Real chudai sister and borther

Real chudai sister and borther
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Her name was Layna. She was sixteen now, with dark brown hair,an hourglass figure with breasts that would drive an adult male insane. But she was still considered 'normal'. At school she was far from popular, with few friends and still a band geek. Her family was broken.

Her mother, Mary,33, an alcoholic, and her father was dead, but now with a new replacement named Donny, who was 50. Layna had two younger siblings, Abby and Brent. Brent was Donny's son,17, and incredibly obnoxious. Abby was 12. Donny and Mary would fight often, leaving Layna and the others to fend for themselves as far as dinner was concerned. Of course, when Mary passed out drunk, Donny would have his fun with the girls.and Brent would help.

It hadn't gotten too far yet, but still, when one is a teenage girl or a young girl, when an older man is feeling you up, it can be quite alarming. On the way home from school one evening, Layna decided to take the path behind the school to avoid the usual teenage drama queens of the bus.

She was wearing her school uniform : Blue and white dress-top with a short blue skirt. Fall had just started and the air was cooler so she picked up the pace, scurring behind the abandoned factory that ran into her path. It was more of a lab, but they had produced small items in the past, such as chewy candies and what-not. But rumor has it that the people that had worked in there before where creating things.

Evil things. But it was just a rumor, right? Maybe I'll see if there are any candies in there that I can bring home to Abby. Layna thought. The cold breeze wanned through the area, causing her nipples to rise through her thin shirt. Layna walked over to a window that had been knocked out, looking around and inside before making a move, and then made her way inside.

Although it was slightly warmer, it was still below 60 degrees. This room was empty, except for a few large tin barrels that perhaps some homeless folks used to burn wood in. She decided to further explore. No use in going home now. Her mother would be drunk and her step dad would just assult her. And although she had never had a boyfriend, she was now afraid of men. Great job Donny. She walked down a series of hallways, mostly white except where the paint was starting to peels away.

She noticed a stairway to her left, leading down into the basement. Maybe that's where they keep the candy storage at! Walking slowly down the stairs, she felt her heart beat faster. Would something happen to her? Of course not, this place had been abandoned for years.

Her footfall echoed in the stairwell which was not helping her to feel at ease. She must've gone down at least two stories before she reached a large iron door. It was at least eight feet high and five feet wide with a large turn-dial in the middle. Curiousity came over her as she reached forward and spun the dial, and with a loud click the door heaved open, letting out an aged squeal, thankful to be open again.

She stepped slowly and cautiously into the room. Everything was dark. But there was a strange green light coming from the other end of the room. She walked foward, and that's when the door slammed shut behind her. DAMMIT! Now she had no choice as she walked towards the illuminated area.

"Hello?" Layna asked. "Is anyone here?" No answer. As she got closer she stopped, dumbstuck. The green light was coming from a large glass cylinder container, and its contents were indescribable. But one thing was for sure. The thing was alive. Layna took a step backwards and fell on a piece of pipping that lead up and into the large glass case, and it lodged in out of place.

As the pipe came loose it shot out green glowing liquid and the floor was now luminescent, and bits of it clung to her skirt. The creature stirred and moved, too large for its small confinment, and shattered the glass container. It lay limp for a moment before standing on two hind legs with its back to Layna.

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It was seven feet tall with black reptile-like skin and horns adorned on its head, placed ever so perfectly, giving it a demon-like appearence.

She gasped at the size of its massive penis and even at the fact that this thing was real and in front of her. Its cock must have been a foot long! The man-creature turned around to look at the being that made the noise, and Layna looked into its cold, red, snake-like eyes.

It almost smiled and took a step towards her. Layna lay completely still, terrified of the monster. Then it charged at her, grabbing her waist and pinning her down. His tongue came out from his mouth and licked across her face, causing Layna to cringe.

It lay beside her, still pinning her down as his hands began to wander.exploring her lucious, young, ripe body. She felt his hard prick stick into her, being turned on by her. One of his powerful hands ripped off her skirt and began rubbing his large fingers across the surface of her wet panties.

"ooO0oooo please.nnnNNNNnnoo0OoOo!" she begged him to stop, but she was clearly being ingored as his other hand now tore off her shirt into a now useless pile. His hand grasped at her breasts, making her nipples rise to their fullest. He released one breast while one hand pumped away at the other, making her increasingly sore and even slightly aroused.

His figers worked harder on her panties making her moan in discomfort. "AaAhhhhH! Please stop!" Again he continued, On her right breast, the one free of his hand, he began to lower his head as he let his tongue again. His tongue wrapped around her breast as his mouth opened around it and engulfed it.

He nibbled her erect nipple as his he pulled off her soaked panties. "nnnooo.please not that.please." His hands released her body parts but his mouth stayed firm. He lifted her legs with ease and pulled them to his hips.The head of his 1-foot long, four inch wide cock rubbed the edge of her pussy, teasing her as she squealed a bit. He made small circles until he slowly pushed into her virgin cunt ever so gently, streching it wide. Once the head was past he knew he could not do he slammed his entire friend into her, making her head swell with blood and feelings of pain.

He held it there for a moment, listening to her screams of agony make him grow longer inside of her tight cunt. He bit down hard on her pukered nipple and she felt herself cream on his cock as he pushed his hand into her side, forcing her to arch her back to increase the orgasm.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhoooooOOOOOooooaaaaHHH!" She cried as her virgin hole was torn apart and violated by this creature.she couldn't believe that she climaxed for this thing. He pulled himself out of her and she thought the worst of it was over.stupid girl. He flipped he over onto her stomach so that her back was faced upwards and she was on all fours. Her buttox exposed, she knew what was coming and braced herself. His hands massaged her buns roughly.

After a few minutes he stopped and pulled her buns apart, showing off her wet, de-flowered pussy and her asshole. Sticking his middle finger and his index finger into her pussy he began to move them around, getting the wetness of her cunt onto his fingers. Pulling them out, he rushed them to her asshole, sticking one finger in slowly. Soft moans came out from her clentched teeth. He quickly shoved the other finger in, still hearing only the soft moans.but he wanted to hear more.

He mounted her, pushing his pulsating friend's head into her ass, listening to her scream. He dragged his claws over her back and under her stomach, lapping at the blood. His hands made it to he breasts again, pumping as he rode her.

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He stuck his full length into her again.this time she passed out from it all. ----- Meanwhile back at the house Abby had just come home from school to a distrubing scene. Brent and Donny were raping Mary's drunken, passed out body on the couch in the living room. It was a sick threesome, with Brent on the bottom, giving Mary anal, while Donny was half watching TV, half shoving a huge dildo up her milf-cunt. "Heeeyyyyyiiiiibabiiii" Donny was slurring his was obvious he had a drink as well, and from the looks of the scene and the noises Brent was making, Brent had obviously had some too.

Donny was nude even though he wasn't doing anything. "HeeeyyyiiiAbbiiiii-I you somethin' re-alllly cool." Donny stammered and stood up, walking towards the 12 year old Abby with his jusk hanging out. She startled! She had never seen one, and had hoped not to ever see his! The most this man had ever done to her was touch her, but something made her think that something bad was going to happen.but she ignored it.

Donny reached out a hand to her and she took hold of it. He led her down the hallway and into his bedroom and once they were both inside, he shut and locked the door.

What was she going to do? "Ha-ha-ha.SLUT!" She screamed as his hand slapped her across her face. "GET ON THE BED!" He yelled, slapping her again.

When she didn't move he picked her up and threw her on it. He quickly jumped onto her and tied her arms to the bed post and cuffed her hands there as a double. Just in case. He took out his pocket knife and cut off her clothing, keeping only her bra on. "No, Donny. Please don't do this!

I promise not to tell Mom!" She cried to him. "Bitch! Do not talk to me unless I tell you to!" Slap. She started crying harder. "Oh.there, there.Daddy's here for you." He rubbed her face soothingly for a moment. And then grabbed her cheeks hard as he slid his body so he was sitting on her chest, making her gasp for air.

Donny was not a skinny man.quite large really. She stared at his cock that was now inches from her face. "Lick it, bitch." He held his knife to her throat and punched her, causing her to let out a small squeal. Her small tongue peeked out and licked the base of his cock. He sat above her now, forcing her to suck on his balls.

"Oh yeaaaahhh.Abby baby.Daddy's always here for you baaaaabyyy." He moaned as pulled out his balls and let her tongue work on his rod now. She lapped it up and down, like it was some of the sweet candies that the factory used to make.

His six inch cock quickly grew to seven as she worked him. He pushed it in her mouth and down her thoat as she began to gag on it. He shoved it in and out, in and out.

He felt it come like a freight train and he spurted cum into her little throat. "Drink it all." Some had come up to her mouth, as she couldn't handle it all.

Little amounts dribbled out of her mouth and down her lips.

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He pulled himself up and out, but held his cock right at her mouth entrance. "Clean it allllllll off baby." She stood still. He held the knife to her. "I said, 'CLEAN IT OFF'!" No hesitation this time, no telling what a drunk man might so.

She suckled the head, easing him again and bobbing her own head. After a few minutes he thought it was enough so he pulled out and went south. He slashed her bra and left gaping wounds under the girl's nipples.he punched her in the stomach and then prepared to climb ontop of her.until there was a knock at the door.

"Hey bastard, open uuuUPp." Brent. The door opened up, the sound of a key turning the lock. Brent stepped into the room, shutting and locking the door back. "Mary's still out?" Donny asked. "Like a baby!" Brent answered, thrilled "Speaking of baby." His eyes looked at the scene before him, evily. "Hmhmhmhm.want to join in?" "NOOO! Please, let me go, please!" Abby's tiny voice cracked, and in return Bret approached her and gave her a walloping smack.


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That's my boy!" Donny said. Brent lifted the girls small body, crawling under her.

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He was nude too of course, his manly six inch pushing into her back. Abby closed her eyes. Donny put a ball gag into her mouth.he knew she would be screaming bloody murder now. Brent lifted the girl slowly down onto his cock, despite her muffled screams.

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For her being a virgin, it slid in with ease! He was on a roll tonight!


He reached around and pumped her little mounded titties! Donny pushed his beast into her pussy, popping that cherry as he felt blood come onto his cock. As he pulled out to prepare to push again, he felt blood and her on love juices flow down his leg. He knew she liked it. She didn't. Abby screamed and screamed, but there was nothing she could do.

They pounded her hard, she felt their stiff cocks go in and out, caressing and banging her cunt walls. Ah, she wanted to enjoy it.but would it be bad if she did?

She took a chance and moaned with delight. The two men followed the example and both stuffed her to the max. She could feel Donny's balls again. It pushed against her ass and his sweat made her feel hotter.she felt so dirty.enjoying this and hating it all at once.she could feel it happening and she screamed in pleasure!

Their hips pounded forcefully into her, and she returned doing small thrusts back into them. Up and down, she loved it! Her titties felt as if they were going to explode as Brent squeezed them to the max, about to release as well. Abby felt her step-father's balls harden as her talked to her. "Who am I?" He asked. "Donny?" Slap. "NO! Who am I?!" "Ohhh ooooooooooooOOO0oOo.Da-da-daaa-daAADDY!" She had her orgasm as he slapped her.

Both men released the flood gates as sperm poured into her little fragile figure again, filling her up as amounts came out still with their continuing thrusts. "That's my girl!" Donny shouted. ----- Meanwhile a still passed out Layna lay in a heap of blood and sperm. The man-creature was still pounding into her ass.

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Her body was shaking; even in her unconcious state, she still had a raking orgasm, rattling her body to its core. The monster was well pleased.


He would keep her, he thought. She made a nice addition to this boring place and gave him something to do. He laughed to himself with the pun he had made.

Besides the good fuck, he had some other friends he would like her to meet.