Loirinhas se chupando gostoso escondido dos pais

Loirinhas se chupando gostoso escondido dos pais
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'I feel it,' she whispered, her voice rasping from the ache that was throbbing everywhere, but nowhere more than where his cock pressed through the layers between them.

She keeps her gaze on his mouth as arousal oozed through her.

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Holly is a 19 year old college student, very attractive young woman with a hot slender body that turns every man's head when she enters a room. She has beautiful long black hair, a small ass, and small breasts. I'm in Austin every other semester as a guest lecturer. Holly has attended every lecture I have given at the University, she has been disappointed by men of her own age.

She has become infatuated with me, she wants to be with a older man. I maintain a home in the Costa Belle neighborhood of Austin, it is known for the luxury mansions located there. There is a knock on my front door, I walk down the stairs in my robe and answered the door. I'm surprised seeing Holly standing there, smelling the sweet scented perfume she is wearing.

I invite her in closing the door, as she walks by me, she smells so good. I walk up behind her, running my nose along her neckline sniffing in her sweet aroma. She giggles and turns around giving me a hug. I take her into the library, I sit her down immediately, I didn't want her to notice 'or feel' the bulge growing under my robe. What I didn't notice is that my robe had almost come undone and is showing a little too much. " John, I think someone is trying to escape." She said while letting her eyes drop to my groin.

I look down and saw my semi-hard dick coming out the front of my robe! " Whooops, Sorry about that Holly, I, uhhh" I stammered. " Its ok John, I have seen one before, a smaller one. It looks kinda cool" she smiles and blushes a little. " You have never seen a big one before? I mean, I thought one of your boyfriends would have.you know." " No, I am still a virgin silly! Those boys are just that.BOYS" Holly giggles. " Ummmm, wellll, I don't know Holly." I'm surprised.

I had to change the subject so I could think about how crazy this was. " Lets go upstairs so I can show you some art, we can talk about this later." I'm sweating.

" Yes John" Holly hugged me again and we went upstairs to the living room to look at some pictures.

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I enjoyed watching her walk in front of me, her ass swaying from side to side. Is she doing this on purpose? Suddenly everything I notice about her is sexy. I handed Holly a poster size picture frame with a Picasso print in it and told her to hold it up against the wall.

" A little higher." Holly's shirt is rising as I told her to slide the picture higher on the wall. She had to hold the picture with both hands at the bottom, standing underneath it facing the wall. I told her to go just a bit higher and she did.

Her ass is completely in my view. So perfect, Little round globes of flesh. Her thong panties are in between her cheeks, revealing her entire butt. " That's it, hold it right there." I walk up behind her with a hammer and nail. " Now lower it just a little while I hammer the nail in." She lowers the picture a little and leans back into me. I'm about to strike the nail in when I feel her butt cheeks against my cock. My cock is in between her butt cheeks as I start hammering in the nail.

With each stroke of the hammer it seems my cock would slide slightly up and down against her pert little ass. " Ok Holly, I got it. I took hold of the frame and was placing it on the nail. She made no attempt to get out from under me. Her ass stayed right there. I hung the picture and we both stepped back. " Look ok Holly? I asked. " I don't know John, you haven't shown it to me yet." She is flirting with me.

" I mean the picture, you bad girl" I joked with her. " Oh. Yes, the picture looks fine. John?" " You never answered me before, Are you gonna show it to me?" " Holly, you should not be here, and I feel that you might think I was a pervert or something if I showed .it.

to you." " Oh come on, I think the world of you.


I was the one who asked you. It's not like you attacked me or anything. I wont tell anybody John. Pleassseeee!" " Ummm, wellll, I don't know." " You have already looked at my butt. I felt how much I turn you on John. Did you like it when I pressed my butt into you just now?" " You did that on purpose?

Why you sneaky little girl.

You deserve a spanking for that." " Oh really? Right now?" She shot back. How was I supposed to argue? I wanted her so bad. I can't say no. My will power is dwindling. The sight of her butt, her telling me she was rubbing her ass against me on purpose. " That's right Holly, right now. Bend over." I tried to look stern. " Oh John, you're so mean." She walks over to the couch and bent over in front of me placing her hands on the couch and pushing her ass into the air.

I walk over to her and lifted her skirt to her waist. I place my hand on her butt and squeezed it gently. Holly let out a little moan as I touch her smooth tight skin. Simply delicious, I'm practically drooling. I let my hand fall and slap her butt. Her butt cheeks jiggled as I slapped them some more. " Oh John, I'm sorry I was a bad girl.

I didn't mean it, please John please!!" " You wanna see it Holly? Is that what you really want?" " Yes John! Please let me see it, I want to hold it in my hands." " I want to see your penis, please, please let me see your penis John." She is almost crying, not in pain, but in pure bliss.

She is actually enjoying our session and so am I. I rub her butt making it feel better. I told her to sit on the couch, she did. I walk in front of her, very close. I spread her legs apart with my legs. I look down and see her white thong panties covering her young pussy.

I start to undo my robe. She reaches to help me. " Put your hands under your butt, no helping" I ordered. She gave me a sigh, but did as she was told. She sat on her hands as my robe came undone and fell to the floor.

I'm naked, standing in front of a 19 year old college girl. Her eyes are glued to my almost fully hard monster cock. I put one leg on the couch and move closer to her.

My cock is only inches from her face. " It looks beautiful John." Holly whispered to me. " You said you wanted to see it. here it is Holly, all for you." I whisper. " I want to touch it John, please let me touch it, can I?" I lean forward and let my now fully hard cock touch her face. My tip touches her cheek, then slides over her nose to her other cheek. I rub my cock all over her young pretty face. Across her lips and under her chin, along her forehead and I even touch her ears with my cock.

I lift my dick and let my balls hang in front of her eyes. I let my balls rub against her nose and cheeks too. She is breathing harder now. Almost moaning as I rub my cock and ball sack all over her young face. " Can I kiss your penis John?" Holly looks up into my eyes.

I nodded yes. She sticks out her tongue and touches the tip of my hard throbbing cock. Holly begins to lick up and down my shaft with long strokes. She kisses my balls as my cock rubs her face. I pull her hands from under her butt, setting them free. She took her little hand and circled it around my shaft, giving me a little squeeze. I can't believe this is happening.

She is kissing my cock. Suddenly I feel my cum rising. " Your gonna make me cum Holly" I moan. I pull away from her, " I want to cum in your pussy, Holly." " Lets go to the bedroom ok?" " Ok John!" She bounces off the couch and we walk hand in hand into my master bedroom.

We got into the bedroom, I look into her eyes as my fingers found the bottom of her skirt. I lift it up over her head and flung it to the floor. Her little boobs are perfect. Hard little nipples poking straight out. I held them in my hands as she stood in front of me. " What size are they Holly?" "34 B John" " mmmmmmm they feel so nice." I squeeze and played with her nipples for a little while.

I lean down and took a nipple into my mouth as Holly moans her appreciation. I let it pop out of my lips and lick my way to her other perky nipple and suck it in.

I nibble on it and let it pop out of my mouth. I stood up straight and told her to take off her panties. She looks down and blushes. " It's ok Holly, I want to see you too, show me your pussy." " John!" she giggles.

Then slowly hooks her fingers on her panties and pulled down. When she stood back up she is naked in front of me for the first time. I treasure the sight, she is beautiful. A little patch of dark pubes resting above her glistening tight wet pussy lips. I came forward and took Holly in my arms hugging her close to me.

My cock is rock hard. She raised her head and looks into my eyes as our lips met for the first time. I kiss her passionately, our tongues mingling. She kisses me back with pure love. " Oh John" She said as a tear rolls down her cheek. I wipe the tear away.

We held each other for a long time. Our bodies pressed together. I squeeze her butt again.


She squeezed mine. Holly laid down on the bed on her stomach, she spread her legs open. I climbed between her legs, sliding my hands under her ass, I raise her ass up.

I held her ass as my mouth and tongue begin to suck and lick her ass. I tongued her butt hole until it is sloppy wet, then I slowly tried to slide my finger inside. I push my index finger inside and she clamps down on it, tightening her inexperienced ass muscles.

" John!! Its to tight, it won't fit!" She pleaded with me, not knowing that this was going to happen. " Mmmmm" I slide my finger a little deeper and then I pull it out.

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I kiss her butt one more time. I took my hard cock in my hand and rub it against her pussy. She moans as my cock gently parts her tight pussy lips. I watch as her pussy stretches wide to try to take my thick cock inside.

I push in a little further until my tip pokes inside. " OHHHH, JJJOOOHHHNNN!!! ITS SO BIG!" Holly is screaming as her very tight virgin snatch is being penetrated by my hard thick cock. I push in a little further, her wetness encircling my manhood. I got a couple inches inside of her tight pussy when I feel her cherry against my tip. I start to push in and out gently, not breaking her hymen.

Holly is moaning and pleading with me to make love to her, make her a woman. I continue fucking her tight pussy for five minutes.

I pull out and told her to turn over. She turns around and laid on her back, spreading her legs and opening her pussy lips with her fingers. I look down and push my cock into her pussy again.

Once I'm inside, she wraps her arms around my neck and looks straight into my eyes. " Do it, Do it John, take my virginity, I have been saving it for you for a long time John." A tears roll down her cheeks as my cock came in contact with her cherry. I held it against her womanhood and look into her eyes. " Please John!, slide it in, I know it will hurt, just do it! I need you inside me, I need you inside me all the time John. Please fuck me, fuck me like you have fucked other women, Make love to me, fuck me John!!" With that last word I thrust deep into her, ripping through her hymen in one thrust.

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I buried my cock deep inside her belly and held it there as she winces at the pain. More tears roll down her cheeks as my cock throbs in her pussy.

I hug her tight as I lay on top of her. Holly whispers in my ear. " Thank you John, thank you so much. You feel wonderful. I can feel your dick pulsing inside me." I start to slide in and out, letting her get use to my thickness and length.

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She is very tight! Her pussy clamping down onto my shaft like a vise.

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It feels like her pussy will suck my entire cock in and my balls too. As I hold her close, I begin to slam into her. I'm burying my cock deep inside her with every thrust. I begin to go faster and faster, my balls start slapping her ass as my cock pistons in and out.

I look into her eyes, her dark eyes look lovingly back into mine. My cock is thrusting in and out of her tight pussy. I place my lips on hers as my cock buries itself deep in her pussy, holding it there. Our lips are locked as my cock explodes with cum. I'm cumming inside her as we kissed.

She moans when she feels my cum squirting into her, splashing her insides with my hot cum. Holly and I got dressed and went out for lunch, we returned. Holly sat down on the coach flipping through a men's magizine. I poured myself a drink, watching Holly as she looks through the magizine. I sat down next to her and start to rub her thigh. My fingers reach up under her skirt, my fingers keep going further up her thigh until they reach her mound. I place my hand on her pussy as she lets out a moan.

She continues looking at the pictures as my finger slips under her panties and rubs her puffy pussy lips, getting them nice and wet. My finger slips into her moist pussy as her legs spread apart. I fingered her tight pussy for ten minutes, kissing her neck and whispering in her ear.

" Such a good girl." Holly starts to cum, her body quivering and her pussy convulsing as my fingers continue fucking her. Her pussy gushing as I rub her hard clit. " Oh, Oh, Oh, John, you're making me cum again.

I'm cumming!! AHHHH!!" She jerks and pushes her crotch against my finger as she came. " Oh John, thank you so much, you're so good to me.

I love how you can make me cum so easily. I have never cum before today John." " I was hoping so, I love making you cum, Holly." She sat breathing heavily on the couch for a few minutes before she starts to catch her breath and calm down a little. After ten minutes I quietly walk into the kitchen without Holly noticing me. She is washing some dishes in the sink. Her small butt cheeks are jiggling as she scrubs. I got hard just watching her, I unzipped my pants and pull out my hard thick cock.

I walk up behind her and squeeze her close to me. " John! You scared me!" She giggles. " Mmmmmm I'm sorry Holly," I said while lifting up her skirt from behind. She tries to turn around but I hold her in place. I grab her thong panties in my hand and rip them off in one swift yank.

She gasps as her panties are ripped from her body. I spread her legs apart with my feet as I point my cock at her young tight pussy. It looks so sweet and tasty. Just a slight wisp of dark hair trails up from her slit. I thrust my shaft all the way inside her in one stroke.

I push her upper body over the sink as I start to thrust into her doggie-style. In and out, faster and faster.

The water is still running in the sink as my balls are slapping against her throbbing clit as she moans and said, " Oh John! Ohhh God! Ohhh Yesss!! Fuck me hard John! Faster please! Oh my god. I'm going to cum John!! I'm going to cum!!" I feel her pussy clenching as she screams and gushes. Her pussy is dripping wet with her sweet nectar as I continue my assault. Her hands are still soapy with dishwater as she clings to the sides of the sink.

I grab one of her hands and place it on her ass telling her to slide one of her fingers into her virgin butt hole. Her wet soapy hand got her butt all sudsy as she found her little pink anus. I buried my cock deep in her pussy all the way to my balls as her finger found its way into her ass hole.

I watch as she fingers her butt hole as my cock throbs in her pussy. I slide my long cock out of her dripping tight pussy and push my tip against her butt as she placed her hands back on the sink to steady herself. " John! You're pushing it into my butt hole! Its too big!! Please John!" She scream as I push my hard cock farther into her soapy wet anus. As I slowly shove my cock deeper and deeper, I feel her small virgin butt hole clenching, then relaxing, milking my cock. I look down and can't believe that I can fit my thick shaft into such a small opening.

Her ass hole is stretched to the limit, what a sight it is. I give her a couple spanks and ask, " Do you like that Holly?" She can barely talk, her fingers are gripping the sides of the sink, her knuckles are white. My cock is buried all the way in her ass. My balls are touching her pussy lips. I grab her ponytail and lift her head up. I reach around her waist and lift her off the floor. She weighs only 115 lbs.

Holly's toes are barely touching the floor as I startd to bounce her up and down on my throbbing hard shaft. " Oh! OH! OH! OH! JOHN! I'M CUMMMMMMMMING!!!!" She screams as her body fell limp in my arms.

I held her in the air as she came and came again. Her pussy is dripping onto the floor.

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I place her back down on the floor against the sink and start fucking her hard up the ass. I stuff my cock all the way in and start to cum. " I'm cumming Holly!" " Oh Yes!! Please John!! Cum in my virgin butt hole!!! I want to feel you pump your sperm in me John!" I start to groan as my cock throbs and starts squirting my hot thick cum in her small butt. " I can feel it!!

I can feel it John!!!" She screams as I pump her full of my hot liquid. I keep squirting and spraying cum into her until it starts squirting out the sides of her asshole. Cum is running down her inner thighs.

I stop cumming and pull my hard cock out of her anus. I slap her butt cheeks with my cock when I pull out. I watch as cum seeps from her ass down her legs. I gave Holly a hard spank as she lay exhausted against the side of the sink. She rested her head on the counter breathing heavily. I lean down and gave each fleshy butt cheek a kiss. She stood up, turned around and pulls her skirt back in place, and smiles at me. " You're a bad boy John, fucking my virgin butt! But it felt so good! I came so many times.

I always knew you would take my virginity, I saved it for you John." She gave me a hug as tears roll down her cheeks. " Thank you for loving me John, Thank you for making love to me. Thank you for making me cum all the time. Thank you for fucking me in the butt." She giggles. She didn't make any attempt to wipe my cum off her thighs. It had dripped out of her ass, down her thighs all the way to her knees. " Such a dirty girl!

You have cum all over your legs Holly!" " I know John, it feels good!" " Go get cleaned up okay?" " Okay John." With those words she reached between her thighs and rubs her thumb in my white spunk. She raises her thumb to her mouth and suck on it.