Luscious bombshell is exposing her stretched narrowed snatch in close up

Luscious bombshell is exposing her stretched narrowed snatch in close up
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"Please Sir, we haven't played it in forever. Please, please, please," you beg from your knees. Looking up at me you seductively bite your lip, knowing I can never turn that look down, especially when you are only wearing panties and a blouse half unbuttoned.

"Very well," I say, which brings forth a giddy squeal and a kiss from you. "Master Says, go get the punishment box," I say, to which you bolt to your feet, down the hall to our room, and return carrying a box of toys.

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"Very good, Master says, finish unbuttoning your shirt," I say as you return, setting the box down you do as you're told, sliding your hand down your blouse unbuttoning the two buttons you have holding it closed. "Get on your knees," I say, quickly you drop, realizing you made a mistake, as I grin at you.


I reach into the punishment box, pulling out a ball gag. You give me a pouty look, but sit in my lap as I attach it to your head. "Master says, give me a lap dance," I say, while you are sitting on me. You begin grinding your ass into lap, then stand and straddle me, putting my face between your breasts. "Stop," I say, to which you were listening and don't stop. "Very good, master says stop and stand up again," I say. Again you do as told, I look you up and down, the red of your lipstick blends nicely with the red of the gag.

"Master says, take off your panties, slowly." You slowly, hook your thumbs in your panties, and begin sliding them down, "turn around and do it" I say, to which you start to turn around.

You stop, realizing you made a mistake again. "Master says, turn around, bend over and slowly take them off, then you'll get your punishment," I respond to your stopping.

You nod, bending over, your slide your panties down, over your ass, and let them drop to the floor. Then you stand up and come stand next to me awaiting your punishment.


Digging through the box, I come out with bondage tape. Taking one hand, I wrap the tape around it, then wrap it around your leg, securing your hand to your thigh. Before I pull my hand away, I gently massage your pussy.

"Master says, play with your tits," I say. Your free hand reaches up, massaging one breast then the other, gently pulls on your pierced nipples, as you struggle to move your tied hand to help out of instinct. "Master says, sit down on the floor, knees up, legs spread open." You struggle to sit on the ground with only on hand, but you finally make it. "Finger yourself," I demand, you hesitate at first, but the tone of my voice makes you slide your hand to your lips, and start rubbing.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," I say, causing you to realize you messed up again. You struggle to stand up again, but get to your feet and stand by me. I take the rest of the tape and wrap your other hand to your thigh. I lay my hand palm up on the arm rest of my chair, two fingers sticking up. "Master says, use my fingers to pleasure yourself." You straddle the arm rest, lowering yourself onto my fingers.

Your hands taped to your thighs, you start grinding your pussy into my hand. My thumb slides up to your clit, gently rubbing it in a circular motion, "Master says, you aren't allowed to cum," I say. This causes you to look at me as angrily as you can with the gag in your mouth, but you keep fucking my fingers. I keep rubbing your clit and my fingers start stroking against your g-spot, as your body tenses. I can tell you are close to cumming, but trying to stop it from happening, so I move my fingers faster and harder against your clit and g-spot.

Your hands, trying to move, grab your thighs and let go, make a fist and relax, and your head tilts back and you moan around your gag. You're body shakes from holding back an orgasm, and suddenly there is a smack across your ass, bringing you back from the edge slightly enough to hold on.

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I don't stop my assault on your clit after the smack, but I slow my fingers inside you down. "Hmm, Master says, suck his cock," I say to you. You slide off my fingers, now coated with your juices, I suck them clean before undoing my pants and freeing my cock for you, and then releasing the ball gag. You struggle to your knees in front of me again, and then take my cock in your mouth. Sucking and swirling your tongue around my cock head, you start bobbing your head up and down.

I grab the back of your head, and help guide my cock to the back of your throat, causing you to gag a little.

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Unable to use your hands, your mouth is at my will to make you do what I want with it. As I force your head down again, you struggle against me trying to back off of my cock. I raise my eyebrow, and pull your face off of my shaft "did you want something kitten?" "I'm sorry sir, it was just instinct, it won't happen again," you respond.


I stand up, pushing you over the chair, "I know it won't, but you still need some punishment." SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, three hard hits land across your bottom and you yip out in shock, pain and a little pleasure. "Now, I want you to count to 10," I whisper in your ear, "Master says so." "1" you whimper out softly, SMACK. "2," you say tensing up, not feeling a smack you relax getting ready to say 3 when SMACK comes spanking number 2. "I'm sorry sir, 3," you say, trying to stay relaxed, SMACK.

"4," you cry out, SMACK. "5," SMACK, "6," SMACK, "7," SMACK, "8," SMACK, "9," SMACK, "10" I don't smack you on 10, instead I sit you up, and sit in front of you, pulling your face to look me in the eyes. "Do you know why you had to be punished, my little pet?" "Yes Sir, I pulled away from sucking your cock and that was very rude of me.

I won't do it again sir," you respond. "Very good kitten," I respond, and then kiss you on the forehead, "It hurts me as much as it hurts you when I have to punish you." "Yes sir, I understand," you say allowing your eyes to drop.

"I only do it, because I care about you. Now Master says climb up in my lap." "Yes sir," you say and then sit in my lap. I kiss you sliding my hand between your thighs. "Hmm, you're quite wet, I think you enjoyed that punishment a little bit," I say.

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You laugh a little and coyly say, "Maybe just a little." "That's ok," I say as I plunge my two fingers deep inside your pussy, bringing a gasp out of you. I finger you right to the edge of cumming again, you begging to let me let you cum, but again I refuse, this time I pull my fingers out, and start tickling you.

With your hands tied to your sides you can't fight it, and it brings out gales of laughter from you. "Please, sir, YOU know I don't like being tickled," you squeal. "I know, but I don't think you've been laughing enough, and I wanted to hear your laugh today.

I stop tickling you, allowing you to catch your breath. "Now that we've had enough of that, Master says to get on your knees and bend over." Obeying you get back on your knees, face down in the carpet.

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I kneel behind you, placing my cock against your wet slit, teasing you with it, gently rubbing it up and down your lips then putting just the tip inside of you and then pulling it back out. I keep at this as you squirm under me, begging me to fuck you, "pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee sir, I need your cock in me." I grab your hair, pulling your head back, "I decide what you need," I say, and shove two fingers inside you.

With my fingers inside you, I make you walk to the bench at the bay window, kneel you on it and I pull the curtains open enough so just you could be seen by a passer-by. I press your body against the window, as I vigorously finger you. Head pulled back, tits pressed against the window, legs spread with your hands still bound to your thighs, is quite a vision for your neighbors. "You have permission to cum freely," I say as my fingers work your snatch. Your body starts quivering, and your pussy clenches on my fingers as you cum.

I stop fingering you as you cum, but as soon as your pussy relaxes on my fingers, I begin again, my palm pressed up against your ass, two fingers deep inside, prolonging your orgasmic sensations. "Thank you, sir" you moan out.

I release your hair, putting one hand on your neck, gently squeezing. My other hand, forcefully rubbing you clit, and then sliding back into your pussy, and then smacking your ass. I lead you back to the couch, pushing you down onto it. Standing in front of you, I push my cock into your wet pussy, placing both hands around your throat, I begin fucking you, long, slow, deliberate thrusts. Your eyes roll back in your head, as you can't stop moaning, I pick up my pace, a little faster, a little harder, driving my cock into your pussy, pushing my pelvis against your clit with each thrust.

Your pussy begins spasming against my cock as your hands try to grab onto me. I keep thrusting as you orgasm, and then stop suddenly, pulling my cock from your pussy. I grab your leg and flip you over, and then slide my cock in from behind. I wrap my hand around your hair, pulling you back into my cock with each thrust forward. Fast and hard I fuck you, then I pull out and smack your bare ass, then shove my cock back in. Another orgasm has your pussy clenching against my cock. I don't stop, but keep jamming my cock into your pussy, as your body quivers uncontrollably.

As you come down, I pull you back to your knees and let you suck my cock. After a few moments, I grab the back of your head and I explode down your throat. Eagerly, you suck the cum from my dick, being sure not to waste a drop. After you finish cleaning my cock, you go to stand up, but I hold you on your knees. You look at me confused, and I say "you forgot something twice, so you need to crawl on your knees to your corner, and stay there, legs spread open, nose in the corner, body pressed against the wall." "I don't know what I forgot sir," you plead.

When you get to the corner, I replace the ball gag, and whisper "you came twice without thanking me." A knowing look crosses your face as I walk towards the bedroom door, turning off the lights, leaving you in the dark, pressed into the corner of your room.