Rough threesome for Asian cutie

Rough threesome for Asian cutie
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This is a continuation of my last story. (BTW, my nickname was "Slot". Don't ask me why, I think it's because I was the first to fill my position.

I filled the position of center in football, which they called a slot.) After going the whole school year without getting any hint from Tanner, I decided to talk to him. "Hey Tanner!!" I yelled to him before he got on the bus to go home. "Tanner!! What's up? You want to, you know, hang out sometime?" "You know," he started, "It's the last week of the school year, finals are a know?" "Yeah, they suck big time, I heard our Algebra final is 200 questions long!!

And for English, we have to write two 1,000 word essays on Shakespear! I'm going to bomb ALL of them!" I said. "Yeah, so I can't.HANG out tonight, I have to study." Tanner said. Noticing my dissapointment, he says, "But my birthday's coming up, and I have a party on the 25th.

Why don't you come over?" "Is it going to be a party?" I asked "Yup, but I'm sure we could.HANG out." he said with a wink, aas he got on his bus. I smirked to myself because he was really bad at lying. I asked my mom if I could go, and she told me I could, just as long as I don't come home drunk, high, or bleeding. (Those were her major party rules). Later, I called Tanner to ask if I could spend the night.

He asked his mom, and she said that it would be fine, the only problem is that Tanner had to choose 5 guys to stay the night. I guess Tanner's mom misjudged her son's sexuallity. Anyway, lets fast forward a lttle bit to the party.

When I got to the party, I realized that it would be a long time before Tanner and I could get some alone time. There were about 60 people there at his house. His mom and dad were both on business trips (Tanner's so lucky that they own their own business and co-own it!!) His mom's rule was, "No alchahol".Like that was going to happen! Booze was flowing like the Mississippi River!! There were people starting to pass out everywhere!!

The coolest part about the whole thing, was that Tanner's older brother was there to make sure nobody drowned in their pool, or got into fights, or drowned in their own vomit. (and who do you think got the booze?) Music was blaring, and everyone was dancing to Lil' Wayne. After a few hours, people started to leave, except for Adam, John, Kevin, Randy, and me. All these guys were in football. Adam was a linebacker, he was skinny, but he had muscles, and he was half black and was extremely hot.

He had soft brown hair that curled out at his ears. He was about 5' 6'', and had a hell of a good smile. I new he loved the ladies, but there were times where I wondered.

I was so horny after the club I woke him up to fuck me

John was our fullback. He was buff, muscular, ripped, and tan. (3 times doesn't cut it for him.) He was 5'9'' and he was a beast. He had deep blue eyes and a dark brown Crew cut. I knew for a fact that he was a lady killer, deffinately not gay.but I certainly wished he was. Kevin was our quarterback, shaped like John, but even more so. How they got to be so ripped, I'll never know. From what I saw in the showers, it definately wasn't steriods.

Kevin had light blue eyes, a blonde buzz cut, and a smile that could knock a whole room of ladies (and guys like the closet at the time) off their feet. I never really got to know him.he was pretty quiet, I think the only time I heard his voice was when he called out the plays, and when he said, "Yes coach!" Randy.what to say about Randy.he was a pretty stupid guy.

He thought it was funny that he was benched the entire fact, he whined if the coach tried to put him in. He was 5'7'', scrawny, annoying, and he was the gayest person I ever met. (And I mean the bad way of gay, I'm sure he was straight.but damn he could hide it well.) He had green eyes, and mousey brown hair. I remeber how he was the coolest guy in Elemetary school, and then we all grew up, and he didn't.why Tanner chose him.I'll couldn't guess.I figured that Tanner would choose an upperclassmen that was really hot.but whatever.

Anyway, when everybody left, Tanner's older brother told us to clean up the mess, and he left. I guess there were limits to his coolness.I guess it's a common thing for older brothers to do. Anyway, it took us about an hour to clean up the mess, we got all of the trash into bags, cleaned up the vomit (Randy's job), chlorinated the pool (so much vomit and piss), and vaccuumed/mopped the floors.

When we were done with that, we drug the bags to Lil' Caesar's down the street, and left them in their dumpster. When we got back, Tanner said, "Alright guys, does anyone know why I chose all of you to spend the night?" I knew why he chose me, but I nodded no like the other guys. "Well I chose all of you, because I've.well.sexperimented with all of you." I know, that in that livingroom, 5 people thought at the same time, "WHAT THE FUCK?????

HE'S FUCKED ALL OF US????" "Now, I know what you're all thinkin', but I had a little about we play a littel game I like to call, Sextreme Truth or Dare." Tanner said.

I still cannot believe that this is happening, my greatest fantasy is coming true!! We got out 6 chairs and placed them in a circle in his living room. "Okay, this is how the game works, it's exactly like regular truth or dare, only the questions and dares have to be sex related. If you're asked a question like, 'How big is your cock?', then you have to answer truthfully, we'll measure it, and if you oversized it in your mind, you have to give the asker a blowjob.

If you undersized it in your mind, then you don't have to do anything, unless it's obvious that you did it on purpose. You have three pink elephants for dares, if you don't want to do them, but I'm sure nobody will use their's." Tanner said with a wink, "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get my dad's lube." he said with another wink.

As we sat there waiting, Randy said, "Well guys, what did you guys do with Tanner? He sucked me off!" Kevin said, "Well I fucked him in the ass." Adam said, "He fucked me in the ass." John said, "He only gave me a handjob." I told them, "I sucked him off. I guess he did everything you could do with five different people, at different times.

Where did you guys get to handle him? I gave a blowjob in the shower at school after the big game." Randy said, "We stayed late in the weight room, and before we left, he went down on me." Kevin replied, "Well I was spending the night here, and we were up really late playin' video games, and then, he kinda, popped out the question.and it took off from there!" "We were in the showers too," answered Adam, "it was after the last track meet, and we were the last two there.

He started to rub up behind me, and I let it happen, it was great." John looked downheartened, "We were in the back of his mom's van as she was driving, he just, reached over, pulled down my pants, and jacked me off.

Too bad I didn't take it further.I felt.weird letting him do it, but I liked it." "You guys having fun findin out more about yourselves?" said tanner as he came out with the lube, "I'm pretty sure we'll need this!" Tanner sat down and said, "Okay, since I'm the birthday boy, I get to start.

John, truth or dare?" "Truth." he replied. "Hmmm." thought Tanner, "How big do you think your cock is when it's at it's hardest?" John thought of this, and said, "Umm.shit, I've never measured!

Umm.6 and a half inches.I think." Tanner pulled a tape measure out of his pants pocket. "Drop your pants." said Tanner. John looked a little disconcerted as he slowly undid his pants. When he pull off his jeans, I could see his bulge through his underwear. "John, lose the tighty-wighties." laughed Tanner. John look like he was going to be sick. He closed his eyes, and quickly pulled them off. I stared at the beauty that bounced infront of Tanner's face.

I would say it would be about 6 and a half inches, but damn it was nice. John's cock had a nice purple tip, and his shaft was glistening with sweat. His balls were pulled up tight, as if it were really cold in the room. Tanner grabbed a tape measure out of his pocket. He measured John's cock, "6 and a quarter inches." said Tanner, "Looks like we have a weiner!" I laughed at his stupid pun as Tanner grabbed a hold of John's throbbing member, and yanked him down to the floor.


Tanner stood up and took off his pants so fast, that Tanner's pre-cum flicked onto the ceiling. "Now it's time to suck my cock, John." said Tanner with a smile. John (for some reason) looked afraid. Maybe he was scared of having a 7 incher shoved in his mouth, or down his throat, but that shouldn't be a problem here right? Well anyway, John grabbed Tanner's purple-headed pulsating cock, and put his mouth around the tip.

"No, no! You're doing it wrong! Do it like this!" Tanner said as he grabbed the back of his head with both hands, and shoved his head all the way down to the light dusting of hair. John instantly pulled away and threw up on the floor. "What the fuck is WRONG with you!!!" John spat. "What's wrong with you?" Tanner yelled at him, "You told me you wanted me to jack you off again, right in front of my brother dumbass!!!

Call this pay-back. Now get your throat over here and finish the job!!" I guess that's why John looked scared. This time, John looked at ease as he grabbed the cock, and started to lick the shaft, all the way to the balls. Ripples of pleasure went throughout Tanner's body. All of the other guys (including myself) were rubbing our cocks through our pants.

"Hey Slot, why don't you show him how it's done?" "Sure." I said Tanner said, "John might overthown you as the blowjob king." "We'll see about that!" I said as I walked over to Tanner, "Move over John!" John moved to the right side and I took Tanner's balls and massaged them, while I kissed his inner thigh. By this time, Tanner sits down on his chair, as John and I contine to pleasure him.

Tempting beauty gapes all the way

I kept thinking to myself, 'Damn, he's holding onto his load like a pro!' as John and I switched positions. I grabbed Tanner's shaft as I twirled my tounge around his head.

I flicked the slit in his head with my tounge, and lapped up his precum. Then, I took it in my mouth, and tried to go all the way without gagging.tough luck, but I managed to get all the way down, his hair tickling the end of my nose as another round of gagging kicked in. I held it there for as long as I could, slightly rocking back and forth, but I couldn't take it anymore, so I pulled out. Right as I pulled out, Tanner came.

It is going to be a messy day

He gasped as wad after wad hit my face, and dribbled onto the Choker's back. By now, the other guys are moaning as they rub their raging hard-ons through their clothes. "Slot," Tanner finally gasped, "You, ARE the Blowjob King!!!" "Damn, Slot! That was amazing!" yelled Kevin, "I guess it's John's turn?" "Nope, John threw up, Slot was the one that was good!" said Tanner, "Your turn Slot!" "Ok, Kevin, truth or dare?" I asked.

Dare was the reply, and so I dared him to lick Tanner clean. He did, with great excitement. Kevin asked Adam how big his cock was, he said that it was 7 and a half inches, when it was almost 8 inches (him being part black and all). We were all dissapointed that he won.

Then he dared Randy to drink some lube, which he used his first pink elephant. It was after that, that decided to make a rule against making people use their pink elephants. Then, it was Randy's turn, he looked at me and said, "Hey Slot, truth or dare?" I replied Dare, and he said, "I dare you to deep-throat me. Get all the way down to the hair. If you can't do it before I shoot my load, then I can fuck you in the ass, as hard and long as I want!" I looked at the whitest kid in the room and said, "Randy, that'll be easy!" I got on my knees and went over to Randy.

I noticed that Tanner was smirking at me. When I got over to Randy, he said, "You know those pills that makes you dick larger? Well my mom took one a day while she was pregnant with me. She wanted to make my dad jealous of me. Well guess what?


It worked!" he exclaimed as he whipped off his jeans and tighty-whities. There stood the most magnificient cock I had ever seen.

More than 10 inches of pure meat, with a purple tip.

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I just realized why Tanner invited Randy to the party, why Tanner sucked him off, everything.and the one thing that went through my mind, was that if I don't swallow that monster, that whole thing will rip my ass hole in two!!

I felt both a wave of pleasure, and a wave of fear. As I leaned in for the 'kill', Randy grabs the back of my head, and shoves me down onto his cock. He was treating me like his bitch!! This pissed me off, so I grabbed his balls, and squeezed so hard, Randy screamed like a little girl, and his hard cock became limper than a wet noodle. After he was done screaming, and rolling on the floor, massaging his balls, he yelled at me, "You owe me!!!" I thought for a minute and decided that I did owe him something.

I told him to stand up, as I got to my knees. I lifted his soggy cock off of his balls so I could asses the damage. His balls were blue, as if they had been choked, so I said, "Awww, do you want the King to kiss it and make it better?" With out waiting for a reply, I took his right ball, and sucked on it while rubbing his ass cheeks.

When his limp dick started to get hard again, I took my left hand, and started to rub it while switching balls. My right hand reached his crack, and I searched for his virgin hole. Randy started to moan slightly as I pressed into his hole with my middle finger, going down to the second knuckle. By now Randy is panting and whining like a girl, "Oh fuck me. Fuck me. Suck my balls. Oh God, deeper.

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Mmmm, fuuuuck." and so on and so forth. Once his cock was at it's peak, I spit out his testicles, and managed to get down to around 8 inches before he exploded. Wave after wave of his sweet and salty cum filled my mouth, and I tried to swallow most of it, but some of it squirted out of the sides of my mouth.

After I pulled off, I cleaned up and said, "Well, I didn't make the whole 10 or 11 gonna fuck me hard?" I asked. "Well not right now." he replied, "Maybe later." I looked around the room, and the same look was on everyone's face, "DAMN!!!!!" "Well then, it's my turn.

Kevin, truth or dare?" I asked. He said, "Well, if the last dare ended up like that.then I'll take dare!!" I told him, "Well then I dare you to have a threesome with me, and Adam. You in the middle. Are you in Adam?" "Well fuck yeah!" "Alright then." I said as a grabbed the lube. Kevin got to his knees as Adam sat on the arm of the couch in front of him.

Kevin moved forward and started to give Adam a blowjob. It was really sloppy, but Adam seemed to love it as Kevin tried to go deeper and deeper, but he kept gagging. I grabbed the lube from the table and I squirted some onto my cock, lathering it with the substance. Then I dabbed some on my finger and started to rub it onto his asshole. I grabbed my cock and placed the head of it onto his hole, applying a little pressure. "MMMmmm." Kevin moaned and I did so. I applied a little more pressure, and the head of my cock popped in, making Kevin shake with pleasure.

I slowly pushed my way deeper, feeling the warmth of his ass from inside him. I started to pull out a little as Adam started moaning because of the pleasure Kevin was giving him. Kevin's asshole clenched, holding me in, and a whole new wave of satisfactory pleasure rippled through my body. Suddenly, I felt something wet on my glory hole. Randy had come over and is now eating me out! He started to swirl his tounge around the rim, but then he dove right in, flicking his tounge as much as he could inside me.

More waves of pleasure wracked my body as he stopped, and whispered, "Time for the cock big boy." His 11 inch cock was now fully hard as he quickly thrust it into me. I started moaning with more pain than pleasure. He only managed to get 5 inches in before I started to whine. Kevin was whining too because Randy's thrust shoved my completely into his ass.

Apparently when that happened, Kevin accidentally bit down a little, and now Adam was joining in, but he sounded like he liked it. After about 2 minutes, we all started to feel good again as we all started to reach our orgasms.

Adam was the first to go, I watched as he shook with the force of it, and saw as Kevin hungrily slurped it up. When Adam was done, Kevin pulled off and started to lap the jizz that he spurted out of his mouth. The next one to cum was Randy, he somehow managed to reach 9 and a half inches into me, and he wonderfully warm and throbbing cock, shot deep inside me.

My insides felt almost on fire with the wonderfull warmth that greeted me next, the pleasure of which, made me shoot my cum 6 inches inside Kevin's ass. Once Randy slid his meat stick out of my ass, I pulled out of Kevin, and bent down to finish him off.

His 7 incher imediately shot cum when it touched the back of my throat, and I swallowed it all, and then licked off the remains that was on his cock. "Well done boys!" said Tanner. I turned around and saw that Tanner had just came all over John's face. He licked around his lips, and Tanner bent down and licked off the rest and sat back down, but not before giving John a long kiss. "I think we can call it a night! Off to my bed.but something tells me that we wont get much sleep tonight." he said with a wink as he and John walked into his bedroom, holdin eachother's hand.

Kevin stood up and said, "Slot, you're mine!" and grabbed my arm and embraced me in a long kiss. Our tounges flicked at eachother and we made out. I could see Randy and Adam doiing the same, and I could still taste Adam's cum in his mouth, and I'm sure he could taste his in mine, but from that point on, we were private, anyway.