done." Rachel reminds me, "And don't forget our prenuptial agreement." Pulling her close I say, "I'm not worried; as long as you love me I'm never going to divorce you." Rachel says, "I'll love you till I die, and then probably on after that.

But I'm still getting a prenuptial." I just kiss her knowing that I'll never have grounds to have it enforced. Mom feeds us, which is a nice change were both used to cold cereal in the morning. Scrambled eggs and bacon with toast is a great change. We get to the lawyers office just before he walks in. I had mom bring a copy of the lottery that I showed her, and my birth certificate.

We called Megan and ask about Rachel's birth certificate and she said should meet us here with it. He has a preformatted trust that work for the lottery and is done in ten minutes. He quickly calls the lottery commission and sets an appointment time for two this afternoon.

Rachel asked them about the prenuptial and he begins filling out the paperwork for that that only took five minutes due to the fact that she only requested so few clauses. He also informed us that Emily's versions of the marriage vowels are not legally accepted. A license is required before the ceremony. In the state a seventy-two hour waiting period after the initial request is require for a marriage license.

When Megan shows up with Rachel's birth certificate, the counselor completes a request form which Rachel and I signed all we have to do now is drop it by the County Courthouse three doors down and talk to the clerk come back on Thursday for our marriage license.

I invite Megan to come with us to the lottery commission this afternoon, but she declines. Rachel and I walked down and file the marriage license request. Megan and Mom do come along for that. Rachel and I both signed the prenuptial in the lawyer's office. I kiss her and say, "You know I'll never give you cause to use that." Rachel giggled, "And I will not either." Counselor Jenkins laughed before saying, "For some reason I believe you two.

I've had other couples in here that said the same thing but I knew they be using it before too long. I almost feel guilty for charging you for it." Two o'clock that afternoon we're at the lottery commission, counselor Jenkins, Mom, Rachel and I walk in I have the ticket stored in a coin box to keep it out of sight. Once the lottery Commissioner allows us into his office, he requests to view the ticket which I produce.

He scans it in a machine he has on his desk, this verifies the ticket as the winner. He takes the paperwork for the trust, and we had stop by the bank and created an account for it. He informs us that it would take one week for the lottery moneys to transfer into my account. Counselor Jenkins request from him a receipt for the ticket and verification of the amount of the deposit. The lottery Commissioner hands me tax forms, both income and social security, age verification, and a statement for the press.

The tax forms a very simple to fill out, age verification was also easily accomplished. The hardest one was a statement for the press because I wasn't sure of what to put down? Rachel comes to my rescue here. We write a nice little story about how I bought the ticket and how Rachel informed me I was the winner. I tell her, "When you pop the question to me, I didn't give a damn if the ticket one or not, I was more interested in you." The lottery Commissioner looks at us and says, "Looking at your age verification I see that you didn't turn eighteen until Monday the day you bought the ticket." I shake my head yes.

He continues, "I'm very sorry to inform you the rules say you must be over eighteen years of age. Since it was on your birthday you're in a gray area the ticket may not be any good." I look Rachel who is almost in tears ask her, "I know sweetheart, our life will be harder but I still want to marry you, as long as you still do?" She throws herself in my arms and says, "Rich or poor it doesn't matter I love you." As we get up to start to walk out of the office.

The Commissioner says, "Stop folks I was just joking the ticket is fine. I've seen everything I wanted to see. I'll see if I can get that money transfer to you as soon as possible. No guarantees it should be there within a week for sure." Rachel looks at him with a little anger. The Commissioner explains himself, "You think you're the first one to make a proposal to a lottery winner.

Most of them run out of the office as soon as I say that. Leaving their supposedly love of their life behind. But I can tell you are the real deal." And then Rachel asks how he knew, "How do you know I'm the real deal?" The lottery Commissioner says, "The entire time you held to each other. Each of you only concern was the other." Smiling Rachel says, "Thank you sir." Counselor Jenkins asks, "Is there anything else that needs to be completed?" The lottery Commissioner says, "Just the transfer.

The cash will transfer and everything else is up to you two. Good luck and have a long and happy marriage." Counselor Jenkins shakes my hand and says, "I'll bill you in two weeks that way the money for the lottery will definitely be in your account. If not, give me a call." Back at the mall I decided it was time for me to acquire a cell phone.

I checked around several providers, one required one thousand dollars security deposit. I laughed and walked away. Mom and Rachel were walking around the mall together, I went into another provider not only was I able to get a family plan but got two phones for two hundred dollars, state-of-the-art phones, a seventy-five dollar a month plan turned out to be more like a hundred and ten with the other charges. Wasn't all that bad considering I have friends that pay that much for disposable phones.

But I found Rachel and Mom they were looking at wedding dresses through the window. Rachel said she is waiting on her Mom and they were going to go and take a look and see if there's anything that she liked.

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I asked if there's anything I can do? She told me go find somewhere else in the mall the hang out for a while. I gave her a kiss. I asked if I could see her phone for a moment I quickly added my new phone number under husband. I tell her, "I Love you. I will talk to you later sweetie." Walking down the mall I got just far enough away where I could still see her but not hear her or her me.

I quickly call her phone. When it rings and lights up husband she opens the phone and asks, "Who is this?" In a bright voice I say, "Well what did it say?" "It said husband." Then it hits her. "Andy you got a cell phone." I tell her, "Yes I did sweetie I got a cell phone more than that I had a family plan with a new cell phone for you if you want." Rachel says, "Of course I want it. I just like some time to move all the numbers over." "Okay love we'll do that tonight I wanted to give you my number so you can call me back." I'm telling her as I walk away.

"I will be at Sears looking at the tools that's the same thing my Dad always does." I can hear Mom giggling in the background before saying, "Like father like son." Rachel says, "I'll talk to you later Love, Mom is here." That week only got faster after that.

On Tuesday the jewelry store called the ring set was ready. The money got into the account on Thursday. I negotiated an interest rate from the bank due to the large amount of capital I was going to allow to stay there I got three and one quarter percent annual. As long as I retained a fifty million dollars balance. After taxes I was surprised at the amount I had left put it into a trust directly had reduced the taxes quite a lot.

Thursday afternoon I placed the first offer for land. I followed Roger's advice and made an offer for one point two million to my surprise he actually took it that day. We closed on the property Friday at noon.

Look at the weather forecast Rachel and I decided that we would have a small ceremony a few of her friends, and mine, our families and the Justice of the peace, Saturday morning at 10 o'clock on our new property we were married officially. We had an archway of roses dozens of white, interspersed were red ones as accent.

Rachel's bouquet was red roses, with baby's breath. She wears a beautiful wedding dress which perfectly fits to her. When I first saw her in her dress she took my breath away.

I wear a rented tuxedo traditional black for the groom. Bill walks Rachel down the aisle which was nothing more than a carpet runner. A little more than four dozen chairs are set up on either side of it. Being in a small town like this it didn't take long for the word to get around.

As the chairs fill up quickly, and many of our friends stand as their parents and grandparents take the chairs. The ceremony is traditional, Rachel and I say our, I do, although in our heart Emily's was the start of our marriage. The ceremony was just to make it legal.

At the end of the ceremony we think everyone for showing up, and invite them back once the house was complete for a much postponed wedding reception. We got a few laughs, but everyone promises they would be there.

Emily was the maid of honor, along with a few of the cheerleaders as bridesmaids. Rachel's friend Lee and Kristi make up the bride's party. George, my best friend, is my best man in the only one who stood for me.

It was too short of a notice to get anyone else. From the architect Saturday at three o'clock we receive a package in the mail with the initial floor plans.

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Looking them over Dad caught two mistakes, but the garage plans look good they even have the battery room set underground.

An underground walkway from the garage to the basement of the house was in addition we hadn't thought of. The computer disk that came with it had walk through show it to my new wife she was extremely excited she loved how the main house looked. Rachel like the garage as well I told her was going to build garage and the utilities and began on the main house as soon as we had a place to live. Going through the walk-through in the garage she realized the master bedroom would be ours.

Rachel smiled saying that would be a good place till the house was finished. One other major thing happened that week the gas station owner refused to share the percentage given to him even a small bonus to his employees.

Needless to say this didn't go over well with Rachel or any of his other employees. He had to scramble to find replacements for everyone. I told Rachel if she needed a job that she always could be my personal assistant as long as she doesn't file a sexual harassment charge against her new boss. Rachel laughed at my joke. Our parents all got a surprise when Rachel told them that she wasn't on birth control and had no plans of starting, they all assumed we were.

Her Mom cried for five minutes with Rachel holding her. When she finally could say something Rachel asked, "Why are you crying?" "I'm too young to be a grandma." Megan finally managed to say. Everyone else got a laugh out of it. That evening we got dressed and decided to go to the party that she planned on attending, although we were now attending as Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter. Since we had gotten our money I decided to buy a new SUV for us. So I drive up to the party in our brand-new SUV and like always I help Rachel out.

We walked into Kristi's party hand-in-hand and she sat right down in my lap and started talking to some of her friends from cheerleading. She tells them this year she probably wasn't going out for the squad. They sounded quite disappointed and they ask her why.

Rachel says. "There's a real good possibility I am, or will be pregnant very soon." I looked at her and she held up her hand to the few girls that hadn't come to our wedding. Several giggled saying. "Rachel you're a horny slut." Rachel corrected them. "No I am a horny wife. I have a very horny husband, who is definitely going to knock me up real soon." We hadn't planned on staying for long at the party just make an appearance and we had arranged to stay in a hotel for the rest of the weekend, a five-star hotel just forty miles away.

A few of the football players try to hassle us but Rachel's friends step in. Lee says to the jackass jocks, "You leave them alone or I'll leave you alone." Rachel just giggled. And I shook my head lift her up and we left. We ate in the hotel restaurant before heading to our room. We made love four times before going to sleep there three more times during the night, twice in the morning before breakfast, a long nap before lunch followed by another lovemaking session.

We ordered from room service and stayed in the room the entire weekend. When Monday come around and we left at ten in the morning. Returned home stopping at Rachel's old job, the manager there actually offered her job back. Rachel simply laughed she said to him, "Two weeks ago I sold the winning lottery ticket to my new husband. He wants me to be his personal assistant. The pay sucks but the benefits are much better than here." We purchased two Ice-Teas and they didn't have enough change so we took a lottery ticket.

Rachel giggles, "You didn't keep enough change on hand so he took a lottery ticket, that's how he won the lottery." We drove to Megan's house and I carry the two jugs iced tea over to our fathers' job site. I asked what they needed to start on my place and they said they were waiting on the second set of blueprints. Dad found a major error in the garage as well. They sent me out to start looking for the solar power contractor, and also find contractor to start laying out the leach bed and the well.

I searched via the Internet and found two local solar installers, and requested quotes from both. I found a person to drill the well and dig the leach bed. The next afternoon we walked the hilltop with my father, we needed to see the lay of the land to find the perfect site for the well. Finding the right spot, it was both up hill and upstream of where the leach bed would be.

I paid his fees he started drilling the next day. I had both solar contractors come give me quotes for both the pump station and the main house. I also had a water tower built. Taking the better of the two quotes for the pumping station it actually used the water tower to elevate the solar cells.

The water tower actually was square instead of the a round thank: forty feet in the air but nearly sixty feet above the highest faucet in either the garage or the house would get plenty of water pressure and with only gravity as a pump.

We did install a set of batteries and just in case they were be needed. The well took a week and was nearly four hundred feet deep requires two pumps we needed an extra set of solar cells for the second pump.

The water come out from the initial pumping it quickly cleared and was cold clean and very good tasting. We had it tested and certified for drinking water. Rachel and I was both excited when her period did not start on her normal cycle. Three days later when she began her period we both cried a little, she because I was so excited about the possibility of her being pregnant.

I cried in sympathy for her, her tears brought on mine. We brightened when we realized we just had another two weeks before she was fertile again and we could keep trying.

During her period Rachel give me a blow job every day. I found out something else her breast were even more sensitive during her period. It was much easier to get her off playing with her breasts during her period. I usually gave her two orgasms one from playing with her left breast the second from her right. Two weeks after our wedding the concrete work begins for our garage apartment. Rachel and I would go out to movies were shopping three or four times a week.

Sometimes we just chase each other around on our property we had eight hundred acres of mostly secluded wooded land. We found a couple spots that we actually loved a small meadow near the back of the property well away from everyone. Rachel could scream her head off and no one would hear. She was a very vocal lover. We would bring up air mattress with us sometimes. She really loved to be in the outdoors when we made love. We went out to our spot during her fertile period.

We set there on a blanket and kissed, waiting to make sure no one was nearby. I apply sunscreen to Rachel like we were planning on getting some sun, nude of course. I spread it across her ass, then over her breasts. Rachel giggles as I played with her nipples. She applied it to my back and my ass. Then after fifteen minutes when no one approached us we begin to kiss and tease each other our fingers lightly playing across each other's bodies.

My hands would go to her breasts and rub her nipples and pinched them just to make them hard. Finally lay her on her back and began to lick through her pussy teasing her lips into fullness. My tongue found her vagina and I licked in to taste her. Her taste excited me so much it was stronger than normal she feels almost hot around my tongue. Licking up her slit, up to her clit and found it fully erect already. Playing and teased it with my tongue, and then sucked on it in teased it more. She locked her legs around my head and screamed.

"I'M GONNA CUM…" She shook and then released my head as her legs spread wide apart. I scoop her up off the blanket and hold her up above my manhood as I hold her by her hips her arms wraps around my neck as I slowly allow her to sink down my cock.

She felt hot wet and tight. When fully impelled she moans. "Oh yes my husband. Now don't stop until I'm full of your seed." I raise her up a few inches and then begin to move my hips pumping myself in and out of her. It didn't take her long to begin moans and spasms. Her legs begin to tremble and the vibrations felt so good on my cock. I continue pumping it and out of her only a fast rhythm now.

She clings to me and she starts thrusting her hips to meet my movements. She throws her head back and wails as strong spasms starts her cunt to milking me, and I push deeper and deeper into her until I'm in her womb now short rapid thrusts as we both begin to orgasm I put huge amounts of cum into her womb, till it expense and begins to leak around my cock. Pulling out until her cervix closes I said us down and allow her lay on my chest the rest.

When her breathing becomes normal she begins kissing me. Holding me tight she says. "Oh my husband, I think you really done it that time." We rest for ten minutes with me holding her hips a little higher, and holding my cock against her cervix but not hard to open it.

I slowly withdraw and I put her on her hands and knees pushing my hard cock into her from behind I bent over and kiss her on her neck before I whisper. "I'm going to breed you." She looks over her shoulder and begins to laugh. "Breed me my husband." She pushes back hard takes all my cock into her creamy pussy.

I grab her tits as I begin the move I fondle her nipples and she practically shoves me into a sitting position she's pushing back so hard.

She moans. "Oh yes fuck me, fuck me hard. Fuck me to you cum in fill me up." Looking at the sky, we got 45 minutes of light left. So I begin a faster rhythm and Rachel practically explodes she spurts and spurts as I push deep into her. Her having so many strong orgasms pushed me right over the edge and I push myself deep and cum a huge stream that jets into her, filling her fertile womb once again.

I can hear Dad and Bill's voices as they walk the path that we have worn to our spot. Rachel and I look at each other and quickly pull on our clothing. We just manage to finish dressing when our Dads step into the clearing. Looking around they see us setting on the blanket.

We kiss each other just because. My Dad calls to me, "Hey Son you won't believe what we ran into. It's going to give us a problem."