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. It was September. I was on a walking holiday and finally, after 3 days of rain, the sun shone. It was a lovely warm day; I had set out this morning from the guesthouse I was staying at high on the moors.

What a time it had been. The guesthouse was run by a couple in their 40's. He was a Holiday Tour Manager therefore he was often away; his wife was a frustrated and lonely woman who, during the long wet days and nights, had proved very amenable to sexual overtures. Even on my first evening there, I had been left in no doubt that 'Extras' were available. I indulged in those 'Extras' for three wonderful, rainy, days and now needed a respite and some fresh air.

My dog Snoopy was with me; and as dogs do, he was running around, sometimes behind and sometimes in front as he now was. We had walked for some time and I was looking for some shade to sit in and get water for us both out of my rucksack. I whistled and heard an answering bark but he did not appear so I whistled again and this time I realized that the bark came from below me.

I cast around and then saw a very narrow track through the heather which I followed down the slope and around a rocky outcrop. Sitting inside a rock shelter formed from a rock slab with a huge rock overhang was a girl. Like me, she had wanted to sit and rest in the shade and have a drink from the water bottle in her rucksack. "Oh I didn't think anyone else knew about this cave." "I didn't know of it, I just followed the sound of Snoopy's barking when I whistled him.

I'm sorry if he frightened you, I wanted a rest and to give us both a drink." "I wasn't frightened; he was being friendly and trying to lick me." I got Snoopy's bowl out and poured him some water then put a couple of his biscuits out for him then sat a little way from the girl so she wouldn't be frightened. Snoopy wolfed his biscuits down and lapped his water then crawled to the girl and tried to push his nose into her crotch. She had shorts on so he didn't get far, instead he tried to get his snout up the inside of her shorts leg.

She giggled and pushed him away and I grabbed his collar and told him to sit so he tried the same with my shorts until I smacked his snout and he moved away to lick his cock which was peeping out from its sheath. "Why did he do that to me?" She asked.

I explained that he liked the smell of her private parts and wanted to taste her. When he couldn't do that he tried with me and as that didn't work he is consoling himself by giving himself a sexual thrill, she blushed a little and asked how he could do that.

"Do you really want to know?" "Yes, mum never wants to talk about anything of a sexual nature, my sister and I don't know the girls at school very well because we live in a farmhouse away from the town. We have to cycle four miles to get to school and coming back it is all uphill, so we don't have much time to see them after school and were too busy during school time." "What about dad?" "He isn't around anymore, and we don't want him here, he hurts mom." "Is your sister good company for you, how old is she?" "We're twins, but not identical.

We were 17 last month. She's a bit taller, but has smaller breasts. I wish mine were smaller, all the boys look at my breasts and not my face even when they're talking to me." "I must say that I also have a hard time trying not to look at your breasts; it is difficult not to, they look lovely." "Thank you, that was nice of you, but I do feel embarrassed when boys stare at me.

You were going to tell me why your dog licks himself." OK! I will tell you why, but remember, you did ask me to explain things.

Will you promise to tell the truth?" "Yes." "When you have a bath or are in bed, do you ever stroke between your labia? Don't be shy if you do then say so, believe me you'd be very unusual if you don't." "I do Sometimes." "Does your sister?" "I don'tknow." "I'll bet she does.

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Does it feel nice?" "Yes." "Do you do it because it feels nice or do feel that you have to do it because your vagina feels uncomfortable and aches if you don't?" "Sometimes because I like it and sometimes because I feel that I have to." "Well that is normal.

It is the same for males, we get an urge to rub ourselves, sometimes when we're feeling lonely and sometimes when we're feeling aroused. The dog is just the same, but he has an additional problem, at least I think it's a problem, but I can't be sure. He has a highly developed sense of smell and can therefore smell our sex glands working and that arouses him." "I didn't think that a human could arouse a dog." "You're wrong.

The next problem he has is that, unlike us he can't rub himself, and he can't suck himself so he has to do what's left and lick himself." "What do you mean by unlike us?" "You can stroke between your labia and tease your clitoris can't you?" "Yes." "Well your clitoris is like a penis, We men don't have the luxury of a vagina so I have to stroke my penis until it gets stiff enough for me to get hold of and really stroke it hard and fast.That's called masturbation.

In both your case and mine, doing that gives us a very nice feeling so we do it often and we do have to do it sometimes because it relieves our tensions. Another reason we are better off than the dog is that we can get someone else to do the masturbating for us, and you'll just have to take my word for it that this is a great deal nicer than DIY." "DIY?" "Do It Yourself.

The final benefit is that we can also get someone else to lick and suck our respective sex organs and believe me a woman has a great deal more pleasure when she has that done for her than a man does when it's done to him, but I wouldn't refuse it if a woman would do it to me.

Also remember that if a woman does it to another woman sh." That's lesbianism!" "Yes it is. The point I was making is that women will get much more satisfaction from having another woman lick and suck her sex because the woman would not be trying to work you up so that you would let her put her cock into you. She'd be doing it purely for the pleasure it gives both of you, she'd be a great deal gentler than most men could manage and she'd be eager to teach you how to please another woman, or learn what you know." Snoopy had moved and was lying flat on the floor having wormed his way up between the girl's legs.

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He could obviously smell something good and now had his snout pressed against her. She didn't push him away; in fact, she spread her legs further apart. I let the girl enjoy the feeling of snoopy pressing against her vulva for a while, but I too was in need some action. "Are you enjoying that?" "Yes, it feels nice having something pressing against me just there." "Lie down so that I can demonstrate something." She lay back and I realized that she was a very submissive person.

Rapidly I removed my T-shirt and shorts then moved to her side. "I'll show you what I mean about it feeling better if someone else strokes you." I leant forward, put my left hand on her stomach, and gently stroked it with a circular motion as my right hand undid the top button and the zip of her shorts.

Now I used my hands to stroke her stomach and slowly ease them under her knickers. As the back of my left hand lifted the material upwards, my right hand moved further down until I was cupping her Mons pubis in my hand. I was conscious that I mustn't rush this or she would take fright and I definitely didn't want that to happen. I gently pressed a finger against her vulva and began stroking her outer labia until they parted, allowing me access to her inner labial lips.

I was now able to push slowly into her moist opening. I didn't enter very far, just deep enough for her to know that my finger was inside her sex tunnel, and then I withdrew my finger and held it to her face. "Smell that. Have you ever smelt your sex before?" "No, I've never thought of doing that." "Well the aroma of a woman's sex is addictive to a great many men and women and I'm one of them and you already know that Snoopy loves it as well.

Suck my finger, taste yourself." She did so and told me it tasted sweet. "Women taste different at different times of the month and also different from each other, if you taste your mother or sister they will taste different to you and you're both from her body." My cock was a rigid bar at this point, but I did my best to ignore its demands and continued in my task of getting all the clothes off her. Replacing my hand inside her knickers, I drew my finger upwards to find her clitoris and having done so I began circling my finger around, and across the top, of her fully aroused button.

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The reaction was immediate she went from a gentle sighing sound to a much louder panting and grunting sound, I withdrew my hand for moment so that I could use both hands for the next stage of her seduction. "Lift your lovely bottom off the floor." She did as instructed and as soon as her bottom lifted off the floor, I pushed her shorts and knickers down over her hips.

I then slid my T-shirt under her before pressing her back down to the floor. Moving to her feet, I removed her shoes and socks, and then pulled her knickers and shorts all the way off. "Open your thighs wide and bend your knees. Now put your feet flat on the ground. You have to open your thighs wider; I want to get my face up against your sex." She put herself at my disposal and I lowered myself down, parted her labia, and licked into her sex.

Before I could do more, she clasped my head, pulled my mouth hard against her sex, and then brought her thighs together trapping me there until her shuddering orgasm was over. As soon as she relaxed her grip I moved away from her, knowing as I did so, that my position was about to be taken by a very happy dog. He shoved his nose into her and began licking.


She gasped, but didn't object to his actions so while she was groaning and gasping I undid her shirt and lifted her bra' over her breasts so that I could fondle her two beautiful, soft, and rounded mounds.

She could take as long as she liked to regain her composure; I was in heaven fondling two large, flawless, breasts and teasing her, now erect, nipples. Eventually she pushed Snoopy away. "I've never experienced anything like that before, it was like an explosion." "Did you like it?" "Yes, and I like what you're doing now; my sister sometimes does that to me, she says it gives her a nice warm feeling between her legs, but I haven't told her that it does the same to me." "Well, the next time she does it you should tell her that you do enjoy it and that you want to do the same with her breasts.

You may both be surprised at the result." "Do you need to demonstrate anything else?" "Yes, now sit up." She sat up enabling me to remove the remainder of her clothes. "Hold your breasts and pull your nipples, gently! Push your breast together and fondle them." I told her to stand up which then enabled me to stand behind her and take over the kneading of her soft breasts and teasing her nipples. "Which felt better, you fondling your breasts or me doing it for you?" "I like you doing it, I've never had anything like this before, and it's wonderful.

I thought I would explode when you licked me and again when Snoopy did it." I let one hand drop to her the cleft in her buttocks, and then inserted a finger into the crack until I could feel her anus.

"You can get a great deal of pleasure from that little hole as well, but you must have plenty of time to do that properly and we don't have enough, but at least you know now. Have you got a computer at home?" "Yes, but I couldn't look at porn." "I wouldn't dream of asking you to do that, but look at this website, read some of the stories in whichever categories you like, but include anal sex in your choices." I took paper and pen from my rucksack, wrote down the name of the website, and dropped the note on her rucksack.

"Will you put your hand down and feel my cock through my underpants?" She would, she did, and grasped my solid shaft. "Have you seen a cock before?" "Only from a distance and they were small and floppy, not like this one." "Kneel down and pull my underpants off and hold my cock, then slide your hand up and down it." She pulled my underpants down and stared at my cock then did as she had been told.

"That is so good; now kiss the end of it. Lick it, harder. Now open your lips a little and allow the head of my cock into your mouth. Lick it again, yes, that's so good, suck a little more of it into your mouth and then suck it in and out. Get it a little further in each time you suck until you can't get any more in your mouth. Now pull it all the way back out then suck it in again, like a pump." I held her head and rocked my hips backward and forwards to fuck her mouth.

Not once did she complain, and she actually put a lot of effort into sucking me instead of merely keeping her mouth open.

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I stopped her from bringing me off and told her that I wanted her to lie down which she quickly did. Now I stood over her and masturbated as she watched.

When I was sure that she was sufficiently aroused, I knelt alongside her and pulled her thighs apart in order to stroke her clitoris, which was now swollen quite significantly. Turning my attention to her breasts I enjoyed myself by gently squeezing them and tweaking her stiff nipples, before putting a hard pink rosebud into my mouth and sucking it, as I did this I rubbed the other nipple between my finger and thumb.

She was panting and almost sobbing. Reaching out to my cock and gripping it tightly stroked me. "Are you going to fuck me?" "Would you like me to do that?" "No I don't think I want to do that, yet." "That's good, because I do not intend to. I want you to put it in your mouth at the same time as I put my tongue in your vagina, that way we will both enjoy ourselves.

I don't want to take your virginity so I won't go very far into you, I just want to enjoy your body and teach you how to enjoy it as well." "Knowledge is power, if you know how much pleasure can be gained without having a cock in your vagina you can have a fantastic sex life because when you do get one in there it will because you want it inside you, not because it's what someone else wants.

You will be in control." I lay beside her and directed her into the 69 position. Without any hesitation, she began masturbating me as I applied my mouth to her sex tunnel and licked, sucked, and nibbled her into a frenzy of passion.

I nibbled her clitoris until she climaxed then I started licking her again. I pulled her thighs as wide apart as possible and began licking her anus.

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She twitched, but stayed where she was so I put my lips to her puckered ring and sucked it. She moaned and pressed back onto my face and took all of my cock into her hot, wet mouth.

I had pondered about my next move, but that made my decision for me. I worked my hand around until I could touch her anus then I circled my finger around the puckered hole until it widened a little. Pushing my finger a little way inside her, I rotated it until the hole widened and then I took it out again.

I sucked her ring again, but this time I also pressed my tongue into the hole that was forming then reinserting my finger, I pushed it into her body as far as the first knuckle. I repeated the action again but this time I pushed my finger all the way in, then crooking my finger inside her rectum, I twisted it. She came almost immediately and I had forgotten to warn her about what that would do to me so she got semen in her mouth, and as she pulled her mouth away, it spurted over her face.

She rolled off me and then had to contend with an ecstatic dog. Snoopy was licking her clean, and when he'd done that, he tried for her sex. He was out of luck because she couldn't take any more arousal so he returned to licking himself.

"I think you should stand up and get dressed now. I have to tell you this because you should know that not everybody would deny themselves the pleasure of taking your body. I would dearly love to insert my cock in your anus, but I said I wouldn't put it in you and I meant it, but it is hard to keep my promise." She did so and I dressed at the same time then kissed her. "Thank you for a wonderful afternoon my love. If I were you, I'd spend a little time and effort finding out if your sister would be amenable to a little sexual experimentation and exploration.

You two would have loads of fun and no-one need be any the wiser." "Of course, the two of you could take the time to seduce your mother because I rather think that she must be very frustrated and if you approach the matter delicately all three of you could be a very happy and relaxed family indeed." We walked out of the shelter and back up the hill to the path. "Thank you for the lesson, I learned a lot.

Will I see you again?" "Not until you're a little older." "You could come and stay at our house; mom does Bed & Breakfast if she gets the chance. That would be fun." "Give me your telephone number, I will ring and book for next year if you'd like that." "I think we'd both like that!" "Where are you staying now?" "I'm staying at a guest house in the village down there, and I am very happy there, the lady likes me." "Does that mean what I think it means?" "Probably." "Lucky you, and her.

Well goodbye and I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday." "I'll try, I suppose I'll find something to occupy me goodbye love." When I returned to my B&B I made it quite clear to my landlady that I wanted her body, and she made it equally clear that I could have it.

I'm not sure that she was aware that I meant 'then and there', but she soon found out. She was on her back on the kitchen table; dress up around her waist and knickers off before she had a chance to discuss the venue. I had a burning rod of lust sprouting from my groin, and soon she was noisily trying to use her vaginal muscles to squeeze it flat as I ran my hands over the top of her dress. I was trying to get hold of her superb breasts to do some squeezing of my own, but the fabric was not easy to manipulate, so I resorted to concentrating on giving the rest of her body as much attention as I could manage.

She reached her climaxes quicker than any other women I had ever known so, some ten minutes after I entered her vagina, she gasped her way to another one. She knew what was about to happen, and she did all she could to make it easy for me. I was able to get her off the tabletop, turned around and bent over the table such that her backside was high enough for me to insert my cock back into her vagina. This time I could do as I wished and I did so. I unzipped her dress so that I could unclasp her bra', and moments later she was shedding both items over her head.

I now had unfettered access to her soft and willing body. She really did enjoy being taken from behind, and so I spent a lot of time and effort ensuring that she had all the enjoyment she could manage, but even lust and desire run out of steam eventually. She made coffee, and, still naked, we sat at the table as I told her about the girl I'd met in the cave and the main thread of our activities.

I was surprised when she grinned and gave me a description of the girl. I was more than surprised when she told me that I had just been playing games with Sarah, her niece. My 'young teenager' had amused herself by pretending to be an innocent, inexperienced, girl. She was far from that and was actually nineteen, she was indeed a virgin in so much as that she'd never had intercourse with a male, but she'd certainly had sex with a female.


My gorgeous, naked, informant turned out to be the girl's Aunt Mary, who was quite happy to admit that she was in a sexual relationship with both her, and her sister Sally.

It turned out that I was a little late with my advice for getting the two girls to explore each other's charms in depth, but their mother was still a project. The girls had decided that they would test their allure on their Aunt; it must have surprised them to find out just how happy she was to be seduced. What they hadn't known, and up to now still didn't know, was that their mom and their Aunt Mary had also been sexually active with each other when they were girls. Placing her cup in the sink, she told me to stay where I was and went upstairs.

I heard water running and then she reappeared with a towel. She washed my genitals with soap and water from the kitchen sink and then enjoyed herself as she dried my stiffening penis. Once she had satisfied herself that I was in a receptive mood, she knelt before me and sucked my cock into her mouth.

There was no hesitation; all eight inches of my erection went into her hot mouth in one smooth movement until the head of my cock was down her throat.

She rested for a moment before beginning to lift her head and repeating the process. It wasn't long before my toes began to curl and I began attempting to thrust my cock upwards as her mouth came down.

I wasn't given the chance to see if it was possible to reach further down her throat because she rapidly removed her mouth from my cock. Standing up, she straddled me before grasping my throbbing erection and guiding it to her wet labial lips, and lowering herself down the shaft her mouth had so recently encompassed.

I had her breasts before my eyes, I had empty hands, and I too have a mouth. I used all three attributes to do my part in bringing her to another noisy and obviously satisfying orgasm.

With our lust satiated, we showered and dressed then discussed how to set about arranging for the girls to discover that they had no need to hatch a plan to seduce their mother. After several aborted attempts at a plan, we took a break for a meal.

Although I was supposedly on B&B, our extra activities meant that I was not expected to set out each evening in search of a meal. I really had struck gold on this holiday. After dinner, as we cleared away and washed up I made the comment that I would have to return to the real world after tomorrow. I could see the Eureka moment arrive in her eyes as she turned and kissed me.

"That's it!

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Tomorrow is Saturday, we'll invite all three of them over here for afternoon tea, I'll tell the girls that you've been such a lovely person, even helping me around the house, that I'd like them to help me say a little 'thank you' by providing afternoon tea and cakes.

"I'll bet anything that Sarah will have told Sally about us, so she will be eager to come and see you for herself. I must make sure that I get to speak to Susan to make sure she understands what this is really about." Saturday was a grey, wet and windy day. Mary ferried the visitors in her car as they didn't own one and it was not the weather for cycling. The heating had been turned up, so the house was very warm, which encouraged the removal of any warm clothing.

Sarah began the visit pretending that she had no idea who I was, but because she kept blushing whenever I asked her about the beautiful scenery to be found in the most unexpected places in this area it wasn't long before Susan learned about our meeting yesterday morning.

She didn't make any comment, but turned to Mary and asked her if she knew of this meeting. "I learned about it when he arrived back here and told me about the gorgeous girl he'd met in a cave. He said that, once he'd learned that the girls occasionally caressed each other, he'd been fortunate enough to be allowed to show her how to get really close to Sally so that they could enjoy all the delights of each other's bodies." I hadn't told her anything of the sort, so I knew that they were now into their own script.

"Mom, it wasn't like." "So you and Sally have been having sex exploration sessions. Had it never occurred to you that your own mother might have been able and willing to advise you and explain things? "Have you never wondered if I ever experience sexual urges, and how much I might desire a little loving and caressing? I know you that neither of you date boys; you've both pretended to be younger and more innocent than you are, and I often wondered why.

"Now I know why, you're a pair of secret lesbians and that is a shame. It tells me that you didn't feel able to trust me enough to seek my advice and support about a matter that has no shame attached to it.

You are what you are, and for your information, Mary and I were doing exactly the same thing when we were your age. "We talked to your Grandmother about our feelings and she gave us all the support and advice that we could ask for.

She didn't try to change the way we felt, or take an active part, but with her guidance, we were able to lead an outwardly heterosexual adult life.

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"We both married because we needed the security that went with it, but we both managed to screw that up by marrying untrustworthy men. I was lucky because mine finally showed his true personality, he was violent once too often and now we're rid of him. Now Mary has discovered that she's married to a cheat, so he's not going to be around for much longer. "What do you think of the situation now?

If you would like to find out if making love with your mother is as good as you thought it would be, let me take the lead and show you what real family love is." Susan took both Sarah and Sally and hugged them before taking them to the stairs.

As they disappeared, she said: "We will probably be some time Mary, so we'll use your spare bedroom and you can both entertain yourselves as you see fit." Mary was kneeling over me, lowering herself down my erection when the first sounds of rapture and climaxes commenced to fill the air. We did our best to compete but they were definitely louder.

Therefore, we settled for just enjoying each other. Her breasts jiggled in front of my eyes, but I couldn't bear to take my hands from her buttocks to fondle them because I had her spread as wide as she could manage and she was driving herself into yet another squelching orgasm. The aroma of her body fluids was now strong and served only to intensify our lust for each other's bodies.

When she eventually eased herself off me and headed for the bathroom I lay with my eyes closed and slowly massaged my cock to keep it interested in readiness for her return to the carnal arena. I didn't hear her return so it was a pleasant surprise to feel her hand wrap round my now rapidly stiffening cock.

My hand was pushed off my cock and then her warm, and wet, mouth began to engulf it. I still had my eyes closed because to me the situation was incredibly arousing and I didn't need eyesight to enjoy the sensations I was experiencing. The mouth was replaced by a wet, tight, vagina, which slowly, very slowly, eased its way down my shaft.

I opened my eyes to see Sarah's lovely rounded breasts. Above those, I could see her face, which had an expression of inward concentration on the vaginal sensations she was experiencing for the first time. She was in control of the situation and was obviously intent on extracting as much pleasure from my cock as possible before the inevitable happened.

It happened at that moment. She stopped moving for a second, and then her body stiffened, causing those glorious breasts to be lifted away from my close gaze. They were thrust upward and outwards as she climaxed and rammed her labia down to my groin. Now it was my turn to be in control.

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I lifted her off me and onto her back, so that I could position myself between her thighs. My still erect cock found that returning into Sarah's vagina was easily accomplished because of the lubrication that her body had provided. She responded to my thrust by wrapping her legs around me, and pleading for me to fuck her as hard as I could manage.

I did, but I made certain that my hand were reacquainted with all the delights of her body. When I eventually rolled from between those soft thighs, I realized that I had acquired a red groin and that we'd had an audience in the shapely form of her sister, Sally. She was naked, so I enjoyed the view for a minute or two as she did a few erotic, and even in my present state, arousing poses.

I had Sarah's blood over me so I so hurried off to shower and found that Sally had followed me. She gave my bloody parts a very intense wash and polish; it was so thorough that I very nearly succumbed to her wiles. I would dearly have loved to treat her sister in the same manner that Sarah had just experienced, but I'm not superman. Even though she made it quite clear that she would happily undergo the experience, but I knew that I would only have disappointed both of us.

She made certain that I knew I was on a promise. I have no idea what her mother and aunt thought about our activities, as they were involved in activities of their own. These were obviously of greater interest than those of the other family members. We went to a little pub for a meal and then, all too soon, it was midnight and I had an early start in the morning. As Mary dropped Susan and the girls off at their house, I was asked if I could come for the Christmas festivities.

I was very happy to accept that invitation.