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Jane was incredibly nervous, pacing back and forth in the shabby motel room. She had drank half a bottle of wine to try and calm her nerves but it wasn't working. She double checked the envelope to make sure all the cash was in it, and checked her phone for the tenth time. The girl had texted to say she was running late and Jane was worried that something had gone wrong.

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What if she had told Jane's husband, or worse, Jane's daughters? Two weeks ago, Jane had received an email. She had almost deleted it as spam, but she recognized the sender as Amanda, a girl who had been one of her daughters basketball team before she had graduated a few months ago.

The only thing in the email was a picture of the girl wearing only a pair of men's boxers and a sports bra. Jane nearly had a heart attack. She had been sneaking looks at the teenager for the last couple of years whenever she was at a basketball game or practice but she didn't think Amanda had noticed.

What if she told anyone? As far as the world knew, Jane was completely heterosexual, from a deeply religious family.

And not only had she been ogling a woman, it was one of her daughters friends who had only turned 18 three months ago. Jane immediately deleted the message, and tried to pretend it never happened.


Then the next day she got another email from Amanda. This time the picture was of her again in boxers, but now she was showing off her breasts to the camera. Jane didn't know what was happening. Was the girl sending them to her by mistake?

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She again deleted the email, but not before saving the picture so that she could look at it again later. That afternoon while her husband was at work and her daughters were out with some friends, Jane masturbated furiously while looking at Amanda's picture.

She was fascinated by the girl's large breasts, sitting high on her chest with no sag. Jane herself was unhappy with her small breasts that had never gotten bigger than a b cup, but were somehow still sagging without the support of a bra. Jane didn't know why the girl was sending her these pictures, and she was disgusting with herself for mastubating to them, but she couldn't get the image of the teenagers breasts out of her head.

On the third day, Jane eagerly checked her mail, hoping for another picture, but there was nothing. She was crestfallen but it was probably for the best. Amanda must have been sending them to the wrong person, and realized her mistake. Then that night while Jane was making dinner, her phone buzzed to tell her she had a text message and she absently checked it. It was a picture from an unknown number.

The picture was Amanda naked except for a harness around her waist, from which protruded a large rubber dildo. The fake penis must have been eight inches long, and was thicker around than Jane's husband's penis, which Jane had always thought was a good size.


Jane stared at her phone in shock, completely forgetting about the pasta she was cooking until the pot boiled over. Jane hurriedly put her phone away, and went back to preparing dinner for her husband and daughters. All throughout dinner Jane was distracted thinking about Amanda. What was the girl doing? What kind of twisted game was she playing with Jane?

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James, Jane's husband commented that she was acting a little strange and distant, but Jane just said she was coming down with a cold. When dinner was over, and they were starting to clean up, Jane asked her eldest daughter, Samantha, a question. "Have you heard from your friend Amanda said nice school ended?" "No, and she's not my friend. We just played basketball together.

I think she's moving out to San Francisco or something now that she's told everyone she's a dyke," Samantha said. "Why?" Jane thought fast and stammered a bit as she said, "I heard some rumours is all." "Well they're true," Samantha said. "She's a carpet muncher." "Language young lady!" James said.

"Just because that girl has chosen to go against God's teachings does not excuse a foul mouth." "Sorry dad. I can't believe she used to watch me shower," Samantha said with a shudder. After dinner was finished being cleaned up, Jane went to go take a bath, ostensibly to help with her 'cold.' She locked the door to the bathroom and began to run the bath, adding in some Epsom salts.

She stripped, and looked at her body in the mirror, even more disappointed than usual now that she had Amanda's body to compare it to. Her breasts were both flat and sagging, cellulite had collected in her legs and read, and she had a little paunch in the middle marred by stretch marks. She told herself that her crotch at least looked good, with a well maintained tuft of brown hair at the top and everything else bare.

Jane pulled out her phone as she sat down on the toilet to look at Amanda's pictures again. Without thinking she moved her hand down to her crotch, forgetting that she had started to relieve herself. She quickly pulled the now urine covered hand away, disgusted with herself. She should not be thinking of a teenager in this way, and she certainly shouldn't be masturbating looking at a picture of one wearing a strapon.

Jane wiped herself, washed her hands and got into the bathtub, promising herself that she would delete the photos when she got out, and block Amanda's number and email address for good measure.

Jane spent a long time in the bath, and was starting to fall asleep when James knocked on the door and asked if she was alright. Jane said that she was just tired, and hurriedly got out of the bathtub and dried herself off. She wrapped herself in a towel and went into their bedroom where she changed into her rather frumpy night gown before crawling into bed.

She put her phone on her bedside table as usual, completely forgetting to delete the photos or block Amanda. Jane was awakened by her phone buzzing with a text at three in the morning. Jane saw it was a text from what she assumed was Amanda's number. She grabbed her phone and slipped out of bed, careful not to wake her husband.

When she got into the bathroom she locked the door and looked at her phone. The text read, 'Do you like my pictures closet case?' Jane started typing a response to tell Amanda that she didn't and to leave her alone. Then she deleted in and typed one that said she did.

She deleted that too, then just sat and stared at her phone. After a minute she saw the three dots that showed Amanda was composing a response. 'I know you're there slut. Did you like them?' Jane stared at her phone for another five minutes, before typing simply 'Yes.' 'You've been checking out my ass for years. I figured I'd finally do something about it.' 'What do you want? Why are you doing this?' Jane texted. 'Do you want me to fuck you?' Jane just stared at her phone, trembling.

She had no idea what to do. 'Well? This is your only chance slut.' Finally Jane managed to type, 'Yes.' '$250 cash. You pay for the motel room. I'll send you the details in the morning.' Jane was shaking.

What had she just agreed to? Was she really going to pay a girl who had went to school with her daughters for sex? Could she do it? Would she do it? Just as Jane was about to block Amanda's number and pretend the whole thing had never happened, another picture arrived. It was Amanda's spread legs, showing off her large red bush, pussy lips and asshole peaking out through the curly hair. 'Just think about this on your face,' the text that accompanied the text read. Before she realized what was happening, Jane's hand was between her legs, underneath her night dress.

She desperately played with herself, thinking of how she could get the money without her husband noticing. Could she actually do this?

Pay this classmate of her daughter's for sex? Jane was stunned out of her self pleasure reverie by another text. 'Are you playing with your smelly old cunt?' Jane had always felt she produced excessive moisture, and was acutely aware of its smell.

She had always been embarrassed by it it and did her best to clean herself regularly to keep anyone from noticing. James claimed he liked it, that he could always tell when Jane was turned on just by the smell, but Jane hated it. Reading the teenager call her smelly, and using such vulgar words made Jane turn red with embarrassment, but somehow turned her on even more.

Almost of its own volition, Jane's hand typed out, 'Yes. I'm very wet.' 'What is wet whore.' Jane trembled. 'My vagina.' 'What are you, twelve? I asked you what is wet slut.' Jane wanted to both throw up and to do even nastier things at the same time. 'My cunt is wet Amanda.' 'Well stop touching it then. In fact, you are no longer allowed to cum. Not even if you fuck your husbands pathetic dick.' 'Oh please, please, I want to cum so bad!!!' 'Too bad dyke.

You're not allowed to cum until you pay me.' Jane was in near hysterics. She was so close, and wanted an orgasm so badly. Somehow she pulled her hand away from her crotch, and typed, 'Please let me cum. I'll pay you. I just need it right now.' 'You're a disgusting old dyke and you don't get to cum until I get my money. I'm going to sleep now, but if you cum I will beat you flat tits until they are black and blue.' Reading those words Jane almost had an orgasm then and there, but somehow managed to control herself.

She didn't know why she had agreed to not orgasm, to obey and pay this girl, but she couldn't stop herself. Jane quietly ran the taps of the bathrooms sink with warm water and wetted a cloth.

She used the cloth to wipe most of the arousal away from her crotch, careful to avoid her clit so she wouldn't be tempted to orgasm, and crawled back into bed with James.

She spent most of the rest of the night tossing and turning, unable to stop thinking of Amanda. At around six the next morning, James rolled over, and began to push himself against her. Jane woke up as he did so, but pretended to still be asleep as he put his hand under her sleep dress and began to maul her breasts. When he started pinching and pulling on her nipples, Jane finally said, "What's gotten into you this morning?" "Mmm, what's wrong with a man wanting his wife?" James' one hand kept playing with Janes nipples and the other moved between her legs.

"You're wet too. I can feel it and smell it." Jane was wet, but it was because she had been thinking of Amanda. Of course she couldn't tell her husband that, so she let him continue to fondle her, tugging on her nipples and running his fingers up and down her crotch. "Tell me you want it mommy. Tell me you want daddy's big cock." All Jane could think about was Amanda's strapon, larger by far that James's penis, but she said, "Oh yes daddy, give me your cock." Jane rolled onto her stomach and pulled up her night dress so that she was exposed.

James quickly knelt behind her, and pushed himself inside her in one quick motion. While her husband thrust away, Jane began to rub her clit as she imagined being fucked by Amanda, that it was the girl's cock inside her. Jane was starting to get close, moaning and thrusting back against her husband when he tensed, and Jane could feel his warm cum fill her. When James rolled off her, Jane got up to go wash him out of herself. Remembering Amanda's threats from the night before, she refrained from playing with herself any more, even though she was desperate for her own orgasm.

When Jane got back to bed her husband was snorting away. She check her phone, but there was still no message from Amanda. Jane was sure she could get the money without her husband noticing, she would just say it was for some charity.

She was always getting involved with some charity or another. She kept checking her phone, waiting for the message from Amanda but there was nothing yet. Eventually her husband got back up, gave her a kiss and got ready for work. Jane was on pins and needles all morning, checking her phone every five minutes. Fortunately her daughters were out with friends so there was no one home to notice her acting strange.

Finally at quarter to twelve, the text came in. Jane was to book a room at a crummy little hotel for the night on the following Thursday, one week away. She needed to bring an envelope with $250 in cash.

Jane texted back that she understood and would do it. 'Good girl. Are you home alone?' Amanda asked her. 'Yes' 'Take off all your clothes but your panties' Jane quickly hurried to obey, excited and nervous.

'Done' 'When I give you a task I expect you to send me back picture proof you stupid dyke' Wondering why she was allowing herself to be treated this way, Jane took a photo of herself standing in the middle of her kitchen wearing only her panties.

'What pathetic tits. From now on you're not to wear a bra as you obviously don't need one,' came the response. Janes face burned as she got dressed, this time without a bra. For the rest of the day she was very self conscious of her breasts moving beneath her shirt, her nipples poking out.

Before her family came home she changed into a thicker shirt so that her not wearing a bra wouldn't be as obvious. After dinner she and James were watching TV when her phone buzzed. Jane checked it and saw that it was a text from Amanda. 'Pull up your shirt and show me that flat chest. You have two minutes' Jane told her husband she was going to the kitchen to get a drink.

She hurried into the other room, and made sure no one could see her. Jane pulled up her shirt and hurriedly took the photo and sent it off to Amanda. 'Do you want to touch your greedy cunt?' Amanda texted back. Jane did more than anything right then.

There was something about being demeaned by this young girl that was turning her on more than she had been in years. 'Yes please,' she sent. 'You have two minutes. Take a video. Do not cum.' Knowing that her husband was busy watching tv and her girls were upstairs, Jane quickly pulled up her long skirt on pushed her panties down around her ankles.

She set the phone on the floor and squatted over it so the camera had a good view of her crotch and hit the record button. As soon as the video started she began plunging two fingers in and out of herself.

The other hand rubbed madly at her clit and soon she was on the edge of orgasm. In some ways it was a relief when the two minutes were up and she stopped playing with herself as Jane wasn't sure if she could have stopped herself from orgasming for much longer. Jane sent the video to Amanda and washed her hands and used a wet cloth to wipe between her legs. When she went back to the den and sat down beside James on the couch he said, "I thought you were going to get a drink?" "Oh, um, I just drank it in the kitchen," Jane told him.

That night Jane had trouble sleeping. She badly wanted to masturbate, but she couldn't bring herself to disobey Amanda. She decided to tell James that she was going to be at a charity event the night she was to meet Amanda, and would be staying with a friend afterwards.

In the morning she got dressed as she normally did, forgetting that she wasn't supposed to wear a bra. When Amanda texted her at noon and ordered her to pull up her shirt, Jane did so. It wasn't until she saw Amanda typing back that she realized her mistake. 'Didn't I tell you that you weren't allowed to wear a bra?' 'I'm so sorry! I forgot! I'll take it off now!' 'Not good enough. Get naked and go get some clothes pins.' Jane shuddered, worried about what she was about to do, but she went to the laundry room and stripped.

Then she took a handful of clothes pins and sent a picture to Amanda showing her nude and holding the pins. 'Put one on each nipple.' Jane hesitated for a few seconds, then decided to get it over with.

When she put the first one one she jumped with shock. It hurt more than she was expecting. She tried to be gentler with the other one, but it hurt just the same. She tried to ignore the pain as she took the picture and sent it to Amanda. 'At least your ugly tits look a bit better now. How do they feel whore.' Jane thought that since she was going to be paying Amanda for sex, that the girl was the one who was a whore, but she texted back, 'They hurt.

How long do I have to leave them on?' 'Ten minutes. Maybe next time you'll remember to get dressed properly.' Jane put her underwear and pants back on but left her top off. Like most days she was home alone, so she just stayed in the basement away from any windows until the time was up. She was starting to get used to the pain, but it was turning her on. When the ten minutes were up Jane gingerly removed the first pin and let out a yelp of pain.

All the blood rushing back into her nipple made it hurt almost as much as when she first put it on. She had to psych herself up to remove the second one. The pain brought tears to her eyes, and Jane massages her breasts for a while before getting dressed, again without the bra.

Amanda left her alone for the rest of the day. Jane wasn't sure how she felt about that. On the one hand, whenever the girl texted Jane had to do something demeaning. On the other hand Jane was starting to crave the attention and how turned on it made her. The next morning was Saturday, and her husband and daughters were around all morning. Jane kept waiting for one of them to comment on her not wearing a bra, but none of them seemed to notice.

She also told her husband her excuse to be out of the house Thursday night so she could meet Amanda. By the afternoon Jane was starting to worry that something had happened, because Amanda hadn't texted her yet. Jane decided to make the first move that day, and pulled up her shirt to take a picture of her braless breasts.

She sent the picture to Amanda and waited for a response. It came fifteen minutes later. 'At least you can follow instructions today.' 'Thank you. Is there anything you would like me to do?' 'When did you last fuck your husband?' 'We had sex Thursday morning.' 'Did you cum?' 'No. You told me not to.' 'Good slut. Where did your husband cum?' 'Inside me,' Jane texted, embarrassed by the interrogation.

'Which hole stupid.' Remembering what Amanda had said when she called it her vagina, Jane wrote, 'My pussy.' 'Good girls have pussies. Dirty old dykes like you have cunts.' Jane's face burned. She hated that word, and always punished her daughters if she ever heard them use it. 'He came in my cunt.' 'Do you ever suck your husbands cock?' 'Not very often.

I don't like it much.' 'When's the last time he came in your mouth?' 'Never,' 'Then tonight is his lucky night,' Amanda texted. 'You're going to suck his cock until he cums and swallow every drop.' 'No, please don't ask me to do that,' Jane texted.

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She never liked giving blowjobs anyways, and the thought of having to swallow semen made her stomach turn. 'I'm not asking. And for that back talk you're going to be punished. Go to the kitchen.' Jane hung her head as she walked into the kitchen, already dreading the night.

'I'm here.' 'Get a wooden spoon.' Jane got one of her large wooden spoons out of a drawer and sent a picture of it to Amanda. 'Strip naked and hit each of your tits five times as hard as you can.

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Take video.' 'Ok. Can I do it in the bathroom? My daughters are home,' Jane sent, trying to calm the panic that the though of her daughters walking into the kitchen and finding their mother naked and abusing her breasts brought on.

'Fine. I'll go easy on you this time.' Jane took the spoon and hurried to the bathroom. She locked the door behind her and quickly took off her clothes. She was disturbed to notice a wet patch on her panties as she kicked them off. Then Jane set up her phone to record and took a deep breath. She brought the spoon down hard on her left breast and jumped from the shock and pain. Jane barely kept herself from crying out, but she was afraid of alerting her daughters.

She gave her breast the other four strikes, eyes closed against the pain as tears pooled. When she was done the first five Jane had a wait and catch her breath. Then she steeled herself, switched the spoon to her other hand, and hit herself again and again. She was panting when she was done, but she felt oddly satisfied. She was also extremely turned on and wished she could just play with herself.

Amanda responded to the video that Jane sent, 'Good job whore. You remember what to do tonight?' 'Yes.' 'Tell me.' 'Give my husband a blowjob and swallow his cum.' 'Good. And you're not to let him fuck you or play with your pussy while you do it.

You don't deserve the pleasure.' Jane typed back, 'I understand and got dressed. She started drinking wine at about four in the afternoon, wanting to prepare herself for the night.

She finished the bottle with dinner and started a second which she got about halfway through by bed, leaving her very tipsy.

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She changed into her sleep shirt, and crawled under the covers to join James who was already there. He gave her an absent minded kiss and went back to reading on his iPad. Jane knew if she didn't do it soon, she wouldn't be able. She cuddled up to James and began running her hand up and down his legs. He put down his tablet and leaned over to start kissing her.

He was soft had first, but as Jane moved her hand over his boxes and opened her mouth for his tongue, she could feel him grow. She began stroking him through his boxers, enjoying the warm thickness in her hand. She pushed down his boxers, freeing his member, and decided that it was now or never.

Jane broke the kiss, and slid down under the blankets until her face was level with James crotch. She began licking up and down his shaft, playing with his testicles a little the way he liked.

James moaned when she she took the head into her mouth, and tried to pull the blankets off them to watch. Jane held them down, suddenly shy and wanting some privacy as she degraded herself for Amanda. She kept at it for about five minutes, listening to James moan as she used her mouth on him. "I want to fuck you," James groaned. Jane took her mouth off him for a second, still using her hand to stroke him.

"Tonight is just about you. I want to make you cum." James groaned when she put her mouth back around his cock and let her continue. He put his hand on the covers over the back of her head, and began trying to push deeper into her mouth.

Jane increased the pace with her hand, hoping to make him cum soon. Pretty soon James was close, thrusting against her hand as he held her mouth on his cock. With a final groan he arched his back, and his cum began to fill Jane's mouth. It was warm, salty and smelled a bit like ammonia with the consistency of snot. Jane felt like she was going to throw up but managed to swallow.

There was more than she expected, and she had to keep her mouth on her husbands cock for a good thirty seconds before he stopped. She swallowed one last time, then crawled out from under the covers. "That was amazing honey, thank you!" James said. "I'm glad you liked it.

I'm going to go brush my teeth now." When Jane got to the bathroom she felt like she was going to be sick. She imagined she could feel James's sperm swimming around in her stomach. She brushed her teeth hard enough to hurt her gums and rinsed out her mouth three times. Then she texted Amanda to let her know it was done. By the time Jane got back to bed, James was asleep.