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Clip nam sinh đ aacute_nh nhau lột hết quần aacute_o
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Hi I'm Joe and I'm bisexual. This is more about the gay relationship between me and an Australian guy named Alex. Anyone who read part 1 will recall that I was dating Sue, an office girl from the factory, and that I dropped her when I found she seemed to have absolutely no interest in sex.

Well Sue appears again in this part of the story and reveals her true colours. Before continuing, there's just one further point to explain. I don't advocate unprotected sex and so it may appear surprising that condoms do not get a mention in this part of the story. The truth is that all this happened a long time ago, several years before the AIDS virus made its appearance True to her word Mrs Sharp arrived back at 11 o'clock on Sunday morning. She was pleasantly surprised to find the kitchen clean and tidy and that we hadn't broken anything, but she was obviously concerned about her sister who may have to go to hospital.

On Monday morning at the factory I was greeted with a message that Sue wanted to see me in the office as soon as possible. There's no escape this time, I thought, so I made my way to the office. Sue greeted me in a business like way, "take a seat "she said, "There are just a few details I need for the records". Then she started to ask for information which I knew she already had.

After a minute she said it was a bit noisy in the main office and it would be better if we moved into the side office where we wouldn't have to shout. I followed her into a small side office and she closed the door. "Now to the real reason I've got you here" she said. "First, If any one comes into the office, we go straight back to this form".

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Then she started to explain, saying she was sorry for leading me on and that she didn't have sex with guys because she was lesbian. She occasionally went out with a boy for the sake of appearances, it being very important to her and her female lover to hide their true sexual identity.

She apologised again for using me but said that she thought she had more than made it up to me. She said that she had accidentally discovered the feelings that Alex and I had for each other and had pulled the strings to get us both into the same lodging. I asked how she knew about Alex and me as I thought we had covered our tracks most carefully and she said "You remember the third night you took me out you stopped at a garage for petrol. While you were paying for it I found a diary on the floor of your car; it was Alex's.

I know I shouldn't have, but I opened it straight to a very revealing entry. Need I say more"?

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I thanked Sue for putting the record straight and asked her where the diary was now. She told me that it was in the glove pocket in my car and then said "I suppose you're wondering why I'm telling you this now. Well Jane (that's my lady friend) and I need male partners for a party on Saturday evening and I was wondering if you and Alex would oblige. Its Jane's brother's 21st birthday so it will be a best suit and best behaviour affair as Jane's father is a magistrate and the whole family are pretty straight laced.

Apart from that it should be a pretty good evening".

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I said I would put it to Alex and let her know. Sue said "Right, then, it's time we both got back to work" . I related all this to Alex in the lunch break and after a little thought he said "Could be a bit of a laugh, let's go for it".


Then he added as an afterthought "I'd forgotten all about my diary; it's a good job that it was Sue who found it". I reported back to Sue and she asked if I would drive as it was 30 miles away and Jane didn't like driving after dark.

Saturday evening arrived and we picked the girls up from a café in town and set off for Jane's family home. Now Sue was a good looker and had a fabulous figure and Jane was absolutely stunning.

Alex dug me in the ribs and whispered "what a pity this is only pretend". We arrived at our destination about 5 minutes before the party was due to start, which pleased Jane as her father was a stickler for punctuality. It was a large impressive house with massive gardens.

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To the right of the front entrance there were two Jags and a Merc parked and to the left a minibus. I parked my old banger on the far side of the minibus to hide it and we went into the house.

Jane was immediately greeted by her brother, Roy, and then a whole series of introductions took place after which I immediately forgot everyone's names. Then the party got under way. It was worth being there if only for the food; no expense had been spared and there was a large bowl of punch which had quite a kick.

Things started in a pretty starchy manner but as the punch took effect people got happy and soon were laughing at not very funny jokes. Then the cake arrived, which was my chance to shine because they needed someone to play the piano for "happy birthday". Now I was made to learn the piano from the age of 6 so on their beautiful grand piano in the large drawing room I bashed out "Happy Birthday and "For he's a jolly good fellow" which quite impressed Jane's dad.

A few party games followed then things started to drag. About 2 am things came to a close so we piled into my car and set of for home. The girls were giggling in the back to begin with but after a while they went quiet and I thought they'd gone to sleep. Then I heard rhythmic heavy breathing behind me and felt knees being pushed rhythmically into the back of my driving seat. Alex leant over and whispered in my ear "They're making out in the back". I replied "They're doing a bit more than that".

Now the girls were lesbian and not the least interested in Alex or I, but although we were in a gay relationship we were both bi-sexual and very interested in what was going on in the back.

Alex swivelled my rear view mirror around so that he could see what was happening without making it obvious. Of course there was very little light in the car but every time a vehicle came the other way he was treated to a snap shot of what was going on in the rear seat.

As I couldn't see any of this Alex decided to give me a running commentary. "Sue's fingering Jane's pussy" he said "and it looks as though Jane's trying to get a hand up Sue's dress but she can't quite reach. During the first 10 miles I estimated that Jane had 4 orgasms and then there was a lot of movement in the back as the girls rearranged themselves. I took a quick look over my shoulder to see Sue lying on the seat with her knees pulled up.

Alex said "Now Jane's tonguing Sue's cunt". I didn't have the benefit of feeling anything through my seat this time but Sue was quite vocal and with the slurping sounds which Jane was making, there was very little left to the imagination. This went on for the next half hour and I looked at Alex to see him frantically trying to make more room in his trousers.

At one stage I thought he was going to jack off, but he didn't. He did ask me how much longer the journey would be and I told him about 5 minutes. He said he hoped he could hold out that long. "Did you say we'd be back in 5 minutes" said Sue. "I did" I replied, "In fact we should be at Jane's place in about 2 minutes now". The girls hurriedly sorted themselves out and we dropped off Jane and then Sue.

We finally got back to Mrs Sharp's house and Alex jumped out and opened the garage doors. I drove in and Alex closed the doors. I waited for Alex to switch the garage light on then I switched the car lights off and locked the car. Alex didn't have a key for the door through to the house so he waited for me. I was walking around Mrs Sharp's car when there was a "CHINK" from the light bulb, a flash of light and then complete darkness. "Oh shit, the blasted bulbs gone "said Alex. I felt my way around Mrs Sharps car until I bumped into Alex, then I tried to find the door key.

Now I had 6 keys on my ring and they were all very similar and to make matters worse I didn't know which way up the key had to be. I started to try each key in turn, when Alex, who was already frustrated and now getting impatient, said "What's the matter, can't you find the hole in the dark, I wouldn't have that trouble".

With that he pushed a finger hard into my butt crack, scoring a bull's eye. Taken by surprize the shock caused me to drop the keys on the floor . I bent down and groped around trying to find them and Alex started to grope around as well, but it wasn't keys he was after, he soon located his goal between my legs.

It took me all my will power to keep searching for the keys but I eventually found them and straightened up to carry on trying them in the lock. As I stood up Alex unclipped my trousers and unzipped me allowing my trousers to fall to the floor.


I felt his boner pressing into my back as I desperately tried to find the right key, but I was now having serious doubts that we were going to make it to the bed room or the bath room.

Alex pulled me close to him and rubbed his hands all over my body. Then he slipped both hands under the waist band of my underpants and eased them down. "I can't wait any longer" he moaned in my ear and started to slide his very wet dick head along my crack, stopping at my anus where he wiggled it around as he leaked more precum. At this point I was just trying the 4th key in the lock and this one went in and turned and the door opened.

"Bingo" I almost shouted, but I think that my exclamation was misinterpreted by Alex who gave a fairly hefty thrust causing my anus to open and allow his well lubed dick head to slide in.

"Oh my God, I'm in" Alex said, then he froze and said "Are you ok". I said "I'm fine, just take it slowly for a minute" and I closed the door. Alex slowly pushed his dick all the way in and stayed there, holding me.

"O dear" he moaned in my ear "I shan't last any time at all". "Try to wee" I told him, to which he replied "WHAT". "Go on" I said "try to wee; you won't be able to while you're hard but making the effort will pull you back from the brink". Nothing at all happened for the next few seconds then Alex said "I think it's working" and he carried on fucking me very slowly. "This is lovely" he said, "Your ass is so warm and tight and I just want this to go on for ever; how is it for you"?

I said "It's great buddy, you're hitting my spot with every move and I think you'll make me cum without touching my dick. Alex started to thrust a little harder and at the same time he continued to explore my body. He tweaked one nipple and then the other, with his little finger wiggling around my belly button. Then he combed his fingers through my pubic hair and fondled my testicles. After giving my dick a few quick rubs he went back to playing with my nipples .

It seemed to me that I was closer to the finishing line than Alex was so I reached through between my legs and tweaked his balls each time they came within reach. "I said "Go on buddy, fuck my ass, go for it". He stopped playing with my nipples and he put one arm round my waist and gently squeezed my dick. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck as he started to thrust harder and faster; the garage was filled with the sound of his crotch slapping against my buttocks.

He muttered something in my ear and began to wank my dick furiously. Well I was about to cum anyway, so this additional stimulus made me fire off immediately sending squirt after squirt of cum onto the garage door. At the same time I felt a warm splash inside my bum as he emptied his seminal vessels deep inside me.

I turned my head and he kissed me and said "What do we do now; if I let go of your dick or pull out we will dribble spunk all over our trousers". I said "let's get to the downstairs loo; it's only just the other side of this door". So we shuffled back, opened the door and with Alex holding himself against me we shuffled, in step with our trousers round our ankles, into the passage and into the loo.

It would have been an interesting action to capture on film but I was glad that there was no one around to do that . We managed to get ourselves cleaned up successfully so that neither of our suits needed to go to the cleaners. Then Alex took a wad of tissue into the garage to clean up my jizz which was still running down the door and I went to the utility room to find a torch and a spare bulb.

When I plugged the bulb in Alex was pleased to find that he'd done a pretty good job in the dark, so after a few finishing touches we locked the garage and made our way quietly up stairs.

We quickly showered, quietly as possible then retired to our own beds and soon fell asleep.

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